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Lore:Jaciel Morgen

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Nocturnal Lieutenant Jaciel Morgen
BS-npc-Jaciel Morgen.jpg
Nocturnal Lieutenant Jaciel Morgen
Race Greater Nocturnal Gender Female
Appears in Battlespire

Nocturnal Lieutenant Jaciel Morgen is a Greater Nocturnal responsible for ruling over the Shade Perilous, a pocket realm of the Evergloam. Despite being a powerful Daedra, she is prone to bouts of debilitating melancholy, as is commonly the case with her kind. Her relation to the Daedric Prince Nocturnal is unknown.

At one time, Morgen held the precarious loyalty of the clanless Seducers. In preparation for his invasion of Battlespire during the Imperial Simulacrum, Mehrunes Dagon allied himself with the Mazken, and the Seducers in the Shade Perilous duly entered into his service, betraying Morgen. The realm was subsequently invaded by the armies of Dagon. In their fervor to please Dagon, Shardai Clan and Xivilai's Clan conquered the realm rather than simply requesting passage, and the Shade Perilous was abandoned to be fought over between Flame Atronachs and Frost Atronachs.

Amidst this horror, Morgen's sorrow and shame at the loss of her realm drove her into deep despair. She cast her spirit into the Dreamsleeve and hid herself behind the Night Portal, which was subsequently sealed when the invaders stopped the flow of Nocturnal mana through the realm. Meanwhile, her most loyal servant Deyanira Katrece the Lesser Nocturnal blamed herself for his mistress' downfall, having pleaded the Seducers' case. Hoping to wake her from her slumber, Deyanira ordered a mortal apprentice from the Battlespire to strike her with an enchanted dagger, banishing her to the Void. The apprentice brought Morgen the dagger, and the sorrow caused by her servant's death was enough to break her from her melancholy.

Despite her initial anger, Morgen agreed to help the apprentice leave the realm and continue following Dagon's retreat. As vengeance for the invasion of her realm, Morgen aided the apprentice in a final confrontation with Dagon at his Hunting Lodge. She was able to hold off the Prince's power long enough for the apprentice to strike him with the Sword of the Moon Reiver and banish him to the Void.

Following Imago Storm's temporary control over Clan Dagon, it is likely that the occupation of the Shade Perilous was ended, although it is unknown whether or not the Nocturnals regained control of the area.[1]



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