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Lore:White-Gold Tower

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White-Gold Tower
Type Tower
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region Heartlands
(City Isle)
Settlement Imperial City
Appears in Arena, Oblivion, ESO
White-Gold Tower

The White-Gold Tower (sometimes White Gold Tower),[1] also called the Imperial Palace, White-Stone Tower or simply White-Gold,[2][3][4] is the enormous central spire of the Imperial City, located in the heart of the Palace District, Green Emperor Way.[5]

White-Gold was built in emulation of the Adamantine Tower,[6] the oldest known structure on Tamriel.[7] Like the other Towers of Nirn, some speculate that White-Gold Tower wields the power necessary to keep Mundus from dissolving back into Oblivion.[8]:123[UOL 1]


The tower was built by the earliest Aldmeri migrants to Cyrodiil in the middle Merethic Era and was the center of the region occupied by their descendants, the Ayleids.[9][10] The tower was originally called the Temple of the Ancestors[11] (known to the Nedes as the Citadel),[12] and was home to the Ten Ancestors, a set of Ayleid statues made from meteoric iron and glass.[11] The distance between the Ayleids' lands and those of their theoretical overlords led to the establishment of White-Gold Tower as an independent city-state in 1E 0;[9] a state that lasted until Alessia overthrew Ayleid rule in 243.[13][14] The Ten Ancestors were removed from the temple before its sacking and were dispersed among several Ayleid cities.[11]

In 1E 243, the Alessian Slave Rebellion came to a head, and the armies of man, led by Morihaus, attacked and took the White-Gold Tower.[12][15] According to the official histories of the Alessian Empire, when the tower was captured, all the Ayleids' relics of arcane power were taken and destroyed. However some insisted that an unknown Ayleid king escaped with the chief artifacts, which eventually found themselves a home in the Reliquary of Stars in Valenwood.[16][17]

Under the human-dominated Empires, it served as the Imperial Palace and as a defining symbol of those Empires. Some scholars even suggest the tower itself changed Cyrodiil from a subtropical jungle into a realm of temperate forests and fields in order to meet the needs and wishes of its new human masters.[18] The tower hosted the vaults and libraries of the Moth Priesthood. It can be seen from all over the Imperial City and the surrounding countryside. Underneath the tower and in the vast Imperial City Sewers is the Barathrum Centrata, the centralmost point of the sewer system and foundation of the White-Gold Tower.[19]

In 2E 582, the Ruby Throne was located on the ground floor.[20] By 3E 433, however, the ground floor was the location of the Elder Council chambers.[5]



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