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The Void
Type Unknown
Realm Aurbis

The Void (also called the Ancient Darkness, the Great Darkness and Lorkh-Apeiron) is the name applied to the dimensions beyond of the known realms of the Aurbis: Aetherius, Oblivion, and Mundus.[1][2][3] It is also occasionally used in a more limited capacity to refer directly to Oblivion.[4][5] Legends say that deities wishing to create a new plane of existence must initially create a space for it in the Void.[6] The spirit of Lucien Lachance claimed that the Void is a cold place, one with no pain.[7]

Cultural ViewsEdit

According to the Anuad and one of the Monomyth's accounts, the brothers Anu and Padomay came from the Void.[1][8]

Argonians equate the Void to Sithis, a blank canvas and a creator that will one day destroy its creation so that it might create something new.[9] According to the Dark Brotherhood, when Sithis wishes someone killed, their soul comes to the Void after death.[10] One of their faithful servants, Lucien Lachance, was known to have gone to the Void after death. His spirit claimed to feel disturbances in the Void when the Dread Father was displeased.[7]

The Khajiit equate the Void and Namiira, calling it the "Great Darkness", with their creation story affirming that only after Lorkhaj's birth in the Great Darkness did it know that its name was Namiira.[11][12] Reachmen regard Namira as a Spirit Queen and the sovereign of one of the two worlds of existence, the infinite world of spirit.[13] The Reachfolk creation story speaks of Lorkh having an epiphany when he visited the darkness; that what is perceived as nothingness is ripe for possibility.[14] And so, Lorkh approached Namira and convinced her to grant him a place in the infinite void to create a realm for wayward spirits, but it was not without a cost. Lorkh sacrificed himself to create a harsh realm, one that is unforgiving and intended to teach through suffering.[15]

The Dark Heart is said to be a piece of primal void.[16]

Notable PlacesEdit

Beginning Place
The site at which the Aurbis and et'Ada were formed.
A lost realm of Oblivion located deep in the Void.
Slipstream Realm
The realm of the Battlespire, located at the edge of the Void and several realms of Oblivion.


  • The Daedric Princes are known as the "Princes of Void", though they are more accurately denizens of the "Void of Oblivion".[4]
  • Allegedly, many smaller voids (created in the likeness of the void beyond Aurbis) came together to form Oblivion. [UOL 1]
  • The "Eight Abysses",[17] and the "Nineteen Voids" are unknown terms which may be related to this dimension.[UOL 2]

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