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Lore:Slipstream Realm

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Slipstream Realm
Type Plane
Realm Aurbis
Appears in Battlespire
The Battlespire surrounded by celestial bodies

Slipstream Realms are points within the Aurbis at which transliminal forces balance. They operate as transition zones where the conceptual truths of different realms, such as time,[1] can coexist. They were first discovered and given their name by the Imperial Mananauts, who used the regions to acclimate their minds to Oblivion by gentle degrees.[2]

Though there are multiple Slipstream Realms, the most notable is the singularly named Slipstream Realm, within which the Battlespire is found, encompassing the entirety of the realm. It is located between several overlapping realms of Oblivion at the edge of the Void.[3] It may be accessed from Nirn via a pillar of light, linking to the Weir Gate on the Spire.[2][4] Several moderately sized celestial bodies were known to orbit around the Battlespire,[5] but it is unknown what relation they had to the Slipstream Realm.


  • The exact nature of the Battlespire's realm is conflicted. Lucilla Caprenia, after staying at the fortress for over a decade, described its location as intersecting with several planes at the edge of Oblivion, beyond which only the Void remained.[3] However, the Battlespire Athenaeum places the fortress deep within Aetherius.[6]
  • Maelstrom has similar properties to Slipstream Realms,[2] but is more accurately classified as an Oblivious Vortex.[7]