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Deyanira Katrece
Deyanira Katrece (childguard enabled)

The Lesser Nocturnal, Deyanira Katrece, may be found locked away in Shade Perilous. The situation is dire, and the stakes are high: in order to free the Greater Nocturnal from her slumber, Deyanira must be banished. Deyanira does not regret the situation, instead encouraging you to strike "with all thy arm and heart", for her love of her mistress appears to outshine all consequences.


First GreetingEdit

Please mortal! Spare me! Do not look upon my misery. Never before has a Daedra pleaded with a mortal, but I beg of you to turn from the sight of my wretchedness.

Player Response Result
Oh. Well. Sorry. Excuse me. END
But you're SO wrong. Plenty of Daedra have pleaded with me. TO SPARE THEIR LIVES! Hah-hah-hah! Goodbye! END
I'm here to free you and save the Shade Perilous from the invaders. Reply 1
Can you help me leave this realm? Reply 1
[&JacielName] I'm looking for Jaciel Morgen. Reply 1

Reply 1Edit

Jaciel. Jaciel. Her memory haunts me. She is gone to me. I cannot feel the traces of her in my mind. No fragment of her lingers.

Player Response Result
Actually, I think she's all right. At least, a Dremora said that if I could free her, she'd help me escape. Reply 2 &JacielName

Reply 2Edit

Oh Jaciel! Forgive me! It was my foolish pride that cost my mistress her realm. In my vanity I pleaded their case with her. The Seducers are Lordless warriors, and might shift allegiance at will. I thought they might remain loyal to Jaciel, once they knew her honest and honorable nature. But the Seducers were in turn seduced. Dagon rules them now. Though, to my everlasting shame, I fear some Seducers went to him -- willingly. These Seducers Dagon has remade in the image of his own greed and treachery. All this horror is my fault, and I must atone for it.

Player Response Result
Excellent idea. For a start, you can atone by helping me out. Where is Jaciel? Reply 3

Reply 3Edit

My Mistress has hidden herself behind the Night Portal and driven her spirit into the Dreamsleeve. When Nocturnal mana flows, the Night Portal opens easily, as do the portals to other realms. But Dagon's troops have stoppered the flow of Nocturnal magica, sealing the Night Portal and all portals from Shade Perilous.

Player Response Result
How do I get the magica flowing again? Reply 4

Reply 4Edit

The Magica Tourbillions must turn again. But they will not budge until the Wheels of Heaven read the great code.

Player Response Result
What's the code? Reply 5

Reply 5Edit

I know not. It is in my Mistresses Book of the Wheels of Heaven. I know not how the codes work. But my Mistress knows. I have heard her speak of the book, the stools, and the tourbillions that make all magica flow.

Player Response Result
… stools? Reply 6

Reply 6Edit

I'm sorry, but my Mistress has not shared with me the mysteries of the arcane. Seek ye the Book of the Wheels of Heaven, for it contains the sacred codes. Perhaps the riddle of the stools is also recorded there. The Night Portal is locked by four secret levers. And then, when the Night Portal opens, you will find my Lady bound within the Dreamsleeve. This is an enchantment beyond my understanding, but she has told me the secret of its unraveling. Speak in the name of the Nocturnals to shake the spell's bindings.

Player Response Result
I will seek out your Mistress and free her, ON THE CONDITION that you promise to help me persuade her to help me escape this place. Reply 8 &Nocturnal
Okay. I'm looking for the Book of the Wheels of Heaven for the sacred codes, and for some stools, and some tour-something-or-others, and a Night Portal, which is locked by four secret levers, and then I have to wake your Mistress from this Dream-whatsis. Sweet Mara's Milk, I have got such a headache. You wouldn't happen to know where the secret levers are, would you? Reply 7 &Nocturnal

Reply 7Edit

Tour-BILLIONS, manling, and you will wake my Mistress from the Dreamsleeve enchantment by speaking in the name of the Nocturnals. Yes. And the four secret levers are known to me only by word, and not by deed. I recall my Mistress saying, however, that one is near a podium, another underwater in a hidden grotto, the third beneath a table, and the last in a storage room. I wish you good luck, and good speed.

Player Response Result
Thanks. Don't worry. I'll get your Mistress free. I'll be back. Sooner. Or later. END &QuestStart

Reply 8Edit

You have my word, and my word is my bond.

Player Response Result
Good. Then I'll be off. END &QuestStart

Greeting 2 [&QuestStart]Edit

How goes your quest?

Player Response Result
Fine, just fine. Look. Would you remind repeating the business about -- well -- about everything? Reply 4
Just great. Just checking up to see how you are. All right? Good then, I'm off. END
[&JacielAwake] Mission accomplished. Reply 9

Reply 9Edit

You return, and with you hope returns.

Player Response Result
I have spoken with your Mistress, but she's not been very encouraging. Reply 10

Reply 10Edit

I can feel my Mistress again. But I sense she has become dispirited by her deep loss. It is very much in the nature of Nocturnals to pine and mourn, even beyond the purpose of such grief. They nurse their misery in their bosom until their sorrow takes on a life of its very own. Until weeping is all there is. Until all the seas of tears run dry.

Player Response Result
I'm sorry, but she MUST be awakened, or I'm doomed, and my friend is doomed, and who knows what else is doomed -- including you and Shade Perilous. What can be done? Reply 11

Reply 11Edit

Only the greatest of shocks can do that. A loss greater than the shame of the pillage of the Shade Perilous.

Player Response Result
Well, what else does she care about? Reply 12

Reply 12Edit

I know her better than any, and I do not know any such thing.

Player Response Result
Perhaps -- she does care about you, yes? Reply 13

Reply 13Edit

I told you. I know not.

Player Response Result
Your Mistress MUST hold your welfare high above lesser cares. Reply 14

Reply 14Edit

Perhaps you are right. But nothing short of casting myself into Oblivion could shock her from the refuge of her bittersweet melancholia.

Player Response Result
Well, then, that's settled. You must cast yourself into Oblivion. What can I do to help? Reply 16
Hmm. Is there anything less -- drastic you could try? Reply 15

Reply 15Edit

No. You are keen-sighted, mortal. I MUST leap into the darkness for her. Seek my Mistress. Tell her that should she not return to rule her realm, I will have no safe return from Oblivion, and remind her of her oaths and obligations. So honorable a Mistress would never be foresworn of her vows.

Player Response Result
Can I help? Reply 16

Reply 16Edit

I implore you. You must do the deed. Take this Soul Dagger. If you strike true, you shall loosen my spirit, and darkness will swallow me. Into the Dagger I shall pour my hope and longings, which you must bear as a token to my Mistress, that she will know what I have done for her.

Player Response Result
I am sorry for this, but I praise you for your courage and loyalty. May I be so faithful to my oaths and obligations when the time comes. Here. Give me the Dagger, and show me where to strike. Reply 18
Are you sure about this? Reply 17
Let's not be too hasty. Wait here, and if I find no alternative, I shall return. END &PCReturn

Reply 17Edit

I can. I must. The realm must endure. And for the realm to endure I must make this sacrifice. I thank you for your care, but you do me a kindness. Raise this Dagger up against me and smite me with all thy arm and heart. Linger not. I do not fear, for I sense honor in your heart. And perhaps a touch of love.

Player Response Result
I am heartily sorry for this. Reply 18 Put 0_4012

Reply 18Edit

Raise this Dagger up against me and smite me with all thy arm and heart. Linger not. I do not fear, for I sense honor in your heart. And perhaps a touch of love.

Player Response Result
I strike, and bless you. Farewell, and fair return, most fair of the Daedra. END Teleport_0 &SoulDagger
I cannot. Forgive me. Let me think. END Reply 16