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Gary Noonan's Posts
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These are a few notable comments from Gary Noonan on The Elder Scrolls setting. Noonan is known as Wormgod, Divayth Fyr, Modus Operandi, and VXSS on the forums. These comments were originally archived by The Imperial Library.


On why Divayth Fyr has possession of artifacts from the BattlespireEdit

Discussion of any relations between myself and the situation that occured at the Battlespire are irrelevant. What is known is, I am in possession of a great variety of artifacts from there. How they came into my possession will not be discussed.

On Dunmeri strongholdsEdit

Best Westerns. The [sic] were basically fortified stronghold/checkpoint/hotels for travelers. There are no records of any of the strongholds ever being held under siege or used in any battles/wars, but it is quite possible that they were used for warriors as layover posts while travelling.


On Khajiit and Argonian variants (2000-08-08)Edit

The Pocket Guide explains the Khajiit rather well. They basically are one race, but range from very humanoid to perhaps an actual cat-like appearance. You could probably mistaken the most humanoid one for a human, while the most beast-like one you might take as a cheetah or something. This is my best idea/suggestion anyways. The same can probably be said for the Argonians. They may range from either a very humanlike apprearance [sic] to a crocodile-like appearance. I guess it depends on how many times they decide to lick the tree (refer to the PGE).


On the Dwarven constellation-pantheon featured in Redguard (2001-01-09)Edit

Seriously, I dont know who those constellations stand for. I mean, theretically, I do, and I remember when I worked on and played the game I was able to figure them out. I dont recall anymore though. Its not like I can boot up the game either since its a stones throw away from DOS and I am using Win2k everywhere now.

The old Dwarven philosophy was something derived within MK's head only and he rarely shared what was ticking in that medulla of his (thank God most of the time). Much of what he would say was NEVER actually documented nor agreed upon by anyone here, so take it as you will. Anything Dwarven from here on out is produced by the existing members of the original TES teams (all 3 of us) and is well documented.


I *DO* know the answer to your question, I just dont recall what the answers are, haha. I remember getting into the deep conversation about the constellation/astronomy of the Dwarves with the workfolk back in the day. There is sense to be made from it, but i simply do not remember what it means at the moment.

On Argonians (2001-01-15)Edit

I slammed some quick, short answers down. Of course, they are ALL subject to be lies, truth, or bluffed responses, so take them as you will. I can honestly say, a lot of this stuff has never been talked about but with my knowlege of the Argonians, these are where I believe them to stand..... enjoy.

Are Argonians: Mammalian? Cold-blooded? Egg-laying? Morphically diverse? (As the khajiit are.)

Because they ARE "morphically diverse" (as you put it), I would seriously say that Argonians can be very mammalian or reptilian. They can be warm blooded or cold blooded. They can lay eggs or have very humanlike deliveries. Remember, given the nature of their being, they can appear as simple crocodile-like creatures or humans with scales and tails. The possibilities are quite great actually.

Do they have matched upper and lower teeth sets like humans?

Well, once again, they can. And then there are the ones that allow birds to clean their teeth.

What social peculiarities are there, compared to humans? (For example, Argonians probably can't kiss)

Very UNtrue, given the structuring of the Argonian in question.

What notable social rituals are there?

I think we should save this one for a game that involves Black Marsh.

What is the closest Earth reptile type to an Argonian in terms of body, scales and otherwise?

Unanswerable. They can look like whatever reptilian creature you wanna imagine in my mind. Hell, maybe even turtle-like if you wish.

What is the colour range for skin tone and eye colour?

See above.

What (for Argonians in particular) are the functions, or governing design features of the sometimes-present frill?

Once again, perhaps this can be better achieved in a Black Marsh based game.

What is a general guide for Argonian mental processes? In particular, their emotions.

Depends on the evolved status of the particular Argonian. The less "humanlike", the more out of touch with its feelings and emotions (I would imagine). We can honestly tell if a crocodile or a salamander shows emotions, so I can only pretend to know this answer. Specualtion probably depends on how far you want to go into a character.

What is a typical Argonian view of each of the other races?

I take it you are talking about an Argonian of humanlike evolution and STILL residing in Black Marsh. If so, their feelings are probably more geared towards the Dark Elves and the Cyrodils [sic]. There may be some disgust for the Dark Elves due to enslavement and there may be some, but very little, lack of trust for the Cyrodils [sic]. They tolerate all races however, and most likely fear none of them. Afterall [sic], who is gonna risk conquering Black Marsh at the expense of getting the Fever?

What are the notable features of Argonian buildings as opposed to human dwellings etc?

Has not exactly been made apparent. Although Arena shows very typical types of cities, I assure you, there is a MAJOR difference.

What are typical Argonian types of:




Carnivorous and/or herbivorous.


They are a fairly peaceful race.


Swamp goods. And trust me, there are plenty of goods that come from the swamps!


pastimes resting on a rock in the sun? i have no idea.


good question... but I cant tell you, haha


groupings depends on the evolved status once again.


On Forum Talk and Argonians (2001-01-16)Edit

Well, realistically speaking, there really is no end to what is and what isnt in TES. Gods, races, and even artifacts, are all speculations based on "0" proof. Like the Dwarves; many say that they disobeyed the Gods and produced magics and machinery that the Gods themselves feared. Therefore, the Gods wiped the race out of existence. Sure, this is very possible, but does anyone know? I honestly cant say anyone of us here knows, so we just play with the idea and possibilities to produce more lore and mystery within the games. Finding out the truth, other than learning about the REAL deal in a game would be like folding our cards even though we had a full house.

I think that speaking with everyone about our "personal" ideas is really a good opportunity to give you clues, hints, rumors, even blatant lies. That way, you all can take off with the newfound knowlege and create something great with it. Listening to what we have to say on forms and such about TES facts is just like playing that old childhood "telephone" game. You dont know whether what you are hearing is really right or not, but you do know one thing..... you heard it from somewhere. I think this is actually cool as all hellness because if you see something otherwise in a game, you will be like, "Damn! I thought is was like THAT, not THAT!" I love that element of surprise. I dont think its a ruse or in any way intentionally bluffing you all, I think it is merely a great way to keep you on your toes and let you know what WE as individual developers bring to the BIG design table. What comes out the other end of the design grinder could either be right on, altered, or perhaps even axed. But, either way, you heard a possible fact. I think its all good in the end.

And back to the variation of Argonian appearance.... the Hist Sap may very well play a large part in this. The sap is the possible agent for their evolved or de-evolved appearance? I think so. You heard the term "licking trees" from MK once? Secreted sap from the trees lends a powerful toxin which may allow an Argonian to "graduate" to another stage of evolution. This may be a ritual event for certain members of clans or perhaps citizens who are awarded the "right" to evolve. I cant actually say its "evolving" but thats a more comprehensible term to use for this case. If you take on the form of a crocodile or newt, this doesnt exactly mean you are "lower" or "unintelligent". I think the sap only alters the appearance and not the mental. This is ONE race, not a series of subraces. There is only ONE Argonian species. Just as Obsidian said, dogs are all one species too, but they take on many appearances. The same can be seen with the Khajiit.

I dont think you learned anything from this since you are quite the loremaster, but I just thought I would get it out on the table for any who dont quite understand what MK may or may not have meant with his conversation with his own mental, haha.


Why do Argonians look different in each TES game? (2001-01-17)Edit

The reason for the Argonians looking differeht [sic] all the time in different TES games really is just part of OUR evolution in design and such. With the ability for Argonians to look different due to their ritual tree licking, it allows us to keep the pace of the game going steady and looking new and almost original in all of the upcoming games. Seeing the same characters over and over could lend itself to some real boredom. But, this isnt [sic] just some excuse that we use for making changes either. It was simply an idea that sounded cool and works well within the game and for our design purposes also.

Oh, and sorry for the MISquote. I'll fire my secretary for not handing me the correct memo. ;P


The origin of the Dwemer - includes some interesting contradictions with later lore (2001-01-22)Edit

This myth and legend takes place long, long ago, before the Empire was established, and even before the northerners touched foot on Tamrielic shorelines. Elves (Dunmer) were the predominant race of the continent, alongside the much smaller races of beastmen. A traveling band of elves were crossing through a mountainous range in the northeastern region of Tamriel. They encountered a friendly group giants and established relations amongst the two races. The giants had never encountered any human-like races and were bewildered at the small appearance of the elves. The towering giants stood many, many heads over them. The elves of course, were really not too much different in appearance or size than a typical human, but the giants were not aware of this since they had never seen a human. The giants labeled the elves as "Dwarves", claiming that they were just smaller versions of themselves. Over several years, this tag became a widespread label, and these Elves were known as Dwarves.

The Dumner [sic] translation of the word Dwarf is Dwemer. So, strangely enough, all Dunmer would use the term "Dwemer", while the northerners/newcomers rerered [sic] to this ancient race as Dwarves, taking on the translation of the giants. It is unknown, but perhaps the newcomers encountered the ginats [sic] before they did the elves.

Little is known as to the significance of this legend, but it is told to children all over Tamriel. Many would swear by it while many others will claim it is simply a bogus story.

More info on the Dunmer can be found in the Pocket Guide and even in Redguard. :)


Ok, "according" to the legend, the Dunmer originated from the Dwemer. They WERE once also known as Dwemer. The giants thought they were small people, and so called them Dwarves (just as we call short people midgets and dwarves). After many many generations perhaps, the name Dwarf, or the translation "Dwemer", finally just became the tag. I am not saying that the labeled Dunmer accepted the name, they may have just tolerated it. I mean afterall [sic], to them it just meant "a short person". Remember, they have/had no concept of the D&D Dwarves, so would not think of themselves as being compared to them. It also doesnt [sic] make them a different race. They were by no means a different race. This was many many years before the Empire was even a thought, so the Houses didnt [sic] even exist back then either. The Dunmer operaterd [sic] their race through a network of tribes. When the Dwemer was heard about by other Dunmer tribes, they were considered as another tribe. But, for reasons perhaps unknown (hehehe) to many, this tribe was not accepted by other Dunmer tribes. Many things would occur in the years following the creation of the Dwemer, right up until the disappearance.

On Khajiit (2001-03-13)Edit

Remember, Khajiit come in many forms. The closer you get to their homelands, the more wild they may appear. Though wild looking, this does not mean they are more primitive thinkers. There may or may not be different forms of the Khajiit in MW (I'm not the animator, so I wouldnt [sic] know) so just keep your eyes open for them.

Also, another point to be taken is that since Dark Elves use Khajiit and Argonian slaves, the nature of these slaves is most likely to be more Kitty-like, or primitive. There are reasons for the look, so dont [sic] think that it was just a snap decision.


5) Perhaps in future products, you can have the choice to play different types of Khajiit. Gentlemen prefer Ohmes... although I have to admit I like the way the Suthay-raht (sometimes called ja-Khajiit, though this is either a deliberate insult or a translation error) in Vvardenfell have turned out.
6) If Khajiit have six breasts, which I will neither confirm nor deny, only the top two have visually-pleasing fat deposits in most "beeds [sic]."
7) Only three "breeds" of Khajiit have the, um, adaptation discussed in The Real Barenziah which occurs in Earth-cats for entirely different reasons.
8) Khajiit are not like cats in every way. They are not exactly like humans either. I should know because I made all this stuff up.

On horses in Morrowind (2001-04-09)Edit

Sorry, the Empire got smart and discontinued use of horses in Morrowind. For 2 main reasons....

1: The environemt [sic] is not suitable for horses. The ashy air creates bad vegetation for horses and upon munching on grass and such, they drop dead. Ashgut sounds like a good term for the ash/gastro poisoning. Imagine having charcoal fill up your digestive tract. Cant be a pretty picture, especially when black goo starts leaking from every hole on your body, right before you pop.

2: Dark Elves find horses to be a great dish. The Alpo Bistro! No Imperial guard wants to walk outside his house and see a Dark Elven family picnicking on his steed.

The Empire adopted using Guar and Siltstriders [sic] since they are more indiginous [sic] to the area. In many cases, Guar and Siltstriders [sic] are more advantageous than horses anyways.

On Hist (2001-04-16)Edit

This is neither a typo nor bad grammar. The PGE will tell you that the Hist are "a relatively intelligent strain" of Argonians. The Guide contains many inaccuracies, and this is one of them. You will also notice that the Guide mentions "a certain type of spore tree" that native Argonians might worship. Speaking generally, it is these trees that are the Hist. As for the relationship, I'm not talking yet. :)

On the ALMSIVI (2001-04-19)Edit

This brings us back to the topic of Vivec and company. Speaking only about Vivec (this goes for his pals of course too), is he REALLY considered a God who lives among people? General Patton swept across a many battlefield, and many think him a great man. But, that doesnt [sic] exactly make him a God ya know. In a fantasy setting now, Vivec once did the same. He faught [sic] in a great battle and currently uses his "aquired [sic]" magics to hold off the blighted forces. More can be learned about him in Morrowind, but from what we "currently" know about him, we cannot trully [sic] label him a God can we? Maybe he is no more than a simple hero. *shrugs* Almalexia may be no more either. Just as many (in OUR existense [sic] of course) may believe Jesus to have just been a considerate, caring human being. I think its all a matter of personal belief, but interesting all the same.

So, this raises the question.... "Are the 'Gods' in Morrowind an excuse for the existence of magic and the absense [sic] of other things (like the Dwarves)? Or are they actual, existing entities of great and bewildering power?" *ticking of machinery in many minds begins*

On the 1st PGE and its contradictions with modern (Morrowind era) lore (2001-04-24)Edit

Remember! The PGE was written in a "tourists" view. Much like reading a diary. You cannot expect the "fictional" author of the writing to be right about everything. By putting something in concrete, you limit yourself downplay suspense and originality for further developments and such. Not everything we say is always true. Sometimes, even we developers speak out of personal beliefs and idealisms about certain aspects of TES. And it is NOT always correct.... many times, it is INcorrect purposely. ;)

Not to be cruel, but its keeps everything very dynamic and ever evolving. Just because we tell you a red stick is white, it doesnt mean it isnt really green. ;)

Oh, I love being a Demi-god..... I wonder if Zeus would have thought the same. :P

Slavery, beast races, and the PGE (2001-04-24)Edit

All opinions are very acceptable and I understand (although I may not agree ) any resentment towards the direction of the evolving TES game world. With all due respect, however, there are TONS of events and such in the TES world that are STILL yet unknown to the general fanbase [sic], yet, most is known to the developers. Of course, things such as slavery of the beast races in Morrowind are not something new and pulled out of the developer compost heap. Slavery was a known issue since Daggerfall, believe it or not. It may not have been an issue in Daggerfall, but it is being used now. Even in the game Morrowind, visiting as a beast race, you are known as an Imperial citizen and are NOT looked at as a slave or a worthy slave. You are treated as any other Imperial citizen. Argonians and Khajiit alike. The fact that you may have played as a beast race in Arena and visited a town in Morrowind would still have nothing to do with the fact that there was slavery. I played extensivelt [sic] through Arena years and years ago, and this fact does not at all phase me. It is simply something that I look at now and think, "Wow. I visited Morrowind as a Khajiit in Arena and didnt [sic] notice a slave/servant situation anywhere. Wonder why I notice it now in THIS game." Sure, that's a thought of mine, but I accept it. As a gamer, a TES fan, and a developer, I totally agree on the direction things have taken thus far.

Of course, with the exclusion of Khajiit and Argonians in Battlespire, I dont [sic] know what to say. That was just a design decision. It doesnt [sic] mean that they were NOT in the TES universe, it just meant that we did not implement them. Who knows, it may go deeper. Perhaps, at that time, the Imperial Battlemages did not allow beast races to join the Elite Battle college. That's just an idea, not an answer. In all, it was an action shooter. Not a TRUE BEEF TES RPG. On that note, certain different rules had to be applied anyways.

With Redguard, you only played a Redguard. Couldnt [sic] play another race. Well, another case of "an action/adventure game", so alternate rules applied. Of course, Redguard was the game that initially hinted on at the slavery and multiple beast breeds, so it was a stepping stone game. It was a good build up to the deeper stuff within the TES universe. And trust me, it gets so much deeper that decades of games will need to be made to find out more and more of the dirt within Tamriel.

The PGE.... what can I say? Of course, depending on what individual, what race, or what class of character wrote it, it would be biased in some manner. IT IS NOT A TES BIBLE. It was never intended to be. It was a fun little "insight" about "ones" visit to various provinces around Tamriel. I thought it was a fairly informative reading and provided readers with some clues, gossip, myths, and mysteries. It was a sort of Dante's Inferno, so to speak, set within Tamriel. Like when National Gepgraphic [sic] goes to the wild rain forests of Peru to study the Madrigal Spider Monkey, we take their word for it that they did indeed study this thing for 4 years, through harsh rains, blistering heat, and monsoons. It did indeed swing from tree to tree as a nocturnal creature. It has a mating cycle much like the chimpanzee. It even has a fairly high intelligence. They then come back to the states, edit this hour long program to bring us an exclusive Ntional [sic] Geographic Undercover show on Discovery Channel, and they tell us all they had to learn about this creature. An hour later, the credits roll and we sit and ponder what an incredible find this is, and we wonder just how much they ACTUALLY had correct through their 4 year study. Then, more skeptisism sets in and you realise that NONE of this may be true. This monkey doesnt [sic] even exist. This may all be for entertainment reasons. Discovery Channel just won the nightly rating with millions of viewers. Hmmm. Basically, you know deep down inside, you wont believe it unless you could actually see this monkey (do you recall the mammoth that was dug up? funny how we see so little of it, yet we believe). Tjis [sic] goes back to the PGE. It "states" many things, but these things are a ploy, perhaps, to get the reader to more involve themselves in the subject and do a little research on their own. That's the way I look at it anyways.

So there you have it. My own little Reading Rainbow. But you dont [sic] have to take MY word for it.

Background on Hircine (2001-04-25)Edit

My knowlege [sic] of the Daedra is limited. What I do know though is, Hircine is an antlered Daedric fiend. I wouldnt [sic] call him the God Of Hunt, but he is a great Hunter. The Hunter of Mortal Souls and a favored high ranking General of Mehrunes Dagon, the Prince of Destruction. Clavicus Vile may perhaps even be of some blood relation to Hircine. Clavicus is the owner of a shapeshifting beats [sic] that takes the typical appearance of a large dog. Dont [sic] get the two mistaken. :p

Anyways, that's all I know right now. Perhaps my memory will come back soon.

On the Ministry of Truth (2001-06-11)Edit

Yep, and I'm still banging away some ideas for the Ministry. It's like a huge indoor Cuban refugee camp, just no Cubans. :P And Todd wasnt kidding when he said the Ordinators ruled. They are some bad arse cats. With them on the watch, the Ministry of Truth is gonna be a a tricky place to resolve. You shall see......

And Ebonheart is intense. Mark is doing an incredible job on that place. It's the way a castle SHOULD BE ina game.

On the origin of dwemer post (2001-06-15)Edit

No, its supposed to be Dunmer in the Myth and Legend. Continent is the word that is wrong. Should be north-eastern part of the continent. Before Morrowind was an established Imperial province. Dark Elves were Dark Elves since before the Empire was up and about. Therefore, the "Dunmer", were the cats who perched there. My bad. Never even thought about that till now. Good looking out.

On Khajiit in Morrowind (2001-06-18)Edit

Many of the Khajiit in Morrowind will appear to be more "wild", if thats [sic] the right way to put it. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that most are slaves. A Khajiit with this appearance may be better suited for slavery. As with Argonians. Maybe the more "beast-like" forms are just bred that way by Dark Elves because they can manage more and heavier work. I dunno, but it sounds good to me. :)

On dragons (2001-09-02)Edit

Dragons are not native to Vvardenfell due to the harsh environment. In Redguard, the present dragon is in control of the Empire. Could it be that the existing dragons work with the Empire in return for protection and spoils? If this "were" the case, many dragons probably reside in or around the Cyrodilian/Imperial province. Remember, the symbol of a dragon appears in the Imperial crest. Of course, like in Redguard, they could be dispatched to regions where the Empire needs them. As for Morrowind, there is little protection, if any that the Empire could offer them, especially in Vvardenfell. As for the Skylamps, that's a strange idea that they are natural predators to dragons. If anything, the Cliff Racers may be a natural predator if they attacked dragons in packs, or flocks. I guess the Cliff Racers could be much like the creatures that were in the movie Pitch Black. Not totally, but just in their predatory nature. This could be one theory why dragons either moved out or never existed in Vvardenfell.

More on dragons and their relationship to the empire (2001-09-04)Edit

It is also hinted in Battlespire within a journal and in the remains, that the Imperial Battlemages used dragonmounts [sic] for security on the Battlespire. In level 1, you will find the remains of an Imperial dragon names Dragonne Papre' and his rider. The journal contains tidbits about the troubles in the spire and what may have happened so that only their decayed bodies remain.

As far as the Empire actually being in alliance with dragon's [sic], there are many hints that lead on to this. Lord Richton was able to summon the Imperial Dragon, N'falilaargas for support in the Battle of Stros M'kai. The Battlespire incident. The look of the Imperial crest. Even the rumors that Tiber Septim WAS a dragon, shapeshifted into human form. Oh, dragon's [sic] exist, and there is proof that they do, but in what quantities? Hmmm.....

All of the dragons didnt [sic] die. They have their own means of remaining "hidden" from Tamriel's populace. Whether its shapeshifting, hiding deep in the mountains or jungles, or even in very protective custody of secret Imperial strongholds, they do exist.

The reason the dragons left Morrowind was because of the food chain being broken. Cliffracers [sic] were in such great numbers that they food became scarce for the dragons, so they moved on. Even if they stuck around and killed the cliffracers [sic] off, the food would still be at a shortage.

The dragon from Redguard fell easily for many reasons. Cyrus was more than just a Redguard. Playing the game will explain much about his abilities. Also, no matter big the dragon was, he was confined in a rather tight space. Try wrestling with someone in a box the size of a microwave. Plus, Naffy wasnt [sic] the smartest of dragons, as working for Lord Richton should say that much alone. His greed got the better of him. Not such a noble dragon.

Also, as Battlespire hinted, there is (or was) an elite Imperial dragon mount guard (TES Dragoons). Search for a document relaying a wing mounted guard's final words about his mount, PaprDragn.

Betheda following 9/11 (2001-09-12)Edit

It's still a bit depressing around the office, but we talk about the current events quite a bit with one another. It makes it extremely difficult to work when your mind is focused on something as painful as this whole situation, but we all will heal and move on. Much like the nation as a whole, Bethesda will heal as individuals and move on to a better tomorrow. :)

On the Morrowind collectors edition (2001-09-18)Edit

It's really not all THAT detailed, but it sure is some pretty cool... stuff. ;)

Clarification on release schedules (2001-09-19)Edit

Do remember, the norm for the game industry is that nearly 80% of games are delivered at LEAST 6 months late. Now, the consumer sees this as LATE because a specified date is missed and the product is shipped later. Not always the developer case. See, when a project is scheduled, there is "always" a time allotted to the end, which allows a grace for anything that may have gone wrong, polishing, or testing. The consumer does not ever hear about THIS particular grace period until a game is announced it will be delayed. When it is delayed, this grace period kicks into session. Of course, all hopes for consumer and developer, are that this grace time will not have to be used. It saves the developing company money and saves the consumer the wait. Alas, these grace periods are quite the norm these days. Few games, excluding console only products, ever ship on time for whatever reasons. Now, this is not to say that Morrowind will be delayed, as I just work on my current schedule, which is very promising. In the end, of course, if all else fails, you have a choice.... cancel the projects or delay them. And it's always the suits that make those decisions. The guys with chains on their ankles and oars in the hands just follow orders.

Carry on. ;)

Shedding some light on the time spent during development (2001-09-20)Edit

3.5 years? Wow, I guess there was a secret little room with magic elves working on it before we even knew. Interesting. I shall have to find this room and put an end to the rumors that they must be spilling also. ;)

I would like to point out that, although many magazine articles dating back to around 96 stating Morrowind was in progress, they are wrong. With games like Battlespire, Redguard, and PBA2 *sigh*, Morrowind never really got on a full steam ahead progressive state until at LEAST the end of 99. There was always talk about Morrowind but actual development never started till PBA2 shipped. It was going through some initial design stages with Ken, Todd, and Michael, but the production team was tied up doing development on other projects.

Anyways, just to clarify many misleading articles that were written. I am sure many inquiring minds wanted to know. :)

Following up on the Morrowind development cycle (2001-09-20)Edit

Well, we were all "thinking" about Morrowind by that time, but nothing actually got started. Design didn't even start until AFTER Redguard. Anyways, not to say MK was bluffing you, but I mean actual, hardcore, dirty development wasn't underway for a while. Heck, and the team wasn't even actually fully onboard until just before last summer.

Scribs in Morrowind society (2001-12-17)Edit

You have all seen the Scrib. It's what you would get if you stepped on a Spider, a Roach, and a Puppy all at the same time. I imagine that if and when the children in Vvardenfell come out from hiding, you might see them walking these Scribs around the block on a leash. Fairly tamed little buggers until you kick one. Then it turns on ya with quite a punch.


Questions on the Dwemer, posted as Divayth Fyr the Psijic (2003-05-23)Edit

My friends and collegues, I am proud to see that you are still weaving the web of mystery. There is no doubt that the Dwemer are quite an intriguing topic.

These past few weeks, I have spoken with many of my higher ralnking scholars and theories are being swapped like old garments. The council just cannot seem to agree with what theory to work with. Many questions are still unanswered and they render the council powerless to proceed. Allow me to share some of these questions:

1- Was Kagrenac, indeed, mad? Had his sanity been possessed by a more alluring value?

2- Did Kagrenac know what the Power of the Heart had planned for him? Was he in control of the Power at all?

3- Were the Deadra (Azura in particular) powerful enough to even play a role in this mass disappearance?

4- Did the Tribunal engage in secret treaty with the Daedra in some way to see the Dwemer crushed?

The list goes on and on, but these are some very good questions to think about before going any further.

I must sadly cut my appearance short since I have other pressing duties to attend, but I shall return very soon.

On the postgame outcomes for Morrowind and the Nerevarine (2003-09-16)Edit

I can say this much.... just for you all to think about....

Exactly where does Morrowind and the Nerevarine come in to play in the Imperial equation? The Nerevarine isn't exactly a Dunmer, remember (multiple outcomes there). It may very well be that the outcome of TES3 means a tighter knit union between the Empire and the Dumner. Unlikley, but possible.

The curse of open-ended games. Every one person playing always comes up with a different scenario. *sigh* The days of linearity could only tell for sure. ;)

On the Battlespire artifacts that make reappearances in Morrowind (2003-10-03)Edit

In fact, the original intention was to create a full set of armor for [Savior's Hide], but, and since I was the one doing it, I felt that having the entire suit in Morriwnd was overkill. I somewhat disagree with having ALL artifacts known in EVERY game. Maybe a piece here and there. I thought the cuirass would suffice.

Then, there is the spear of bitter mercy. It was thought that since the rules applied to the Hunt, they could be broken if the spear were to leave the intended locale. Poor excuse? Sure, but it works. ;)

This one baffles me still.... scourge. The same rules of the spear could apply, but it just doesnt seem right. Scourge was supposed to do extra damage to Daedra, if I am correct (gettin rusty here). In Morrowind, it's just got a few enchanted properties, but nothing that harms Daedra more. Much talk went into this, but it was thought that, ALL enchanted weapons have minds of their own, so to speak (soul gems?). There is no reason why they also cannot go through gradual changes. I am ok with this rule, which really is not new), as long as it is not a drastic change. Like, for example, chrysamere wont suddenly become a dagger that shoots lightning. As long as I am onboard, this will never happen. ;)


On his level design and animation work (2003-09-29)Edit

As some of you know, I have abondoned level design. After my many years of griping at Bethsoft about how I am a trained animator and have only animated on a few games (most NON-TES titles), I finally won. Level design was fun, but offered little to no challenge anymore, especially with our modular system. Who am I kidding? Level design was fun for a while, before it became a "you will never animate again Bucko" echo in my nightmarish dreams. So, Tribunal was it. The nail in the coffin. I got my animation kickstart again with Bloodmoon, where I got to shake some cobwebs off by doing the draugr, the ice troll, and the werewolf. I got to model the spriggan, but sadly, I was overtasked and someone else textured and animated it. In a nutshell, it's very good to be back doing what I spent most of my college and art school years building on.

Currently, I am animating my little heart out and getting back up to speed and even surpassing my old skills. Our next title, "Wayne Gretzky's TES Bowling Championship" should be chock full 'o sweet animation! ;)


Dwemer language scholarship, posted as Divayth Fyr the Psijic (2003-10-08)Edit

Ah, I see my fellow scholars are at it once again. I am quite proud of the intensity and devotion that has gone into this investigative venture.

I have spoken with the Council on this matter recently, and there is still some fear in their voice of widespread knowlege of the Dwemeri language. Being quite well known to a scant few in the Council, the language holds deep secrets to the Dwemeri past that perhaps only they wish to know. I myself am quite fluent with the speech and scripting of this mysterious race. However, I have been forbidden to reveal it to even the Scholars Guild.

I can, however, attempt to point you in a more promising direction.

Do not look for any comparison between the Daedric and Dwemer.

Using constellations as a stepping stone may further complicate and confuse direction. Remember, the Dwemer were quite intricate, using math and puzzles. Constellations could very well lead you to more puzzles within your own mind. I am not telling you to stray from their use, just a warning not to put all your faith into them.

There are some fine collections of actual Dwemeri lettering and symbols. Deciding which are actually letters of the tongue and which are merely "symbols" of some sort will cause some pain within the study. Be prepared to go clean slate.

Watch for mirror images of many runes and letters. Close comparison of those to which look to be mirrored is greatly recommended. Further proof of the madness, or perhaps even the genius, of the Dwemeri mind.

Good luck my fellow scholars.


On the Wild Hunt (2004-01-11)Edit

Actually, you may recall a sort of "Wild Hunt" in Battlespire. Hosted by Hircine, on the Isle of Chimera, if I can remember. It was a specific hunting ground for Daedra to prey on any unfortunate guest that may stumble into there. Bloodmoon also has a Wild Hunt, yes, and it isn't "too much diferent" from the previous one. Trust me, this may not be the last you heard of the Wild Hunt either. With Daedra mischief and mortal mockery all about, you just never know where one may turn up. ;)


Why we have so little on the history of Fyr, posted as Divayth Fyr the Psijic (2004-02-06)Edit

It is a fact, that my life is somewhat shrouded in a Fog of Unknowing. My Towers stand in isolation, and I am pleased to remain as such. All that can be learned of me is little to the minds of the short lived. Do however, be my guest sometime, if you are ever in the vicinity of Tel Fyr. Learn from me what you may, but be thoughtful of your subject.

Dyviath Fyr on his relationship with Master Chimere (2004-02-06)Edit

I do indeed challenge the identity of Master Chimere. This folly stageplay would have him believing that, he could possibly be me? Or that he has escaped his Isle of Desolation, Caecilly Island? The words spoken do not sound like the Chimere I once met. If by some miracle, Master Chimere has found passage from his damnation in the Outer Realm, the demise of his kin and eternal life have driven him mad.

I have not seen Master Chimere since Lord Mehrunes Dagon cast him down with curse. I have had audience with Master Chimere, during which he was making preparation to banish Lord Dagon. A knowlegable man whom was known to show such braveries to confront deadly foes. It is true, I am in posession of Master Chimere's valued artifacts, but that does not name me Master Chimere Graegyn of the Direnni clan, in any case, nor him me. An old, crippled man, doomed to remain so for eternity, Master Chimere was dealt a horrid punishment for his betrayals and dealings with a Daedric Lord.

The claim pertaining to Master Yagrum Bagarn of great interest to me. This is unknown to me, but perhaps by gaining his audience, Master Yagrum Bagarn will recall this. I know it is quite humorous to consider this fact, considering the time of events, but I shall humor myself, and soon my fellow colleagues and students. I do hate to label anyone an imposter, especially when I have more important tasks at hand.

A little more on the history of Divayth, posted as Divayth Fyr the Psijic (2004-02-06)Edit

Quite simply, the Telvanni Council has differnt intensions than I. I do not care to mettle in the affairs of power and politics. Their pursuits do not quench my hunger for knowlege. I am what most would consider a man of research. Many believe I have gone mad in my work, giving my life to understanding the unknown. Mad I say? Perhaps they just fear I may understand something, that which they do not. The Telvanni Council still hears my council and shuns my decision, but it is by my choosing.

*From the recently decoded message to me, as Master Xanathar's Library has it recorded.*

To the esteemed Divayth Fyr,

I will be blunt: I need an ally. The traditionalists and crazies have joined together against me. If something is not done, their short sightedness may bring house Telvanni to more direct conflict with Redoran, Indoril, Hlaalu and even the Empire! Surely you can predict the Empire's collapse as well as I... We should work together to save our house. You could claim a position on the council by merly asking. Even Gothren and Neloth must admit that you are older and wiser and in every way superior to them in the arcane arts.

Your honored student, Master Aryon

*My response, as Master Xanathar's Library has it recorded.*

To my former student,

Regretably I must decline your offer. I know what you are planning and I wish you well. I have the utmost respect for you personally but I do not wish to involve myself in the dealings of the council. I feel you will find someone more suitable to your purpose soon. Until then perhaps you could persuade Baladdas.

Divayth Fyr

Master Aryon's mission was of great concern to me, but it is a far greater concern to him than I. With the coming of the Prophecised Nerevarine, will any of the Great Houses continue to thrive regardless of what anyone were to do? Time is destined to continue, and change must be endured throughout it's eternal cycle.

Master Dracondrakonis, if you have been around as long as you claim, you should know this of me. Alas, I do sense a sarcastic aura in your writing, so I shall presume you to be of the more "humorous" of students. Cheers to you my fine friend! I do enjoy a good chuckle when my studies allow.

Why Yagrum calls himself a Dwarf (2004-10-13)Edit

Matters not really. A Dwemer calling himself a Dwemer is just their "proper" labeling. Calling himself a Dwarf is an unformal slang, and is not particularly degrading or wrong. Much like calling me a caucasian (correct), but I could also be refered to as a Yankee, and I know it's as true as can be, yet I take no offense to it.

I think that is a fair enough explaination.

On Artifacts (2004-12-01)Edit

Within MW, there is a book of artifacts that Yagrum wrote for Divayth. It explains all "known" facts about the artifacts that exist, to Divayth's knowlege. It may give you a better idea of whatcertain artifacts are for, where they are from, and what they do.

On the Sea Serpent cut from Redguard and the Dreugh (2004-12-02)Edit

Ya, caught us there. But, it wasnt in the game. Never quite worked teh way it was intended so we cut it out. I liked it and all, but that bad boy was just too much for a certain puzzle we had in it. Maybe another time.

Don't forget the Dreugh. Word has it, that they are actually quite intelligent and may even have underwater colonies or cities. Who knows what else may be down there with them.


A Treatise on MeridiaEdit

Divayth Fyr On Vampirism

Vampirism comes up as a very interesting addition to your study. Think for a second about Nocturnal.

Nocturnal, whose sphere is the night and darkness; who is known as The Night Mistress, and worshiped by vampires.

It is pretty clear that vampires play favorites with The Night Mistress. How could they not!? Meridia, being a "wayward solar daughter", could hardly be a friend to vampires. However, the "bending" of light; creation of illicit magic, could be a hint as to an allowance for vampires to walk in daylight, leading to the expulsion from the heavens. Of course, this "act" was cut short since sunscreen is still needed for vampires, but that is an idea. A bad one, but one nonetheless.

Divayth Fyr on Merdia and Necromancy

I am unsure necromancy played much of a part in Meridia's casting from the heavens. I am not saying it isn't possible, I just think evidence is lacking.

Divayth Fyr on The Colored Rooms

One final note. "The Colored Rooms". Might there be some link of each of these "colors" as a reference to the different schools of magic as well?

On The Dragon's Chilled Blood obscure text (2006-09-23)Edit

Just to clarify, The Dragon's Chilled Blood is not a lore banter or RP discussion. I recently read many previews that hinted chargen/storyline/plots concerning Oblivion and I just wanted to throw a very simple gist of an NPC's take. Keeping it vague and relying on LEGIT known facts vs assumptions. Agreed, it was uninteresting, but taken for what it was worth, it just clarified things that were printed in a more "trusting" manner.

Was Divayth Fyr the Hero of Battlespire? (2005-10-10)Edit

While Fyr is not the hero of the event that occured [sic] at the Battlespire, it is not known if he has any connection to the actual hero. Even devs sometimes like a mystery.

What is Fyr's connection to the throne of Tamriel? (2005-10-10)Edit

It's mostly personal. Access to Imperial facilities which house documents and such are of great interest. Fyr has a great respect for the throne even though he may not believe in it.

Fyr is not exactly an active member of the Telvanni Council. He is more like a consultant or advisor to them. Though, he respects their command and WILL carry out most requests laid down by them.

In all, the Telvanni Council and the Imperial Throne are treated quite the same in Fyr's eyes. Fyr is kinda what you could call the Flower Child of Tamriel.

Dyviath Fyr on the Psijic Endeavor and it's relation to the Dwemer (2005-10-10)Edit

Yes, indeed, how do they know of what a God is? Who is "They"? Mortals?

I have left this thought for quite some time with my students and fellow scholars. I am mildly disappointed that this discussion dwindled since my last inquiry. Allow me to attempt to further reach into your curious minds.

Forgive me if this strays off topic for any amount of time, but I am sure it will be relevant to the subject in one form or another. The Psijic Endeavor. An original idea of the Psijic? Adopted by, or "thought" to be adopted by, the Dwemer. Did the Psijic of the Old Ways believe they could reach "Godhood"? Their disappearance baffles that idea. We may only speculate. The question that must be asked is, did the Psijic of the Old Ways believe in Gods in a spiritual manner? Did they merely recognise them as powerful beings, perhaps even foes? Once again, the answer is hidden with their absence to answer. The Dwemer. It is very possible that their ideas were quite similar to those of the Psijic of the Old Ways. We can easily ask ourselves if the Dwemer thought of the Gods in the same manner. Many writings speak of the Dwemer being Godless, giving little to no thought to your "They's" Gods. A similarity may very well be seen here. The Gods could have been angered by these Unbelievers, thus resulting in the mysterious disappearnace of the Dwemer and the Psijic of the Old Ways. Unbelievers would most assuredly have a difficult time gaining that trust of a God. The Gods could easily see this as a possible danger to their power over existing believers. Examples can, and most likely, would be set. I am not saying this is the reason for the disappearances. I am stating a simple "what if" for you to ponder. It is all quite relative. Or is it? Could the Psijic Endeavor and the Belief of the Dwemer be related?

I leave you with little more than more confusion to meditate on. The answers lay within the histories of a missing and mysterious peoples. Creating links between them may be the solution to understanding the Endeavor.


On Fyr Cloning the Dwemer. (2006-02-14)Edit

No. Impossible. His "Wife/Daughters" were made in his likeness and was not an easy task. I assume it was painstaking enough that he would never attempt it again. In the case of the Dwemer, it is highly unlikely that this is a power within his grasp. Even attempting this would end in failure.

On the fate of Caecilly Island. (circa 2006)Edit

It was spat back out to Tamriel from Dagon's satellite realm the second he was beaten by Akatosh.


On if Divayth Fyr died in the Red Year. (2010-05-28)Edit

Divayth die?