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Introduction SceneEdit

Watch the introductory cutscene on YouTube.

"I recall the story of the recovery of the Battlespire as it was told to me by the son of Old Chimere, these many years ago. How the legions of daedra Lord Mehrunes Dagon overran the spire aided by betrayal. How a young hero from obscure origins entered the Battlespire, proving ground and testing facility for the shadow legion, the imperial guard, and finding his test was more than he bargained for. Thinking this was only a harmless test of his skills he enters the spire through the pillar of light and finds a hell created by the betrayal of the legion and the perfidy of Jagar Tharn, arch-traitor to the empire. And so our story begins..."


Within these pages you will find everything you need to complete your journey through Battlespire and its various quests along the way:

  • Level 1 — The Weir Gate - The first level of the Battlespire, where survival is difficult enough, let alone trying to ascertain what exactly it is you're supposed to be doing.
  • Level 2a — Administration, Labs and Library - The many tough monsters in this level can give even the strongest characters a rough time.
  • Level 2b — Administration, Labs and Library - You have to find the voidguide pieces to get out, but where are they?
  • Level 3 — The Soul Cairn - Wraiths that can't be killed, some mysterious talking gems. What's an adventurer to make of all this?
  • Level 4 — Shade Perilous: Castle of the Nocturnal Lieutenant Jaciel Morgan - Things are actually becoming slightly friendly towards you and you're scared... very scared.
  • Level 5 — The Chimera of Desolation - You appear to be the prey in some sort of hunt whose hunter cannot be killed. Can this be the end of your adventure?
  • Level 6 — The Havoc Wellhead - You are in the presence of the Daedra Lords on this level... help!
  • Level 7 — The Hunting Lodge of Mehrunes Dagon - This is the last level where you face Dagon, Lord of the Daedra.


  • The game contains several multiplayer levels, which can be found here.