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Lucilla Caprenia
Location The Dread Cellar
Race Imperial Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Imperial Legion
Lucilla Caprenia

Lucilla Caprenia is an Imperial Battlemage recruit who has ventured to The Dread Cellar from the Battlespire with Martus Tullius, her commanding officer. She is also available as a houseguest from the Crown Store.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Lucilla is first encountered defending herself from Waking Flame Invokers with Martus and Imperial Soldiers.

After the brief skirmish:

Waking Flame Invoker: "Burn for Dagon!"
Lucilla Caprenia: "Martus, we aren't prepared for this!"
Martus Tullius: "If a few cultists are too much for you, best give up on the Spire. Consider that a lesson in keeping on guard."

If spoken to before accepting the quest from Martus, her greeting will be:

"I—I'm all right, traveler. Nothing I can't tend to. I wish I could say the same for our retinue.
I'm sure you have questions, but Martus is the one in charge. Speak to him."

When spoken to after accepting the quest, her greeting will be:

"You're going to be our new escort? After seeing what happened to our retinue? You must have a confidence I don't share. We should head back. Get reinforcements. An actual attack force."
Who are you two?
"I'm Lucilla. That's Martus, my commanding officer. You probably could have guessed from our uniforms, but we are Imperial Battlemages. Well, he is. I am still a potential, in training."
Can you tell me more about your order?
"Has the Battlespire been forgotten already? There really won't be anything left of the Empire by the time the Three Banners War ends. We are, or were, the elite war mages of the Imperial Legions. I didn't join for the glory, but that's disappointing."
What is the Battlespire?
"The fortress of all fortresses. Where the strongest mages in the Empire reside and train. It intersects with several planes of Oblivion, or so I'm told. My initiation trial will send me on a journey through them. If I survive, I'll be inducted."
If you survive?
"Many don't, but fewer still are even granted the right to attempt the trial. I'll have to prove myself capable many times over before I'm given my opportunity. If I can't pass the trial by the time I can take it, I didn't adequately prepare."
What can you tell me about our mission?
"Very little. Martus said our orders are simply to investigate the source of the magical disturbance that our informant spoke of. Anything else about this place is a state secret, apparently."
Your informant?
"A Dremora, if you can believe it. Called herself Lyranth. Most people wouldn't trust the word of a Daedra, and they'd be wise not to, but at the Battlespire we deal with the inhabitants of Oblivion more than most.
Martus believed she was truthful."
But you feel otherwise? (If you haven't met Lyranth yet)
"It's just... she's not forthright. She gave us this lead if we agreed to share our findings with her. So, I don't question Lyranth's information, I question her motives.
At any rate, she wasn't wrong about there being cult activity here."
I know Lyranth. She's cagey, but reliable enough.(If you met Lyranth before)
"Pardon me if I don't find that reassuring. It's a little convenient that one of Lyranth's associates shows up to help right after our escort was wiped out.
Not that we can afford to refuse your help. Just...try not to justify my paranoia."
What about your injury? / How is your injury?
"Hurts, but nothing a little magic won't patch up. I wish our retinue had fared as well. That ambush cut them down before they even knew what hit them.
You're ready to face the sort of enemy that can kill trained soldiers like that?"
I'm accustomed to danger.
"I hope your confidence is merited, for all our sakes. Martus is a veteran battlemage, and I'm far from helpless. But even with your help, storming this prison seems like a suicide mission.
If you decide at any point to turn back, I'll support you."

After you dealt with the Waking Flames forces inside the entrance of the Dread Cellar, Lucilla and Martus will walk inside to begin their investigation:

Lucilla Caprenia: "This place is enormous, Martus. Where do we even begin to search?"
Martus Tullius: "Focus, Lucilla. You can feel the aberrant energies if you just focus."
Lucilla Caprenia: "This debris. I feel it. Gods, I wish I couldn't. It's tying my gut in knots."
Martus Tullius: "Keep clearing the path ahead. I want to evaluate this Daedric stone."

Speaking to her on her thoughts on the broken Daedric stone:

"Whatever this used to be, it was magically active until recently. I can feel residual energies, like Martus said. It doesn't so much make my skin crawl as make it want to peel off and run screaming away from here."

After you defeated Scorcion Broodlord, she will appear with Martus lamenting about the negative vibes in the area:

Lucilla Caprenia: "Ugh, there's so much...anguish"
Martus Tullius: "That creature. Was it feeding on these? No, there's too much gathered here for this to be some Daedra's dinner. More likely the Dremora were using that creature to draw out this energy, but why?"
Lucilla Caprenia: "What even is this power, Martus? It makes want to curl up and die."
Martus Tullius: "Steel yourself, Lucilla. We'll only find out by forging ahead. Escort, please take the lead."

Speaking to her on her current thoughts:

"Is this what Oblivion feels like? It's how I imagine everything antithetical to our world would feel. I suppose I'll have to get used to it, if I'm to have any hope of surviving here."
What makes you want to subject yourself to that?
"I have a talent. That's not just some excuse to brag. I was selected because I have the potential to make a difference in this crazy world. It's my duty to use it to restore the stability of the Empire. A return to peace."
You think becoming a Battlemage is the best way to achieve peace?
"I know it's the power of the Empire that kept the provinces from this all-out war. The Battlespire, the Legions, all of it held Tamriel together. The Three Banners are just going to continue killing each other until that kind of might returns."

Entering inside the interior of the Dread Cellar, Martus and Lucilla will stop by to examine the writings of the cultists:

Martus Tullius: "The cult has made itself at home here. To be expected. These diagrams. They don't depict anything we've seen so far."
Lucilla Caprenia: "It almost looks mechanical. Cataclyst...that mean anything to you?"
Martus Tullius: "Not yet."

Speaking to her:

"It...It seems like this Cataclyst is why the Waking Flame are here. It doesn't look like anything of mortal design. Are the Daedra building it?
This investigation is turning up more questions than answers."

Eventually you'll see more of these Daedric stones, Martus ends up destroying one of them:

Martus Tullius: "Another vessel! But this one is drawing in energy. The Daedra didn't bring this baleful energy with them, they're drawing it out of the Dread Cellar itself!"
Lucilla Caprenia: "What could have happened here that could produce that much vile energy?"
Martus Tullius: "Best not ask questions you don't want the answers to. <Destroys the Daedric stone> We should destroy any more of these we find."
Lucilla Caprenia: "You'll hear no argument from me."
Martus Tullius: "I sense more down these side corridors. We'll split up for now. Keep clearing the main halls of the enemy."

Speaking to her and she'll sense more corruption in the place:

"Something is not right with this place, and I'm not just talking about the Daedra. All these vile energies aren't some byproduct of their presence. The Dread Cellar is the source of them.
How did this place become so steeped in corruption?"
You guess is as good as mine.
"A vast prison. In the middle of nowhere. Kept a highly guarded secret. Martus is right, I probably don't want to know what happened here.
To be brimming with so much of this awful power, it must have been horrific."
(?): "Protect it! For the glory of Lord Dagon!"

Once you dealt with the Daedric forces:

Martus Tullius: "More of the cult's designs."
Lucilla Caprenia: "He said "protect it." Do you think they've finished it? Their Cataclyst?"
Martus Tullius: "Likely. Look for anything that might tell us what it is."
Martus Tullius: "You, keep going. We'll be able to regroup with you a little farther ahead."

Lucilla will appear in one the cells to collect up the evidence of the Waking Flame's activity before teleporting away:

Later on, when you navigate through the inner sanctums of the prison before the Confessional, Martus and her will try to stop a Scorcion from draining energy from the crystal but it got away:

Lucilla Caprenia: "Another one of those monsters!"
Martus Tullius: "Stop it from draining that vessel!"
Lucilla Caprenia: "Got away!"
Martus Tullius: "We stopped its harvesting, at least, but I feel far greater concentrations of this power ahead."

Speaking to her, she will speculate that the Daedra knew they were coming so it retreated:

"It ran. Every other Daedra here has lunged right for our throats. I don't find that as reassuring as you might think. It might mean they're regrouping. Preparing for us."

Inside the Confessional, Lucilla and Martus will confront Cyronin:

Cyronin Artellian: "Is that you, Martus? I thought you'd lost your appetite for screams."
Lucilla Caprenia: "A battlemage? Martus, you know him?"
Martus Tullius: "Whatever you've gotten yourself involved in, Cyronin, it ends here."
Lucilla Caprenia: "Let me handle the big rock, you worry about him!"
Cyronin Artellian: "If you listen carefully, you can still hear all their screams."

During combat:

"I'll handle the atronach! Kill that damn mage!"
"Get behind me! I can block that energy!"[verification needed]
"Focus on Cyronin! I won't let this thing near you."
"Atronach's down!"

Once Cyronin is defeated, Lucilla will be furious about Martus having a dark past in the Dread Cellar:

Lucilla Caprenia: "He was responsible for this nightmarish place. You were responsible for this place!"
Martus Tullius: "That has no bearing on this mission."
Lucilla Caprenia: "We just killed another battlemage! Someone you knew!"
Martus Tullius: "I…I wasn't expecting to find anyone still here. This place was closed down."
Lucilla Caprenia: "I guess your secret wasn't as safe as you thought. I can't believe you."
Martus Tullius: "Our objective hasn't changed. Discover what the Waking Flame are up to and stop it. We need to keep moving."

Speaking to her:

"Martus was tight lipped from the start. He claimed it was for our mission's secrecy, but he just wanted to hide his involvement in all this. What else has Martus neglected to mentioned? He's put us all in danger."
How would knowing his past have made a difference in your mission?
"We trusted him to lead us and his priority has been to protect his secrets! Our escort might still be alive if we'd infiltrated using his knowledge instead of marching up the front gate!
But what's more blood on the hands of someone who worked here?"
Can you trust him enough to continue the mission?
"I'll go on with the mission, because those are my orders. Trusting him has nothing to do with it. I'm just not going to assume my welfare is his concern and neither should you."

When you get to the Pit of Despair, Lucilla will argue with Martus over his involvement in the Dread Cellar's activities:

Martus Tullius: "The—the torturous energies are much stronger down here."
Lucilla Caprenia: "Whoever could have guessed? How could you ever have participated in this wanton cruelty?"
Martus Tullius: "No one here deserved your pity. Save it for the poor souls being butchered in Cyrodiil."
Lucilla Caprenia: "You can explain it to the Spire Council, in case you neglected to inform them of what you were up to here."
Martus Tullius: "Lucilla. That will not go how you expect."

Lucilla will continue to condemn Martus for his past actions as an interrogator:

"Smug bastard. To think I used to look up to him as a mentor. He's more of a monster than the Daedra!"
You two were close before this?
"He helped train me at the Battlespire. I though he picked me for this mission because he trusted me and my ability. Clearly he didn't, but now I see I'd never want to be the kind of person he'd trust his secrets to.
I won't keep quiet for him."
He doesn't seem so concerned about that.
"No, he doesn't. But that won't stop me from saying what needs to be said. Unless he thinks he can keep me quiet. And you too.
If you watch my back down here, I'll watch yours."

In the Antecedent Cataclyst:

Martus Tullius: "The Daedra are pouring their energy into that machine!"
Lucilla Caprenia: "There are more of them coming!"
Martus Tullius: "Over there as well! Lucilla and I will hold them back. Stop that thing!"
Magma Incarnate: "Let this world be shattered for the glory of Mehrunes Dagon!"

When portals appear during the fight:

Lucilla Caprenia: "It's reaching out to another of those stones, I can feel it! I think I can get you there! Use this!"

After you sever the link of the source of power to Magma Incarnate, Lucilla will urge you to exit out to another portal to continue fighting:

Lucilla Caprenia: "The energy is dissipating! Take this portal back to the Cataclyst. The thing isn't defeated just yet!"

Following the defeat of the Magma Incarnate:

Martus Tullius: "Didn't think we were going to survive that. Nearly didn't."
Lucilla Caprenia: "So long as this awful place remains, what's to say they won't try again?"
Martus Tullius: "It looks like their contraption didn't survive producing that abomination, thank the Divines."
Lucilla Caprenia: "I'll see that you're rewarded for cleaning up Martus's mess."

Speaking to her that she will contemplate on killing Martus for his past crimes in the Dread Cellar:

"What a mess. Martus would have gotten us all killed if not for you, unleashed that monstrous thing on the world and left the stain of this place to fester.
He can't get away with his part in this, but I'm worried that he will."
What makes you say that?
"He's confident my complaints to the Spire Council will amount to nothing. If he's to be believed, the Dread Cellar is something they're well aware of, if not responsible for themselves. Martus won't face justice for what he's done at the Battlespire."
So what are you going to do?
"I can't call a man like him comrade and I can't go back to an institution that would support all this. I can desert—he's injured, he can't stop me—but then he'd never answer for his crimes. If—if I judged him myself, would you stand in my way?"
I won't stop you from leaving, but you shouldn't kill Martus.(Martus lives)
"You're right. I shouldn't let his misdeeds stain my honor anymore than they already have.
Here, take this as a payment for your assistance. You should go before Martus drags you into anything else."
Martus deserves punishment. I won't stand in your way.(Martus dies)

Choice dialogue at the end of the quest

Lucilla in the Antecedent Cataclyst chamber

If you made the decision to convince Lucilla to spare Martus and then exit out of the dialogue before turning in the quest, she will alternatively say:

"The though that Martus will just get away with all he's done doesn't sit right with me, but taking his life wouldn't make me any better."
Keep your own hands clean at least.

(Same quest completion dialogue)

If you convince Lucilla to spare Martus:

Lucilla Caprenia: "Martus, what you've done is unforgivable."
Lucilla Caprenia: "I won't be returning to the Battlespire with you. I won't be returning at all."
Martus Tullius: "Lucilla, you're one of the most promising candidates in the Spire. You can take another mentor."
Lucilla Caprenia: "If this is what it means to be a part of the Spire. I want nothing to do with it."

Speaking to her after the quest if you spare Martus:

"I don't like that look of pity he's giving me, but at least Martus doesn't look like he'll stand in my way.
I hope you and I cross paths again someday. Him, not so much."
What will you do next?
"Disappear for awhile. I'm sure the Spire won't appreciate my desertion, but I can't imagine they'll spend much effort looking for me. After that, find a cause worth fighting for. Something that will allow me to do real good."
Will you ever forgive Martus?
"I'm not the one he needs forgiveness from. If the Divines see fit to show him mercy, that's their prerogative. I intend to forget him."

If you execute:

Start of conversation with Lucilla Caprenia:

"What a mess. Martus would have gotten us all killed if not for you, unleashed that monstrous thing on the world and left the stain of this place to fester.
He can't get away with his part in this, but I'm worried that he will."
What makes you say that?
"He's confident my complaints to the Spire Council will amount to nothing. If he's to be believed, the Dread Cellar is something they're well aware of, if not responsible for themselves. Martus won't face justice for what he's done at the Battlespire."
So what are you going to do?
"I can't call a man like him comrade and I can't go back to an institution that would support all this. I can desert—he's injured, he can't stop me—but then he'd never answer for his crimes. If—if I judged him myself, would you stand in my way?"
I won't stop you from leaving, but you shouldn't kill Martus.
Martus deserves punishment. I won't stand in your way.

"Martus deserves punishment. I won't stand in your way."

"I will be a million times more merciful than he would be. Not that he deserves it, but I won't stoop to his level. Once he's gone, the Divines can decide his penance.
You don't need to stick around for this. Take your reward and get out of this pit."

Alternate dialogue if you convince Lucilla to execute Martus and exit her dialogue before turning in the quest:

"That smug bastard deserves worse than death for all the pain and suffering he's caused in his life."
Now's your chance to make certain he pays for his crimes.

(Same quest completion dialogue)

Lucilla Caprenia: "Martus, I think you're right. Reporting on what you did here won't result in any justice."
Martus Tullius: "What are you getting at, Lucilla?"
Lucilla Caprenia: "I'm going to bury you here with your sins."
Martus Tullius: "Lucilla. Don't."
Lucilla Caprenia: "Don't look at me like that, Martus. Don't look at me like that!"
Lucilla Caprenia: "Damn you for this."

You can talk to her:

"He didn't even try to stop me. He just looked … resigned."
Maybe he wanted this.
"Then the coward could have done it himself!
If he wanted to repent, he didn't have to wait for me to dirty my hands. Martus tainted everything he touched."
Do you regret killing him?
"I—I don't know. It doesn't feel like I righted a wrong. I just feel worse.
The cruel bastard couldn't even die without hurting someone."
What will you do now?
"I'll need to meet with Lyranth. Martus promised to share what we learned about this place with her and I want to know just what she's gotten us involved in."


Trained in the Battlespire, Lucilla Caprenia made a decision that altered her future. As she ponders her next steps, invite her into your abode! After adding Lucilla to your home, you can set her on a path, plus you and your visitors can speak with her.
Lucilla Caprenia
Lucilla Caprenia
Type Houseguest
Acquired From Crown Store
Price 015001,500  
Availability November 24, 2021

Lucilla is a houseguest. She has been available in the Crown Store for 015001,500   since November 24, 2021.


Appearances: 1

  • Crown Store — November 24, 2021

Houseguest DialogueEdit

Lucilla Caprenia became available as a houseguest from the Crown Store on November 24, 2021 for 015001,500  . When placed in a home, she can be spoken with and will say the following dialogue:

"It's been an adjustment sleeping here. Tamriel, I mean. The hours I've kept had nothing to do with the rise and fall of celestial bodies. I never quite feel in alignment with this world."
"If I could pick any era to line in, it would have to be Reman's golden age. Marching out with the greatest army in history, chasing Dragons to the ends of the world. I wonder if we'll ever see glory like that again."
"I wonder sometimes what my life would have been like if my talent for magic hadn't been discovered so early. Would I have joined the Legion as a regular soldier, or taken an entirely different path? I honestly can't say."
"I find cities to be rather overwhelming. All the sights, sounds … smells.
A battlemage requires years of ascetic training. Study, isolation, practice, and little else. I do want to experience everything I've missed, but preferably not all at once."
"I don't have many places I'm welcome to visit right now, so I'm glad I have somewhere I can let my guard down. At least for a moment.
And, truth be told, I like it here."
"You're wondering why I don't just join the Mages Guild. It's because they're too neutral. I can't stand on the sidelines while the whole of Tamriel falls apart. Now is not the time to write theories and chase fame. Not for a mage worthy of the title."
"I can't say I miss the Emperor—I never even knew him—but it feels wrong for the alliances to be fighting over the Empire's scraps.
Say what you will, the Empire kept chaos at bay. It was good for that, at least."
"Free time makes me anxious. I'm used to schedules being prescribed and regimented. Now that I have no one dictating what I need to do, I'm at a loss far too much of the time."
"I trained with the Battlespire since I was ten years old. I've been on the path toward war for so long I never considered another. It's my duty to fight, because I can. I just need to figure out what I'm really fighting for."
"Why do the Daedra seem so interested in the affairs of mortals? You'd think they'd have more than enough to do in the vast and infinite realms of Oblivion than torment us. Cosmologically speaking, though, that could be the reason for their existence."
"It probably seems strange to remain loyal to an Empire that no longer exists. It's strange, but the Empire didn't evaporate without a trace. We're all still here—the pieces. We're just waiting for someone to put everything back together."
"For all its faults, the Battlespire certainly lives up to its reputation. Imagine a fortress that encompasses the entirely of a realm. Ramparts that tower over the edges of Oblivion. Beyond them, only the Void.
It filled me with both fear and awe."
"I always saw the Empire as a force for good. I was raised to believe it, even before I joined the Battlespire. I know now that's far too idealistic a viewpoint, but I still believe a united Empire is better than this endless civil war."
"Practically growing up in the Battlespire has made adjusting to Tamriel … interesting.
I vaguely remember the sun, but I'd long forgotten the scalding kiss of Magnus on my skin. I didn't know I could turn that color."
"Sometimes I marvel at the creativity of hedge-mages and lay practitioners. I only ever learned how to shatter stone and melt steel, not sear a steak or wash my hair. There are so many subtle uses for magic beyond blowing up fortifications."
"I've spent my life preparing to be a battlemage, but I've never been on the field of battle. Once fully commissioned, I'd be called upon to rain down fire and lightning on the enemy. Wipe out regiments in an instant. A scary responsibility to have."
"I have to commend the Fighters Guild. Attacking Molag Bal's Dark Anchors takes guts. My lessons on fighting Daedra involved a lot more than a sturdy weapon and grit, but somehow that seems to work for them."
"Did military service ever appeal to you? Obviously, it did to me. Once.
Ironically, there's a certain freedom to relinquishing your liberty. But it requires being able to trust fully. When trust is lost…well, so goes those feels of freedom."
"The Three Banners War might well be the end of us all. Some pretend the bloodshed is limited to the unfortunates in Cyrodiil, but there isn't a province in Tamriel that hasn't been caught up in the struggle."
"I'm surprised by how much Daedra worship is accepted in the provinces. The Empire was practically founded on crushing their vile influence in the name of the Eight. At least until Emperor Leovic came along.
Never turn a blind eye on Oblivion, I say."

If you finished Quaking Dread:

"I'll admit, I'm feeling a bit aimless since renouncing my position in the Battlespire. Wandering adventurer suits well enough for laying law, but my only goal is survived. I need a meaningful cause to support.
Finding one is harder than I expected."

If you convinced her to spare Martus:

"It's been quiet since we left the Dread Cellar. Too quiet. I thought the Battlespire would put a bounty on me if nothing else, but that threat has yet to materialize. Surely Martus told them about my desertion."
"A letter arrived. Didn't say who it was from, but the only person who would even try to reach me is Martus.
I burned the letter without reading it. I may have resisted killing him in the heat of the moment, but he's dead to me all the same."

If you convinced her to kill Martus:

"I still think about Martus's final moments. They hang over me. Affects me more than he deserved.
His death was justified, but sometimes I regret taking it upon myself to deliver it."
"I'm haunted by the things we saw in the Dread Cellar. I wasn't present when those atrocities were happening … but Martus was. That's why he had to pay."