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Type Plane
Realm Oblivion
Gate to Infernance
A summoned Flame Atronach

Infernace (also known as DOP 6) is a pocket realm of Oblivion. It is a realm of extreme heat and molten rock, and is the home of the Flame Atronachs. It is well known to all conjurers due to the ability to summon subservient atronachs from the realm. The Fourth Sinus of Takubar, a realm of extreme cold, is an inversion of Infernace.[1]

Despite being considered a highly-organized and physical realm, the reality of Infernace is not a projection of the mind of any particular Daedra. Instead, it was created as an extension of its Flame Atronach inhabitants. Realms such as Infernace are termed 'collective realms', and are considered relatively exceptional. However, collective realms are also rather mundane and uniform, and the endless magma and fumaroles of Infernace are no exception.[2]

The clan structure of Infernace is unknown, and no hierarchy has been observed due to the difficulties involved in distinguishing individual Flame Atronachs.[2] The realm may have come under the rule of Mehrunes Dagon during the invasion of the Battlespire, when the Flame Atronachs swore allegiance to Shardai Clan.[3] The realm was once visited by the Demiprince Fa-Nuit-Hen, who is said to have worn the Flame Monarch's Crown.[2][4]


  • Some weapons and armor are named for Infernace,[5] such as "The Unbroken", a strange flame staff belonging to the Planar Inhibitor, constructed of some unfamiliar material thought to have come from Infernace itself.[6]
  • The ancient Chimer used ensorcelled gates to conjure atronach from Infernace.[7]