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Skyrim:Blue Mountain Flower

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Blue Mountain Flower
Blue Mountain Flower
Value 2 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Restore Health Restore Health
2nd Fortify Conjuration Fortify Conjuration
3rd Fortify Health Fortify Health
4th Damage Magicka Regen Damage Magicka Regen
# Samples 87
Plant Mountain Flower
# Plants 1739
Garden HF 3
Merchant Avail. Common
A blue mountain flower plant

Blue Mountain Flower is harvested from the blue-flowered variety of mountain flower. Other varieties of mountain flower yield purple mountain flowers, red mountain flowers, and yellow mountain flowersDG, but the flowers have different alchemical properties. The blue, purple, and red mountain flowers are commonplace in the foothills and lower elevations of mountains (below the snowline).

Blue mountain flowers and wheat contain both Restore Health and Fortify Health effects, allowing easy creation of dual-effect potions, especially since both ingredients are commonplace.

They can be used in conjunction with a blue butterfly wing and a giant's toe to create the most valuable (monetarily) mixture in the game.


In terms of combinations of two ingredients, Blue Mountain Flowers can be combined with 51 other ingredients.

2 EffectsEdit

Desired Effect Combine with:
  Damage Magicka Regen   Fortify Conjuration Ancestor Moth WingDG, Blue Butterfly Wing, Chaurus Hunter AntennaeDG
  Damage Magicka Regen   Fortify Health Bear Claws, Hanging Moss
  Fortify Health   Restore Health AmbrosiaCC (1.25× ,1.27× ) (1.2× ,1.22× ), Heart of OrderCC, Void EssenceCC (1.25× ,5× ,7.5× ) (1.2× ,1.22× ), Wheat

1 EffectEdit

Desired Effect Combine with:
  Restore Health Ash Hopper JellyDB, Blisterwort (0.6× ,0.57× ), Blue Dartwing, Butterfly Wing, Charred Skeever Hide, Corkbulb RootCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Daedra Heart, Eye of Sabre Cat, Felsaad Tern FeathersDB, Flame StalkCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Heart of OrderCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Imp Stool (0.6× ,0.57× ), MarshmerrowCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Rock Warbler Egg, SaltriceCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), SpadefishCC, Swamp Fungal Pod
  Fortify Conjuration Berit's Ashes, Bone Meal, Congealed PutrescenceCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Frost Salts, Hagraven Feathers, Lavender, Sload SoapCC (1.2× ,1.22× )
  Fortify Health Boar TuskDB (5× ,5.9× ), Fungus StalkCC (1.25× ,5× ,7.5× ), Giant's Toe (5× ,5.9× ), Glowing Mushroom, (1.25× ,5× ,7.5× ), Hydnum Azure Giant SporeCC (1.25× ,5× ,7.5× ), Yellow Mountain FlowerDG
  Damage Magicka Regen Burnt Spriggan WoodDB, Chicken's Egg, Daedroth TeethCC (2× ,2.14× ), Glow Dust, Hawk's EggHF, Human Heart, Jarrin Root, Minotaur HornCC (2× ,2.14× ), Mort FleshCC, Nightshade, Scalon FinCC (2× ,2.14× ), Spider Egg, Spriggan Sap


87 guaranteed samples can be found in 45 different locations. Locations with the greatest numbers are:

It is categorized as a common ingredient, meaning that all apothecary merchants have a 36% chance of carrying 1-5 samples. In addition, it may be randomly found in some barrels and in apothecary's satchels.


A map of blue mountain flowers in Skyrim's overworld.

1739 blue-colored mountain flower plants can be found in 260 different locations. Locations with the greatest numbers are: