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Skyrim:Ancestor Moth Wing

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Ancestor Moth Wing
Ancestor Moth Wing
Added by Dawnguard
Value 2 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Damage Stamina Damage Stamina
2nd Fortify Conjuration Fortify Conjuration
3rd Damage Magicka Regen Damage Magicka Regen
4th Fortify Enchanting Fortify Enchanting
Merchant Avail. None
Ancestor Moth

Ancestor Moth Wings can be acquired by catching Ancestor Moths which have landed on the surface of various flora around Ancestor Glade. Swarms of flying Ancestor Moths can be found throughout the glade, but cannot be harvested.

Harvestable moths can be found near Canticle Trees at the top of the cavern after the quest Unseen Visions. The glade must be reloaded before they show up. They are typically found in groups of three around flowers a few feet away from the base of the tree, often off small ledges.



  • Ancestor moth wings have the same alchemical properties as a blue butterfly wing and chaurus hunter antennae. Combining it with either of the two ingredients will therefore result in all four effects being discovered at once.