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Tsun guarding the bridge to the Hall of Valor

Tsun is the Nordic god of trials against adversity. He died defending Shor from foreign gods.[1] Tsun and his brother Stuhn were both Shield-thanes of Shor.[1][2] He currently guards the Whalebone Bridge to the Hall of Valor of Sovngarde. At Shor's bidding, he has taken on the role of the master of trials, asking new arrivals to the utopia to prove their strength in combat against him before they can enter the Hall.[2]

Tsun held great respect for magic, which he called the "Clever Craft", and wielded the power of the Voice. He and others desired to face Alduin when the Time-Eater set his soul-snare in Sovngarde, but for reasons unknown, Shor held them back,[2] though Alduin's grip on Sovngarde eventually was broken by the Last Dragonborn.[3]


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