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"Jhunal, sage God of Runes, Flies free beneath the glistening moons. A night owl who's so droll, Soars with us, the wise Jhunal."
—The Song of Gods

Jhunal, also known as Jhunal the Rune God, is the Nordic god of hermetic orders, knowledge and wisdom, represented by an owl,[1] and is one of the Hearth Gods.[2] After falling out of favor with the rest of that pantheon, he became Julianos of the Nine Divines. He is largely absent in modern Skyrim mythology.[3]

Wise-Wing the Owl is associated in northern Tamriel with Jhunal, and is said to warn the unwary away from graveyards and witches' covens during the New Life Festival.[4] Vivec mentioned "JHUNAL" as one of the eight known worlds.[5]


Although worship of Jhunal has waned with most Nords, there are still those who have not forgotten him and aim for a higher purpose than the brandishing of swords and pursue things such as scholarship, history, reading, and invention. Certain Nord warriors also respect Jhunal as they must also have a strong mind and the knowledge to carry them through battle.[6]



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