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Julianos says: Know the truth. Observe the law. When in doubt, seek wisdom from the wise.Ten Commands: Nine Divines

Julianos, Aedric God of Wisdom and Logic, is one of the Cyrodilic Divines, governing the realms of literature, law, history, and contradiction. He is usually associated with magic, and thus is often revered by wizards. Jhunal, the Nordic father of language and mathematics, fell out of favor in the Nordic pantheon, after which he became Julianos of the Divines. Monastic orders founded by Tiber Septim and dedicated to Julianos are the keepers of the Elder Scrolls.[1] He is particularly venerated among many Imperials and Bretons.[2] As a Divine, he represents the virtue of learning, scholarship, and justice. His domains include sorcery, alchemy and enchantment.[1] He is said to "incant the Damned Equation".[3] His symbol is a triangle.

Julianos created the Shield of the Crusader for Pelinal Whitestrake, to help him defeat Umaril the Unfeathered.[4] A chapel is dedicated to his worship in Skingrad.[5] There is also a Chantry of Julianos in the Imperial City.[6]

In the Iliac Bay, temples dedicated to him are known as Schools of Julianos.[7] As their name implies, these temples are considered educational institutions.[8] They are believed to have spread the term "magicka" to describe the "power associated with performing magic".[9] Julianos is the patron deity of the regions of Lainlyn, Daenia, Abibon-Gora, Dwynnen, Tulune and Satakalaam.[10]



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