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Korst Wind-Eye (korst wind-eye)
Home Town Skaal Village
House Shaman's Hut
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 60 Class Shaman
Other Information
Health 277 Magicka 200
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Faction(s) Skaal
Korst Wind-Eye

Korst Wind-Eye is a Nord shaman and spiritual guide of the Skaal Village. He is located in his hut next to the Greathall. Korst will send you to perform a ritual at six standing stones to restore the Oneness.

He lives in a small one room house in the Skaal Village. To the right of the entrance, there's a table with a journeyman's mortar and pestle, a chokeweed, a fire petal, and a gold kanet. Around the table, there are a few containers of clutter and the book The Five Far Stars, on ledge above the table. To the left of the entrance, there's a few benches and some clutter. At the back of the house, there's a hammock, a bottle of greef near the hammock, a fireplace, and some clutter.

He is wearing a common robe with matching shoes and a pair of gloves and he is wielding a Nordic silver mace. Aside from his natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield himself, and a natural frost damage spell, he knows the following spells: Wild Distraction, Drain Enchant, Drain Destruction, Drain Illusion, Drain Conjuration, Drain Mysticism, Drain Medium Armor, Drain Blunt Weapon, Drain Athletics, Drain Sneak, Drain Acrobatics, Medusa's Gaze, Strong Spelldrinker, Strong Reflect, Wild Spelldrinker, Absorb Agility [Ranged], Absorb Endurance [Ranged], Drain Blood, Absorb Luck [Ranged], Absorb Personality [Ranged], Absorb Speed [Ranged], Absorb Strength [Ranged], Absorb Willpower [Ranged], Blood Despair, Fortify Blunt Weapons Skill, Ghost Curse, Toxic Cloud, Call Bear, and Call Wolf.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Skaal Test of LoyaltyEdit

He will not speak to you until you speak to Tharsten Heart-Fang:

"This Skaal has nothing to say to you, stranger. Speak with Heart-Fang if you believe you've got business here."
"You are not of the Skaal. Speak with Tharsten Heart-Fang in the Greathall if you have reason to be here. He is our leader, and will deal with you."
"You are not of the Skaal. Speak with Tharsten Heart-Fang in the Greathall. He is our leader, and will deal with you."

When Tharsten has been spoken to:

"My greetings to you, wanderer. We of the Skaal do not get many visitors. What winds have brought you to our lands? I can only imagine it is the attack on the Imperial fort that we have heard whispers of."
Tharsten Heart-Fang
"Heart-Fang is the leader of our people. You will find him in the Greathall during most hours. He is the oldest of the Skaal people, and his prowess in battle is legendary. He is quick to anger and quick to judge, so take care with him."
restore the power of the Skaal
"Heart-Fang wishes for you to do this, does he? Then I will assist you. There is a ritual that must be completed. On Solstheim, you will find six Standing Stones, each representing one of the six gifts of the All-Maker. At each of these Stones, a ritual must be completed. Once the Ritual of the Gifts is complete, the Oneness should be restored."
"There is a careful balance that lies in all things of this world. The animals, the trees, even the rocks and the winds. It is a harmony that the Skaal draw power from, by the grace of the All-Maker, He who gave us these gifts. When this balance is upset, our power is lessened."
Ritual of the Gifts
"It would be too much for any not of the Skaal to remember. Here, take this. It will explain the rituals and guide you on your way. This book may be of some use to you as well. If you are to remain with the Skaal, you should understand our beliefs."

If spoken to again before the ritual is done:

"You were to perform the Ritual of the Gifts. I hope your way has been easy."
Ritual of the Gifts
"You may return to me once it is completed. I will aid you in any way I can. I see a light in you, %PCName. I believe you can be of value to our people. Good luck to you."

After the ritual is done:

"I can tell that the Ritual is completed. The Oneness once again flows through the land. Can you hear it in the trees? Do you feel the humming of the living land? It is a good thing you have done here, %PCName."

The Skaal Test of StrengthEdit

You will meet Korst on the north shore of Lake Fjalding:

"'ve arrived. These are strange times, my friend. I am unsure what magic is being worked to cause such a disturbance on the lake, but you were sent here to prove your strength."
disturbance on the lake
"Fire from water, flame through ice. Strange indeed. Heart-Fang believes that a Draugr Lord who lives beneath the lake is the source of this, but I am not certain. I fear that this could be a sign of the Bloodmoon Prophecy, though I pray to the All-Maker that this is not so."
"Once, they were warriors much like the Skaal. Trapped and hungry on this island, they feasted on the flesh of their fallen comrades, which is a crime against nature. The All-Maker cursed them with undeath, forever doomed to walk the land in search of more of the flesh of man to consume."
Bloodmoon Prophecy
"It is an ancient prophecy, one that I hope is but a myth. It tells of a time when the moon above will turn blood red, and the wolves that walk like men will walk the land. The prophecy tells of other signs that precede the Bloodmoon, but they are not all easily interpreted. Let us speak about this at another time. For now, you are to prove your strength."
prove your strength
"Heart-Fang has sent you here to show your strength, your ability to survive in the harshest of conditions. Beneath that lake there are a series of ice caves. In one of those caves, you will find Aesliip, a Draugr Lord. Heart-Fang believes he is the one responsible for the disturbance on the lake."
'From what I have read in the histories, Aesliip was once a powerful mage who delved in necromancy. As a result of these dark magics, he was made a draugr, but he retains much of his immense power. You are to kill this creature, and perhaps end this madness. Take care with this task, %PCName. This situation seems odd to me."

Once you return from Aesliip:

"What of Aesliip, my friend? You were sent to kill the powerful draugr and prove your strength to the Skaal."

If you worked with Aesliip:

"So he is defeated. It seems there was more to that creature than any of us had imagined. You have done well, %PCName. I, for one, would be proud to call you Skaal. Return now to the Skaal village. I will meet you there in a while. There are matters I must attend to."

If you killed Aesliip:

"The creature is defeated, and from what you say, there was more to be found in those caves. You have done well, %PCName. Return now to the Skaal village. I will meet you there in a while. There are matters I must attend to."
"There is nothing more to say about the creature."
disturbance on the lake
"The flame still burns, though Aesliip is dead. I am not surprised. There is more at work here than just the magic of one mage. There are greater things on the winds."
Bloodmoon Prophecy
"I have no desire to speak loudly of this ancient legend. Who knows what the ancestors learned about the coming of the Bloodmoon. For now, let us watch and wait, and let the All-Maker protect us."

If spoken to again:

"Travel back to the Skaal village. I will meet you there soon. You have done well here."

The Siege of the Skaal VillageEdit

When spoken to in Skaal Village after the attack:

"I've only just arrived, and to this horror. It is good you were here to protect these people."
protect these people
"You have done well by the Skaal. My worst fears have been realized, %PCName. These creatures are werewolves, as you surely know. This is not a good omen for our village. And I have more troubling news. I have used my magic to detect any of the infection these beasts leave in their wake. You, my friend, have been infected."
been infected
"The infection seems innocent enough. Some weakness, perhaps. Sometimes the effects are hardly noticeable. However, in three days' time, the victim will become a werewolf himself. It is a fate I would not wish upon my greatest foe. During these three days, though, a simple Cure Disease spell can stop the infection. I beg you to do this. Until then, I fear I cannot allow you to be a part of our community, perhaps infecting others. When you have been cured, I hope you will return to us again."

If spoken to again whilst infected:

"I know you have been infected by these werewolves. Have you taken care of this problem?"
been infected
"Please, my friend. Cure this disease. We of the Skaal wish you only good things."

Once cured:

"Ahhhh...I no longer sense the infection in you. I am happy for you, and for the Skaal as well. You have proven to be a valuable member of this community. You have been true to our people, and the Skaal name you Blodskaal, a blood friend to our people. You will be given a home here, Rigmor Halfhand's former residence, in which you may rest. Also, it has been decided that you will take part in the Ristaag, an important Skaal ceremony."
Rigmor Halfhand
"It seems Rigmor has made a mistake. It is a shame to see so clever a man fall to such a level. There is no knowing what might drive a man to such a foolish action. I only hope that his spirit finds rest in this life or the next."

If you become a werewolf:

"You have lived too long with this disease, outlander. Though I no longer sense it upon you, I see something even darker. Until you have rid yourself of this curse, you are not welcome among the Skaal."

The Totem of Claw and FangEdit

When spoken to:

"Greetings, Blodskaal. You and I must speak of the Ristaag."
"A ceremony of blessing and cleansing that we Skaal perform only very rarely. These are frightening times, my friend. There have been ominous portents, and they concern me. Heart-Fang is missing, and I fear that the All-Maker does not breathe freely on the Skaal this day. The ceremony must be completed, but first I will need you to retrieve the Totem of Claw and Fang."
Totem of Claw and Fang
"It is a powerful artifact, very sacred to the Skaal people. It is used to call to us powerful beasts that are used in the Ristaag. It was stolen many years ago, and we of the Skaal were foolish enough to believe it would not again be needed. I have learned that it may be found in the Tombs of Skaalara, to the east and a bit south of here. Please, return the Totem."

If spoken to before retrieving the Totem:

"You have not yet found it? Please, the Ristaag must be performed as soon as we can."

Once you return with the Totem:

"You have found the Totem! This is good news. Please, take this as a token of my thanks. I hope that your efforts have not left you too drained, as there is still much to be done. For your efforts, I will share with you some knowledge. The Skaal have the ability to summon wolves to fight by our sides. You, too, now possess this ability. The Ristaag must now be performed."

The RistaagEdit

When spoken to:

"You have been of great service to the Skaal, and it seems right that you take part in the ceremony. Meet at nightfall with Rolf Long-Tooth, one of our Skaal hunters. You will find him by the western shores of Lake Fjalding. He will tell you more about the Ristaag and the part you will play in it."

If spoken to again before the Ristaag:

"You were to assist in performing the Ristaag. Have you been successful?"
"Speak with Rolf Long-Tooth at nightfall on the western shores of Lake Fjalding. He will tell you more about the ceremony."

After the Ristaag is complete but you don't have the heart:

"You have completed the Ristaag, but you do not have the heart. Quickly, must return the heart to me by daybreak!"

After the Ristaag is complete and you have the heart:

"You have the heart! You have done well, as the Skaal have come to expect of you. Your efforts are not unappreciated. Allow me to teach you more of the Skaal magic. The ritual I teach you now will allow you to summon a bear to your side to aid you in battle. You have earned this, Blodskaal. Now, I fear we must speak more of the ominous signs that have appeared on the island."

If the Ristaag is failed:

"The Ristaag has failed. This is a bad omen. Perhaps I was wrong to send an outsider to assist with such an important ceremony. Still, our fate will remain in the hands of the All-Maker. I believe it is possible you can redeem yourself. Let us speak of the ominous signs that have appeared on this island."

The Castle KarstaagEdit

When spoken to if the Ristaag was successful:

"Thanks to your help, the Ristaag is complete, yet there have been ominous signs reported on the island."

When spoken to if the Ristaag failed:

"Unfortunately, the Ristaag has failed. It comes as no surprise to me that there have been ominous signs reported on the island."

Either way will lead to:

ominous signs
"There have been many, though I've been reluctant to speak of them. The coming of the werewolves, the fire on the lake...and now I've been told that the northern shores are the scene of a massacre. Many horkers are dead. The shores are littered with corpses, and the death of the horkers has not been explained. All these things are suggested in the Bloodmoon Prophecy."
death of the horkers
"We must find out what has happened. Perhaps this is a sign of prophecy, perhaps not. I prefer to think that it is the work of mortals. I would have you travel to Castle Karstaag, and confirm my suspicions."
Castle Karstaag
"It is a castle made of ice on the northwest part of Solstheim. There lives the frost giant Karstaag. The Skaal have lived in peace with the monster for many years, but we have heard nothing from the giant for some time. This slaughter could be the workings of the Rieklings who serve him. Go there and find out what you can. You will not be allowed in the main entrance, but we have recently discovered an entrance in the waters north of the castle. Good luck to you, Blodskaal."
Bloodmoon Prophecy
"It is an ancient Skaal legend that tells of the time before time, when a demon god would walk the land. It is told there are signs that precede the Bloodmoon, and I fear that we have been witness to some of these signs. Perhaps we will speak more about this later, but I hope we will not have to. First, I would like you to investigate the death of the horkers."

If spoken to again before going to the castle:

"Have you learned more about the death of the horkers yet, or the involvement of Karstaag and his Riekling minions?"
death of the horkers
"As I said, I would like you to visit Castle Karstaag to investigate this tragedy."
Castle Karstaag
"You should visit the frost giant's castle and see if you can find any information on the death of the horkers. Enter through the underwater caves to the north of the castle."

Once you return from the castle:

death of the horkers
"I feared as much. Even those creatures could not have caused such carnage. This is a bad sign, %PcName, and I fear we have not yet seen the worst. Take this. From what I hear of those grahl, it will be a valuable aid to you. Perhaps it will keep you safe during the troubled times ahead. Now, I fear, we must speak more about the Bloodmoon Prophecy."
"Their death is a terrible thing."
Castle Karstaag
"It seems there is nothing more to learn at that place."

Hircine's HuntEdit

When spoken to:

"I fear the time of the Bloodmoon Prophecy is upon us. The Skaal must be constantly on guard."
Bloodmoon Prophecy
"It is time we spoke of this. The legend tells of a time that occurs once in each era, when a demon god will walk the land in the company of his Hounds, creatures of terrible might. He is The Hunter, and his coming is preceded by three signs. I had prayed that I had misread the signs, misunderstood the prophecy, but I am sure it is not so."
three signs
"The first tells of Fire From the Eye of Glass. This we have seen on Lake Fjalding, though I had hoped it was the mere magic of the draugr lord. Next, the prophecy tells us of the Tide of Woe. Even now, our shores are lined with the corpses of the horkers, dead for a reason we cannot fathom. Finally, the prophecy tells us of the Bloodmoon, when the young moon itself runs red with the blood of the Hunter's prey. Look to the skies, Blodskaal. The third sign is upon us. Now we wait for the Hunter's Game."
Hunter's Game
"According to legend, it varies from era to era. Our Grandfathers' Grandfathers tell of a time when the Hunter and his Hounds preyed upon entire tribes of men. Taken to the Hunting Grounds, the men were hunted by the Hounds. The ones that died were the lucky--the survivors faced the Hunter himself. In another era, the Hunter took only a single man as his Prey. It is said if the Prey can last through the Bloodmoon, the Hunter returns to his demon realm for another era. We have only to await the Hunter's plan."
Hunter's plan
"There is little to be done until he lets it be known to us. Certainly it will not be long. I fear for our people, Blodskaal. There is little I can do to protect them in these times. I have only to pray to the All-Maker that he watches over us and keeps us from the Hunter's grasp."

If spoken to again:

Hunter's Game
"It remains to be seen what the Game shall be. As always, it follows the Hunter's plan, but there is no way for us to know what this will bring. Gather your strength, Blodskaal. It may be needed in the coming days."
Hunter's plan
"We must wait and see. I only pray to the All-Maker that we are not all a part of this plan."

Once you return from the Hunt:

"The Bloodmoon Prophecy is no more, and the Skaal live on. The time of Tharsten Heart-Fang is passed, but the Skaal will remember him as a once-great warrior who has fallen."
Bloodmoon Prophecy
"The prophecy is ended. The werewolves dwindle in numbers, the fire in the lake is no more, and the horkers have begun to return to the island. You will be honored among the Skaal for the part you played in this, %PCName."
Tharsten Heart-Fang
"I have heard whispers on the wind of the fate of Heart-Fang. He had been tempted by dark magic and was corrupted by it. I can only hope that our next leader does not suffer the same fate. As for who that leader will be...only time will tell. You would be a good leader, I think, %PCName, but you are not Skaal-born. While you will be remembered with honor, you cannot lead. For now, I will guide the Skaal, until a time when the All-Maker lets it be known who will carry the mantle."


  • attack on the Imperial fort
"I have heard rumors of this attack. It is a terrible thing. We hold all life sacred, stranger, even the Imperials. But, you should speak with our leader, Tharsten Heartfang. You will find him in the Greathall."
  • bears
"Bears are but one of the sacred creatures the All-Maker has blessed us with. They embody the warrior's strength, and some of the Skaal can even summon them to fight by their sides."
  • beserkers
"They are the "bare-sarks" or bare-chested. The berserkers wear no clothing and have been driven mad by the cold and too much mead. They are not welcome here or anywhere else on Solstheim, for that matter."
  • bonewolves
"Foul beasts, not of this earth. These are creatures brought into existence by black magic. They are a mockery of the true and good wolves that roam this land."
  • Castle Karstaag
"It is the lair of the frost giant Karstaag. The Skaal hold an uneasy truce with this monster."
  • draugr
"These creatures are abhorrent to the Skaal. They are cursed by the All-Maker for atrocities they committed in life. Stay away from these horrors, friend."
  • Fort Frostmoth
"I know of the place. Filled with Imperials who have no respect for this place."
  • Grahl
"I have heard them called that. We do not know what they really are. Perhaps an evil spirit, perhaps a great beast. Whatever they are, they are dangerous. Their claws and tusks rend armor and tear flesh. They will attack alone or in packs. Take care when they are near."
  • horkers
"Another of the All-Maker's wondrous creations. These creatures provide a great deal for our people. They are strong swimmers and fierce fighters, on land and in the sea."
  • Raven Rock
"Rumor has it the Imperials have established a colony there. They should take care with the land, %PCName."
  • Rieklings
"Vile little beasts, but not as mindless as some may think. These creatures are intelligent, %PCName. Some are capable of speech, and all are capable of great cunning."
  • Thirsk
"Thirsk is just to the east of Lake Fjalding. It's a mead hall that was built by a group of Skaal who split from our village hundreds of years ago. They no longer follow our ways, but we've no quarrel with them."
  • Tusked Bristleback
"The Tusked Bristleback is a mystery to us. It is a natural being, created by the All-Maker, but it is a cruel and vicious animal. The Rieklings use them as mounts, and have bred the creatures to be even more warlike and dangerous."
  • werewolves
"They are perversions. Man was not meant to live a dual life as both rational being and animal. These beasts are evil and dangerous, but they are also very rare. More have been seen in recent times, though."
  • wolves
"Wolves are one of the most blessed of the All-Maker's creations. They are fast and agile, and they are careful and clever hunters."