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Ysmir which means “the Dragon of the North”[1] was a title bestowed upon several heroes throughout history, but also applies as a general Nordic name for Kings.[2] In his sermons, Vivec claimed that Ysmir always appeared as a bearded king.[3]

  • Tiber Septim, also known as Talos or "Ysmir, Dragon of the North.”[4] Dragonborn Founder of the Third Empire of man, member of the Nine Divines.
  • Wulfharth, Dragonborn High King[5] of ancient Skyrim (and later undead warrior) who was also called "Ysmir Kingmaker" and “Ysmir, Dragon of the North”.[6][7].
  • The Last Dragonborn, a hero who was recognized as "Ysmir, Dragon of the North" by the Greybeards in 4E 201 [1].
  • Pelinal Whitestrake, an ancient hero of mankind who fought alongside Morihaus as the champion of Alessia. Known by various other names and titles, one being Ysmir.[8]


  • Pelinal was the only person referred to as such who was not said to be a Dragonborn, however he was a champion of Akatosh (and the Eight divines as a whole) regardless.
  • The Ysmir collective was a great library that was the cornerstone of academic life at the College of Winterhold[9]