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"Stuhn, whale God of Ransom, War captives seek his calm. With shield and horn his boon, Stands with us, does fair Stuhn."
—The Song of Gods

Stuhn is the Nordic God of Ransom, Fraternity, and Justice,[1] and is represented by a whale.[2][3] He is the brother of Tsun and the shield-thane of Shor and is one of the Hearth Gods.[4] Stuhn fought against the Aldmeri pantheon and showed Men how to take, and the benefits of taking, prisoners of war.[5]

He is seen as a precursor to Stendarr by some and seen as the same as Stendarr by others.[5][6] His teachings are paired up with those of Jhunal.[7]

Armananets named after him were crafted in Haafingar,[8][9] within a specialized forge among many such unique crafting sites scattered across Tamriel, renowned for bestowing varied distinctive effects upon weapons, armor, and jewelry fashioned within them.[10][11][12] The skilled smiths who operated these forges infused them with a divine spark of creativity, altering the local reality so that items crafted there possessed unique attributes. These items were notable for their properties that enabled the wielder to bypass some of their foes' defenses.[13][8][9]



  • Two of the Five Hundred Companions of Ysgramor known as Ysmanue and Jhethen fashioned their beards as Stuhn and Tsun once did.[UOL 1]