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Kynareth says: Use Nature's gifts wisely. Respect her power, and fear her fury.Ten Commands: Nine Divines

Kynareth is the goddess of the heavens, the winds, the elements, and the unseen spirits of the air.[1] She is a member of the Eight/Nine Divines and Patron of sailors and travelers.[2] Kynareth is often invoked for auspicious stars at birth and for good fortune in daily life. In some legends, she is the first to agree to Lorkhan's divine plan to create the mortal plane, and provides the space in the void for its creation. Furthermore, she is associated with rain, a phenomenon that is said not to have occurred before the removal of Lorkhan's divine spark.[3]


Kynareth is the mother of the demigod Morihaus, she is also suspected to have communicated with Saint Alessia through visions of Pelinal's imminent arrival.[4] The Throat of the World is described as being Kynareth's sacred mountain by the Greybeards.[5]


According to followers of the Divines, the Sky Goddess Kyne, worshipped by the Nords as the strongest of the Sky spirits and the widow of Shor, is the Nordic aspect of Kynareth. Rain is said to be Kyne's tears as she mourns the loss of her beloved Shor, since rain is believed not to have appeared until after his divine spark was forcibly removed.[3] It is said Kyne gifted men with the thu'um so they could harness the language of the dragons and use its power to save themselves from the wrath of Alduin and the dragons. Kynareth has a temple in the city of Whiterun; one of the duties of this temple is to tend the Gildergreen which is considered sacred to Kynareth's followers.[6]

The Khajiiti interpretation of Kynareth is the Goddess of the Winds, Khenarthi. Khenarthi acts as a psychopomp for faithful Khajiit.

Kynareth is often associated with Zenithar. Craftsmen use natural materials to create, and so one cannot revere Zenithar without acknowledging the power of Kynareth.[7] Canah feathers can be offered to Kynareth at her shrines; in return, the one making the offering will temporarily transform into a Canah.[8]

The island of Betony is considered holy land of Kynareth. This was a factor for Daggerfall's involvement in the War of Betony. It was also the reason why the conflict escalated to the Battle of Cryngaine Field which ended the war.[9] Kynareth is the patron deity of Alcaire, Daggerfall and the Wrothgarian Mountains.[10]


Kynareth controls the famed Lord's Mail, also known as the Armor of Morihaus and the Gift of Kynareth. The Lord's Mail is known to have the power to regenerate the wearer's health, cure poisons, and grant resistance to magic.[11] Many heroes have possessed the Gift over the years, including the Eternal Champion, the Agent, and the Nerevarine.

She also created the Boots of the Crusader for Pelinal Whitestrake to help him defeat Umaril the Unfeathered.

The Ring of the Wind is a legendary treasure of Elsweyr, sacred to Kynareth. It was owned by the nimble acrobat Kisimba Spring-Snow, who was said to always land on her feet, except when she chose to land on the feet of others.[12]




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