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Fenlords, also called Mummy Lords, are undead Barsaebic Ayleid necromancers who transformed themselves into mummies. These revenants once ruled over parts of Black Marsh as necromancer kings in the First Era.

The Barsaebics were Aedra worshippers, driven from the Heartlands into exile in Black Marsh following the Narfinsel Schism. The Barsaebics continued their practice of slavery, and the Fenlords were no different in that regard. When their slaves rose against them, the Fenlords had them executed and revived as undead. Even in undeath, the Fenlords mistrusted their servants. To guard against rebellion, they inserted magical control icons into the heads of their undead slaves. These mummified servants can still be found guarding their tombs in the Ayleid ruins of Shadowfen.

The Fenlords eventually disappeared, possibly as a result of Alessian persecution. Some instead believe that the Fenlords used the Crown of Ascension to leave Nirn forever. In truth, some Fenlords continue to dwell in the depths of Barsaebic ruins, ruling over their undead servants.

Fharun ClanEdit

The Fharun Clan is a clan of Orcs that lives in the Wrothgar region of northeastern High Rock. Clan Fharun is one of the oldest and self-proclaimed strongest clans in the region, and they have the utmost respect for Orcish customs and devotion to Malacath. The clan and their clanhold are the original namesake of the present-day kingdom and city-state, Farrun.

Fifth LegionEdit

The Fifth Legion is one of the many legions that make up the Imperial Legion, the militant arm of the Empire. Renowned for its participation in the Imperial campaign in Akavir, the Fifth Legion played a significant role in the Empire's endeavors in that distant land. Fifth Legion Porter, an alcoholic beverage, was named after them.

Fighters GuildEdit

The Fighters Guild, present across most of Tamriel, provides a common and, more importantly, public place of training, study, and employment for those of a martial persuasion. The guild is a professional organization chartered by the Emperor to regulate the hiring and training of mercenaries, protect commerce, capture or drive away beasts, and similar security duties. Guild halls can take on a contract from any citizen, provided it does not conflict with the laws or customs of the region.

The Fighters Guild is highly organized in Cyrodiil and is run by a ruling family, the Dontons. They have had numerous rivals over the years, including the dubious Blackwood Company, and outmaneuvering them has kept the Guild performing at its best.

The Guild gained greater prominence at the beginning of the Third Era under Uriel I. Guild Stewards are entrusted with receiving and dispensing contracts to Guild members, hearing complaints about the servicing of said contracts, promotions, and determining the eligibility for re-admittance into the Guild of former members who had stolen from or assaulted other members.

For more information, see the main lore article.

Firescourge ClanEdit

The Firescourge Clan is a Dremora clan in service to Mehrunes Dagon. Although the clan had many members, they were counted among the less distinguished of Dagon's servants. Despite the low-ranking of their clan, they were noted to be loyal foot-soldiers in their service to their Prince.

Circa 2E 582, a member of the University of Gwylim's Antiquarian Circle Amalien discovered a Firescourge Clan document, that described the Mindcleaver Clan as a hated secret police, deposed by an alliance of smaller clans in the ancient past. In fact, the Firescourge Clan participated in this deposition and was allied with the Ruinblood Clan, which attempted to destroy all evidence of Mindcleaver Clan's existence.

Markyn Ring of Majesty was a relic composed of five pieces associated with various Dremora clans. A Firescourge Band was one of the parts and was speculated to be worn by one of their leaders to show off their rank to the lower castes and their peers.


The Firstmages were a group of powerful mages that resided in Aetherian Archive in Craglorn. Said to be unparalleled in the arcane arts, they began to occupy the tower in the First Era and it was here that they found the Great Source, which granted the Firstmages long lives. This allowed them to study indefinitely, and many of their magical experiments took place in the archive's upper floors.

When the Celestial Mage arrived during the Interregnum, her very presence destroyed the Great Source. Many of the Firstmages entered her service as guardians and began to worship her, although a small minority avoided the upper floors in fear of their lives. The Undaunted were made aware of the opening of the Archive, and flocked to the tower in an attempt to be the first to scale it. The Undaunted ascended the tower and fought through the Mage's guardians before defeating the Celestial herself in battle.

Five CompanionsEdit

The Five Companions were a group of adventurers who embarked on a quest to rediscover the lost Amulet of Kings during the Interregnum. The Companions were led by Emperor Varen Aquilarios of the Empire of Cyrodiil, who desired to use the Amulet of Kings to rekindle the Dragonfires in a ritual aimed at persuading Akatosh to alter his heritage and make him a Dragonborn, and thus a legitimately-ordained ruler of the Empire. The other four Companions consisted of some of the greatest fighters and minds of that time. Lyris Titanborn, a Nord warrior said to have the blood of giants, served Varen as his personal bodyguard. Sai Sahan, the Redguard Captain of Varen's Dragonguard, was charged with protecting the group. Abnur Tharn, Chancellor of the Elder Council and Varen's advisor, accompanied Varen in his capacity as Imperial Battlemage. Lastly, there was Mannimarco, a legendary necromancer who held considerable influence with Varen and claimed to know how to conduct the Dragonfire ritual.

For years after Varen's conquest of the Empire, the Five Companions traveled the land in search of the elusive artifact. In 2E 579, having successfully located the amulet and returned to the Imperial City, Varen and the Companions initiated the ritual with the Amulet. It was then that Mannimarco revealed his treachery and corrupted the ritual to break the ancient covenant between Akatosh and mortals, triggering a catastrophe which the Elder Scrolls named the Soulburst. A powerful explosion of magical energy swept across Nirn, setting the plane adrift in the Mundus and rendering it vulnerable to Molag Bal's plans to merge Nirn and Coldharbour in the Planemeld.

Varen vanished in the chaos of the Soulburst, allegedly destroyed in the blast. In the immediate aftermath, Sai Sahan managed to secure the Amulet of Kings and fled from the Imperial City to hide it, taking it to the ruins of the city of Sancre Tor, the burial site of the Reman emperors. Mannimarco made Lyris Titanborn his captive, and Abnur Tharn, seeking to preserve his status, pledged his loyalty to Mannimarco and had his daughter, Clivia Tharn, declared Empress Regent in Varen's absence. The Five Companions and Varen's dream of reviving the Reman Empire came to an end, and the world was set on a course for the Alliance War.

Foolkillers ClanEdit

The Foolkillers Clan is Dremora clan in service to Molag Bal based in Coldharbour.

The Foolkillers were once betrayed by Deathbringer Clan, who rose to prominence in Coldharbour in their place. The vestiges of the clan were trapped within a set of armor by the Grievous Twilight Dusk. A Foolkiller named Lyranth avoided that fate and swore vengeance upon the Deathbringers. She was later summoned in 2E 582 and harvested for her essence by the Aldmeri Dominion alchemist Ruuvitar as part of a plot to defeat the Ebonheart Pact, but she managed to break free and return to Coldharbour. Allying herself with a mortal invasion force there, and abandoning Molag Bal, she first worked with them in the Coldharbour prison the Tower of Lies before recruiting the invasion force to assist her in banishing Deathbringer leader Valkynaz Seris, making her the new Valkynaz of the Reaver Citadel. With his death, the Foolkillers returned to Coldharbour and took control of the Pyramid for themselves.

Forces of OrderEdit

The Forces of Order are the minions of Jyggalag, the Daedric Prince of Order. They are seen as an unstoppable force, who invade the Shivering Isles at the end of every era in an event known as the Greymarch.


The Forebears is the name given to a social and political group of the Redguards. The Warrior Wave of Ra Gada, or first invasion of Yokudans to reach Tamriel, are now known as the Forebears. They cleared the way for their rulers, the Na-Totambu, and their faction, which is now known as the Crowns. When the Na-Totambu and the Yokudan nobility came later, Razul made himself Yokeda to cement the power of the Ra Gada, with some calling Yokeda Razul the first Forebear. Forebears tend to be more nomadic in nature, as many of them work as traders and merchants throughout Hammerfell, which gives them the most experience when dealing with foreigners. Their symbol of depicts three swords whose blades are crossed and tied together with a golden knot, with a small cape attached to them, while their uniform colors are red and yellow.

One of the major differences between the Forebears, as compared to the Crowns, is that they worship the same pantheon as the Bretons and Imperials and take a more liberal approach to tradition and religion. This is one of the biggest factors in why the two don't get along, as the Crowns believe the Forebears engage in what is considered "outrageous, non-traditional practices." For example, the Forebears are believed to secretly support the pariah Ash'abah tribe in their efforts to cleanse the stench of necromancy and undeath, and will even call upon them for aid. The Crowns view this as a major affront to their religious practices, as those who strike down an ancestor are considered unclean and cursed. The Forebears worship of Imperial deities Akatosh and Arkay, rather than the traditional gods of Ruptga, Tu'whacca, and Satakal, plus their willingness to engage with Tamrielic cultures outside their own, is heavily despised by the Crowns faction. This contributes to the hatred the Crowns and Forebears have for one another.

The Crowns and Forebears represented the two halves of a highly stratified Hammerfell and fought a bitter civil war during the Common Era. With the Crowns nearing victory, the Forebears made an alliance with the Empire, allowing them to capture the province; but when it became apparent they were being used, the Forebears joined the Crowns in launching a double rebellion against Imperial leadership, resulting in the signing of the First Treaty of Stros M'Kai. During the Third Era, the Forebears were the most cosmopolitan of the Redguard factions and happily embraced the Empire of Tiber Septim. Near the close of the Third Era, a third faction, the Lhotunics, emerged, representing a middle ground. By the Fourth Era, they were at peace with each other, though divisions remain.


The Forsworn, also known as the Madmen of the Reach, are a faction of Reachmen formed following the Markarth Incident in 4E 176. The Forsworn claim that they are the true sons and daughters of The Reach, but are often considered "two septims short of a pint of ale".

Despite appearing primitive in nature, the Forsworn have proven to be an aggressive political force, which has an astute grasp of insurgency warfare, and even have agents living among the populace of Markarth in secret. They directly oppose all other major political groups active in the Reach, including the Thalmor. They wish to drive both Nords and the Empire out of the Reach and attain independence.


The Frostcasters are Skaal shamans of All-Maker known for their mastery of Frost Magic. Not all Skaal shamans are Frostcasters; the title is reserved for those who specialize in Frost Magic. They were known to skillfully integrate Stalhrim into their arms and armor, creating decorative pieces.

Fryse HagsEdit

The Fryse Hags are an order of savage Nord witches dedicated to the goddess Kyne, the widow of the god Shor. Each hag is a powerful ice mage in her own right, although they have also been known to consort with the undead or use enchanted silver weapons. The hags wander the wilds of Solstheim, living outside civilized society and indiscriminately killing any traveler they come across, viewing outsiders as a despised threat to their beliefs. They are known to congregate in ice caves.

Furriers GuildEdit

The Furriers Guild is an officially sanctioned guild. As their name implies, they employ furriers from across the Empire.

During the Akaviri Potentate in 2E 321, Versidue-Shaie gave his approval for the Guild Act, which sanctioned businesses such as the Furriers Guild. They were hence protected by the Empire of Cyrodiil, even into the Third Era, but would be required to pay them if they wanted to expand their influence. The Empire had subsequently strengthened since the Guild Act was passed.