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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Subregions Bloodlet Peaks
Brittleshin Hills
Pine Forest
Appears in Skyrim, ESO
The symbol of Falkreath
Pine forests in Falkreath Hold

Falkreath Hold is a southern hold in Skyrim along the border with Cyrodiil and Hammerfell.[1] It's the second southernmost hold in Skyrim, after the Rift.[1] The capital is Falkreath; the abandoned settlements of Helgen and Neugrad Watch are also located here. Before its destruction, Helgen was the Hold's second largest town and “the Gateway to Skyrim,” a well-traveled town at an important crossroads in the foothills of the Jerall Mountains.[2]:571 The town of Granite Hill is also found here, into the small stretch of the Hold that encroaches upon the Tundra Plains. Home of Skyrim's famous Pine Forest,[3] Falkreath Hold is covered in a fine mist that makes the land seem without season. The mountains rising above Falkreath are well above the snow line, striking a stark comparison to the rest of the hold. The most distinguishing geographic feature is Lake Ilinalta, which covers a large portion of the central region and acts as the source for the White River,[1] and is the largest body of water in the province. The people of Falkreath are reasonably prosperous farmers and loggers, thanks to the abundant supply of fresh water from Lake Ilinalta.[2]:571

Falkreath is among the most-traveled Holds in terms of major roads and minor pathways. The lake is an excellent anchoring point, allowing one easy access to surrounding areas via swimming from almost any angle. North of the lake are the sharp and protruding Brittleshin Hills—snowy peaks dominated by Bleak Falls Barrow that overlook the origin of the White River—and the town of Riverwood just across the border in Whiterun Hold. To the east are the blizzards of the Jerall Mountains, bandit attacks in the high mountain passes, and the windswept caverns of Haemar's Shame. To the south, the Jerall Mountains dominate, their icy crags making many locations difficult to reach and almost impossible to escape from without blade or spell. Still, resolute hunters can still be found in this vast wilderness, determined to live life on their own terms. To the west, the pine forests give way to more rocky scree and sharper crags, where the howls of anger of the Forsworn from the Reach can be heard, and are home to old or forgotten cuts into the earth, including the fabled Twilight Sepulcher.[2]:571


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