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Lore:Neugrad Watch

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Neugrad Watch
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold Falkreath
Appears in Arena, Skyrim
Fort Neugrad circa 4E 201

Neugrad Watch was a small settlement in southwestern Skyrim, contemporary with the Imperial Simulacrum.[1] During the Simulacrum, Neugrad Watch was ruled by Lord Fenrens and had a rivalry with North Keep.[1] It was neighbored by several settlements, including Falkreath to the southwest, and Oakwood to the northeast.[2] By 4E 201, the settlement had been abandoned and all that remained were the ruins of Fort Neugrad, occupied by a small number of guards.[3]

Because of avalanches in the Pale Pass and the destruction of Helgen by Alduin, a group of bandits successfully overran the fort in 4E 201. The old library was looted by Brandish, a member of the bandits, in search of magical items.[4] The bandits had intended to clear out before the Jarl of Falkreath could react, but the Imperial Legion retook the fort for use as a strong point during the Stormcloak Rebellion. However, morale was low and reinforcements were unable to make it through the closed Pale Pass.[5] The fort served as a point of contention between the Legion and the Stormcloaks, with the Stormcloaks vying for control of the fort in order to conquer Falkreath Hold.[6]


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