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Lore:Rislav Larich

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King Rislav Larich
OB-place-Skingrad 03.jpg
King Rislav Larich (statue)
Race Unknown Gender Male
Born 1E 448
Reign 1E 478-
Previous Ruler Dorald Larich
Next Ruler Unknown
Resided in Skingrad

Rislav Larich, better known as Rislav the Righteous, was born in Skingrad in 1E 448, the eighth child and fourth son of Queen Lynada and King Mhorus of Skingrad. He is believed to have led the typical life of a Colovian prince. He married Belene, the daughter of King Justinius of Kvatch, becoming a Count of Kvatch, presumably to cement peace between the kingdoms. In 1E 478, a plague passed through Cyrodiil and decimated the royal family of Skingrad; in the end, only Rislav and his older brother Dorald, a priest of Marukh, survived. Dorald's first act was to cede the kingdom to the Alessian Empire, which incensed Rislav. He led a small band of cavalry from Kvatch to Skingrad, where they entered the city without conflict (as the guards of Skingrad were also offended by Dorald's act). In the castle courtyard, Rislav denounced Dorald and beheaded him with one stroke, and he was quickly crowned as the new King of Skingrad.[1][2][UOL 1]

However, Emperor Gorieus believed this did not revoke Dorald's action, and rode to Skingrad with a massive army to claim the city. When they arrived, Rislav famously told the Emperor that his party was too large to be accommodated, and that next time, he should write before he comes. A battle quickly ensued, which the Colovian forces won handily thanks to superior tactics. Gorieus' crippled army was forced to retreat, and this dramatic defeat proved to be the beginning of the end of the Alessian Empire.[1]



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