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Wolves are aggressive canines found throughout Tamriel. They are pack hunters and can often be found in packs of two or three, using their highly developed sense of smell to track their prey. When threatened, they may howl and thus draw in other members of their pack. When attacking, they will often attempt to circle around behind their prey to bite.

Wolves are related to domesticated dogs, and the two can be bred to produce wolfdogs.[1]

The Skaal see wolves as one of the most blessed of the creations of the All-Maker, for their speed, agility and skills as hunter.[2] One of Kyne's Sacred Trials is to slay the Wolf Guardian Spirit, one of the seven Guardian Beasts of Skyrim.[3][4] A wolf is one of the many animals carved into puzzles on the dungeons of Skyrim.[5] Hircine's aspect of speed takes the form of a wolf.

Wolves are known to carry infectious diseases and in some places, like Solstheim, they are called plague wolves. The wolves from Cyrodiil may carry helljoint, the ones in Skyrim sometimes carry rockjoint and the wolves from Solstheim can carry yellow tick.

Wolves are hunted for their pelts, which can be tanned into leather. They are also occasionally domesticated and kept as companions and mounts.[6][7]

There are several varieties of wolves and dire wolves. The regular wolves are the weaker versions whose fur pattern is different depending on their native region.


Alpha WolfEdit

Alpha wolves are wolves that serve as pack leaders.


Bonewolves (or Bone Wolves) are undead wolves created by black magic and have been known to haunt the old graves of Solstheim.[8]

Cinder WolfEdit

The flaming, reanimated skeleton of a dire wolf that had burned to death.[7]

Dire WolfEdit

Dire Wolves are large wolves found in many parts of Tamriel. Their coloration differs depending on where they are, with striped varieties having a tendency to be found in the south. The Blackwood dire wolf carries some features of the extinct long-legged swamp wolf.[9]

Doom WolfEdit

Doom Wolves are a breed of giant wolf. They have black fur and glowing red eyes, and their howl is unnaturally distorted. Doom Wolves are used as mounts and were bred for size, savagery, and stealth from the fierce timber wolves of the southern Jerall Mountains. They were adopted by the Dark Brotherhood for use as stealthy mounts, with the breed's glowing red eyes weighing heavily in the decision.[7]

Not to be confused with Death Hounds and Hell Hounds.


Draugulfs are a rare form of undead wolf; only the First Era Icehammer clan of Eastmarch are known to have utilized them.[10]

Gloam WolfEdit

Gloam Wolves are shadowy dire wolves found in Nocturnal's realm of Evergloam.[11]

Gorne Striped WolfEdit

Gorne Striped Wolves (or Gorne Wolves) are dire wolves found on the Isle of Gorne, off the east coast of Morrowind, where they terrorized the island's settlers until they were suppressed in the Troubled House Hunt.[7] When Gorne was invaded by legions of Daedra from the Shivering Isles circa 2E 582, many of the wolves were magically tamed by the Daedra for use as war beasts. In particular, a male Mazken named Solemn tamed a significant number.[12][13]

Helkarn WolfEdit

Helkarn Wolves are large wolves found in Elsweyr. They are trusting and gentle-natured, and after the villagers of Helkarn found them unsuitable as watchdogs, they bred them to mountable size.[7]

Highland WolfEdit

The Highland Wolf is found in the Colovian hills and Great Forest in Cyrodiil, and they were domesticated by foresters and bred for size to use them as mounts.[7]

Ice WolfEdit

Ice wolves are white and are found in Skyrim. The Nords of Hjaalmarch domesticated some of the largest Ice Wolves to use them as mounts, and the Reachman clans domesticated a variety known as the Karthwolf.[7] The Ice Wolves found near the White River of Skyrim are associated with the goddess Mara and the Wolf Totem of Atmora.[6]


A variety of ice wolf domesticated by the Reach clans of the valley of the Karth. Some, known as Karthwolf Chargers, were bred for size and endurance to use as mounts,[7] while others, called Karthwolf Shepherds, protect their livestock and cull the weak from the herds.[6]

Long-Legged Swamp WolfEdit

A species of wolves formerly found in Black Marsh. It lost great numbers in the Great Burn of 1E 2828 and eventually went extinct in the 2E 10s.[9]

Painted WolfEdit

Painted Wolves are a tan-colored variety of wolf native to the rugged badlands of central Hammerfell. The Redguards of these canyon lands have bred the local Painted Wolves into large, sure-footed mounts to help them navigate the broken terrain, allowing them to go places inaccessible to the more usual camel mounts.[7]

Plague WolfEdit

Plague wolves are a type of red-furred wolf found on Solstheim, known to carry diseases.

Red Pit WolfEdit

A large red-furred breed of wolf that were bred by the Reachmen to serve as pit fighters, usually facing off against bears or bristlebacks. The first ones trained as mounts were used by the Tyrant of Markarth's guards.[7]

Shadowghost Pack WolfEdit

A black-and-white variety of wolf related to the larger, lone Shadowghost Wolves. They hunt in packs on dark nights, and make loyal pets.[6]

Shadowghost WolfEdit

A large, solitary black-and-white variety of wolf related to the smaller Shadowghost Pack Wolf, only seen on rare occasions and only in the nighttime on moors and wastelands. Some doubt whether it is even a mortal creature.[7]


Shardwolves are a type of wolf found in the region known as the Western Reach, which borders Skyrim, High Rock, and Hammerfell.

Skeletal WolfEdit

The reanimated skeleton of a large wolf. The Vampire of Verkarth, King Styriche, and his Zombie Hussars of the Gray Host are said to have ridden into battle on skeletal wolves.[7] Skeletal Pack Wolves are the reanimated skeleton wolves, said to rise when the moons are full.[6]

Snow WolfEdit

Snow wolves are white-colored and can be found in the far north of Tamriel. They are more resistant to frost than other wolf varieties and can cause frostbite to those they bite. The Nords of Solstheim can use their pelts to create frost resistant armor.

Timber WolfEdit

Timber wolves are larger and stronger wolves found in the forests of Cyrodiil. Doom wolves were originally bred from timber wolves from the southern Jerall Mountains.

Twilight WolfEdit

Twilight Wolves are a type of wolf with blue fur, found in the Western Reach region that borders Skyrim, High Rock, and Hammerfell.

Wild Hunt WolfEdit

Wild Hunt Wolves are living plant-like creatures that are said to have been created by Hircine meddling with the nature of wolves.[7]



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