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(RefID: 00019823)
Home City Falkreath
House Jarl's Longhouse
Race High Elf Gender Female
Level 4 Class Fire/Frost/Shock Mage
RefID 00019823 BaseID 00013659
Other Information
Health 75 Magicka 70
Stamina 50
Primary Skills Destruction, Illusion, Restoration
Class Details CombatMageElemental
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type FemaleEvenToned
Faction(s) CrimeFactionFalkreath; FalkreathJarlsLonghouseFaction; Imperial Government; Ruling Government; TownFalkreathFaction

Nenya is a High Elf elemental mage who serves as steward to the Jarl of Falkreath. She served under Dengeir of Stuhn and continues to serve for his nephew Siddgeir. Due to Siddgeir's absentee leadership, she is seen as the true leader of Falkreath and helps to oversee its day to day operations.

She wears a set of fine clothes and a pair of fine boots. She is equipped with an iron dagger, and carries a key to the longhouse, as well as a selection of common loot and gold.

Nenya spends all of her time in the hall. The only exception to this routine is if the Stormcloaks take over Falkreath, as she'll then spend her entire life in the basement of the Blue Palace.

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When greeted:

"I'm the Steward here. I serve under Jarl Siddgeir and Jarl Dengeir before him."
"Siddgeir can sometimes act too quickly but he does listen to Helvard and I."
"For Falkreath and I this is just one more war in a long line."

When spoken to:

Why is your cemetery so large?
"Many battles have been fought here over the centuries. Graves were dug and monuments built, and the town grew around these. In time, Falkreath came to be known as the heroes' graveyard. Many noble Jarls and renowned warriors asked to be buried here. Falkreath's reputation has faded somewhat, but the graves remain, reminding us of the one inevitable truth of life."
How long have you been a Steward?
"It was Dengeir who made me a steward, long ago when he was young. When Dengeir's health began to fail, young Sidgeir [sic] was appointed Jarl in his stead. It was simpler just to keep me as steward. Sidgeir [sic] has no interest in running his hold, and so leaves such matters to me. As for my part, I do my best to see that folk are treated fairly."

If Jarl Siddgeir has let you buy property in his hold she will have a new dialogue option:

I'd like to purchase a house.
"There's no house available, but I could sell you a fine piece of land where you could build your own house."

If instead you received a letter:

I got your letter about the land for sale. Is it still available?
"Ah, excellent. The Jarl was hoping you would be interested. It's a fine property. Well-watered, plentiful stands of timber, beautiful view."
I'll take it. (5000 gold)
"You won't regret it. Here's the title to your steading. Follow the road east from Falkreath, then north at the crossroads. Turn left just past Pinewatch."
I'm a bit short of money right now.
"Ah, I see. Well, it's possible that the property will still be available when you amass the necessary funds."
I'll have to think about it.
"As you wish."

If you don't buy the house and speak to her again:

Is that land you mentioned still available?
"Yes. It's a fine property. Well-watered, plentiful stands of timber, beautiful view."

When exiting conversation:

"May wisdom forever light your path."
"Be safe, traveler."


She can often be seen conversing with Siddgeir or Helvard:

Siddgeir: "Why have taxes not come in from Granite Hill, Nenya? We should send some guards down there."
Nenya: "They are only a little late, Jarl. The trade routes are affected by the war, we should give them another day."
Siddgeir: "Very well, but when their emissary arrives I want words with him."

Helvard: "Preparing the defenses is almost impossible lately, every time we get a new war report our needs change."
Nenya: "The trade routes are affected as well. Procuring supplies is a guessing game. Weapons sell well though."
Helvard: "Mmmm, careful with that, Nenya, our merchants could be selling weapons to an invading force."