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An Undaunted Pledge Master

The Undaunted were a loose faction of adventurers contemporary with the Alliance War. Neutral in the ongoing war, the Undaunted had members all across Tamriel and worked together to raid the greatest dungeons in the land for wealth and glory. They had so-called enclaves in some major cities, such as Mournhold, Elden Root, and Wayrest but often chose to meet at inns or taverns.[1]


""Who knows no fear … of beast or blade?"
"Undaunted! Undaunted!"
"Who knows no fear … of Daedric planes?"
"We are Undaunted!"
"Who knows no fear … of death? Of age?"
"Undaunted! Undaunted! We are Undaunted!"

The Undaunted Song

The guild was founded primarily by Turuk Redclaws, and his companions Kailstig the Axe and Mighty Mordra. Turuk was a thrill-seeker ever since his youth. A member of the Fighters Guild for a short while, he eventually got bored with all its restrictions and regulations. Wanting fun from life, he set off as an adventurer, delving into the darkest places of Tamriel. Throughout these journeys he met fellow wanderers who could keep up with him, daring one another to do insane challenges-such as the naked dungeon run. Tales of their adventures and insane accomplishments spread, resulting in other heroes seeking them out, and this way the Undaunted were born.[2]


The Undaunted have a very loose rank and file, with different roles assigned to members. Recruiters like Turuk Redclaws are responsible for bringing new members into the guild. Pledge Masters assign daily challenges and tasks to tackle various threats across Tamriel,[3] while Trailblazers venture out to discover new dungeons and adventures that can be turned into pledges.[4][5] Finally, there are the various adventurers who join in search of gold and glory,[3] and the Quartermasters who are responsible for handling the equipment and gear.[6]

Members were taught magical spells as they rose in standing, becoming further known as they cleared pledges and other quests throughout Tamriel.[7] They didn't shy away from darker sides of spellcraft, such as blood magic and "practical" necromancy, viewing them as simply other branches of magic, whose beneficial applications are overshadowed by their taboo natures. Few Undaunted would shy away from such magic if it meant the difference between life and death.[4][7]

Circa 2E 582, the Undaunted's exact membership size wasn't known, with at least 32 members,[8] but they had a much smaller retention of new recruits than of similar guilds, such as the Fighters and Mages Guilds. This was not for a strict membership policy, or for lack of interest. The exact contrary is true, as the Undaunted took in anyone and everyone- from the eager youth to the infirm and old. Even vampires and ghosts are found among their ranks.[9][10] One must only seek out a recruiter and prove themselves by clearing out a dungeon to join the guild.[11] A well known adventurer may also receive a personal invitation to join the group. Either way, if they survived, they'd sign their name under the Tome of the Undaunted.[12] Instead, the reason for the Undaunted's high turnover rate is the simple fact that many, many of its members are killed by Tamriel's depths, but those who survive came out true Undaunted.[13]

The Undaunted were sponsored by the leaders of Ebonhear Pact, Aldmeri Dominion, and Daggerfall Covenant to clear out the corners of their realms. This arrangement ensured a continuous flow of plunder for the organization.[14][15]

Accomplishments and SpoilsEdit

The Undaunted had a tendency to strip dungeons of all of their wealth, looting them for all the treasure they could get at.[16] The Undaunted would always take the heads of those they defeated, sometimes to wear as powerful arcane armor and sometimes to display as mounted trophies. Similarly, they'd also craft busts of their vanquished foes.[4][17][18] As rewards for completing pledges, Undaunted were rewarded a number of keys depending on how great the challenge. They could then use these keys to open a variety of treasure chests stocked around the enclaves.[3]

Members of the Undaunted were known to use arcane Scrolls of Glorious Battle, created by one of their members, to empower their foes, this way making their pledges more dangerous and deeds even more legendary.[19][20][21][22] Their exploits also took them outside of Nirn to other realms, such the Deadlands, Coldharbour, and even the Clockwork City.[23][24][25] They were known to train scamps to serve as pets and "pack mules".[26]

Notable UndauntedEdit