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Type Island
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Region Sea of Ghosts
Appears in ESO
Icereach circa 2E 582

Icereach is a small isolated island located in the Sea of Ghosts.[1][2] It is considered a part of Skyrim[3] and it is a contested territory between Reachfolk Witches of Icereach Coven and Nords.[4] The fort on the island was built by Nords in order to protect whalers from Orc pirates but was eventually acquired by the Reachfolk and served as base of operation of the Icereach Coven[3] until 2E 582 when it was defeated by combined forces of Lyris Titanborn, the Undaunted guild and the Vestige.[5]


Mother Ciannait - the leader of the Icereach Coven
Sigil of the Icereach Coven

Centuries before 2E 582, Nords built a fort on the island in the Sea of Ghosts in order to safeguard whalers from Orcish corsairs. In subsequent years, control of the island was contested between various factions of Reachfolk and Nords until a coven of Reachfolk witches acquired the island from its then-Nordic owners by means of a cursed bargain. Among the Nords, however, it is believed that the coven took the island by force. The coven made the island into its new home, and named itself the Icereach Coven.[3]

Circa 2E 577, in the wake of Varen's Rebellion, Reachfolk forces were driven out of Cyrodiil. Members of Icereach Coven who had served as advisors and teachers of the deposed Emperor Leovic were among the expelled.[6] At the time, the Icereach Coven was led by a powerful witch known as Mother Ciannait. The coven was chased by Imperial troops into an area north and west of Falkreath in Skyrim, but the Imperials ceased their pursuit after suffering great losses.[7] The local Nords finished harrying the witches back to their ancient lair in Icereach.[3]

At some point between 26th of the Sun's Dusk in 2E 577 and 2E 582, the Icereach Coven formed an alliance with the Gray Host. They were tasked with mastering the Harrowstorm ritual by Rada al-Saran.[8][9] During this period, the area of the Sea of Ghosts surrounding Icereach became known for unnatural and unpredictable storms.[1][2]

Around 2E 582, High King Jorunn sent an expedition from Windhelm to investigate the strange storms.[2][3] Although most of the forces sent by Jorunn were initially met with fierce opposition, the Icereach Coven was defeated through the combined efforts of Lyris Titanborn, the Undaunted guild, and the Vestige.[5]

Icereach Frost Charms were amulets carved from ice of the frigid Sea of Ghosts, enchanted to never melt. Their purpose and significance was a mystery.[10]


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