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Dexion Evicus
(RefID: xx007B88)
Added by Dawnguard
Location Forebears' Holdout
Volkihar Keep or Fort Dawnguard
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level PC×1.1 (range=10-40) Class Spellsword
RefID xx007B88 BaseID xx0058B0
Other Information
Health 150+(PC-0.9)×9.2
Magicka 50+(PC-0.9)×3.7
Stamina 100+(PC-0.9)×3.7
Primary Skills Destruction, Heavy Armor, One-handed, Restoration
Perks Augmented Flames (rank 1); Bladesman (rank 1); Fighting Stance; Mage Armor (rank 1); Magic Resistance (rank 1); Recovery (rank 2); Regeneration
Class Details CombatSpellsword
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type Unique
Faction(s) DLC1DexionThrall; DLC1MothPriestFaction
Dexion Evicus

Dexion Evicus, an Imperial spellsword, is a Moth Priest. He came to Skyrim following rumors of an Elder Scroll being found. He is captured by Malkus while being escorted by Imperial guards and held in a magical cage inside Forebears' Holdout. If you sided with the Dawnguard, he will travel back to Fort Dawnguard after being rescued and remain there. If you are working with the vampires, you will make him your thrall and he will then stay at Volkihar Keep.

Dexion wears Moth Priest robes and a pair of Moth Priest sandals. He is equipped with a unique sword named the Akaviri Sword, and carries three potions of plentiful healing. He knows the Alteration spell Stoneflesh, the Destruction spells Fireball and Flames, and the Restoration spell Fast Healing.

Regardless of which side you join, Dexion will eventually become blind from reading the Elder Scrolls and wear a blindfold for the rest of the game.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Prophet (Dawnguard)Edit

After freeing him:

"Wait, stop! I yield! That... that wasn't me you were fighting. I could see through my eyes, but I could not control my actions. Thank you for breaking that foul vampire's hold over me."

When spoken to:

Are you alright?
"I'm quite alright, thanks to you. Dexion Evicus is my name. I'm a Moth Priest of the White Gold Tower. These vampires claimed they had some purpose in store for me, but they wouldn't say what. Probably hoping to ransom me, the fools."
I know why they needed you, because we need you for the same purpose.
"You do? Alright then, enough mysteries."
I'll explain later. Right now, we need your help and time is short.
We're called the Dawnguard, and we need you to read an Elder Scroll.
"You have an Elder Scroll? Remarkable! If my knowledge of history serves me, I recall that the Dawnguard was an ancient order of vampire hunters. I will be happy to assist you with your Elder Scroll. Just tell me where I need to go."

Either option leads to:

You can find us at Fort Dawnguard, near Stendarr's Beacon.
"Very well. I'll hurry on my way there before more of those vampires turn up."

If spoken to again:

"You've arrived just in time. I think those vampires were getting hungry."
"This is all more excitement than I'm used to."
"I owe you a debt for the timely rescue."
"If I'd known Skyrim was so dangerous, I'd have brought more guards."
"Ambushed by vampires... I certainly wasn't expecting that."

After speaking to Isran:

Glad you made it here safely, Dexion.
"Ah, my rescuer! It's good to see you again."
Have my companions made you feel welcome?
"It's not exactly the hospitality I'm used to, but your man Isran has seen to my needs well enough. And might I add, this is a remarkable fortress. I have colleagues back home that would love to study this place in detail."
Are you prepared to read the Elder Scroll?
"Oh, most certainly! Let's find out what secrets the scroll can tell."

He will then read the Elder Scroll:

"Now, if everyone will please be quiet, I must concentrate. I see a vision before me, an image of a great bow. I know this weapon! It is Auriel's Bow! Now a voice whispers, saying "Among the night's children, a dread lord will rise." In an age of strife, when dragons return to the realm of men, darkness will mingle with light and the night and day will be as one.
The voice fades and the words begin to shimmer and distort. But wait, there is more here. The secret of the bow's power is written elsewhere. I think there is more to the prophecy, recorded in other scrolls. Yes, I see them now... One contains the ancient secrets of the dragons, and the other speaks of the potency of ancient blood.
My vision darkens, and I see no more. To know the complete prophecy, we must have the other two scrolls."

After he has read the Elder Scroll:

Do you have any insights about your Elder Scroll reading?
"I wish I could say that I did, but without the other two Scrolls, the picture will remain incomplete. I admit, I feel a bit frustrated that I can't be more helpful. Still, our enemy is likely just as much in the dark as we are, and that's something. Now it's a race to claim the remaining Scrolls and discover what part Auriel's Bow has to play in this prophecy."
I need the Elder Scroll that speaks of dragons.
"I wish I could help. The scrolls have changed hands so many times, it's impossible to keep track. Normally, I'd send you to the Imperial City in Cyrodiil to seek answers at the Imperial Library, but that avenue no longer exists."
Why is that?
"The Elder Scrolls vanished from the Imperial City around 175 of this era and have been scattered across Tamriel by forces unknown. If you want to find the remaining scroll, you'll have to consult with someone versed in magical knowledge. Perhaps at the College of Winterhold?"

Seeking DisclosureEdit


I've brought the Elder Scrolls.
"I'm sorry, my friend. I can no longer be of use in this matter."
Why? What's happened?
"It's my fault. In my haste to read the first scroll, I neglected the careful preparation required. I thought I'd be able to allay the after effects, but I was wrong. Now I'm paying for it."
That covering on your eyes. Are you-
"Blind? Yes. I'm afraid so."
Can anything be done to help you?
"No. It'll have to run its course, and there's always the chance I may never recover"
Then we're finished.
"No, there's another way. The question is, how much are you willing to risk to find Auriel's Bow?"
What do I need to do?
"I can't guarantee you'd be free from harm. Becoming blind could be the least of your worries."
Don't worry about that. Just tell me.
"Scattered across Tamriel are secluded locations known only as Ancestor Glades. There's one in Skyrim, in the Pine Forest. Performing the Ritual of the Ancestor Moth within the glade should provide the answers you seek."
Explain this "ritual."
"It involves carefully removing the bark from a Canticle Tree which will in turn attract Ancestor Moths to you. Once enough of the moths are following, they'll provide you with the second sight needed to decipher the scrolls."
Carefully gather the bark? How?
"In keeping with tradition, you must use a specific tool in the Ancestor Glade, an implement known as a Draw Knife. Every Moth Priest is taught this ritual, but few ever get the chance to perform it... you should consider yourself fortunate if it works for you."
Do I need to read the scrolls in any particular order?
"From what I saw in the vision, the Elder Scroll which foreshadows the defiance of the gods with the blood of mortals is the key to the prophecy."
How's a moth related to the Elder Scrolls?
"Well, as I'm sure you've figured out by now, it's no mere coincidence that we're named "Moth Priests." The voice of the Ancestor Moth has always been an integral part of reading the Elder Scrolls."
Moths barely make a sound, let alone speak.
"Oh, the moths don't literally read the scrolls... but they maintain a connection to ancient magic that allows the Moth Priests to decipher them. If you listen closely when you find the glade, you should be able to hear their song... a soft, harmonious trilling. It's through this ancestral chorus that the moths tap into a form of primal augur and become a conduit of deciphering the scrolls."
How does that help the Moth Priest?
"By having the Ancestor Moth close to the Moth Priest, they can utilize the conduit and share the moth's augury. Only the most resilient of priests can do it this way... it takes years of practice to interpret the harmony."
Then how do I even stand a chance?
"You've come this far, and you've found several Elder Scrolls. Whether you believe it or not, the scrolls have a mind of their own. If they didn't want you to find them, they wouldn't allow it. Because of this, I strongly believe you were meant to hear the ancestral chorus. Only one way to find out."


  • His unique Akaviri Sword is only obtainable by using the Pickpocket perk Misdirection or the Disarm shout.
  • Dexion seems to have higher awareness when you're pickpocketing him than most NPCs, making it extremely difficult to take anything from him successfully, even with 100 in Pickpocketing and multiple perks.


  • Dexion can occasionally be seen acting as though reading an Elder Scroll in the center room of Fort Dawnguard after the quest Seeking Disclosure.
  • Dexion may remain in the recovery position and still count as an enemy. You may or may not be able to converse with him, but if you are and you tell him to go to Fort Dawnguard, he will then be attacked by Isran and it will be impossible to continue the quest.
    •  The console command tcl can be used to reach Dexion without disengaging the barrier. Dexion will be friendly, will initiate dialogue, and will successfully reach Fort Dawnguard afterward. The quest marker to disengage the barrier will remain until the quest's completion, but the quest will otherwise proceed normally.
    •  Open the console and select Dexion, either by clicking on him or entering prid xx007b88 (the first two digits vary depending on loaded mods), then use the command setav aggression 0. This makes Dexion passive again and the quest can proceed normally.
    • With the Dragonborn add-on, it is possible to use a two or three syllable Bend Will shout on him to prevent him from being hostile. If Dexion is injured on the floor, simply use a healing spell on him to continue with dialogue. Repeat these steps if he remains busy, as he will eventually continue the quest.
    • If you are an Imperial or have a high enough Illusion skill, you can use Voice of the Emperor or a spell to calm him and continue with the dialogue. You will have to do this every time you walk into Fort Dawnguard though, so if you are using Voice of the Emperor, wait a day for the power to reset.
  • Dexion will purchase the two Volkihar Elder Scrolls from you for the sum of 6,000 gold following the completion of Kindred Judgment if allied with the Dawnguard. If you have sided with the vampires, you will be unable to sell the Elder Scrolls to Dexion as he lacks the dialogue to do so.
    •   The Unofficial Dawnguard Patch, version 1.2.2, addresses this issue. It adds the appropriate dialogue for buying the scrolls when you side with the vampires.

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