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A spider

Spiders are multi-legged arachnids that come in a myriad of sizes. Giant spiders are dangerous foes, being incredibly aggressive carnivores.[1] They move very quickly[1] and deal damage with their claws and fangs. Through their abdomen, spiders are able to excrete a sticky, thin substance called spider silk. With it, spiders perfect their dwellings, sealing unwanted exits/entrances and constructing a web which they can use to quickly transverse to any space within their abode. They are known to encase their victims in silken cocoons[2] and sometimes paralyze them[1] so that they can feed on them later.

Spiders have associations with the Daedric Prince Mephala, the god Shagrath, and her High Priestess, Selene, who some hypothesize could be connected to Mephala.[3]

Spiders are said to live upwards of 1,000 years.[4]

They tend to inhabit underground caves where the moisture keeps their chitinous skin pliable.[1]

Their broods operate under a matriarchy with a brood mother or spider queen.[4]


Biting Bloodweaver, Mammoth Spider, Mind Spider, Skein Spider, Spider Guardian, Spider Savager, Venomspit Spider, Websnare Spider

Albino SpiderEdit

An albino spider

Albino spiders are a medium-sized species found on Solstheim. They are fundamental to the art of Spider Crafting, the art of imbuing albino spider pods with magical properties to create volatile artificial spiders.

Found in:

Cave SpiderEdit

Forest SpiderEdit

Frostbite SpiderEdit

A frostbite spider

Frostbite spiders are native to Skyrim. They can be found in their underground nests, or roaming the wilderness. Their lairs are often covered in webs, which can cause obstructions. They spit poisonous venom at their prey from a distance, and leap at them to attack with pincers if they get too close. Frostbite Venom is often harvested from the spiders for use as a poison. Spider Eggs can be taken from the sacs in their web for use in alchemy. These spiders usually take on a brown and grey coloration, although they can also be blue.[5]

Found in:

Goldenback SpiderEdit

A goldenback spider

Tenmar Mountain SpiderEdit

A Tenmar mountain spider

Web MothersEdit

Notable SpidersEdit

Diamond Spider QueenEdit

The Diamond Spider Queen

The Diamond Spider Queen guarded the Spider's Shadowkey in Earthtear Caverns until the Soul of Conflict slew it and retrieved the Shadowkey in 3E 397.

Found in:

The Web MotherEdit

The Web Mother

The Web Mother was the spider queen to the population of spiders used as livestock for their silk in a town in Cyrodiil. Circa 4E 180, the scents that the farmers used to trick the Web Mother into considering them friendly stopped working, and the town was soon overrun with the spiders.[6] The Warrior arrived and killed the spiders, destroyed the eggs that were laid in the town. Then, the Hero continued into the nest where the Web Mother was too large to leave and slew her.[7]

Found in:



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