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Lore:Kjoric the White

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High Chieftain Kjoric the White
Race Nord Gender Male
Died 1E 478
Reign 1E 452-
1E 478
Previous Ruler Olaf One-Eye
Next Ruler Hoag Merkiller
Resided in Skyrim

Kjoric the White was the High King/High Chieftain of Skyrim, after the reign of High King Olaf One-Eye and before his son, Hoag Merkiller. In his lifetime, he was a soft-spoken leader and attained power across the province when the Crown of Verity chose him over the moot-chosen warrior. Ever since then, no one argued the authority of the Crown.[1]


Following the end of Olaf One-Eye's reign, the moot was held to chose the next High King. Kjoric the White was chosen to represent his hold, much like other members of the meeting. In the end, they decided on the tribal chieftain, Asurn Ice-Breaker, but the Crown of Verity had rejected him, and his rage, summoned his loyalist and threatened to kill every member of the moot. Just at that moment, Kjoric challenged him and came out victorious. When he took the crown, it sat perfectly on his head and he was proclaimed the High King.[1]

His prestige as the High King brought him to the coronation of Emperor Gorieus of the First Empire in 1E 461, alongside his son, Hoag and other notable figures, such as Darloc Brae of Anequina, and the two leaders of the First Council, Indoril Nerevar and Dumac Dwarfking. But despite this, the High King and the Emperor's acquaintanceship ended sometime later when Kjoric's forces faced the Empire at Sungard. Kjoric was stricken down in his homeland, in the center of Falkreath,[2]:574 and the moot commenced once again to determine the next in line. His son, Hoag Merkiller, was chosen as the next High King of Skyrim and continued his father's fight against the First Empire.[3]