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(RefID: 00019822)
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Home City Falkreath
House Jarl's Longhouse
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 4 Class Pawnbroker
RefID 00019822 BaseID 00013653
Other Information
Health 75 Magicka 60
Stamina 60
Primary Skills Speech, Two-handed
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type MaleCondescending
Faction(s) CrimeFactionFalkreath; FalkreathJarlsLonghouseFaction; Favor110QuestGiverFaction; Favor154QuestGiverFaction; Favor258QuestGiverFaction; Imperial Government; MQ201PartyGuestHappy; NPCs the Player cannot marry; Ruling Government; TownFalkreathFaction; faction for party guests

Siddgeir is the Nord Jarl of Falkreath and an Imperial Legion supporter. He has two uncles, the first of which is Dengeir of Stuhn, the former jarl of Falkreath. The second is Dengeir's brother, Thadgeir, an old warrior.

Siddgeir claims to have deposed his uncle, Dengeir, due to his old age but Dengeir believes it was actually Imperial machinations. Siddgeir, though, is more lazy than anything and uses his position as jarl in order to reap the benefits. Dengeir may comment on this, saying, "My nephew has always been handed things, even the title of Jarl." Siddgeir leaves all actual work to his steward Nenya and his housecarl Helvard. Siddgeir is also unscrupulous, having some type of working relationship with local bandits and will request your help in dealing with them.

If the Stormcloaks take Falkreath, Siddgeir is deposed and Dengeir will become Jarl once more. Siddgeir himself will thenceforth be found in exile in the Blue Palace of Solitude. If Falkreath is given to the Stormcloaks in Season Unending and retaken by the Legion, however, Siddgeir will return as Jarl and Dengeir will be exiled to Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm.

He wears a refined tunic, a pair of fur-lined boots and a jade and emerald circlet. He is equipped with an iron dagger and carries a key to his longhouse, as well as a selection of higher class items and gold.

Related QuestsEdit

Radiant QuestsEdit


His greetings:

"Yes? What is it that you want?"
"Boland speaks much about the war and the Stormcloaks but he knows who provides."
"The Stormcloaks want freedom but don't understand its price."
"There are opportunities everywhere. Why don't you go find them."
"No time, I have business to conduct."
"Stand aside. I don't need to speak to you."

If he is still a jarl you can ask him some questions:

Does your inexperience make your job difficult?
"Difficult? I am a Jarl. I eat the most succulent meat, drink the finest ale and hunt with the best hounds in the hold. Meanwhile, my very capable steward sees to the needs of the smallfolk and ensures that my hold runs smoothly. Being a Jarl could hardly be simpler. You should try it sometime."
How did you become a Jarl while so young?
"My uncle Dengeir was Jarl until a short time ago. His old age and failing health caught up with him and he stepped down. He now serves us honorably as Thane and, to the great benefit of the hold, I now serve as Jarl."

His goodbyes:

"Come and see me again sometime. I might have some use for you."
"We're done here, I think."


When he is jarl, he may speak with his court attendants:

Siddgeir: "Helvard! The guards are looking sloppy today. I want you to reduce their wages for the month."
Helvard: "Sir, I will shape them up but with the war on it is unwise to reduce their wages any further." OR "We can't afford to lose any men if we wish to keep Falkreath protected."
Siddgeir: "I would think a man of your military training would be able to do with less but so be it."

Siddgeir: "Why have taxes not come in from Granite Hill, Nenya? We should send some guards down there."
Nenya: "They are only a little late, Jarl. The trade routes are affected by the war, we should give them another day."
Siddgeir: "Very well, but when their emissary arrives I want words with him."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Rare GiftsEdit

(This quest will become unavailable if Build Your Own Home (Falkreath)HF has been started.)

You're the Jarl? I'm looking for work.
"Work? I demand tribute before you can be considered for any real tasks. How about drink? None of that local piss. Real Black-Briar Mead, fresh from Riften."
I'll bring it to you.
"You better. I hate people who waste my time."
I don't have time for that.
"Then I don't have time for you."

After accepting and coming back with a bottle of Black-Briar Mead:

Here's your Black-Briar Mead.
"Now that's what I like to see. Someone who gets things done. Here. A little something for you."

He will give you two or three leveled potions as a reward.

Kill the Bandit LeaderEdit

Do you have any more work?
"You've proven reliable. There's a group of bandits in my Hold that I... may have had a few discreet dealings with. The cut they were giving me was good at first, but now it's time to clean things up. Go and take care of it."
It will be done.
I can't do that right now.

If you refused the quest the first time:

Do you have any work you need done?
"There's that group of bandits that need to be taught a lesson, remember? The cut they were giving me was good at first, but now it's time to clean things up. Go and take care of it."

After you have accepted, but before you have reported back and killed the bandit leader, when exiting conversation with Siddgeir, he will only say: :"Execute every last bandit. Spare no one."

Upon killing the bandit leader and returning back to Siddgeir:

I've killed the leader of (Bandit Camp).
"Teach them to stop paying me. Here. You deserve a reward for your service. You know what? I like you. You're not afraid to get your hands dirty. I hereby grant you permission to purchase property in Falkreath hold. Talk to my steward if you're interested."

Siddgeir will then give you a leveled amount of gold as a reward for killing the bandit leader.

Thane of FalkreathEdit

After killing the bandit leader for him, which is the previous task, you can ask him if there is anything else he needs:

Is there anything else you need, my Jarl?
"There is room in my court for a new Thane. It's an honorary title, mainly, but there are a few perks someone like you could make use of. However, I could only grant the title to someone who is known throughout my Hold. You help my people and I'll make you my Thane."
It would be an honor.
"On your way, then."
I don't have time for that.
"Very well."

When you return after helping the people of Falkreath three times, you can tell him you've helped his people:

I've helped your people.
"Then, by my right as Jarl, I name you Thane of Falkreath. Congratulations. I grant you this weapon to serve as your badge of office. I'll also notify my guards of your new title. Wouldn't want them to think you're part of the common rabble."

As part of becoming Thane, Siddgeir will then give you either the axe or the sword of Falkreath.

Diplomatic ImmunityEdit

During this quest, Siddgeir may be found at a party hosted by Elenwen in the Thalmor Embassy.

His greetings:

"These Thalmor know how to treat a guest."
"A ruler is entitled to luxury, don't you think? The Thalmor understand that."
"Why would anyone join the Stormcloaks? They have a fraction of the Empire's wealth and power."
"If I had my way, I'd spend all my time at parties like this, and none of it dealing with the common rabble."

If spoken to:

Some Jarls resent the Thalmor. How about you?
"Yes, I know what you mean. Most Nords struggle to accept change. Those who fought the Thalmor in the Great War still see an enemy. But that war is over, and a new day has dawned. Besides, the Thalmor reward their friends richly. Anyone who doesn't take advantage of that is a stubborn fool."
Have you known Elenwen long?
"I've known her long enough to appreciate her excellent taste in food and wine. And also long enough to respect her importance to Skyrim. She plays a vital role in rooting out the forbidden worship of Talos. As far as I'm concerned, those Talos-worshippers get what they deserve. All they do is cause problems for me and the other Jarls."

His goodbye:

"Until later, then."

If he is friendly towards you, and your Speech is at least 50, you can persuade him to create a distraction:

I need your help with something.
"Well... let's hear it."
I need you to cause a scene. Get everyone's attention for a few minutes.
"I trust you don't presume on our friendship? I am a Jarl, after all. I wouldn't want to appear foolish in front of these people."
Never mind.
"I'll try to forget you ever asked."
You won't be the one to look foolish, I promise. (Persuade)

If you are successful, Siddgeir will accept:

"Ah, I see. Very well, my friend. I'll do it."

If not:

"Mmm, sorry. I really can't risk it. I'm sure you can find someone else with a little less dignity."

If he agrees to cause a scene, he will pick on Razelan, the drunken East Empire Company merchant:

Siddgeir: "It's all for a good cause, old chap."
Siddgeir: "Ulfric Stormcloak? The rightful High King? That's bordering on treason, man! Stand up. Stand up, I say!"
Razelan: "I don't understand... did you say Ulfric Stormcloak? Fine fellow, although a bit too fond of... I mean, no, of course, I condemn him in the most..."
Siddgeir: "You take it back then? You retract your statement? Well?"
Elenwen: "Razelan. And you promised to behave yourself this time. Remove him. He's disturbing the other guests."
Razelan: "I protest! This is an insult to the dignity of my person! This time I'm completely innocent!" OR "This is preposterous. Disrespect... insulting! I am tired of being hounded from all sides!" OR "Madame Ambassador, you know that I would never have behaved... that is to say... well I swear I'm innocent this time!"
Siddgeir: "Tell your men to stand down. I don't need any help dealing with this kind of fool. He isn't worth the trouble. I apologize for the disruption to such a festive occasion."
Razelan: "Absolutely not! I protest... uh, that is, yes, of course. I still don't understand what just... oh never mind." OR "That is absolutely untrue! Uh, that is, yes, of course. What... I don't understand why everyone... never mind."

After the distraction, talking to Siddgeir again will have him mention to you:

"You asked for my help. Not for nothing, I hope?"


  • Receiving the Letter from the Jarl of FalkreathHF before becoming Thane may automatically cause him to treat you as friendly, allow you to take things from the longhouse for free, and skip his Rare Gifts quest altogether. ?