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Location Varies
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health 39,959
129,700 (During the fight with Captain Jena Apinia)Dark Brotherhood
15,000 (During most of "The Queen's Decree" and "A Pearl of Great Price"/At the Illumination Academy/During "The Dreaming Cave" and "A New Alliance"/At the Crystal Tower Gatehouse/On Artaeum)Summerset
79,900 (Defending the ritual at the Crystal Tower)Summerset
31,364 (In Alinor during "A Necessary Alliance")Summerset
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Veil of Illusion
Double Jeopardy
The Sweetroll KillerDark Brotherhood
A Pearl of Great PriceSummerset
The Tower SentinelsSummerset
Home Sweet HomeElsweyr
Faction(s) Eyes of the Queen

Razum-dar, known simply as Raz to his friends, is a Khajiit initially found in Eagle's Strand. If you are aligned with the Aldmeri Dominion, you will meet him upon leaving Coldharbour. After you help Commander Karinith and Ealcil at his behest, Razum-dar will relocate to Mistral and later to Auridon to ask you for aid in several more quests.

Eventually, Razum-dar reveals himself as one of the Eyes of the Queen—personal agents of Queen Ayrenn, whom he knows personally from her days exploring Tamriel as a princess. He frequently serves a liaison between you and the Queen in matters she cannot be seen as publicly involved in.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Khenarthi's RoostEdit

Storm on the HorizonEdit

When you arrive on Khenarthi's Roost and make your way up to Eagle's Strand from the beach, a Khajiit will call out to you. Alternatively, he will introduce himself after you've spoken to Captain Tremouille in Vulkhel Guard, who mentions your rescuer.

Razum-dar: "You there! Wet one! This one needs to speak to you."

Your reply to this question will depend on previous story progression:

If you have just escaped Coldharbour or have not started the quest:
If you have arrived from Vulkhel Guard after speaking with Captain Tremouille:
"Welcome to Khenarthi's Roost, friend. The hurricane must have been very disorienting. So many injured, confused … keep your voice down. Try not to draw attention."
What are you talking about?
"Razum-dar is here on a mission of some … delicacy. You are just what the Baandari ordered. Between your hands and Raz's good looks, we are certain to see this through."
What kind of help do you need?
"First, a question. Where did you come from?"
"We need your face to become familiar so your presence won't be questioned. Come, stay by my side."
What do you mean?
"This one saw you fall from thin air. Pop, drop, splash. Raz would have tried for a backflip, but under the circumstances this one is most impressed."
Why did you send me to Vulkhel Guard?
"Razum-dar is here on a mission of some … delicacy. This one did not know how your presence here would change it. But honestly, Raz is glad you returned. You may be just what he needs."
Why do you need me?
"First, a question. Where did you come from?"
The responses available for you to choose will depend on your previous experiences:
If you have just escaped Coldharbour:
If you retrieved your soul from the God of Schemes:
Has not started the Main Quest:
You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
"If you'd landed five paces north, you'd have squashed a rat, slipped on its guts, and cracked your head on a signal drum. The whole island would have known of your arrival. So where did you come from, truly?"
Coldharbour, Molag Bal's realm. He plans to invade Tamriel.
"A Daedric Prince, you say? Raz has a nose for lies, but you seem clean as an ocean breeze. Hmm. If anyone else asks you … where will you say you came from?"
Coldharbour. Molag Bal possesses my soul. Tamriel is in great danger.
"My, my. You're a focused one, aren't you? It is good to be focused. But it is also good, right now, to fit in. Your sudden arrival? It does not fit in. You understand?"
[Lie] I'm a Dominion soldier who survived the shipwreck.
"Yes, lie with confidence! A straight face, and a gleam in your eye. Well done!
It is very good right now to fit in. Your sudden arrival? It does not fit in, you understand?"
You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
"If you'd landed five paces north, you'd have squashed a rat, slipped on its guts, and cracked your head on a signal drum. The whole island would have known of your arrival. So where did you come from, truly?"
The Daedric Prince Meridia asked me to set things right across Tamriel.
"A Daedric Prince, you say? Raz has a nose for lies, but you seem clean as an ocean breeze. Hmm. If anyone else asks you … where will you say you came from?"
The truth. Why would I lie about Meridia's request?
"My, my. You're a focused one, aren't you? It is good to be focused. But it is also good, right now, to fit in. Your sudden arrival? It does not fit in. You understand?"
[Lie] I'm a Dominion soldier who survived the shipwreck.
"Yes, lie with confidence! A straight face, and a gleam in your eye. Well done!
It is very good right now to fit in. Your sudden arrival? It does not fit in, you understand?"
[Lie] I'm a Dominion soldier who survived the shipwreck.
"Yes, lie with confidence! A straight face, and a gleam in your eye. Well done!
It is very good right now to fit in. Your sudden arrival? It does not fit in, you understand?"

After he has convinced you to hide your identity, you can ask him some questions though he will say little about himself:

Why should I trust you?
"You should not! You should trust your instincts. Leave if you wish! No one will stop you.
Or, come with Raz and do what you can to help us recover. In the process, grow your stature and wealth. It is entirely up to you."
Who are you?
"Just a friendly Khajiit, privileged to see someone drop from nowhere and land in sea. A shame you cannot do that at will. You could make piles of coin, sell tickets!"
Why are you helping me?
"Because you are no soldier, which is useful. You can speak with the locals, assure them we are not invaders or marauders.
Now, come. Let us try to fit in."
Very well.

He will take you over to Commander Karinith and provide an introduction:

Razum-dar: "Commander Karinith, a moment? This recruit survived the shipwreck without injuries. You mentioned something about the Shattered Shoals, yes?"

Speaking to him before the commander, he will remind you to blend in:

"We need your face to become familiar so your presence won't be questioned. Come, stay by my side."

After you have spoken with the commander and received your orders, Karinith recommends you speak to Ealcil, so Razum-dar will lead you to him.

Razum-dar: "Ealcil is this way,"
<Razum-dar gets Ealcil's attention.>
Razum-dar: "Ealcil, this recruit wishes to speak with you."

After introducing you two, Razum-dar will want a find word away from prying eyes.

Razum-dar: "We should speak privately. Before you depart, let's meet by the statues north of camp."

He will wait for you at the exit of the settlement once you believe you've gathered enough information. He seems to think you are off to a good start.

"There, you see? You fit in and no one will stop you from walking away. But, as this one said, there are opportunities here for people that fall from the sky."
I'm listening.
"Ealcil is most impressed with his newest bauble. But the undead are a threat to all of Khenarthi's Roost.
If you want to, you could search the Temple of the Mourning Springs. Determine how to contain the dead there. Then the locals should see we came here as allies, not conquerors."
All right. Anything else?
"Karinith told you how the hurricane dashed the fleet into Khenarthi's Roost. Now the Sea Vipers are picking at the bones of our ships. Strange, yes?
You could scout the coast, as the commander said. Prove yourself to the soldiers."
Where are you headed?
"Oh, there's far less glamorous work to be done in Mistral, at the northern end of the island. Let's meet up there, after you've done what you decide to do.
Until then, Bright Moons guide your steps."

If you speak with him again, he will tell you:

"Good luck out there. This one will stay here for a moment. Relax, so that no one says we do not fit in."

After you have investigated the Shattered Shoals and the Temple of the Mourning Springs, you can seek him out in Mistral.

"This one has heard reports. You've kept busy. Good! You fit in now more than ever.
How did things go?"
I put an end to the troubles in Shattered Shoals and the Temple of the Mourning Springs.
"Clearly, you were meant to help us out. Jone and Jode have a sense of humor, yes? And, of course, Raz thinks discretion deserves a reward."

This concludes the quest and you receive the Gold Fleet's Beacon as a reward.

The Perils of DiplomacyEdit

Meeting Razum-dar in Mistral, he will be waiting at the bridge leading into the port town. Once he sees you, he'll exclaim:

Razum-dar: "You're here! Good, good!"

Talk to Raz and he'll explain the political situation of Mistral and Khenarthi's Roost. Namely that there has been a long-standing treaty between the Khajiit and the Maormer and the Sea Elves see the Dominion's Naval presence as an act of war. He will then ask you to speak with the Dominion's ambassador.

"Keep your wits about you, my new friend. Mistral's houses cast deep shadows, and vipers lurk in the tall grass."
What do you mean?
"Mistral is the jewel of the southern seas, a free port with trade ties to half of Tamriel. Ambassadors from the Dominion arrived weeks ago to negotiate its admission into the alliance. Unfortunately, things have not gone smoothly."
Why? What's happened?
"Khenarthi's Roost has an old treaty with the Maormer. They claim the Dominion fleet intended to invade their home waters.It's a sticking point in the negotiations. The Silvenar could use some help. Find him, give him this token. He'll know you're a friend."
<Take Razum-dar's token.>
"Without Mistral's support, the Dominion will have precious little defense on its southern coasts. But we are not here to conquer anyone. The Silvenar knows this. He's in the Chancery, seeking a peaceful resolution here."

You can then ask Raz about the Dominion and himself, though he will still be evasive about the latter.

Tell me about the Dominion.
"The High Elves, Wood Elves, and Khajiit stand united under the Eagle banner. We secure our borders against invaders, from the Covenant and Ebonheart Pact, but it is no easy task. And Queen Ayrenn leads our Dominion, of course."
Who is the Silvenar?/Who is the Silvenar, again?
"He is the voice and spirit of the Wood Elves. They say he is, was, and will be their greatest leader … whatever that means.
This one knows him as an unrivaled diplomat. He is also the Dominion's best hope of resolving this matter peacefully."
Who are you, really?
"Razum-dar is just a simple Khajiit. He seeks the best for all the people of Tamriel. Also, a saddle that won't pinch the tail. One day …."
Raz at the Boatman's Tail

After you introduce yourself to the Silvenar, and speak to Harrani and Ulondil about the treaty on his behalf, he will send you to Razdum-dar to see if he has any information. Razdum-dar can be found drinking at the bar of the Boatman's Tail.

"You think this one drinks on the job? Good, then so will everyone else.
What is the word, my new friend?"
The Silvenar needs to see the treaty, but nobody will provide a copy.
"Ulondil certainly won't—his viper tongue is sharp. But Harrani can't, because her copy was stolen.
It only takes three drinks to loosen the tongue of a Chancery clerk, if you were curious."
Who stole Harrani's copy of the treaty?
"A good question! Raz answers it with an interesting bit of trivia: Ulondil posted a guard at his quarters the day of the theft. His subtlety is rivaled only by his pleasant personality.
Oh, and it's five drinks for embassy staff. Six puts them out."
Are you certain Ulondil has the stolen treaty?
"Someone needs to slip into Maormer embassy, find a way past the guard, and rifle through Ulondil's private quarters. Oh, and do it without bloodshed that could provoke war with the Maormer.
In case he was not clear, Raz is talking about you."
Why me?
"The pragmatist in this one says it's because you have no firm connection to the Dominion. The optimist says it's because you have proven yourself more than capable already. When you have the treaty, meet both of us at the bridge."

Speaking to him again:

"Keep your wits about you in the embassy. The Maormer security is rather lax, but if they suspect your goal, they will not hesitate to run you through."

You can then head to the Maormer Embassy and steal back the Treaty of Khenarthi's Roost. When you leave, Razum-dar will be waiting for you on the bridge.

"The spring in your step! Did you know a sense of accomplishment can alter one's stride? You learn to notice it in others."
Indeed. Here's the treaty.
"The Silvenar is certainly being watched by the Maormer. You should inform him the treaty is safe. He will know what to do next."
I'll tell him.
"The Silvenar and the Green Lady are being put up in the armorer's home.
Er, this one recommends you knock before entering. Green Lady gets jumpy at silent approach."
Do you think having the treaty will help?
"At a quick glance? There are holes in the treaty. When the Silvenar worries at them, he'll tear a hole in the Maormer's side. The treaty, of course. Not Ambassador Ulondil. Though … heh, that would be funny."

If you talk to him again before finding the Silvenar, he'll say:

"Best not to mention our methods. It will only bring questions and hard feelings, yes?"

You find the Silvenar dead in the armorer's home, and the hunt for the murderer begins. Investigating the leads that Harrani provides, you find the apothecary has been accused and captured by Ulondil. Additionally, you find Sea Viper uniforms aboard the Serpent's Kiss and suspicious messages left by a Sea Viper Spy. You can find Raz in the Canebrake Market alongside Sweet-Whiskers and show him your findings.

"Killing the Silvenar was foolish. The Green Lady and the Silvenar shared a lifebond. She has little time to avenge him before she too will die, and the Green Lady is a most dangerous creature.
But then, you have that spring in your stride again. What have you learned?"
Nothing that leads to the Silvenar's killer. Here.
"The Maormer plan something, but what? Wait, the apothecary sold Daedra blood in these specific amounts? That would explain the strange liquid upon the …. Oh no. Bright moons, no."
What's wrong?
"This is a sample of the vile cloud from around the Silvenar's body. Bring it to the Green Lady. Tell her it killed her beloved.
As for the rest, Harrani will see what you found. We must move like Khenarthi herself is at our backs."

If you talk to him again right after this, he'll advise you to be cautious near the Green Lady:

"You must tell the Green Lady what killed her husband.
Try to stand to the side, just beyond her reach. A simple precaution."

The Tempest UnleashedEdit

Working with the Green Lady, you will learn that the Maormer were responsible for the Silvenar's death. After hunting down Ambassador Ulondil and either allowing the Green Lady to kill him or convince her to capture him, you will hear reports that the Maormer have begun to attack Cat's Eye Quay. Fighting your way through the ruins and smuggler tunnels, you will learn of the plot to destroy Mistral via a storm ritual. Upon stopping the ritual, the atronach Storm-Slave will free itself and Razum-dar will appear, guiding you and your companion out of danger.

Razum-dar: "My friend, you've done it! Quickly now, you must run!"
Razum-dar: "Come, you must leave this place! Follow me!"

Follow him along the path and then jump down into the water near the docks below. Raz will be waiting for you on the shore of Cat's Eye Quay.

"My friend! To escape death so triumphantly is constant thrill, yes?
Not so thrilling for the Maormer, of course."
How did you find me?
"The Maormer are fled or dead, thanks to your efforts. Khenarthi's Roost is safe, and voluntarily a part of the Aldmeri Dominion.
So, if you must know? Razum-dar keeps an eye on promising people."

As a reward you will receive the Storm-Slave's Razor.

After completing the quest, he will apologize for the lacking reward.

"If Raz had known you would do so well, he would have scrounged you a nicer reward. Apologies. The Mistral armory is not what it once was."


To AuridonEdit

After stopping the storm ritual, Raz will have a request for you if you haven't yet started helping out around Vulkhel Guard.

"If Raz had known you would do so well, he would have scrounged you a nicer reward. Apologies. The Mistral armory is not what it once was."
So what now?
"The Maormer are like drunken uncle. Chase them off and they always come back. Next time Khenarthi will be waiting for them. Problem is, there are places that will not be so prepared."
What places?
"If the vipers are here in numbers strong enough to assault Khenarthi, all of the southern seas are in danger. The Queen is in Auridon right now, beginning a royal visit. Raz would ask you to head to Vulkhel Guard and report to Watch Captain Astanya."
I'll do it.

You can ask Raz a few questions about Astanya and Auridon.

"Astanya can pass word to Her Majesty. Perhaps you can catch a ride on the Prowler. Raz heard Jimila plans to set sail. He suspects she may owe you a favor."
Ask you a few questions before I go?
"Of course! After all you have done for us here, it would be rude of Raz to say no."
Who is this Watch Captain?
"Astanya's the lovely watch captain of the Vulkhel Guard Watch. Raz has shared more than one drink with the captain, and more than one fight. She's getting a bit grouchy now that she's tied to one port, but she should set you arights."
What do you do, Raz?
"This one is a simple Khajiit, like he said when we first met. He resolves issues as they come up. He acts in the best interest of the Dominion and the Queen."
Do you think I'll see you again?
"Oh, Raz would not be surprised. You have already proven yourself a competent sort. Simple Khajiit like this one have a tendency to need competent people like you."
What can I expect in Auridon?
"Very tall Elves and very pretty shores. Auridon is the most worldly part of the Summerset Isles, and still many of the High Elves consider it a sanctuary away from the rest of the world. This one thinks they are kidding themselves."

A Hostile SituationEdit

Razum-dar finds you in prison

While in Vulkhel Guard, you will be tasked with investigating leads relating to possible assassination plots against Queen Ayrenn. However, once you find the apparent criminal you will be imprisoned by the traitorous watch captain. Waking up in a cell in the Vulkhel Guard prison, Razum-dar can be seen outside. He will be surrounded by corpses and is trying to get your attention.

Razum-dar: "Wake up, new friend. Wake up!"

Speak with him to see what he wants, his conversation with you will depend on whether you met him on Khenarthi's Roost.

Completed The Tempest Unleashed previously:
First time Meeting:
"Raz must admit. Even he did not think we'd be seeing each other again so soon. How are you, my friend?"
Terrible. Raz, what are you doing here?
"He is here to help, as always! You may have noticed your new friend Fasion lies dead on the ground behind you. Raz knew Fasion well. As he thought he did Astanya."
What happened to him?
"The captain happened. Fasion and Raz worked together, as agents of the Queen. Fasion was not willing to give up secrets. And so now Fasion is dead."
You going to let me out of here?
"You will soon be free. But as on the island, Raz must ask your aid. You must warn the Queen, and her battlereeve. The captain will attempt to murder the Queen at the temple."
Just tell me what to do.
"You must get past the captain's men. Seek out another of our lady's agents, Eshaba. She stands watch in the marketplace, peddling her wares.
Ask her for a souvenir of the First Marines, and she will set you on your path."
"Ahh. Razum-dar's new friend is awake. How do you feel, new friend?"
Terrible. What's going on?
"It is as this one said. Razum-dar is your new friend. But then, this one's friends call him Raz.
You may have noticed your last new friend, Fasion. He lies dead on the ground behind you."
'What happened to him?
"The captain happened. Fasion and Raz worked together as agents of the Queen. Fasion was not willing to give up secrets. And so now Fasion is dead."
You going to let me out of here?
"Raz needs a partner, now. So yes, you will soon be free. For a price.
You must warn the Queen and her battlereeve. The captain will attempt to murder the Queen at the temple."
Just tell me what to do.
"You must get past the captain's men. Seek out another of our lady's agents, Eshaba. She stands watch in the marketplace, peddling her wares.
Ask her for a souvenir of the First Marines, and she will set you on your path."

He will then let you out of your cell to find Ayrenn and stop the plot against her:

Razum-dar: "Now, out of here! Save the Queen."

Before you leave, you can ask him some questions about the situation and himself:

"This one imagines you may have some questions. What can Raz tell you?"

Alternatively, if this is the first time meeting him:

"You have questions, new friend?"
How did you find me?
"You have this one's apologies. He was looking for Fasion. It is a happy accident, for us both, that you could be saved.
You escape the cell. And Razum-dar's new plan to warn the Queen moves forward."
Why can't you warn the Queen?
"It is somewhat embarrassing, but … this one's face is known to some of the royal court. If Razum-dar were to approach, they would know something is amiss.
You, a new face in a marine's uniform. They would suspect nothing."
That makes sense.
"Is there anything else this one can convey?"
So you work for the Queen?
"Yes. As did Fasion. He told you true. We are the Eyes of the Queen. We are few, and we stick to the shadows. But we have the honor of being the Queen's most-trusted agents."
The most-trusted agents? What about the First Auridon Marines? / If the Eyes are the most-trusted agents of the Queen, what about the marines?
"The battlereeve is fiercely loyal. He believes his marines are immune to manipulation. Like newly forged steel blades. But Razum-dar knows, better than most, how quickly stains can set in."
Why didn't you tell me this before? (Only appears if you met him on Khenarthi's Roost previously)
"Do you go around admitting your dark secrets to strangers? Raz knows you know how to keep a secret. This one's service to the Queen is an honor and a privilege. But not something he brags about in island bars."
Can you tell me anything else about the Veiled Heritance?
"They don't think we need the Dominion to survive. They think the Queen is making a mistake, "elevating" the Bosmer and Khajiit to be equals with the High Elves. Racists. Isolationists. And general idiots."

Teldur's EndEdit

Meeting in Silsailen

After Teldur's End is completed, Razum-dar can be found outside the manor in Silsailen with the other reinforcements who came to take back the town from the Veiled Heritance.

"Raz could not help but overhear. It is a terrible thing, to tell a person her father is gone."
What are you doing here, Razum-dar?
"This one was doing a bit of clean-up in Vulkhel Guard after the Astanya incident. Heard about your problems here and thought we could lend a hand.
Got here too late, of course. Your efficiency is impressive."
What will you do now?
"Help the locals. They'll need all the help they can get. Raz hopes he can find some intel here, perhaps unearth some new leads.
This one has sent agents to every town in Auridon. If there are more like this Valano out there, we shall find them."
Is the Queen well?
"So far as Raz knows, yes. She left not long after you did for Tanzelwil. This one is sure she'll be happy to see you there."

To MathiisenEdit

Meet Raz outside Mathiisen

After assisting the queen at Tanzelwil with the coronation rituals and stopping another Veiled Heritance plot, Battlereeve Urcelmo will give you orders to meet with Razum-dar outside the town of Mathiisen. He can be found on a stone ledge, watching the town from across the water.

"Ah, my friend. This one was just thinking about you.
Nothing personal, of course. Raz threat-assesses all of his assets."
The Battlereeve said you're looking into a Veiled Heritance connection here?
"Yes, yes. We are here to gather some intelligence, right some wrongs.
And perhaps slit some throats. We'll see how the day goes."

This completes the quest, and he gives you some gold.

Putting the Pieces TogetherEdit

If you did not get the quest To Mathiisen, you still find Raz outside the town. He can be seen overlooking the western bridge or on the beach beneath the bridge leading towards Mathiisen Manor (on the south side of town). He can also be found on the northern beach, behind Malanie's House.

He'll comment when you approach:

"Such a lovely day for a stroll past Mathiisen."

His greeting depends on whether or not you completed "To Mathiisen." However, after the initial greeting, the conversation is the same. There are rumors of the Veiled Heritance's presence in Mathiisen and the Queen has ordered an investigation.

Did not complete To Mathiisen:
Completed To Mathiisen:
"Ah, hello. Perhaps you would be willing to help old Raz with a quick errand?"
What do you have in mind?
"You'll be perfect for this. You'll see. Raz has an eye for this sort of thing."
What do you have in mind?
"Her majesty set this one a task—investigate the leadership of the Veiled Heritance. The Veil's trail leads here, to the town of Mathiisen.
Well known for their steel blades, yes? But also, apparently, weaponsmiths for anarchists."
Where do I fit in?
"You contact agent Fistalle on the east side of town. This one pads around her house. Then, we meet to discuss her report. Too bad Raz is so handsome, yes? He would get noticed."
Whatever you say, Razum-dar.

This starts your mission, but you can ask Razum-dar some more questions before heading into the town.

"The Heritance are racists, yes? Idiots. But dangerous, destabilizing racist idiots. We must act."
Can you tell me more about the Veiled Heritance?
"Raz may have oversimplified. These Altmer, the ones who wear the veil. They do not see themselves as racists. They see themselves as members of a far superior race. The rest of us just need some … help."
What's their ultimate goal?
""Auridon for the Altmer." Cats like this one out, shortie Elves out. Nothing but tall folk, fair skin, and pointy ears as far as the eye can see.
Boring, yes?"
You trust me even though I'm new to the Eyes? (if you've worked with Razum-dar before)
"Her Majesty trusts you. And you were of great help in Vulkhel Guard. Why would this one not trust a new, fresh face?
Raz would never watch you with careful eyes, ready for the first sign of betrayal. Never!"
What's it like working for the Queen? (if you've never worked with Razum-dar before)
"This one is proud to work for Her Majesty. We are called the Eyes of the Queen. We are a select group, the best.
We are some of the few that Ayrenn can trust, these days."
Razum-dar in Mathiisen

When you arrive at Fistalle's house, you will find her dead, and a curious note beside her body. Take the note to Raz who will want to know how Fistalle is.

"And how is Fistalle, my friend? Raz loves her laugh.
What did she learn?"
I'm sorry Raz. Fistalle is dead.
"Dead? Darm Moon and dull claws. Damn these fanatics."
I found this note on her body. I don't understand what it means.
"Let Raz see that.
Even in death, she laughs at this one. Clever girl. It is a code, telling us who she suspected."
What do you make of it?
"She mentions a rat with a blade. Condalin is the forgemaster here, controls the smithy on the far end of town.
Go, see what you can find. And be careful. Meet Razum-dar around the other side of the forge when you are done."

You can chat with Raz some more before heading to the forge.

"So many good people lost these last few years. Don't let her death be meaningless."
It seems like you knew Fistalle well.
"Raz recruited her into the Eyes. Vouched for her to the Queen, and trained her as best he could. Now this one has to tell her parents. Another sad tale of the Queen's Eyes."

Search the forge until you find the Armament Inventory document and meet Razum-dar outside.

"What did you find?"
I found this inventory. Condalin and the Canonreeve were arguing about this earlier.
"Interesting. Raz knows Mathiisen's Canonreeve. Malanie. Would not have suspected her. If she's donned the Veil, she's probably running the show here.
Explains something, too."
What do you mean?
"A guard now stands before the door. Seems an odd place for a guard, yes? Want you to investigate. This one has another lead to run down."
I'll get into the house and meet you when I have something.

Asking further about his suspicions:

"We're close, my friend. We will act soon. Trust Razum-dar."
Why did you say you were surprised the Canonreeve wears the Veil?
"Just thought better of her. This one knows she and the Queen used to correspond regularly. To think she's fallen in with the Heritance.
Shows even good people can do stupid things."

Prior to one of the updates, Raz would instruct you to distract a guard that was standing in front of the Canonreeve's house so you could enter. Instead of you just saying you'd enter the house, the conversation would play out as follows after he tells you "A guard now stands before the door":

How do I get inside?
"Distract the guard. In the warehouse nearby is a barrel of kindlepitch. Light a fire alongside the house and, yes? You slip inside.
Raz will meet you behind the house when you're done."
"Our friend here was too noisy. Had to have some fun with him. What did the Canonreeve's home yield?"

Inside Malanie's house, you find a Heritance officer's uniform in a chest of drawers. Outside the house, you find Raz has taken care of the guard.

"Our friend here was too noisy. Had to have some fun with him. What did the Canonreeve's home yield?"
An officer's uniform. Looks like you were right.
"It's true, then. Malanie leads the Heritance here. This town is corrupt, down to the roots.
Damn it! The Queen will not be pleased."
What do we do?
"When the roots are fouled, there's only one thing left to do—rip them out of the ground."
Where do we start?
"The time to stay in the shadows is past. Now we step into the light."

You complete the quest for some gold.

If you exit out of the conversation before completing the quest, he will alternatively say:

"This town is rotten, down to the roots. Like a Full Moon, the Eyes of the Queen stare down."
What do we do now, Raz? (Lead to quest completion dialogue)

The UnveilingEdit

After his last statement, he will immediately begin detailing his plan once he verifies you still trust him.

"You ready for a harder task, my friend? Ready for a mission worthy of the Queen's Eyes?"
I'm ready.
"All right, now. You trust in Razum-dar, yes? He must ask you to trust him further. Malanie, Condalin. They are in the town barracks. You must go in, make a big noise.
They will almost certainly capture you."
They'll what? Why should I let them capture me?
"Condalin's too observant. He knows we are here. If you go strolling in like the pompous hero, allow yourself to be taken, they'll let their guard down.
Then old Raz finds you, frees you, and we strike!"
Fine. For the Queen.

This starts the next task, you are understandbly skeptical.

"Razum-dar trusts you. Do the same for him, and he will not let you down."
This is your plan, really? Let me get captured?
"You have, perhaps, something better to do? Look, we are the Queen's Eyes. We do the tasks that must be done, even if it means getting hit on the head. Killing those who do not deserve it.
Riding a guar naked through an Argonian temple."
Sorry, what?
"Raz only shares that story with veteran field agents. Perhaps another day."
Razum-dar springs you out of jail—again

After you blatantly accused Canonreeve Malanie of treason, you will be knocked out and wake up imprisoned. Razum-dar will have repaid your trust as he is waiting outside your cell door. He also takes the chance to mock you.

"You're awake now, sleeping kitten?"
Ow. I take it your plan worked?
"Just as we'd hoped. You did very well for new blood."
Are you going to make fun of me for the jail thing?
"What? This one would never note that this is the second time he is saving you. From jail. In less than a month.
Not out loud, anyway."
Right. How'd you get down here, anyway?
"What do you think Raz did while you searched the town? He watched, observed, calculated.
Raz has very good eyes, you see."
What now?
"Razum-dar unlocks the door. You go find Condalin. This one finds Malanie.
Just be careful."
Where is Condalin?
"Near Fistalle's house. Bastard.
Meet up with Raz near the forge when you are done. He'll know where Malanie is then."

Once you have killed Condalin, Razum-dar will be waiting by the Forge entrance.

"The Canonreeve is inside, near the forge. She is trapped."
So this is it, then?
"Aye. Come, my friend. For Fistalle. For the Queen!"

If you try to talk to him before heading in:

"Let us finish the task at hand. We can chat afterward."

He will then run into the forge area:

Razum-dar: "Let's take her out quickly. Be done with this place."

After you find the Smuggler's Tunnel and fight your way through, Malanie can be found cornered at the other end:

Razum-dar attacking Malanie
Razum-dar: "You are under arrest, Canonreeve. For treason against the Queen."
Canonreeve Malanie: "The only queen I serve is the Veiled Queen!"
Razum-dar: "This is fine, traitor. We could use the exercise."

Once the two of you have defeated Malanie, he will say:

Razum-dar: "We are finished here. Raz can't stand the stink of the forge anymore."

Exit the tunnels and Razum-dar will be waiting for you.

"Razum-dar wants to say that went pretty well. Then he remembers Fistalle, and her parents."
She'd be proud, Raz. She didn't die in vain.
"You're right. On behalf of the Queen, we give you thanks.
One day you will be a great and mighty agent. Almost as great as Razum-dar. If that's possible."

This concludes the quest, and you receive the Queen's Eye Leathers as a reward.

To SkywatchEdit

With your work in Mathiisen completed, Raz will have you go ahead of him to Skywatch.

"Raz needs to report our success here. Her Majesty will be pleased."
What is our next move?
"I will return to Skywatch and see what can be learned there. Speak to Captain Tendil when you arrive. He will know where to find me."
Got it.

If you talk to him again, he will say:

"I will see you in Skywatch."

Lifting the VeilEdit

Razum-dar undercover in Skywatch

After being contacted with a message saying to meet Razum-dar at the Skywatch Manor, you will instead be met by a suspicious Skywatch Noble who insists you follow him. Following him around the corner will result in Razum-dar removing his disguise to reveal himself.

"Perhaps now you recognize Razum-dar, yes?"
Why the disguise?
"Skywatch is a dangerous town—today, of all days. You know of the festival? Estre's ceremony, yes?"

If you have not completed Through the Ashes, you can ask about the ceremony:

What's the ceremony about?
"To cement their relationship, the Queen plans to elevate Estre within the Thalmor. Everything must be perfect."
So what's the catch?
"The Heritance. Raz has word the Veil has fallen on Skywatch. They plan to attack the royalty, make a statement. We need someone to find the cell and snuff it out.
And by someone, Raz means you."
Of course.
"It is a pleasure working beside you, my friend.
Start at the Barbed Hook tavern, down by the docks. Use the phrase, "The wine here is made with Alik'r grapes." Raz is certain that will get you somewhere."

However if you've already assisted Dawnbreak, you can warn Raz about the Veild Queen:

Raz, I have information about the Veiled Queen. She's a Daedric cultist.
"She consorts with Daedra? Truly? Raz will need to convey this to the Queen. In the meantime, we must tend to matters here in Skywatch."
What's wrong? Have the Daedra arrived here?
"No, my friend. It is the Heritance. Raz believes the Veil has fallen on Skywatch. They plan to attack Her Majesty, make a statement. We need someone to find the cell and snuff it out.
And by someone, Raz means you."
Just tell me what to do.
"You are Raz's favorite, did you know that?
Start at the Barbed Hook tavern, down by the docks. Use the phrase, "The wine here is made with Alik'r grapes." That will get you somewhere."

Either way, he will pass you a disguise to use to masquerade as a candidate for the Veiled Heritance:

Anything else?
"Take the earring Raz used to disguise himself. You won't get far under the Veil looking like that."
I'll get it done, Raz.

If you talk to him right after this, he'll say:

"Moons guide you on your journey, my friend."

After being given a test by Palomir to take a sword from a Royal Guard, you can go back to Razum-dar:

"This one is surprised you have returned so soon. Have you made contact with the Heritance?"
I made contact, but they want me to kill a guard for his sword.
"Truly? Hmm. Well, we don't want you doing that. After all, Royal Guards are so expensive to train. And the paperwork for murdering a member of the Queen's entourage…tsk."
So what do I do?
"Well it just so happens Raz has a blade that should satisfy your new friend. This one has been dueling with the Queen's men since we got to Skywatch.
Anything to avoid Urcelmo's strategy meetings."
Thanks, Raz.

Speaking to him again after getting a blade:

"Good luck with that blade, my friend. Those Heritance bastards are yours."

The Veil FallsEdit

After successfully infiltrating the Heritance and earning to the right to meet with their leaders, you will learn the identity of the Veiled Queen. Once you have managed to escape the island, you can return to Skywatch and seek out Razum-dar. He'll be waiting for you outside the Manor, after some initial shock at what you learnt, he is prepared to believe you.

"Ah, good. Raz was beginning to worry about you."
Where's High Kinlady Estre?
"Calm yourself, friend. She's inside with the Queen. They're practicing for the Thalmor ceremony tomorrow. No need to worry."
You don't understand. Estre is the Veiled Queen.
"Truly? You are certain? If you're mistaken, accusing her—"
Raz, you have to trust me. I saw her speak to the Veiled Council.
"Then we end this. Come with Razum-dar!"
"My queen, this one apologizes. We must speak with you at once."

You go together to confront Estre in Skywatch Manor. Once you enter the building, Raz will comment:

Razum-dar: "Let's go. We must stop this."

If you talk to him at the point, he will say:

"Follow the moons, my friend."

He will then walk up to the dais to speak with Ayrenn.

Razum-dar: "My queen, this one apologizes. We must speak with you at once."
Queen Ayrenn: "Razum-dar? What's going on here?"
High Kinlady Estre: "What is the meaning of this? Who let that cat in here?"
Razum-dar: "Our friend here will tell the tale."

You explain the situation to the queen, who is skeptical right until the point where Estre disappears into a Daedric portal. Razum-dar comments on the situation if you talk to him after the confrontaton and escape.

"That vile witch. I never liked her."

Breaking the BarrierEdit

If you've already completed Through the Ashes, Raz will send you to Firsthold instead:

Raz, Estre is going after Firsthold. She said as much at Dawnbreak.
"So, Estre is plotting to attack the seat of the Rilis family.
This one is not surprised. She has always been jealous of their rule in the north. We need to move, and we need to move now.
What do I do?
"Battlereeve Urcelmo was already on his way to the city. He will know what is happening.
Head to Firsthold, seek the Battlereeve. Raz will be right behind you"
I'll get going then.
"Do not worry, Razum-dar will be on his way soon. He may even beat you there!
He just has to change clothes first."

Arrive at Firsthold and help the Mages Guild destroy Estre's wards, then meet Raz again.

"My friend. It is good to see you again. Your talisman? Razum-dar sees you have met Sinien.
Cheerful, isn't she?"
Very. What's our next move?
"We storm the castle and the realm beyond. This one imagines Estre is very upset. She threw in her lot with Dagon and now ….
Now nothing stands in our way."

This completes the quest.

Sever All TiesEdit

If you choose not to continue the conversation and approach him before starting the quest:

"We got to close these portals."

You can get this quest from Raz right after finishing the previous one:

"Estre is vulnerable. But Tamriel is still open to the Deadlands. This must not be.
We must close her gates. End the threat of the Daedra."
How do we close the gates?
"Each gate is maintained by a sigil stone. Enter the portal, find the stone, and destroy it.
Raz is going to guess they will be guarded."
So I should be careful?
"Just so, my friend. Good luck in there.
Raz will rejoin Urcelmo and the others. Ensure Firsthold is still here when you get back."
Good luck, Razum-dar.

Talking to him right after this, he'll say:

"Raz cannot say what you will find in the lands beyond.
He doubts what you find will be friendly."

Close the gates and return to him.

"The gates are closed. And Tamriel is just a little bit safer.
What do you say we put an end to Estre?"
Where's the Battlereeve?
"He and Sinien are already inside. We have one more portal to close.
The High Kinlady Estre clutches to Dagon's robes. Hides within the Deadlands."
Will you come with me, Raz?
"It would be Razum-dar's pleasure to fight by your side.
Follow. He shall lead the way."
Right behind you.

He will unlock the door to Firsthold Castle:

Razum-dar: "This one shall open the door!"

Go and defeat Estre with Urcelmo, Sinien and Raz. Return to Tamriel:

"Estre dead. Rilis found. Razum-dar couldn't have asked for more.
Even this one must admit: you do good work. Without you leading the charge, today could have gone very differently."
What now, Raz?
"Queen Ayrenn has arrived. She is just outside, with her retinue. This one is certain she'll want to hear your report.
Go. We will speak again soon."
As you say.

If you talk to him again right after this, he'll say:

"Poor Queen. Razum-dar can't imagine her sitting out the fight willingly. Her retinue must have held her down to keep her from entering the fray."

After finishing the quest by talking to the queen, he'll say:

"Moons know our paths will cross again, my friend."


The Staff of MagnusEdit

Approaching him in Woodhearth, where he will send you to Marbruk to act as an envoy::

"Impeccable timing! Razum-dar's luck strikes again!"

If you encountered Razum-dar before:

"Ah. Just the one Raz was waiting for. The queen needs someone who can be entrusted with a … dignified task, and this one cannot currently oblige.
You would be acting as Ayrenn's personal envoy, but you can be respectable, yes?"

Otherwise if you have not encountered Razum-dar before:

"Here is a person who looks noble and respectable. Yes. Razum-dar thinks you would be perfect to act as Queen Ayrenn's envoy.
It is a very dignified task. You should be honored that this one even asks."
What is that you need me to do?
"A very dangerous artifact is being held in the city of Marbruk—the Staff of Magnus.
Queen Ayrenn wants to make sure the staff does not fall into the wrong hands. She wants a personal representative to make sure the staff is secure."
So you want me to go to Marbruk?
"Yes. It is really just a formality. Very few even know the Staff of Magnus is in the city, but the queen wants to make sure the guard is doing its job.
Go to Marbruk and seek our Captain Sarandil. He will be expecting you."
All right. I'll speak to Captain Sarandil.

Speaking to him again:

"Making sure the Staff of Magnus is safe in Marbruk is the queen's top priority right now.
Be patient with Captain Sarandil. Raz has heard he is … proud of his city. You are the queen's envoy in this, so be on your best behavior."

Frighten the FearsomeEdit

After finding out that the Staff of Magnus has been stolen, talk to Razum-dar outside the Marbruk Mages Guild. When you approach him, he will say:

"These Wood Elves and their woodlands spirits. Thou claws are they stretched!"

Speaking to him:

"It is good to see you again, my friend. Greenshade is a far more exciting place than Raz expected.
He hears now that the Staff of Magnus has been stolen? As if these rebellious Bosmer weren't trouble enough!"

If you have not done [verification needed — any previous Dominion] quests, he'll slightly alter his greeting with "It is good to see a friendly face." Otherwise the rest of the dialogue is the same.

Are the Wood Elves here rebelling against the Dominion?
"Not yet … but it is possible. The Elves in this part of the Valenwood do not follow King Camoran. They claim to be subjects of the "Wilderking," some forest spirit no one has ever seen.
They mock the Dominion and call Queen Ayrenn an enemy!"
Why are they opposed to Queen Ayrenn?
"We do not know. The Battlereeve sent a soldier, Hazazi, to negotiate with the Bramblebreach Clan, but he has made no progress.
Now Raz needs to hunt for the Staff of Magnus. So he asks you. Will you find Hazazi and sort this out?"
Yes. I'll take care of it.
"The Bramblebreach village is just south of Marbruk. Hazazi is there. He likes to complain, but he's a good soldier. He just needs someone with a more sophisticated negotiation style.
And by the time you get back, Raz will have a lead on the staff!"

You can then ask him some questions:

How are the Bramblebreach different from other Wood Elves? / Why are the Wood Elves here different from the others?
"This one does not understand Bosmer clan politics. But as Raz hears it, the clans of this part of Valenwood have always been wild.
Some even sided against King Camoran in the Blacksap Rebellion."
Then why hasn't something been done about them before?
"Greenshade is the heart of Valenwood. It is very dangerous and very mysterious, and these Bosmer understand it like no others do.
Raz would not be deterred, but even Camoran's Vinedusk Rangers avoid traveling in this part of the forest."
Why were you sent to Greenshade in the first place?
"As always, Raz serves the queen. She wanted to know if the Bosmer here are as scary as they sound.
With the Staff of Magnus stolen, though, Raz must make that his priority. This one knows you can handle the Bramblebreach as well as he could."
Who do you think stole the Staff of Magnus?
"The obvious answer is probably the right one. Pelidil. That toad fulfilled Naemon's every wish. Why should that change just because the Prince is dead?
Raz knew the Veiled Heritance was a disease not so easily excised. Hmph."
So what do you still need to investigate?
"If Pelidil has taken the staff, we need to find him. And discover what he plans to do with it.
The staff is powerful and dangerous. All of the Dominion is at risk if we cannot find it."

Veil of IllusionEdit

As you walk into the building, you'll hear Sanodil trying to cast a spell with an uncooperative Razum-Dar:

Sanodil: "Will you hold still? This illusion requires precision, which I cannot achieve with your tail constantly twitching!"

Hearing his frustrations with the situation:

"Bah! This Thalmor mage will drive Razum-dar mad! Stand here! Hold this! Everything so exact!
This one prefers more flexibility. He is glad another Eye is here who understands, because we must move quickly here if we are to protect the Dominion 
What do we need to do?
"We must find Pelidil, of course. This one tracked his stinking hide here after he stole the Staff of Magnus.
He's the boss of the Veiled Heritance now, and he has allies here in Woodhearth—dirty traitors who conspire against Queen Ayrenn."
What are they planning to do?
"This we do not know yet, but Razum-dar has devised the perfect way to flush these rats from their hidey-holes.
If they had an opportunity to assassinate the queen, surely they would take advantage of it, yes?"
The queen is coming to Woodhearth?
"No. Razum-dar will be the queen instead! If this mage does his job, of course ….
We will go soon, so Raz must prepare. Speak to Treethane Fariel. She can tell you more about the traitors who are helping Pelidil."
Very well. I'll ask Fariel to tell me what she knows.

You can ask Razum-Dar for more information:

"This one would ask a favor. If this Thalmor mage turns Razum-dar into a monkey, you must exact vengeance.
Oh, and you would need to track down Pelidil on your own. Raz hopes this will not be the case though."
Did you learn anything else about Pelidil?
"Hm. Razum-dar thought the vicereeve was a clawless coward. Always going on with "Prince Naemon this" and "Prince Naemon that." So pathetic.
But he is more tricky now. All this one knows is that Pelidil is near and that he has the Staff of Magnus."
What about the prince?
"Last time this one saw Naemon, he was still quite dead, but Pelidil wouldn't drag around the prince's corpse just to make sure he gets a proper burial.
Some sort of necromancy must be planned, but why? Naemon can't rule the Dominion if he is undead!"
Why are the Thalmor here?
"You share Razum-dar's … distaste, yes? We must accept them though.
The Thalmor were sent to Woodhearth when the Dominion was formed. This port is critical for trade, and there is concern it could be a target for enemy spies … or for the Maormer."
Who sent the Thalmor here?
"Battlereeve Urcelmo issued the orders, but Queen Ayrenn gave her blessing.
She prefers not to send the Thalmor to every city in the Dominion, but in this case, she had little choice. Even Treethane Fariel agrees they are needed."
The Maormer are a threat here?
"Of course. Wherever there is sea, there is the threat of the Sea Elves.
They've sought to conquer these shores for centuries, and the rise of the Dominion has only served to provoke them. The Thalmor help boost the city's defenses."
What spell is this Thalmor mage going to cast on you?
"A perfect illusion, he says, to make Razum-dar look like Queen Ayrenn.
This one prefers a regular disguise, but Treethane Fariel doubts that would suffice. You should speak to her so we can get on with this."

After getting the plan from Treethane Fariel, you'll turn and see Sanodil transform the cat into the familiar Queen.

Razum-dar: "Hmm. Very convincing. But is the illusion applied … everywhere? Perhaps this one should take a moment in private to double-check, yes?"
Sanodil: "There were no miscalulations, I assure you. Now excuse me, I must wash the smell of cat from my robes."
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(lore page)
Home City Woodhearth
Location Thalmor Headquarters
Race High Elf Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Speak to him and he'll say:

"Raz looks good in this form. But then, Raz always looks good. Queen Ayrenn could maybe learn a thing or two from this one."
You look like the queen, but you don't sound like the queen.
"A fair point. Raz … er, I will keep that in mind.
You have spoken with the treethane then? You understand my genius plan, yes?"
I'm to escort you to the Imperial Underground.
"Yes. There we will find out the truth about this Thalmor Officer, Asteril. She's quite the beauty, I'm told. But traitors are never what they seem, yes?
This one is … no, I am ready when you are."

Speak to him again, he'll say:

"We can get to the Imperial underground through an old guardtower. Raz thinks it's … to the southwest? Yes. Let's go!"

Enter the Imperial Underground:

Razum-dar: "Be ready. This one is counting on you to watch his … er, her back."

Walk into the next room and Raz will see a familiar face:

Razum-dar: "Asteril, is that you?"
Asteril: "Yes. Come closer, my queen. I have something for you."

<Razum-dar is stunned.>

Razum-dar: "What is this?"
Asteril: "A gift in memory of Prince Naemon … Vicereeve Pelidil sends his regards."
Asteril: "You will die, and the true king of Alinor will rise again!"

<Asteril will throw an explosive at you both before vanishing.>

Go to Raz's aid:

"Well … that hurt …."
Can you stand?
"Raz will be fine. A few burns will not kill this one. But, uh, for the moment, he thinks you should press on alone.
You must catch Asteril and find out where Pelidil is hiding!"
Where did she go?
"She … used some kind of magic to escape, but it was not a portal, so she cannot have gone far.
She must still be here … somewhere in these tunnels."
All right. Tend to your wounds. I'll find her.

Speaking to him again:

"If you are able to, bring Asteril back here if you catch her. This one would very much like to ask her some questions himself."

Make your way through the underground and return to Raz:

"Raz heard sounds of fighting. Did you catch up with Asteril? Were you able to question her about Pelidil?"
Asteril got away. The Veiled Heritance covered her escape.
"Dark moons! If Asteril got away, we will have to track her down.
And the Veiled Heritance is here …? That is troubling. Razum-dar suspected a few might have come, but he did not expect them to be here in any numbers."
I found orders from Pelidil indicating there was a large force.
"Hm. Some of Razum-dar's contacts warned him that the Veiled Heritance was not putting all its hopes on Prince Naemon—that they had 'backup plan.'
Naemon is dead. This must be 'backup plan.'"
You think they're planning to attack Woodhearth?
"Possibly. If they cannot rule the Dominion, perhaps they would destroy it by attacking Valenwood. But Raz would not have thought the Heritance could muster enough manpower ….
Let us go. We must tell Treethane Fariel what we have learned."

Back at the Thalmor Headquarters he'll inform you:

"Razum-dar has relayed his suspicions to Treethane Fariel, but she has questions she would ask of you herself.
Hurry. We must go after Asteril and make sure she does not escape once again."

Double JeopardyEdit

Before you speak to Oromin:

"This one looks forward to pouncing upon an unsuspecting Pelidil. This nonsense is becoming tiresome."

At the Thalmor Residence, you'll find the lifeless body of Asteril. After speaking with Oromin, Raz will announce his findings:

Razum-dar : "A hidden passage. Connected to another section of the Imperial Underground, no doubt. We should investigate."

Enter the trap door and Raz will note:

Razum-dar : "There could be some useful evidence down here. Let us look closely before moving on."

Speaking to him at this point:

"Eyes open, my friend. We are not out of this yet."

Find a letter on the desk and he'll remark:

Razum-dar : "Asteril had a sister? A twin, perhaps? That would explain much. Raz suspects these tunnels will reveal the rest."

After finding Laryaril, return to the headquarters:

"The Veiled Heritance and the Maormer… just like old times, yes?"

Before the StormEdit

After speaking to Treethane Fariel at the Thalmor Headquarters, Raz will make plans for Seaside Sanctuary:

"Razum-dar simply cannot believe a little weasel like Pelidil could come up with such a genius plan, but we will find a way to stop him.
This one will make his own way to Seaside Sanctuary. He will see you there."

Just outside Serpent's Grotto, you'll find the cat with Major Cirenwe and a captive Maormer:

"The jaws of the Dominion close upon Pelidil now. He will not escape this time."

A Storm Upon the ShoreEdit

After speaking with the Major, he'll be ready for action:

"Time to do what we do best, yes? This should be fun."
Major Cirenwe wants us to split up the tasks.
"Excellent! Many opportunities for heroism, adventure, and thrilling tales after the fact. So, my friend, what will it be? Will you tend to the hostages, or take out their commanders?"
I'll rescue the hostages and make sure they escape safely.
"Raz does not mind getting dirty. It is safe to say, blood looks good on Raz.
Take Larnil's armor if you don't think you can go unnoticed. It is not fashionable, but at least you will blend in."
What should I do with the hostages when I find them?
"Raz has cooked up just the thing. Invisibility potions. One for each hostage. Good for frightened non-combatants. A waste for talented ones like us."
Thanks. Stay safe, Razum-dar.
"Always. Raz will see you at the lighthouse when our tasks are completed. Bright moons guide your steps."
I'll take out the commanders and weaken the Maormer forces.
"Hah! Dirty hands for dirty work! Raz will see to our captive friends, then. Stay out of sight if you can. Or grab Larnil's armor. It's not fashionable, but you will at least blend in."
Understood. Stay safe, Razum-dar.
"Always. Raz will see you at the lighthouse when our tasks are completed. Bright moons guide your steps."

Raz will disappear in a flash to go after his targets.

Striking at the HeartEdit

Raz will be among other dignitaries outside Hectahame.

"This one is relieved to see such estimable help arrive. Raz has already volunteered to enter Hectahame himself, but the queen has forbidden it."

After speaking to Queen Ayrenn:

"Raz wishes he could help. Naemon would not last long."

After defeating the former prince and witnessing the rise of Indaenir as the new Silvenar, Raz will be waiting to speak to you.

"Is it true? What Cariel speaks? Indaenir, resurrected?"
Yes, it's true.
"Raz has had his eyes on other things, or he would not have missed it.
And Naemon. Raz assumes he's dead. Again."
Yes, he is.
"Queen Ayrenn has already decided to blame Pelidil and the Heritance for this treachery. But Raz knows she loved her brother in her own High Elf, noble, emotionally stunted way.
Tell her, but gently."
I will.

Reaper's MarchEdit

Gates of FireEdit

Within Senalana, Razum-dar can be seen at the other side of an Ayleid gate. He will call to you.

Razum-dar: "Over here!"

You cannot go to where he is, but you can still speak to him.

Have met Razum-dar
Have not met
"It is good to see a friend in such a dark place."
What's the situation, Raz?
"You do not look like a Colovian soldier. It is good to see a friendly face."
What's the situation?
"We are trapped, my friend. We hold the door against the Colovians, but that is all the good news Raz has. Beyond us, the ruin has collapsed. We cannot reach you and you cannot reach us."
There's no way to get you out of there?
"Raz and his men came down here knowing what had to be done. You and I have done the Queen's work in the past, yes? Raz must trust you to do what we cannot. You must unlock the shrine behind you and destroy the circlet."
Why is this all so critical? Is this thing that dangerous?
"We cannot risk it, my friend. The tales of the circlet make it a clear and present threat to the Queen and all of the Dominion. It must be destroyed … even though it may cost Raz his life."
Why would destroying the circlet kill you?
"The defenses in the ruin will allow you to destroy the circlet. But the mage with me says unlocking the circlet will trigger the collapse of this complex. Destroying it will most likely seal us in."
How do I get to the circlet?
"You have to depress the triggers in the proper order. We found runes along this corridor saying it's a sequence of four triggers. Press the first to the left and then the last to the right. The other two … we could not find."
I'll figure it out.

You can ask him further questions.

Have met Razum-dar
Have not met
"Raz feels he should say … ahem. He should say his farewells. Do not worry, my friend. This one will not hold his death against you."
"Raz feels he should say it has been nice to meet you. Do not worry, new friend. Just because you have killed him the first time you met him? This one will not hold it against you."
Why do you have to die?
"Well … the truth is that it is your choice. You could take the circlet and free us from this room. The rune on the wall behind you, the Tower. That should fire up the defenses and end our Colovian problem."
What happens if I destroy the circlet, again?
"The defenses in the ruin overload and trap all of us in a collapsing avalanche of rock and dust. Do not worry … Raz and his men are prepared for what must happen."
Can't I just take the circlet and we can destroy it later?
"No, would that it were so. The runes were clear, the only way to destroy the circlet is here. In the defenses the Ancients put in place for just this purpose."
So I could just take the circlet and give it to you for safekeeping. / Couldn't I just take the circlet and give it to you for safekeeping?
"No! The circlet is an abomination. It must be shattered, destroyed. Razum-dar's duty here is clear. The circlet cannot be allowed to leave the vault."
Is it really worth your life?
"Razum-dar is first in the Eyes of the Queen. He has sworn his life to the service of Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri. To die in service to Her Majesty, it is what he prays for in the morning. Well … perhaps not prays for."
Why do you trust me with this?
Have met Razum-dar
Have not met
"You are Razum-dar's friend. His comrade, another trusted soul in the Eyes of the Queen. Raz knows you will make the hard decision. You will do what must be done."
"You are a faithful member of the Alliance, yes? Raz trusts that you understand the danger here. The threat to the Queen. You will do what must be done here."
I can't just take the circlet and do something terrible with it?
"Hah! Raz trusts you not to do that. But more importantly, holding the circlet and using it are very different propositions. Without the proper incantations, the circlet is useless. Incantations Raz intends to see destroyed with Senalana."

Before picking up the circlet after disabling the barrier:

"Well done, very well done. Now take the circlet…and get ready."

After you have picked up the circlet:

Razum-dar: "Now, quickly, destroy the crown. Place it in the furnace. Burn that abomination. For the Queen and the Dominion!"

You have the option of speaking to him again before making your choice.

Have met Razum-dar
Have not met
"It is out of my hands now, my friend. It has been an honor serving with you."
"I know we have just met, but you must listen to me. You must decide, do your duty. Destroy the circlet."
The decision is mine?
"There is no one else. Yes, if you touch the Tower rune … I live. If you place the circlet in the furnace … I die. You must decide."

Depending on what quests you have completed with Raz, you can speak to him of old times:

Can we chat a moment, Raz? I need a moment to think.
"Of course, my friend. We can hold the door a few minutes more. What did you want to discuss?"
Our time on Auridon. That was quite the battle.
"Of course. To which daring adventure in the Summerset isles are you referring?"
The mission in Skywatch.
"The High Kinlady and her little insurgency. Of course … Raz got to go disguised as an Elven noble.This [sic] one had a long conversation with one of the noble ladies at Estre's party. She spent the whole time complaining about 'stinking Khajiit.' Heh."
Our mission in Mathiisen.
"Yes, the little town with the forge. Raz had just gone there to get a report from Fistalle. Just a routine check-in. And we found that nest of … vipers. Pah. How brave those racists were, to kill a young woman."
That business in Vulkhel Guard.
"The day you proved yourself to Her Majesty! She has often spoken of that day to Raz, commenting on your bravery. Heh. It is a shame this one will never get a chance to tell you the story about the bear."
That business on Khenarthi's Roost?
"The day you fell from the sky, my friend? How could I forget? We had quite the time that day. Diplomats and pirates … and such a storm! Raz had to dry his fur for weeks afterwards."
The work we did in Greenshade. That was interesting.
"How could I forget? Which of Razum-dar's several missions in the Wilderking's kingdom are you referring to?"
How can I forget Hectahame?
"Pah, that pathetic Prince. To think Her Majesty shared blood with that one. The day we ended him, once and for all, is a day Raz remembers well. This one has always been proud to fight beside you."
Woodhearth was quite the adventure, right?
"The traitor, yes? And another disguise … heh. It took Raz days to convince Her Majesty to let this one impersonate her. And to work on the voice … it took more days yet. Ahh, some days this one really did enjoy the job."
I was thinking of the Seaside Sanctuary.
"Pelidil, the Maormer, and … the sea serpent, yes? Hah, this one wishes he had been along for that fun. So it always goes, the Eyes must do what must be done. They do not get to choose what fun they have."

If you choose to destroy the circlet, Razum-dar will yell as he runs out of the ruin on his side of the gate.

Razum-dar: "Thank you, my friend. I'll see you on the other side!"

If you choose to keep the circlet, he will yell and run out of the ruin alongside you.

Razum-dar: "What are you doing? You should have destroyed it!"
Razum-dar: "We'll speak of this outside. Tersely."

When you get back to the camp and destroyed the circlet, you will have to speak to Centurion Burri. If you kept the circlet, you will have to speak to Razum-dar, who is quite frustrated:

"Why? Why did you do it? Razum-dar was clear in what he said."
I couldn't let you die.
"That was not your call! Razum-dar told you what had to be done. Now, he must carry this circlet. Search for a new place to hide it. A fearsome burden, and one he does not take lightly. Damn it!"

After completing the quest, he will throw a smoke bomb and vanish.

Note: if you choose to destroy the circlet, Raz will not be present for The First Step or The Path to Moonmont quests.

The First StepEdit

Before starting the ceremony, he will be in attendance,

If you have met him before but haven't started Gates of Fire:

"It is good to see you, my friend. Cariel has been updating this one on your work in Arenthia. Very nice. Razum-dar is impressed."

If you did not destroy the circlet at Senalana:

"Ah, the one who did not listen to Raz. He would say it is good to see you again, but this one is still sulking."

If you have not met him and haven't started Gates of Fire:

"Cariel has been updating this one on your work in Arenthia. Very nice. Razum-dar is impressed."

Before you drink the elixir, he will react differently towards you.

If he's still mad at you after Gates of Fire, he will be impatient:

"Yes, yes my friend. Raz knows you'll do fine. Don't keep the moon-sugar-induced visions waiting."

If you never met him before and haven't completed Gates of Fire, he will be puzzled:

"You don't want to keep the moon-sugar-induced visions waiting, do you?"

After guiding the Lunar Champions in their respective trial, he will have different reactions.

If you have not completed Gates of Fire, he will be friendly:

"You have returned! This one hopes the visions were not too intense. Raz has heard stories."

If you did not destroy the circlet during Gates of Fire, he will still sound disappointed:

"You have returned. Did you ignore the instructions of the champions as well? Raz hears that is something you do."

After the quest, he will have different comments:

If you haven't started Gates of Fire, he will say:

"My friend, before you go, Raz would tell you: he leaves now to travel to Senalana, an Ayleid ruin west of Arenthia. The Colovians are still fighting to hold those old stones. This one must know why."

After the quest, if you did not destroy the circlet after Gates of Fire:

"Hhmph. Raz is still angry you disobeyed him. But some of the moon priests here have been most informative about dealing with the circlet from Senalana. Some day, Raz may forgive you."

The Fires of DuneEdit

Note: if you choose to destroy the circlet, Raz will suddenly appear outside the temple of the Temple of the Dance.

If you are still on The Fires of Dune, he will greet you with:

"Congratulations, Hallowed. This one is not very spiritual … but even a fool knows we need a shield against the darkness. Especially when you cheat death."

Otherwise if you have not completed Gates of Fire, he will instead say:

"Congratulations, Hallowed. This one is not very spiritual … but even a fool knows we need a shield against the darkness."

The Moonlit PathEdit

At the start of the Moonlit Path, he will say:

"Good luck in there. Raz would not face a vision quest for all the moon-sugar in Elsweyr. But he is sure you will do fine."

Within the Demi-Plane of Jode, you can speak to the alternate timeline Razum-dar in the "Urcelmo's Betrayal" portion:

"Ah good … you're here. Razum-dar was afraid he would have to bleed to death by himself."
Are you injured?
"This one? Injured? Nobody can injure Razum-dar. He is invincible … but he must ask that you talk quickly. He does not think he will be awake long."
Was that Battlereeve Urcelmo that attacked you?
"The Veil is stronger now than it ever was. Where … where have you been? The Battlereeve turned on Her Majesty when she tried to hold the Dominion together by force of will. The other alliances … took Cyrodiil, march on Summerset."
What can be done?
"For Raz? Nothing. Raz will rest here, until this Eye of the Queen closes. All that Raz has left is his oath. He swore he would protect Ayrenn. He swore he would protect his dearest friend."
I'll find her, Raz. I'll keep her safe.
"Good … good. Razum-dar is tired. He … he will sleep. If he does not wake up, this one hopes to see you where the Bright Moons dwell. Good luck, my friend."
Good luck, Raz.

Speaking to him again in the vision:

"Why … why are you still here? We have already said touching farewells. Go!"

The Den of LorkhajEdit

Back at Dune, you can speak to Razum-dar again and he will say:

"Hunal has been giving us a running commentary of how it's going in there. Truly, your vision showed me falling to Urcelmo's blade? Raz thinks Jone and Jode do not know him very well."

After completing the quest, he will say:

"Hallowed, the Queen already has plans to make use of us again. Speak with her, if you would."

Circus of Cheerful SlaughterEdit

(lore page)
Location Circus of Cheerful Slaughter
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health (?)
Reaction Hostile Class Foot Soldier
Other Information
Faction(s) Eyes of the Queen

While participating in Sheogorath's play, the second act takes place in the Dominion Village of "Skyroot Hearth". There, a hostile Queen Ayrenn will be addressing an assembled crowd of Mages Guild members. A version of Razum-dar will be by her side, and will be fought alongside Captain Odreth.

Ayrenn will be annoyed when you kill her "favorite cat".

Messages Across TamrielEdit

Dominion VersionEdit

Before you start the quest in Dune:

"Hallowed, the Queen already has plans to make use of us again. Speak with her, if you would."

After accepting the quest from Ayrenn:

"This one will meet you in Skywatch. This one is not worried. He knows there's nothing we cannot handle."

Raz will be in the Mages Guild in Skywatch.

"Seems like just moments ago we were in Dune, yes? It is a good thing Raz is so quick on his feet. Wouldn't want you waiting on him ... like we are waiting on the Guildmaster."
The Queen said something about Molag Bal?
"Yes, Vanus Galerion of the Mages Guild requested your presence. He should be here soon."
What does Vanus want?
"He begs your assistance with a hopeless task. He seeks to bring the alliance leaders together for a meeting. One which they will all survive.
This is insanity, of course, but the Queen tells Raz to give him whatever he needs."
I'll help, if I can.
"The Queen tells Raz that you speak with her authority, yes? This responsibility is a great one! Better you than Raz.
You are aware of what will be involved?"
I'm not. What needs to be done?
"Certain communications must be made. Dangerous communications. This will ensure the safety of all. This one may have to delegate. Hmm.
Yes, of course. Cariel will do that. Ah. That was not so hard."

After you speak to him, Raz tries to get Cariel to deliver messages to other alliance's spymasters, but she refuses. Raz ends up delivering said messages:

Razum-dar: "Job for Cariel!"
Cariel: "No way. Do it yourself."
Razum-dar: "What? Why?"
Cariel: "Thrush is a homicidal maniac, and Copper Dariah? Let's just say I'm not her favorite person."
Razum-dar: "Why is Copper Dariah displeased with Cariel?"
Cariel: "I may have collapsed a building on top of her. Accidentally."
Razum-dar: "Ah, yes. This one forgot about that. Very well Raz will take care of it. And he will send Copper Dariah your warmest regards."
Vanus Galerion: "Apologies for my lateness."
<Razum-dar throws a smoke bomb and disappears.>
Cariel: "Dammit, Raz, not so close!"

Covenant and Pact VersionsEdit

During Messages Across Tamriel, if you have to convince Queen Ayrenn to attend the meeting on Stirk, Raz will be by her side in the Elden Root throneroom. If you try and speak with him he will make it clear that he will not hesitate if you try anything, saying:

"This one's eye is on you. Make one move against the Queen and this one will cut you down."

After speaking with the Queen, Razum-dur will make some comments depending on your faction alliance. If you are part of the Covenant:

Razum-dar: "Tell the lovely Copper Dariah that this one looks forward to seeing her lithe figure in her tight leathers."
Queen Ayrenn: "Raz! Inappropriate."
Razum-dar: "This one has no regrets."

If you are part of the Pact:

Razum-dar: "Tell the lovely Dunmer, Naryu, that she is very welcome to disguise herself as a serving girl and show off for this one."
Queen Ayrenn: "Raz! Inappropriate."
Razum-dar: "This one has no regrets."

Gold CoastEdit

Debts of WarEdit

If you have met Razum-dar previously:
If this is your first encounter:
"My friend! What a happy coincidence! This one never imagined to find you skulking around an Ayleid ruin! Since you are already here, you will help Raz deal with a dangerous war criminal, yes?"
"This one must respectfully request that you move along. Raz has dangerous business in these ruins and you would just get in Raz's way. Unless… You would be willing to help stop a dangerous war criminal, yes?"
What kind of dangerous criminal?
"Only the notorious Butcher of Bravil―Captain Jena Apinia! My talkative prisoner finally revealed the Captain's location. And she's close. Very close. Soon, with your assistance, Raz will make her pay for her crimes of war and terror."
What did Captain Apinia do exactly?
"The coward and her loyal soldiers fled the Imperial City when the chains fell. In Bravil, they stole valuable items to finance their retirement. When the mayor complained, she ordered her soldiers to start killing. Now Raz must make an example of her."
I'll help you deal with this war criminal and recover the items.

You can then ask about him:

If you have met Razum-dar previously:
If this is your first encounter:
"This one hoped you would say that. We made a most-excellent team in the past.
Raz suggests we split up to cover more ground. Locate the Captain and the items. And if you find her before I do, please give her my regards—right in the heart, yes?"
It's good to see you again, my friend!
"Raz is happy to see you, as well! We had such adventures helping Queen Ayrenn, yes?
But we can reminisce later. Drink ourselves silly and tell tales to make each other gasp and smile. Now we have a war criminal to punish!"
Did Queen Ayrenn send you to the Gold Coast?
"The Queen's Eyes go where they need to go, my friend. Raz would ask you the same, but this one thinks it would be better not to know the answer to that question, yes?
Still, Raz is glad you're here. Now let's go deal with Captain Apinia."
"This one recognized you as a warrior of distinction! We should split up, yes? Explore separately and locate the Captain and the stolen items.
If you find the captain before I do, please give Raz's utmost regards. Preferably, right in the heart."
Who are you again?
"Questions? At a time like this? As you wish ….
This one is Razum-dar, just a simple Khajiit who seeks the best for all people of Tamriel. And a soap that won't dry the fur. One day …."
Then why are you chasing a war criminal?
"Some answers are too dangerous to hear, yes? But this one is also an Eye of the Queen. That means … no, nevermind what that means.
Just understand. Captain Apinia decided it was all right to kill innocent people. For that, Raz will make her pay."

Or you can ask about the stolen items:

Tell me about the items that were stolen.
"Official trinkets. Valuable to the right people, Raz supposes, but mostly important to Bravil's citizens.
Let's see …. There's the city's seal, the tax collector's ledger, and the mayor's signet ring. You can see why Bravil wants them back, yes?"
What's Captain Apinia doing in these ruins?
"Raz's friend here, a pirate on the ship Apinia hired, says they found safe haven with the agents of the Gold Coast Trading Company.
What they're doing in these ruins, Raz has no clue."
So the Gold Coast Trading Company is evil?
"Evil? Raz doesn't like to judge. Greedy? As the day is long! If Raz is feeling generous, maybe he'll send Apinia's head to the company's boss when we're done.
Meanwhile, my friend will sit quietly while we hunt. Or he'll be dead. Raz can't decide."

Fighting Captain Jena Apinia:

Captain Jena Apinia: Queen Ayrenn's mangy cat? Again?
Captain Jena Apinia: I should have chopped off your tail the last time we met!
Razum-dar: "Butcher of Bravil! This one claims your head!"
Razum-dar: "Jone and Jode, that hurts!"

After killing Captain Jena Apinia:

Nothing sharpens the claws like dispatching criminals and murderers! And we all survived, which makes the victory that much sweeter."
We killed the war criminal and recovered the stolen items.
"Apinia is dead, so she won't slaughter any more citizens. That will please Queen Ayrenn, which pleases Raz. And we recovered Bravil's trinkets. A good day's work, yes? This one might stick around. Looking into Trading Company. Stay fragrant, my friend!"

Speak to him again and he will say "This one truly appreciates all the help you provided. May your claws stay sharp and your fur never tangle, my friend!"

The Sweetroll KillerEdit

You will meet Razum-dar's apprentice near the city gate, then she will run to her mentor.

Yarmia: I found the Sweetroll Killer, Commander! Help!
Razum-dar: I don't think this is what Raz meant when he said "be discreet."

Then you can talk to Razum-dar to clear up the misunderstanding.

"Raz is thinking this spy business might not work out for the lady Elf. At the first sign of trouble, she lights herself on fire, screams at the top of her lungs, and runs in circles.
Raz does not remember that technique in the handbook."
What's going on here, Raz?
"The work of the Queen's Eyes, that's what's going on here. That business with Captain Apinia wrapped up so quickly, Raz decided to look into another matter before heading home.
Turns out, this other matter has eluded Raz for many years."
And what matter is that?
"The locals call him the 'Sweetroll killer,' yes? Much better than our term. 'The One Who Predicts Your Death and Then Stabs You In the Face."
Raz sees that you're looking into this as well. Perhaps we can exchange notes? Help each other out?"
What do you suggest?
"The Rat Master has ears everywhere. And who knows who our stabby-face killer is? Don't want to give away our plans before we formulate them, yes?
Raz suggests we go somewhere more private, once you finish your investigation."
Where should I meet you?
"Raz and lady Elf will meet you in our safe house after you finish your tasks. We've commandeered the enchanter shop. Not the most luxurious hiding place, but this one has had worse.
We're going to have a glorious adventure, just like old times!"

If you talk to him again before leaving to continue the investigation:

"My apprentice wasn't very good at pretending to be bait. She did hook you, though, so Raz supposes that's something.
Finish your business and then we'll talk. Raz is sure we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement."

Afterwards you meet them in the enchanter's shop.

"Raz knew you would find us! It's not much, but it's private.
The enchanter is an old friend. I helped her out once when an enchantment went bad. Made most of Raz's fur fall out. Very embarrassing. Still, now we get this comfy meeting place."
Why does a murderer in Kvatch concern an Eye of the Queen of the Dominion?
"Raz has seen these types of killings before. A victim receives a sweetroll that contains a prediction of impending doom, then is murdered a few days later.
The murderer killed several of the Queen's advisors and then escaped. Made Raz look bad."
You think it's the same murderer?
"So much doubt! Haven't you figured out Raz is perfect yet?
But yes, I fear we're dealing with same monster. Luckily, my apprentice received a sweetroll. That means we can set a trap! There's just one problem …."
Just one?
"All right. Probably more than one. But what concerns Raz is the network of messengers the killer is using to deliver his gifts. They've placed notes in the oddest locations."
So what's your plan?
"We locate a messenger and figure out what they've been placing around town. Maybe even get them to lead us right to the killer!
Meet Raz outside and we'll track them together."
What about you apprentice?
"What about her? Oh, Raz sees what you're getting at. She'll stay here and hopefully not wind up murdered.
She's still in training and we haven't gotten to the use of weapons yet. Last time I gave her a dagger she almost put out her eye."
Good idea. If she can't handle a weapon, she shouldn't have one.
"Raz is glad you agree. Weapon safety is very important, yes?
Now let's go track down a killer."
You should give her something. She deserves a fighting chance if the murderer finds her.
"Eh, Raz doesn't think that's such a good idea, but he will give the lady Elf a little knife. Just in case.
Now let's go track down a killer!"

Speak to him before leaving:

"Raz has not been this excited in a long time. To think, soon I'll be able to close the book on a murderer who eluded me for years and years.
Meet me outside when you're ready and we'll start tracking."

After you left the shop, he will comment:

Razum-dar: "Raz forget how much he hates working out in open like this."
Razum-dar: "Raz saw one of suspicious messengers near the hedge maze to the southwest. Why the city has a hedge maze is a mystery for another day, yes?"
"The messengers are definitely up to something. Hiding notes throughout the city. Raz supposes a hedge maze is a perfect place for such things. Probably hidden beneath some sort of marker, yes?"

Once you enter the hedge maze, he will have a suggestion:

Razum-dar: "What a wonderful place to hide something! Look for a statue or something. Anything that could serve as a marker for a hiding place."

After you find the message.

Razum-dar: "A coded message? Raz hates riddles. You figure it out, yes?"

Still, he will help you if you insist.

"So this is the point where we decipher the code and track down the messages, yes? If Raz has any ideas, he will gladly share them with you"
Speaking of ideas, what do you think these clues mean?
"Which clue in specific would you like help with, Raz wonder? But Raz must warn you, I'm better at killing things than at solving riddles."
What do you think of the Wolf and Eternal Knight clues?
"Ah, Raz thinks he knows about these clues. It's obvious! Look for something that resembles a knight and a wolf around town, yes?"
What do you think about the Perch clue?
"Hmm. Perch is a place to sit, correct? And Sports fighters, those could be some sort of gladiators.
I wonder, is there a place where people can watch gladiators in this city?"
What do you think about the Gaze Down On the Streets clue?
"Let Raz think about that one. Hmm. If we're looking down, it has to be someplace above us. Maybe the roof of one of the buildings?
Well, Jone and Jode wouldn't have given me claws if they didn't want this one to climb!"

Collect all four notes and Raz will exclaim:

Razum-dar: "These notes should lead us to whoever commissioned this research. There must be a clue. Read them again!"
"According to the notes we found, every one of the targets is a guilty liar. Except for the reference to the handsome Khajiit. That observation was extremely astute.
We still don't know who the messages were left for. Let's try to figure it out."
Do you have any ideas on how these all link together?
"Well, the scribbles at the bottom of each note appear to be instructions. Raz thinks that if we piece them all together, it will create a map of sorts.
Well, not a literal map. Though that would be handy."
But have you figured out where we need to go next?
"Well, the clues certainly allow us to exclude many parts of the city. And there aren't many roads besides the main one.
Raz will continue to ponder these clues. Something is bound to occur to Raz eventually."

If you wait long enough, Raz will suddenly come up with the solution:

Razum-dar: "Raz is a genius! Raz has figured out what the clues mean!"
"It was right in front of Raz's nose the entire time!
Still, all this thinking makes Raz's head hurt."
What did you figure out?
"Raz knows where we need to go! It was right in front of us this entire time.
Do you want to know where the clues point to? Raz does not wish to spoil your fun if you'd rather solve the puzzle yourself."
Just tell me where we need to go.
"There is a small house to the south. Near the Order of the Hour's Tower of Judgment. It's one of the only private buildings that's not along the main road.
Clearly the recipient of these notes must be hiding there. Raz can feel it in his whiskers!"'
Keep it to yourself. I need to figure this out on my own.
"That is fair! Raz feels the same way. Raz hates it when the little Elf tries to help with the Queen's daily riddle.
Well, if you decide you need assistance, just ask. Otherwise, Raz will follow along and watch how your mind works."

If he has given you the clue, he'll repeat:

"The only house that fits all of the clues sits in the southeast part of town, far from the main road.
It would make an excellent hiding spot for a murderer who hands out delicious sweetrolls."

As soon as you enter Fermudh's House, you'll bump into another old friend:

Naryu Virian: "You really shouldn't break into a house that someone has already broken into. Where's your sense of honor, Razum-dar?"
Razum-dar: "Ah, of course! The Beautiful Darkness! Wait, is Naryu the Sweetroll Killer? Raz would be sad to have to kill you now."
Naryu Virian: "Well, I am a killer, but I'm not the killer. And what's that one doing here? This has nothing to do with the Brotherhood …."
Razum-dar: "Um, Raz is confused. You better talk to Naryu so we can figure out what's going on here."

Speak to Raz and he'll tell you that he is familiar with the sexy assassin:

"If Raz knew Naryu was here, he would have brought flowers. Or wine. This one heard she likes a good bottle of wine. Or maybe a new dagger?
Tell the truth. Raz's fur is sleek and shiny, yes?"

After speaking to Naryu, he'll remark:

"Raz has ears as sharp as a dire wolf. This one heard everything you said.
The Queen would probably frown upon working with the likes of Naryu Virian, but Raz says "the more the merrier." At least until we catch the Sweetroll Killer."

Go to Anvil and meet the two behind Coastal Clothiers and Fabrics:

Naryu Virian: "I'm sure your apprentice just ran off. Probably better she's gone when the killer comes around, anyway."
Razum-dar: "Yarmia never flees at the first sign of trouble. Second, yes, but first? Plus she always comes back. Raz has a bad feeling …."
Naryu Virian: "We all have bad feelings. It's inevitable. I'll have my eyes and ears around town watch for her, if it makes you feel any better."
Razum-dar: "Raz appreciates that. And people say you're a stone-cold harlot. But not Raz."

If you convinced him to give Yarmia a knife:

"Why did Raz give Elf apprentice a weapon? Now she's missing and the sharp blade was just lying on the floor. Naryu thinks she ran away, but Raz knows better.
Whoever has Yarmia, Raz will find them. And then they will experience so much pain."

Otherwise, he'll say:

Maybe the Sweetroll Killer has started moving against his targets?
"Raz wants to disagree with you, but he cannot. Naryu and Raz will find the other targets. Hide them in Engra's Hostel where we can keep an eye on them.
In the meantime, Raz has something he'd like you to do."
What do you want me to do?
"Go back to beginning. Talk to Reman, the one who hired you. Raz thinks he knows more than he's said.
Go to the Gold Coast Trading Company and see what he's hiding. Hurt him if you must. Just make sure he lives long enough for us to find Yarmia."

Speaking to him again before leaving:

"Raz will work with the lovely Naryu. Make sure the remaining targets get to the hostel safely.
Meanwhile, you go interrogate Reman. Make him talk. Use whatever methods you deem necessary. Just don't tell Raz what they are, yes?"

Go and speak to Reman at the Gold Coast Trading Company. Return to your cohorts at Engra's:

"Raz must sadly report that we couldn't find any of the killer's targets. They all vanished. Poof!
The killer has struck, Raz feels it in his paws. Now I want to find the killer and end this."
(If all the recipients were murdered)
"Raz must sadly report that we could not find all of the killer's targets. Just the ones you see here in the hostel.
The killer has struck, Raz feels it in his paws. I just hope we can keep the others safe."
(If at least one recipient was saved)

dialogue for all recipients saved

I know who the killer is and where we can find her.
"Really? Raz is impressed! Did you threaten and cajole? It's Reman, correct? We can go to the inn, get drunk, and put this sorry affair behind us?
Wait, wait. Reman isn't a her?"
No, Reman's not the killer. Not exactly. It's Louna.
"The gardener? No wonder Raz couldn't find her.
But we're wasting time. If you know where the murderer is, we should get moving. Let's go dunk the Sweetroll Killer in the bitter milk of justice!"
I agree. We need to hurry.
"If this killer has harmed Yarmia in any way, this one will make her wish she had never of Razum-dar."

If you speak to him before departing:

"We will meet you at the farmhouse south of town. That is where you said we would find the gardener-murderer yes? Raz hopes there aren't too many farms in that direction. This one gets embarrassed when he accidentally attacks innocent chicken herders."

Make your way to Louna's Farmhouse and your friends will have preceded you:

Razum-dar: "Raz thinks this place is too quiet. Good spot for an ambush, yes?"
Naryu Virian: "Oh, I certainly hope so! I could use a good fight right about now."
Razum-dar: "You send very mixed messages, Naryu. One moment you're flirting, the next you're stabbing. It's very confusing."
Naryu Virian: "That's only because you assume the two are different, Razum dear."

Speak to Raz:

"Raz hates quiet in situations like this. Quiet never ends well.
Raz just hopes the targets are still alive so we can rescue them. Tread carefully, sharp-claw."
(If some of the recipients weren't saved)

dialogue when all recipients saved

Where is everyone?
"Place was quiet and empty when we arrived. To be fair, we haven't checked any of the buildings yet. Raz wanted to wait for you. No one wants to miss their own party, yes?
Whenever you're ready, we can start the search …."
I'm ready.

Suddenly you're under attack:

Fate-Bearer Subjugator: "The threads of fate align! Kill them now!"
Razum-dar: "Oh, good. Raz has found them."

Defeat the waves of Fate-Bearers and Louna will ask you inside to negotiate. Inside the farmhouse:

"This killer behaves in most unexpected ways. Be careful. Raz thinks her brain has come loose and sloshes around inside her head."

Speak to Louna and you'll have to decide to kill her or set her free. If you saved all the victims:


If you didn't rescue all three victims:

"Raz heard the nonsense that spilled out of the killer's mouth. Why are we even considering bargaining with this crazy Dark Elf?"
To save the lives of the people she targeted?
"Well, yes, there is that.
Raz changed his mind. Bargaining should be considered. We have to do whatever we can to keep these people safe. Besides, we can always resume the hunt another day."
Do you think we can trust her?
"No, not even a tiny bit.
But Raz supposes that a chance to save innocents is better than no chance at all. Raz says let her live."
"Raz knows the risks. But letting people die when we can save them? That is not who Raz is, and Raz does not think that is who you are, either."

Speaking to him again:

"Raz does not like it, but we don;t have a choice. We need to let the killer walk out of here."
Louna DiesEdit

If everyone has been rescued:

Razum-dar: "Well, that's one way to handle the situation."
Naryu Virian: "It's better this way. She can't hurt anyone if she's dead."
Razum-dar: "But what about her Fate-Bearers? Raz fears this might just be the beginning."
Naryu Virian: "We'll manage. One less of ... whatever they call themselves, is one less we have to deal with later."
Naryu Virian: "I need a drink. Join me at the Kvatch inn and we'll say a proper goodbye."

If there are victims present:

Razum-dar: "No! What are you doing?
Naryu Virian: "It had to be done, Raz. You let her leave and she just becomes somebody else's problem."
Razum-dar: "This is not how an Eye of the Queen does things. This is more like the Brotherhood or the Morag Tong."
Naryu Virian: "Get over yourself, cat. We saved lives today, including mine."
Naryu Virian: "I'll be in the inn at Kvatch for a while longer. Come and see me before I leave if you get a chance."

Before leaving (everyone alive):

"Well, that did not go exactly as Raz had planned. But everyone is safe for now.
Thank you, my friend. Raz will make sure Yarmia remains safe and stays away from sweetrolls from now on."

Before leaving (Yarmia/not everyone alive):

"Raz understands the logic the Dunmer proposed. But to not even try? That is not this one's way.
Perhaps it is time Raz goes back to the Queen. He will let her know the one who killed our people so many years ago is taken care of."
Louna LivesEdit

After making your decision you'll hear (if you didn't save all the targets ahead of time):

Louna: "I'll honor my word and show Razum-dar where to find the antidote."
Razum-dar: "And Raz will let you leave this land. But next time Raz thinks, not so much."
Naryu Virian: "I can't believe you people! How can you let a killer just walk away free and clear?"
Razum-dar: "Raz cannot let innocents die. Is your heart really that cold, Naryu?"
Louna: "Don't worry, assassin. We'll meet again."
Razum-dar: "Let's meet back at the enchanter's shop when this sorry affair is done."
Naryu Virian: "I thought you'd support me in this. Shows how much of the future I can see."

If you avoided any of the targets being captured:

Louna: "The Fate-Bearers will deal with the destinies of others. Your charges are safe, for now."
Naryu Virian: "We're just going to let a killer walk away? Are you serious?"
Razum-dar: "If it buys these people time, it is for the best. Remember, this helps you as well, Naryu."
Naryu Virian: "If the killer is dead, everyone benefits. We don't even know if we can trust her!"
Razum-dar: "Raz will watch and make sure she leaves the Gold Coast. Then we can meet at the enchanter's shop, yes?"

Back in Kvatch at Famula's Wonders (this is the dialogue regardless of targets having been saved or not, even though it doesn't make sense if the targets had been saved):

"Raz is happy to report that the crazy Dark Elf kept her word. She provided the antidote and we saved the targeted people.
Raz couldn't have done it without your help, my friend!"
But we let the Sweetroll Killer get away.
"Yes, Raz does not like that, either. The murders of the Queen's advisors remain unavenged. Still, Raz thinks we made the correct choice.
But these Fate-Bearers. Do they worry you as much as they worry me?"
That's a problem for another day, I imagine.
"Raz likes how you think! Now the apprentice Elf and I will return home and continue her training.
This one wonders if Naryu and the others will ever be truly safe. Vvardenfell sounds like a dangerous place that just got more deadly."
If the Fate-Bearers return, we'll just have to be ready.
"Raz wishes you the best of luck, my friend, but Vvardenfell is a bit out of my jurisdiction.
If they show themselves in the Dominion, Raz will deal with them. But in Dark Elf lands? That's someone else's problem, yes?"

After speaking to Raz, he'll antagonize his apprentice:

Razum-dar: "Move it, short apprentice. And do not forget Raz's favorite brush. It would be a tragedy if this beautiful fur got tangles."
Yarmia: "This is definitely not what I signed up for."

Speak to him before leaving and he'll only say:

"Raz doesn't think he'll ever look at a sweetroll the same way again.
That makes Raz a very sad cat."


The Queen's DecreeEdit

Upon approach, you will see Razum-dar fighting a Yaghra Strider.

Razum-dar: "Raz enjoys a good fight as much as the next cat, but these are horrible creatures!"

After Razum-dar destroys the pearl floating above a Geyser:

Razum-dar: "Five-claw, good to see you! Raz has a proposal if you have the time."

Speaking with Razum-dar for the first time, regardless if you accepted the quest from Calibar or not:

"Have you ever seen such creatures? Raz has not. Probably neither have you.
You are a newcomer, yes? New to this island of High Elves? This one has an eye for such things. And you look capable. So, can Raz interest you in some cloak-and-dagger work?"
Cloak-and-dagger work? Sounds ominous.
"Ominous? No, nothing of the sort. Well, maybe a little of the sort. Depends on how things develop.
Raz has come to Summerset at the behest of Queen Ayrenn. To make sure her decree regarding the opening of the island proceeds as she directed."
So how can I help?
"Ask some questions. Determine the mood in Shimmerene and see how the newcomers are faring.
Rumors have reached the Queen and she is concerned. So Razum-dar comes to see what's happening and fights strange creatures. Now Raz is concerned as well."
I'll ask some questions around the city.
"While you ask questions around the city, Raz can take care of some other business. It may or may not involve scratching and clawing.
Let's meet near the entrance to Shimmerene when you have something to report."
Anything I should know about Shimmerene before I head out?
"Hmm. Raz knows very little about city ordinances or how to tell the difference between mead and ale, so let's avoid these topics, yes? Otherwise, this one knows all about the Queen's decree and the initial reactions of the nobles and Kinlady."
Who are you again?
"Raz is wounded to the core! Forgotten already. This one usually leaves a better impression.
I am Razum-dar, Queen Ayrenn's Eye and dark-lantern agent extraordinaire. But that is a secret between you and me. To everyone else, this one is simply Raz."
Tell me about the Queen's decree.
"Queen Ayrenn, Her Most Excellent Leader of the Aldmeri Dominion, has issued a decree opening the once-forbidden land of Summerset to traders, visitors, and immigrants of all races.
Controversial, yes, but part of her plan for the Dominion's future."
And this is a problem?
"For some. High Elves talk of perfection, but they are a complicated people. Various individuals in Summerset take issue with their Queen. With change of any sort, actually. The Kinlady, for example. Some nobles.
Makes my job … complicated."
What's that about the Kinlady and the nobles?
"Kinlady Avinisse has made her views on the Queen's decree quite clear. She calls it unreasonable. Dangerous. A few of the city's nobles have sided with the Kinlady. As has the new Aldarch at the monastery.
My Queen permits discussion—to a point."
So the Kinlady opposes the Queen's decree?
"She has spoken against it. Now Raz needs to know how far she will go to defy the will of the Queen. Does she grumble but welcome the newcomers, or is she using every option at her disposal to block their arrival? Raz will find out—with your help."
What were those strange creatures I saw you fighting?
"Raz never saw such monsters in his life! They appear related to water, but this one tends to avoid the stuff. That pearl, though. Raz swears it was calling those creatures.
A mystery for another time, perhaps. Now we need to see to the newcomers."
Anyone in specific you want me to talk to regarding the Queen's decree?
"As a matter of fact, Raz made a list!
Olnewil, a High Elf artisan, spoke out. See what she complained about. Then there's Tsoxolza, a persecuted Argonian newcomer. Finally Rhanul, a city resident noted in the Divine Prosecution's observation log."
What did Olnewil speak out about and where can I find her?
"Olnewil complained about … no, no. Raz doesn't want to prejudice your investigation. You will find out when you talk to her.
The artist likes to gather shells along the eastern coast. She uses them to make paints and dyes."
Rhanul? That doesn't sound like a High Elf name.
"True. Not enough syllables. Rhanul's a Redguard whose family has lived in Shimmerene for generations. He's a well-respected trader with a few warehouses along the docks.
Talk to him before the Divine Prosecution decides to arrest him."
What's the Divine Prosecution?
"The Divine Prosecution serves as lawkeepers and protectors of social standards. Very persnickety.
When rules are broken, they record it in their observation logs. If your name winds up on their list, things get complicated."
What do you mean, Tsoxolza is being persecuted?
"Something to do with monks and newcomer registration. Raz is still looking into that.
Last I heard, Tsoxolza was seen leaving the city and heading west. Probably trying to reach the water. Lizard like water, yes? Not Raz. Raz hates the wet stuff."
What does all this have to do with that geyser and those creatures?
"Nothing at all. Unless you think they came to Summerset because of the Queen's decree? No, that would be ridiculous. Let's not lose focus.
Just see what Olnewil, Tsoxolza, and Rhanul have to say about newcomers and the mood in Shimmerene."
What do you expect me to learn by talking to these people?
"We need to confirm these rumors or else put and end to them.
Everyone should be pleased with the Queen's decree. Opening the borders shows progress, yes? However, if any of her loyal subjects reject progress … well, Raz needs to know that, too."
I'll go talk to Olnewil, Rhanul, and Tsoxolza.

If you get the quest directly from Raz, should you agree to ask question around the city, he'll say:

"Shimmerene serves as the arrival point for newcomers to the island. It's the perfect place to ask a few leading questions and determine what the people think of the Queen's decree.
Raz would go, but many know his face, yes?"

The dialogue structure will mostly be the same, but the "Shimmerene" topic only appears after agreeing to talk to Olnewil, Rhanul, and Tsoxolza.

If you knew Raz before this quest, his dialogue is also different:

"My friend! Raz is happy to see you, but surprised you didn't help me with these creatures. Not that Raz needed any help.
You must tell me what brought you to Summerset … after you agree to assist Raz with his usual cloak-and-dagger business."
Complications, Raz? That sounds ominous.
"Ominous? No more than usual, my friend! But there's work for the Queen's Eye, and this one could use an extra blade, if you're willing.
Queen Ayrenn issued a decree to open the borders of Summerset and allow outsiders to have access to the island."
That doesn't sound too terrible.
"That's what Raz said! But rumors reached the Queen. So this one made the journey and was immediately attacked by strange creatures.
Raz doesn't think the two are related, but if you could ask some questions, check on the newcomers. That would help."
I'll ask some questions around the city.

The further dialogue is the same as above, except, obviously, you cannot ask him who he is.

Find the three people mentioned above, then enter Shimmerene again to talk to Raz. You will witness Aldarch Tilcalar and some citizens arguing about the newcomers. Talk to Raz:

"Such anger! Raz never expected to hear such words from the Queen's loyal subjects. The sentiment isn't universal, but enough feel this way for Raz to be concerned.
Did you learn anything interesting from the people I sent you to talk to?"
The artist's assistant and the Redguard's cousin have both been sequestered.
"Sequestered, hmm? Just a different word for imprisoned, yes? Rhanul's cousin just arrived, but Olnewil's assistant has lived on Summerset since long before the Queen ever issued her decree.
What about the lizard? What did Tsoxolza have to say?"
If your character is Argonian:
Tsoxolza is dead but I found this letter. By the way, some of us take issue with the term "lizard".
"Raz intended no offense! Some of this one's best friends are lizards!
But this one wonders why the Aldarch is gathering up newcomers? And does the Kinlady condone his actions? Raz suggests the next course is to investigate the monastery."
Tsoxolza was dead by the time I reached him. I found this letter in his pack.
"Why would the Aldarch gather up newcomers and non-High Elf residents alike and send them to the monastery? Does the Kinlady condone this behavior? Raz's head itches, and not in a good way.
Our course is clear, five-claw. We must go to the monastery!"
All right, I'll help you investigate the monastery.
"Raz admires your enthusiasm, but this one needs you to enter the monastery on your own. Raz has other fish to catch. This one will help you get past the sentry, though.
When you notice that the sentry is distracted, just slip quietly inside."

If you talk to him again before approaching the monastery:

"You have no idea how much Raz appreciates a good assistant. In this line of work, decent help can be the difference between life and death. Not that the work is dangerous. Much.
Now, let's investigate the monastery!"

He will then distract the sentry before the monastery:

Razum-dar: "Sentry! Raz owes you for that game of cards and has come to pay!"
Monastery Sentry: "Huh? I don't recall any … you say I won some gold?"
Razum-dar: "Don't you remember? Raz always pays his debts. And he always buys the drinks!"
Monastery Sentry: "Gold and drinks? Well, my relief should be along soon, so why not!"

You can now sneak inside. Returning to Razum-dar after visiting the monastery:

"Ah, this one's new partner returns! What interesting scandal did you uncover in the monastery? Tell Raz every juicy detail!"
The people that were sequestered were killed to power a Daedric ritual. I found this letter.
"This isn't the kind of scandal Raz was hoping for. Murder, Daedric rituals, and traitorous behavior have a way of ruining an otherwise perfect day.
We need to learn the extent of the Kinlady's involvement. And by we, Raz means you."
You want me to go and accuse the Kinlady of conspiring with a Daedric cult?
"Accuse? Not exactly. Raz wants you to talk to her. See what she knows about the Aldarch. The Kinlady is meeting with local leaders. Attend that meeting and learn the truth.
This invitation and set of elegant clothes will get you through her door."
I also met a mage from the Psijic Order in the monastery.
"A Psijic? Raz has heard rumors, but there are always rumors about the Psijics. For an island of sages who disappeared more than three hundred years ago, they certainly seem to get around.
Did this Psijic mage say what the Order was investigating?"
Something about a warning, and she seemed pretty interested in the life-sucking pearl.
"There was a life-sucking pearl? You should probably have led with that bit of information!
Well, we can worry about the Psijic mage and figure out where these pearls came from later. For now, go see what the Kinlady has to say."
Shouldn't you speak to the Kinlady? You do work for the Queen, after all.
"Kinlady Avinesse and Raz … do not get along. You see, there was a horse, a platter of pudding tarts, and—no, this one won't bore you with the sordid details.
Besides, everyone behaves well when they see Raz. You'll learn more than I would."

If you talk to him again before talking to the Kinlady, he says:

"Go on. Pretend you belong and no one will notice you, especially once you put on those elegant clothes.
Meet Raz nearby after you talk to her. This one looks forward to hearing what she has to say about all of this."

After exiting the manor, approach Raz.

"Pretend you are adjusting your boot or admiring the architecture. As hard as it may be, look anywhere but directly at Raz. Good, good. Now, tell Raz what you learned at the Kinlady's manor."
The Kinlady believes that the newcomers are being sequestered and sent away.
"Raz thinks Avinisse is as naive as she is complicit, but she is not a murderer. This new Aldarch, though, has so much blood on his hands it looks like he's wearing red gloves. From what I could discover, he didn't exist before he came to Shimmerene."
I overheard that the Kinlady was going to meet the Aldarch in the Coral Forest.
"The Coral Forest? A strange meeting place. Raz thinks we should go and see what the Aldarch is up to. After I take back that outfit. I might need it again later. Ah, you have a pretty admirer, my friend. The Psijic sage, yes? Here she comes now."
Let me find out what Valsirenn has to say.

Valsirenn will walk towards you.

Valsirenn: "I'm glad I found you. While watching the Kinlady's mansion, I saw her ladyship sneak out the back and leave the city."
Raz: "The Kinlady is meeting the Aldarch in the Coral Forest. Raz smells something and it isn't moon-sugar biscuits!"
Valsirenn: "Your reputation precedes you, Eye of the Queen. I am Valsirenn of the Psijic Order. And I agree that the Aldarch is more than a simple monk."
Raz: "We should work together, yes? But let's travel separately to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Raz will find you both at the Coral Forest."

Valsirenn disappears with a poof, Raz simply walks away. Go to the Coral Forest and team up again with Valsirenn to confront the Aldarch.

After killing the Aldarch, talk to Raz, who apprehended the Kinlady in the meantime.

Raz: "Ah, five-claw! The Kinlady and Raz had the most illuminating conversation."
Kinlady Avinisse: "You can't treat me like some sort of criminal, you horrid creature!"

Speak with Raz.

"Queen Ayrenn will be disappointed that the Kinlady of Shimmerene allowed a false Aldarch to murder so many newcomers. Such a scandal makes other travelers uneasy about coming here, yes?"
The Aldarch called on the Prince of Bargains before I killed him.
"The Prince of Bargains? That could only be Clavicus Vile! What Oblivion-inspired nest of vipers has Raz stumbled into?
This one has a very bad feeling about all this. Where is the Psijic sage? Raz would like to ask her what she thinks."
Valsirenn returned to Artaeum. She invited me to come and speak to their Ritemaster.
"The Psijic Order's interest in all of this concerns Razum-dar. This one has never had much love of magic or those that practice the art. On the other hand, now Raz has his own person on the inside. An Eye of Raz, if you will, yes?"
Valsirenn said the Order would try to find out more about the Aldarch and the abyssal pearls.
"Then you must go to Artaeum and discover what the Psijics have learned. When you return, you can tell Raz all about it so he can pass it along to the Queen. Yes, Raz likes this plan. In the meantime, Raz will investigate the Daedric connection."

If you talk to him again, he says:

"Stay alert, five-claw. Raz has heard Psijics turn people into chickens and make them explode. To die covered in feathers instead of fur, such a horrible demise.
In the meantime, Raz will send Avinisse home until the Proxy Queen renders judgment."

A Pearl of Great PriceEdit

As you approach Rellenthil, Razum-dar will hail you:

Razum-dar: "Ah, this one has been looking for you!"

He'll then engage in conversation:

"Raz's investigations have brought him to Rellenthil. When this one noticed your Psijic friend slip into town, Raz figured you'd be along soon.
So, what did you discover on Artaeum, the island that isn't here anymore? Ow. That made Raz's head hurt!"
We learned the false Aldarch belonged to a Daedric cult called the Court of Bedlam.
"Yes, this one has been exploring the Daedric connection as well. But Raz hates Daedra. In Raz's experience, very little good comes from dealing with Daedra or their cultists.
And this revelation brings you to Rellenthil, yes?"
Other members of the cult mentioned that something was going to happen in Rellenthil.
"That's disturbingly vague. Why must cryptic cultists be so … cryptic?
Well, Raz saw Valsirenn head toward Canonreeve Farmeldo's house. This one suggests we start our investigation of the area there."
Right. That's where I was supposed to meet Valsirenn.

If you leave Rellenthil while Razum-dar is following you:

"Raz will see you later, when you return to Rellenthil."

After speaking to Canonreeve Farmeldo, Raz heads into the manor with him:

Razum-dar: "Raz wants to ask the Canonreeve a few more questions. Take the Psijic and go investigate the sinkhole."

Exiting the Rellenthil Sinkhole with Valsirenn, you hear Razum-dar:

Razum-dar: "Hurry, this way!"
Razum-dar: "Somehow Raz knew he'd find you here!"

Once Valsirenn returns to Artaeum, Raz will speak to you:

"Did the pretty Psijic say … Sea Sload? No, Raz must have heard wrong. That could not have been what she said."
The Sea Sload K'Tora is working with the Court of Bedlam-including the Canonreeve's son.
"Sload? That's bad. And Sea Sload? That sounds even worse! If the Sea Sload threaten Summerset, Queen Ayrenn must be informed. We need to act!
Wait. What did you say about the Canonreeve's son?"
Nedoril joined the Court of Bedlam. He killed a fellow initiate and was working with the Sload.
"Daedra worshipers. In Summerset. And Sload! Raz likes this situation less and less.
As for Nedoril, Raz knows how to deal with traitors. This one will meet you at the Canonreeve's house."
I'll see you there.

After speaking to Canonreeve Farmeldo, the following scene will play:

Nedoril: "I have a lot to answer for? The Court of Bedlam is going to turn me into a god!"
Razum-dar: "Foolishness can be ignored. Murder and treason, not so much."
Nedoril: "You and your Queen have no authority over a true Altmer, you mangy cat!"
Razum-dar: "This one cannot allow your crimes to stand unanswered."
<Razum-dar kills Nedoril with a single stroke of his blade.>
Canonreeve Farmeldo: "Nedoril! No … no. I understand. Rellenthil is loyal to the Queen."

Speaking to Razum-dar once he puts down Nedoril, you'll find him less congenial:

"Sometimes the Eye sees treason and must cut it out before it spreads. This one is sorry you had to witness that."
Couldn't you have arrested Nedoril instead of executing him?
"Blasphemy, treason, murder. How many crimes must one commit to attract the attention of the executioner's blade?
Raz decided that a message had to be sent. Enemies of the Queen will not be tolerated."
I've rarely seen you this serious.
"Treason and the Queen's justice are serious business.
Raz has been forced into this role on rare occasions, but he never seeks it out or looks forward to wielding the blade. A necessary part of my job, yes?"
Is there anything else you need from me right now?
"No. Raz will see to the Canonreeve and send word to the Queen before looking deeper into the Court of Bedlam.
You should return to Artaeum and let the Psijics know what we learned. I tell you, five-claw, this whole situation makes Raz want to hiss."

If you speak to him again before leaving, he'll say:

"Raz will report to the Queen while you tell the Psijics about Sea Sload and Daedric Princes. Jone and Jode, this one never expected to use such words in a sentence!
Good luck, my friend."

The Tower SentinelsEdit

Arrive at the Illumination Academy and Raz will be waiting:

Razum-dar: "Five-claw! You always arrive just when Raz needs you most!"

Speaking to him:

"After Raz spoke to the pretty Psijic Oriandra, whispers reached me about the illustrious Illumination Academy. They said that the Court of Bedlam hunts a Sapiarch there, so Raz had to come and see.
Didn't expect to find you here helping out, though."
A hunted Sapiarch? That must be one of the tower sentinels. I came here to find them.
"So the Crystal Tower really is in danger? This one finds that so hard to believe. The Crystal Tower … it's a bastion, a symbol of everything the High Elves hold dear.
The Queen would be very cross with Raz if anything bad happened to the tower."
There are two Sapiarchs. They guard the diamond keys that can open the Crystal Tower.
"Now Raz sees why the Court of Bedlam seeks these particular sages.
Very well. No need to twist this one's tail. Raz will help you save the Sapiarchs from the demented Daedric cultists. Let's look in the guest wing on the west side of the compound."
Lead the way.

Raz then runs off towards the guest wing:

Razum-dar: "This way. Follow Raz!"

Follow him to the west wing:

"If the Sapiarchs came to the Illumination Academy, someone in the guest wing must have seen them."

Speaking to him before speaking to Berwentha: (?)

Inside Sapiarch Hannayel's room, he'll comment if spoken to:

"Such accommodations! The life of a scholar seems so much more luxurious than what this Eye of the Queen is used to.
Maybe Raz's next career will involve dusty scrolls and books, yes?"

Speaking to him after reading Letter to Imedril:

"The Sapiarch's letter. She's hidden a coded message in the words. Raz has seen this done before."
A code? Can you figure it out?
"Hannayel mentions something isn't right here. That she plans to hide in a quiet room. Very smart. It seems the Sapiarch knows that someone is hunting her.
The list of specific books in a specific order, though. That's the key, Raz thinks."
So we need to find the books Hannayel mentioned?
"We need to find the books and the podiums, if Raz has deciphered the meaning of her code correctly.
Let's hope we can find her before the Court of Bedlam does."
A cultist led a Daedric assault on the College of Sapiarchs. That's where I was before coming here.
"That … is disturbing news. The Queen hates Daedric machinations, especially the most overt ones.
Let us hurry and try to find the Sapiarch."

Speaking to him again once he follows you around the academy:

"Now, if Raz was a member of this academy, where would he put a library, some books, and a few podiums?"

Discover Hannayel's quiet room, and he'll say:

Razum-dar: "A vanishing bookcase! Raz likes this clever sage!"

After speaking to Hannayel, Raz will interject:

Razum-dar: "Raz will explain things to the pretty Sapiarch and make sure she returns safely to Lillandril. You go find the one in the ruins."

The Dreaming CaveEdit

In Shimmerene, when you find where the skeever graffiti leads to, you'll find Razum-dar speaking to a couple of Peryite cultists:

Razum-dar: "Raz doesn't care who you worship! He just wants to know if your cult was attacked recently."
Filbert Cienne: "Peryite would welcome you! Our Prince accepts all kinds. And you'd be our first Khajiit!"
Marthine: "You'd be our first anything, actually."

Speak to Raz and he'll tell you:

"Five-claw! You have the happy ability to know where to find Raz when Raz has need of you!
Getting information out of these Peryite idiots is like squeezing milk from a stone. This is why Raz hates dealing with Daedric cults!"
Raz, in your investigation into the cults, did you happen to find one devoted to Meridia?
"Interesting question. Raz has learned that the Court of Bedlam has been attacking the cults of other Princes, including those devoted to Meridia and Azura.
Now, usually if crazy cultists kill each other it's good for Summerset, but this feels wrong."
I need to talk to a priest of Meridia.
"You do? Well, Raz trusts you, so I can tell you about an old friend who attends Meridia ceremonies in the Eton Nir Grotto. Raz doesn't approve, but it's her life, yes?
This one will make contact and meet you outside Eton Nir."

If you have never been to Eton Nir, you can say:

I'll meet you there.

If you have:

I'll meet you there, but the last time I was at Eton Nir it was filled with Daedra.

You can then inform him on what has happened recently:

"Raz was planning to head up north to Eton Nir after talking to these Peryite imbeciles anyway. To check on his old friend.
The Court of Bedlam's attacks on the other cults were particularly vicious, and this one worries so."
The Psijics captured a Mephala cultist. He says the Princes are at war.
"War? That would explain the attacks. Raz isn't an expert on Daedric cults, but this doesn't sound like their usual behavior. This one thought they just sort of left each other alone."
The Court of Bedlam might have wiped out Meridia's cult with its attack.
"That's a terrible thing to say! No, Raz refuses to believe it. Raz's friend is a survivor. She's got to be all right.
This one will go and make contact. Make sure she's fine. Then we'll meet you outside Eton Nir."
Before I go, have you learned anything else about the Court of Bedlam?
"Raz hears things. He heard about the attacks on the rival cults. He heard that the Court consists of followers of three different Princes. And he heard that even though High Elves constitute the majority of the Court's members, there is one Dark Elf."
One Dark Elf? Is that significant?
"A single Dark Elf among a group of High Elves? Seems significant to Raz. Besides, everyone seems to fear her, but this one could not dig up any details.
We should keep an eye out for this Dark Elf, yes?"

Make your way to Eton Nir and Raz will hail you before you reach the entrance. He'll have company:

Razum-dar: "Over here, five-claw! This is Raz's old friend, Sadara-do. She follows Meridia, but do not hold that against her."

Speaking to him before talking to his friend:

"Raz is pleased he was able to find Sadara-do safe and uninjured. She has agreed to talk to you, so this one suggests you get to it, yes?"

After speaking to Sadara-do, you'll hear:

Razum-dar: "Raz thinks this is a bad idea, Sadara."
Sadara-do: "I want to help, Raz. Maybe this is the reason Meridia allowed me to escape when the rest of my sect was attacked."

Speaking to him before entering the grotto:

"This one deals with all kinds of problems for Queen Ayrenn, but this makes Raz's fur stand on end. Outlawed cults and Daedric Princes. How did Raz get his claws stuck in this particular ball of yarn?
But do not despair. Raz will be right behind you."

Inside, find the entrance to Meridia's Shrine and the two Khajiit will have joined you:

Sadara-do: "This way. We're almost there."
Razum-dar: "Raz is not fond of Daedric cultists, but no one deserves to die like this."
Sadara-do: "The Court of Bedlam are cowards! They struck us down without warning."
Sadara-do: "I will try my best to get your friend an audience with the Lady of Light. The shrine is just inside."

Speak to him before entering and he'll express concern for the worshipers and his friend:

"Such a tragedy. Raz hopes these wounds don't scar Sadara too badly. She has such a kind and gentle soul."

After entering Meridia Shrine:

Sadara-do: "Oh, master! What did those bastards do to you?"
Sadara-do: "Look what they did to his body. They defiled Meridia's shrine!"
Razum-dar: "That light … that is not natural, yes?"
Sadara-do: "Meridia, she calls to us!"
Meridia: "My devoted priest, a loyal soldier, and an intrepid instigator … step closer and bask in Meridia's light!"
Razum-dar: "Why is the statue talking to Raz? Should it be doing such a thing?"'

After talking to Meridia:

Sadara-do: "Meridia, my Prince! She's gone! I can't feel her presence any longer!"
Razum-dar: "Raz is certain that the nice statue will be fine. In the meantime, let this one take you someplace where you will be safe."

Speaking to him before leaving the shrine:

"Raz has seen many things. Weresharks. Flying tigers. Weresharks on top of flying tigers. But a talking light? Queen Ayrenn will never believe it!
How much trouble are we in, five-claw? Be honest with old Raz."
A lot. The Daedric triad wants the Crystal Tower and they're attacking the other Princes.
"Too much honesty is never a good thing!
How do we battle Daedric Princes? Raz supposes an army would help. An army always helps. Alas, Raz rarely has an army to call upon when he needs one the most."
The Ritemaster will think of something. We just have to find Darien and repair the sword.
"And that involves traveling to places Raz never knew existed before all this started. No, Raz will see Sadara to safety and then do what he can to protect Summerset and the Crystal Tower.
The Daedra fighting Raz will leave to you, yes?"

Speaking to him once more after the previous dialogue:

"Raz will take Sadara to a place where she will be safe from the Court of Bedlam.
Meanwhile, it seems that you must journey to hidden islands and Daedric realms. This one would say he wishes he could accompany you, but we'd both know Raz was lying."

A Necessary AllianceEdit

Arrive at the Crystal Tower Gatehouse and you'll hear:

Razum-dar: "No more stalling! Tell Raz what's happening at the Crystal Tower. Now!"
Sapiarch Uudilwen: "Climb the watchtower and see for yourself."

Raz will head off for the watchtower

Follow Raz to the top of the watchtower:

Razum-dar: "The Crystal Tower isn't supposed to do that, yes?"
Sapiarch Isinborn: "The tower started glowing right before you arrived."

Speaking to him:

"Raz was nearby when he heard that the Sapiarchs were up to something at the Crystal Tower. This one didn't expect the tower to start glowing. I hope this is the work of the Psijics, yes?
No. This is something worse. Raz feels it in his paws."
Nocturnal has the Heart of Transparent Law. This could be her doing.
"Daedric Princes. Raz hates those things.
This one supposes that if Nocturnal takes control of the Crystal Tower, that would be bad for Summerset, yes?"
Sotha Sil says she could use the Crystal Tower to become infinitely powerful.
"So that would be a yes on the bad for Summerset question.
Infinite. A number so big it makes Raz's head swim just trying to imagine it. So, what should we do about this? You have a plan to save the day, yes?"
The Sapiarchs are trying to create a new pair of sentinels so we can enter the Crystal Tower.
"So that is what the Sapiarchs are doing at the gatehouse! Raz should have known. Magic makes this one's fur stand on end.
All right. Let's go to the gatehouse and see how the Sapiarchs are coming along before something else happens to the tower."
Let's go to the gatehouse.

Before you can even move, the Crystal Tower begins to crack with shadow energy:

Sapiarch Isinborn: "The tower! What's happening?"
Razum-dar: "Raz thinks this is bad."
Razum-dar: "Come, my friend! To the gatehouse!"

After discussing the situation with Valsirenn, she'll send you to help Raz. Find him and he'll reassure Sapiarch Uudilwen:

Razum-dar: "Finish the ritual! We will keep you safe!"

Once all the daedra are defeated:

Razum-dar: "This platform is safe! Go! Raz will finish up here!"

Return to Valsirenn and the ritual will go wrong, killing Sapiarch Illmildil and Sapiarch Rundirwe.

Valsirenn: "Damn it, no!"
Razum-dar: "That was unexpected, yes?"
Darien Gautier: "The Sapiarchs are dead. Now what do we do?"

Speak to him and he'll bemoan:

"Raz feels so helpless. So much death.
We need to find a way to end this. We have to."

After you speak with Valsirenn about what to do next:

Valsirenn: "Darien, gather the diamond keys. The Psijic Order will do what the Sapiarchs could not."
Darien Gautier: "No. I'm done with the Psijic Order. Too many deaths, not enough action."
Razum-dar: "Raz will meet our friend in Alinor. You two do what you must."

Speak to him before leaving and he'll tell you:

"Raz will meet you in Alinor. This one and the Proxy Queen have known each other a long time. She loves me like a brother. Of course, she hates her actual brothers, so what does Raz know?
Raz just hopes the Psijic can do what she claims."

Arrive in Alinor and you'll find Raz waiting for you outside The Golden Gryphon:

"This one has seen many bizarre things working as an Eye of the Queen, but this may take the moon-sugar cake!
A strange dog walked up and spoke to Raz!"
A dog spoke to you?
"That is what Raz said! A dog. It spoke words as clear as day. It gave me a message to give to you.
The dog said you should meet it in the gardens because it had something important to tell you."
I'll find the strange dog. You go warn the Proxy Queen.
"Yes, yes, Raz will go warn the Proxy Queen. That would be for the best.
Just be careful, my friend. This one does not trust dogs, especially ones that talk. Talking animals, so unnatural, yes?"

Speaking to him again before looking for the dog:

"Who would have thought such things possible? A talking dog!
Tread carefully, my friend. Raz smells a trap. <Sniffs> Or maybe that's just poo."

The Crystal TowerEdit

You can find Razum-dar with Oriandra, south of the Ceporah Tower, past the wayshrine.

Razum-dar: "This is Artaeum? Raz is impressed! And truly frightened by the very strange sky."
Oriandra: "Ah, here comes your friend now! Just remember, you were never here. The Conclave isn't fond of visitors."
Oriandra: "Just remember, you were never here. The Conclave isn't fond of visitors."
Razum-dar: "For a place that doesn't like visitors, Raz thinks it's pretty busy, yes?"

Speak with him.

"Raz never had the urge to travel to Oblivion or visit a magically displaced island, but now Raz feels like the cat who caught the farmer's prized turkey!
It is good to see you safe, my friend. Now, tell Raz you have a way to save Summerset."
We have a plan, but it involves a deal I made with Clavicus Vile and Mephala.
"Raz knew that strange talking dog would lead you into trouble! Do you really think we can trust those Daedric Princes?
No, too late for that. Tell Raz the rest of your plan, yes?"
We're going to assault the Crystal Tower and stop Nocturnal.
"Foolish, but brave. Also very foolish. Raz has walked into certain death many times and emerged with his fur intact. Mostly. But Raz knows why you do this thing.
Raz will not try to talk you out of this. He will, instead, give you happy news."
You have happy news?
"Raz warned Queen Ayrenn. She has promised to contact the leaders of the other alliances and assemble a mighty force to deal with this threat!
Which brings us to the not-so-happy news."
And what's the not-so-happy news?
"The mighty force won't reach Summerset for quite some time. Oh, and Raz could tell you about prevailing winds, unusual storms, and other factors beyond our control, but it amounts to the same thing.
We're on our own, my friend."
Are you going with me to the Crystal Tower?
"Not this time. Raz must go back and lead the Divine Prosecution in defense of Summerset. If the Crystal Tower keeps exploding, we will evacuate the island and save as many people as we can.
May the luck of Jone and Jode be with you, my friend."

Speaking with him again:

"Raz must return to Summerset. If you do not stop Nocturnal, this one must prepare the island for the nastiness that is sure to follow."

A New AllianceEdit

Enter the council chamber and a heated discussion will be taking place:

Sapiarch Larnatille: "You can't make such demands. The Sapiarchs are the keepers of the Crystal Tower!"
Valsirenn: "This is about more than the College of Sapiarchs, Larnatille!"
Razum-dar: "If Raz could intervene? Perhaps we should hear from our newly arrived friend?"
Proxy Queen Alwinarwe: "We concur with Razum-dar. Let us hear what the adventurer has to say."

Speak to him:

"Raz had many plans for what he would do once Summerset was safe. Fine drink, fine food, a chance to relax.
Instead he must deal with the petty squabbles of High Elves. Nothing ever changes."

After speaking to Larnatille, Raz suggests that she listen to you based on testimony of her fellow Summerset citizens that have benefited from your council:

Razum-dar: "Our friend has proven their mettle time and time again. Raz thinks you should hear about these deeds."
Razum-dar: "Oriandra, admit our guests now, yes?"
Proxy Queen Alwinarwe: "What are you up to, Razum-dar?"

At this point, any number of elves enter the room and endorse you for merit (depending on what quests have been completed). After all have had their say, Alwinarwe will continue:

Proxy Queen Alwinarwe: "We have heard enough! We accept that the adventurer is trustworthy. Sapiarch Larnatille, listen to what they have to say."

Once you've convinced Larnatille, the gathered congregation leaves the room:

Razum-dar: "Raz is sure there are many more details to work out, but for now this one just wants a very strong drink!"

After a few last words with Valsirenn, she'll send you to speak to him in the audience hall. Approach the throne and the Proxy Queen and Raz will be in mid banter:

Proxy Queen Alwinarwe: "Razum-dar … remove your furry seat from our throne."
Razum-dar: "After all Raz has done for Queen and country, you would deny him this small comfort?"
Proxy Queen Alwinarwe: "Why cousin Ayrenn tolerates you, we'll never understand."

Speak to him:

"Raz could get used to such a seat. Metaphorically speaking, of course. This one would prefer a throne with far more padding.
But enough of such talk. Today we celebrate your victory! From newcomer to savior of Summerset. Quite the feat, yes?"
Did you bring all these people here?
"Raz thought of many different plans, once he heard of this meeting. He is glad the first turned out so well. His other plans, well, there is no need to dwell on such unsavory details.
This one never doubted you could do it, five-claw."
Thanks, Raz.
"Actually … Raz may have doubted you a few times. Or many times. But he apologizes for that! After all, you have now proven yourself most capable.
And of course, no heroic deed is complete without a reward."
You mentioned a reward?
"Raz did indeed! On behalf of Queen Ayrenn, this is for you.
Ironic how Summerset was saved by one of the newcomers it so distrusts. This is a good lesson for the High Elves, yes? Maybe now they'll realize that change is not so bad after all."

Finish the quest and the Proxy Queen and Raz will be back at it:

Razum-dar: "Enjoy yourself, my friend! Raz certainly plans to."
Proxy Queen Alwinarwe: "Our throne, Razum-dar. We would have it back now."
Razum-dar: "So tense, your majesty! Must be this uncomfortable throne. Perhaps Raz could suggest a most comfortable cushion upon which you could sit."
Proxy Queen Alwinarwe: "Such a cushion is much too lumpy for our tastes, cat."

Speak to him one last time and he'll remark:

"Raz has much to do after this. Reports to write, missives to send. Perhaps he will go visit his family, once all is done. It has been far too long since he has seen them.
But first, Raz shall drink some very expensive wine."

Northern ElsweyrEdit

Home Sweet HomeEdit

Meeting the Eldest SonEdit
Razum-dar on vacation in Elsweyr

While at the Merryvale Farms, Kideya will ask you get her lazy elder son to help you investigate the disappearance of her farmhands. His abode is a small cave filled with various knickknacks. He will both be annoyed at being woken up. A lizard named Flozah-no is nearby.

Razum-dar: "What? Who is there? This one's head may ache but that does not mean he cannot defend himself!"

You can then introduce yourself to him or he will recognize you from a previous adventure.

"Hmm. You do not look like a robber, so Raz would appreciate it if you kept your voice down. I need a moment to clear my head.
Say, why have you barged into Raz's den unannounced?"

If you have met before:

"Five-claw? Raz thought he recognized you! Moons only know what brings you to this backwater place, but it is always good to see a friend.
Raz would offer you wine, but he's unfortunately drank it all. Perhaps you have some?"
Your mother wants you to help me find some missing farmhands.
"She would trust Raz with such a task? That does not sound like Mother. Unless she just wants to get Raz out of this cave …. No, no, don't answer that.
Well, anything is better than farm work, yes? Raz will be happy to help."
Your mother mentioned a rival, M'zum, might be involved.
"M'zum has wanted to get his paws on Sweetwater for years. If Mother can't keep the farm operating, M'zum can buy it and gain control of the valley's moon-sugar cane.
We need proof. Meet Raz outside the Fragrant Moons Plantation."
I'll meet you at Fragrant Moons Plantation.

You can then ask him some more questions, the options available will depend on what quests with him you have completed.

"At last! Something here that's worthy of Raz's attention. Let's get to the Fragrant Moons Plantation and see what we can dig up!"
Where is M'zum's Fragrant Moons Plantation?
"M'zum's farm occupies the southern side of the valley. The big house with the walls around it. Old M'zum is a miser. Doesn't want anyone interrupting him while he counts his gold.
Raz will meet you there."
You don't seem to get along with your family very well.
"You have met Raz's family, yes?
Mother has never approved of this one's occupation. She suspects he is a wandering beggar or some such nonsense. As you can imagine, this puts quite a strain on our relationship."
What about your brother, Rakhzargo?
"Rakhzargo is … eh. He has been at Mother's side for far too long, tied to her apron strings.
Besides, he has a particular disposition. Raz watched him lick an entire bowl of marbles once, all because this one told him that one of them was candy."
Don't they know you're an Eye of the Queen? (If you have met previously)
"You do realize that Raz's position as an Eye of the Queen is a secret, yes? Only those who need to know can ever be told the truth. My family? They don't need to know.
Besides, they would never believe such a thing."
So they don't know about your friendship with Queen Ayrenn?
"They know that some young High Elf convinced Raz to leave home and go on an adventure. But that was before Ayrenn was queen. Mother thinks that her eldest son abandoned her to chase after a pretty face.
She isn't completely wrong."
What are you doing here, Raz?(If you have met previously)
"Queen Ayrenn insisted that Raz take a vacation after his last mission. "Even the Eye of the Queen needs to blink now and then," she told him.
So Raz returned to Elsweyr to spend some quality time with his family."
How are things in the Summerset Isles? / How did things go after our time in the Summerset Isles? (Summerset)
"Political, as usual.
Raz wanted to stick around and help clean up after the Sea Sloads and Daedric incursions, but the Proxy Queen requested I leave the island. Too bad. This one was hoping to get to know her a little better."
It must be better than chasing down the Sweetroll Killer. / Summerset was certainly an adventure. Reminds me of our time chasing the Sweetroll Killer. /Repear's March [sic] was certainly an adventure. Reminds me of our time chasing the Sweetroll Killer. (Dark Brotherhood)
"Ah, the lovely land of Gold Coast. And the equally lovely Naryu.
If only more assassins had her particular assets. Raz's job would certainly be a lot more interesting. More difficult, yes, but far more interesting."
Is the new Mane settling into the job? (Reaper's March)
"The new Mane is settling in quite nicely. Unfortunately, trouble here in Northern Elsweyr has meant that the Speaker hasn't been able to provide as much guidance as he might like.
Gharesh-ri has his hands full with the Usurper Queen and the Dragons."
Let's talk about the issue at hand.
"Of course. What do you wish to speak about?"
Investigating Fragrant Moons PlantationEdit

You can meet him down the road from the gates to the plantation.

"Raz is glad you made it. He was about to proceed without you.
Now, remember, we need to be stealthy. The fewer guards that notice us, the fewer guards we'll have to kill, yes?"
Guards? For a moon-sugar farm?
"Mercenaries, actually. In addition to gates and walls, M'zum hired the Redhands to patrol his land. They're not the type to ask questions before they try to kill you.
Best to slip in unseen."
What are we looking for?
"Ledgers, documents, contracts … anything that proves that M'zum bribed the farmhands.
Or perhaps we will grow lucky and find a journal. Over the years, Raz has discovered that many villains enjoy documenting their nefarious plans."
Journals. Got it.
"One more thing. Try to avoid unnecessary murder, yes? Not that the Redhands deserve mercy, of course, but any messes you make Raz will need to clean up. And Raz is on vacation!
Besides, Mother wouldn't take kindly to killing the neighbors."
No killing, right. I'll try my best.

You can then ask him some questions before you head in.

"Lead the way, five-claw, but be stealthy! Raz will be right behind you."
Anything I should keep in mind while we're inside the plantation grounds?
"It's likely the mercenaries stick to regular patrol patterns. We can take advantage of that if we're observant. Just watch where they go and which direction they look.
And if you spot a place to hide, use it."
Who are the Redhands?
"Mercenaries from Pellitine. Clawless thugs who will do anything for a price—thievery, kidnapping, even murder. They also deal in the slave trade.
M'zum must be truly desperate to hire them."

Once inside the grounds, he will become your follower. If you talk to him at this point, he will remind you:

"Remember, we need evidence of M'zum's involvement in the missing farmhands. Documents, ledgers, contracts—anything that makes him a suspect."

Razum-dar will also comment on the clues you find.

The Strange Claw in the body of a dead Terror Bird
Razum-dar: "This creature was attacked by something unnatural, that much is clear."
M'zum's Journal
Razum-dar: "So, moon-sugar disappears from M'zum's stores as well. Interesting."
An overheard conversation
M'zum: "First M'zum loses moon-sugar, now his farmers won't work? What nonsense!"
Berani: "There is something out there, M'zum. Some sort of beast."
M'zum: "Bah! A beast? This one sees no beast! All he sees are lazy Khajiit who make up foolish lies!"
<M'zum and Berani> leave.
Razum-dar: "The farmers of Merryvale are no strangers to beasts. What could have scared M'zum's workers this badly?"

Once you have found all three clues, Raz will suggest you go back to the Sweetwater Farmstead.

Razum-dar: "Let's return to Mother's farm and discuss what we learned."

You can talk to him before leaving the plantation:

"Let's return to Mother's farm and discuss what we learned."
This claw I found is strange. Any idea what creature it might have come from?
"Raz has been away from Merryvale for quite some time, but he never saw a beast with claws such as this.
No, this comes from a creature that's not native to Elsweyr. Perhaps not native to Tamriel at all."
What do you make of this journal we found?
"If what M'zum writes is true, Mother's theory has some issues. If moon-sugar thieves have hit this plantation, then M'zum has troubles of his own.
Still, he could have bribed Mother's farmhands before the thefts began."
M'zum's workers seem scared of some sort of beast. / Based on what we overheard, M'zum's workers are having problems.
"Something more dangerous than terror birds or senche-lions, that's for sure. The farmers of Merryvale learned to deal with those sorts of beasts long ago."
Could it be connected to that strange claw I found?
"Perhaps. Unfortunately, that doesn't give us any additional information to help us identify the creature."

Once you have returned to Sweetwater Farmstead, you can go over what you have learnt some more.

"Old M'zum is dealing with missing moon-sugar, scared farmhands, and a mysterious beast. Perhaps he and Mother suffer the same problem, yes?"
And what do you think that problem is?
"A creature prowls the sugarcane fields. Something far deadlier than a terror bird.
If this is true, then Raz fears the missing farmhands reside in the belly of this beast. And so will many others, if we don't put a stop to it."
What can we do?
"You must visit Honey-Breeze Homestead, another moon-sugar farm in the valley. If Raz is right, J'dathal will be suffering from the same problems as M'zum and Mother."
I'll head to Honey-Breeze Homestead.
"The farmstead is just across the bridge, on the southern side of the valley.
In the meantime, Raz will try to convince his family to stay out of the fields. Perhaps they will be reasonable today. That would be a welcome change, yes?"
What should I look for at Honey-Breeze Homestead?
"Anything that proves this beast exists. Corpses, tracks, strange residue. With luck, J'dathal will have even seen this creature. Him, or one of his three lovely daughters.
Ah, J'dathal's daughters. Raz wonders if they still remember him?"
Do you have a past with these three daughters?
"Does Raz seem like the type to kiss and tell? Well, not while sober at least.
Hmm. Now that this one thinks about it, he may not have left things on the best footing in regards to the daughters. Particularly when it comes to certain … promises."
Certain promises?
"Raz admits to succumbing to the folly of youth in his younger days. Though after so many years, this one assumes they have forgotten about such things."

After you have spoken with Raz, his mother and brother will arrive.

Kideya: "Razum! Your mother sends you to find our missing farmhands and this is where you end up? Our house?"
Razum-dar: "We already searched M'zum's plantation. Raz came back to warn you about—"
Kideya: "Excuses! And this one thought you learned more in your travels than which taverns served the cheapest ale!"
Razum-dar: "You better go, five-claw. This may take some time."

If you talk to him he will urge you to go.

"Go ahead and leave while you still can. If only Raz was so lucky."
Investigating the Honey-Breeze HomesteadEdit

As you cross the bridge on the way to the Honey-Breeze Homestead, a worker, Itzi-da will run up to you yelling for help. In the meantime, Raz will have caught up to you.

"Raz does not like the look of this."

After you question Itzi-da, Razum-dar will elect to stay behind to help while you go and find J'dathal.

Razum-dar: "Quickly, go on ahead and find J'dathal. Raz will help our friend here."
"Go, find J'dathal. Raz will see to the injured farmhand."

When you talk to J'dathal, he will ask you to find his three daughters. After you find and speak to them, Razum-dar will arrive to escort them to safety.

Finding Pashroni:

Razum-dar: "The fragrant Pashroni! Raz is glad to see you safe."
Pashroni: "Hello, Raz. I didn't know you were back in Merryvale."
Razum-dar: "Well, yes. Come, let Raz lead you to safety."
Pashroni: "Very well. But do not think you can just slip away again. We have much to talk about."

Finding Nurra:

Nurra : "Raz? You're here?"
Razum-dar : "Of course! You are safe now, sweet Nurra. Raz will get you to safety."
Nurra : "The two of us behind the mill. Reminds me of old times. Old promises."
Razum-dar : "Eh, let's talk about that later. Much later."

Finding Banji:

Razum-dar : "Ah, the beautiful Banji! It is good to see you alive and well."
Banji : "Raz? At last, you have returned to me! Oh, I knew you would keep your promise!"
Razum-dar : "Ah, yes. Raz is … keeping his promise. Of course."

If you talk to him during a rescue:

"Raz will make sure she gets to safety. Best if you go on ahead, yes?"

Once you have found all three sisters, you will need to track down the monster to a nearby cave. Once you have slain Dolor the Boorish, Razum-dar will arrive.

Razum-dar : "Dark Moons, a Daedra! Raz hates those things!"

You can then talk to him about it.

"Raz knew something was sour in sweet Merryvale.
Well, at least we know what happened to the missing farmhands. But why does a daedroth care about moon-sugar?"
When I entered this cave, I saw a mage speak to the daedroth through a projection.
"Then it is likely this mage must have summoned the Daedra. Wouldn't be too surprising if he was behind the missing moon-sugar as well."
What's our next step?
"Raz was able to question J'dathal while you dealt with our large friend over there. Our neighbor has also lost moon-sugar this season, yet has seen no thieves.
Let us return to Mother's farm and examine her storage cellar."
Very well, let's head to your mother's farm.
"If M'zum and J'dathal have been robbed, then Mother is likely the next target. And with luck, her cellar will show evidence of the theft."

After you finish tallking to Raz, J'dathal will arrive with all three of his daughters in tow.

J'dathal : "There they are!"
J'dathal : "Moons be praised, thank you both! Because of your help, this one's family is safe."
Razum-dar : "Raz is so pleased to see you and your daughters unharmed. All … three of your daughters."

They have also been talking with each other and comparing notes.

Nurra : "Yes, Raz. And all three of us have been talking quite a bit about you."
Banji : "Specifically how you seemed to have made certain promises. To all of us."
Pashroni : "Do you remember, Razum-dar? "Oh, this one will love you forever. This one will come back for you soon. This one only has eyes for you!""
J'dathal : "What? Raz, is … is this true?"
Razum-dar : "Now, now. Raz can explain everything."

At this point you can ask for Razum-dar's side of the story.

"You should head to Mother's cellar while Raz clears up this … misunderstanding."
What should I search for in your mother's cellar?
"Despite M'zum and J'dathal's vigilance, the thieves we seek were never seen. Raz means to discover just how this is possible."
Care to explain your side of this misunderstanding?
"You must understand, this was many years ago. And Raz now has the maturity to admit that he was, in his youth, a complete and utter muskarse at times.
In his defense, however, Raz did plan to choose but one daughter to woo. Eventually."
Sounds like that didn't end up happening.
"Yes, well, this was only a short time before Raz left Merryvale. And as he had no intention of ever returning to this town, he did not see the harm in making certain promises.
Promises he had no plans to keep, of course."
What are you going to do now?
"Raz has talked his way out of stickier situations than this. Have no worries.
For now, you should head to Mother's cellar. This one will try to meet you there as soon as he is able."
Investigating the Sweetwater HomesteadEdit

Once you enter the Storage Cellar, Razum-dar will join you.

Razum-dar: "Let us search for signs of thievery. And if Raz's family decides to poke their snouts in, ignore them. The less attention we give, the quicker they will leave."

If you speak with him you have the opportunity to learn a bit about his father.

"Raz used to come down here all the time. It was one of the few places he could hear himself think. This one even taught himself to play the lute.
Mother never did like the sound of music. Reminded her of Father too much."
Tell me more about your father.
"Father left before Rakhzargo was born, when this one was just a cub. So, there's not much to speak of.
But Father …. He played the lute very beautifully. This, Raz remembers."

After you search the first container, Kideya and Rakhzargo will arrive.

Razum-dar: "Raz sees nothing out of the ordinary."
<Kideya and Rakhzargo arrive.>
Kideya: "This is where you search for the farmhands? Our cellar? What, are they hiding in the walls?"

As you search the other containers, Raz will comment on their contents.

Razum-dar: "Let's look somewhere else."
Razum-dar: "No clues to be found here, it seems."

Once you have found nothing is missing, Raz will notice the tapestry on the wall.

Razum-dar: "Hmm. That is a rather ornate tapestry for the cellar. Mother, did you hang this?"
Kideya: "What? No, of course not. Who would Mother be trying to impress, the cellar rats?"

If you talk to him, he will state how incongruous it is.

"Mother would never hang a tapestry like that in her cellar, of this Raz is certain. Best for us to examine it."

After you find the tunnel hidden behind it.

Razum-dar: "A secret passage, eh? Raz thought he felt a draft in here."

You have the option of talking to Raz before you explore it.

"This must be how the thieves could steal the moon-sugar without being spotted. They tunnel directly into the storage cellars of the farms.
If it wasn't highly illegal, Raz would be impressed."
Any idea of who might be behind this?
"They're organized, that's for sure. They terrorize farmers with Daedra and missing farmhands, all to distract them from their missing moon-sugar.
And stolen moon-sugar means only one thing."
And what's that?
"Skooma. The prize all criminal organizations hope to achieve by processing moon-sugar.
Raz thinks it's about time we confront these unwelcome thieves. Let them know just what Merryvale thinks of skooma smugglers."

If you speak to him again before entering the tunnel:

"Best prepare yourself, five-claw. Whatever is on the other side of this tunnel is unlikely to be particularly welcoming."
Merryvale Sugar Farm CavesEdit

Once you enter the tunnel, you will emerge in the Merryvale Sugar Farm Caves beneath the valley. You can talk to Raz again before you start exploring.

"Ah, just as Raz suspected.
These caverns extend below the entire valley. Farmers used them to store tools and equipment, before there was a series of cave-ins. They've been abandoned for decades."
Seems the moon-sugar thieves don't mind the threat of cave-ins.
"Raz was thinking the same thing.
Given the size of these caverns, the thieves could have quite a large operation. Best if we move ahead quickly and see what we can find."
All right, let's begin our search.

Speaking to him again before continuing the search:

"It is likely we are outnumbered, yes. But never underestimate the element of surprise. Or the gracious aid of Razum-dar, of course."

After you have found Patia Cecia:

"We should talk to this woman. See what she knows and ask her why she's all tied up, yes?"

After speaking to Patia Cecia:

"A skooma ring operated by a Daedra-summoning mage! This one thinks we need to put an end to this—and Raz isn't even wearing his fancy leathers."

At this point Razum-dar will find a side passage and will temporarily separate from you.

Razum-dar: "The caves branch here. You should follow the corridor, while Raz takes this side passage. We'll meet up farther ahead."

Once you reach the entrance to the Skooma Workshop, he will catch up to you.

Razum-dar: "There you are, five-claw! Time to put an end to this skooma operation, yes?"

If you head back the other way, Raz will kneel and wait for you.

Razum-dar: "Leaving so soon? Well, Raz will wait here for you then."

When you fight Saevus Minutius and Timtem the Terrible, Raz will join the fray.

Saevus Minutius: "So you're the ones interfering in my operation? You'll pay dearly for that."
Razum-dar: "Now's our chance to end this, once and for all!"

After you have killed Saevus, Raz will head back up to the surface.

Razum-dar: "Sleek work, five-claw. Now, let's head back to Mother's farm."

When you reach the farmstead, Razum-dar will be waiting for you with his family.

"Quite the investigation, yes? We infiltrated a heavily patrolled farmstead, saved three beautiful damsels, and dismantled a skooma operation.
All in all, not a bad day's work."
Now you can get back to relaxing.
"Ah, yes. Mother's docile screeching can lull Raz to sleep.
Now, this one suspects that Mother would try to cheat you if you asked her for payment. So here, a reward from Raz's own pockets. Aren't you a lucky one?"

Once you have received a reward from Razum-dar for your assistance, Kideya will admit to Razum-dar he may have been of "some" help. Captain Brogomir will then run up with an urgent message for Raz.

Kideya: "Well, it seems you're good for something at least."
Razum-dar: "Good for something? Raz took down an entire skooma operation, for Jode's sake!"
<Captain Brogomir runs up.>
Captain Brogomir: "Razum-dar! Sir! I have an urgent message for you from Queen Ayrenn!"
Rakhzargo: "A message for Raz? Ha! Who would waste paper on him?"
Kideya: "Rakhzargo, shush. Queen Ayrenn? Razum, what is he talking about?"
Razum-dar: "Raz's next assignment. It seems this one's vacation is over, Mother."
Kideya: "Already? But you only just arrived."
Razum-dar: "Well, Raz could stay for one last meal before he departs."
Kideya: "And letters? Will you write us letters?"
Razum-dar: "Doesn't Raz always?"

If you talk to Razum-dar he will admit he is glad he has an excuse to leave sooner.

"Seems that duty calls, thank the Moons. Raz does not know if he would have survived another day with his oh-so-beloved family.
Still, he can at least stay for one more meal."
You seem eager to leave.
"This may come as a surprise, five-claw, but Raz has never been particularly fond of small-town life. The first opportunity this one had to leave? He took it.
He still remembers that day. And is very thankful for it."
And exactly what opportunity allowed you to leave?
"Let's just say that it involved a certain High Elf noble seeking adventure, three bottles of whiskey, and a small fire. Well, a large fire. But it was quickly contained."
A certain High Elf noble? Perhaps Queen Ayrenn?
"Ayrenn certainly wasn't a queen back then.
But Raz speaks too much, no? Perhaps he will tell you the tale another time, when there is far more wine and far fewer mothers about."

Heir of AnequinaEdit

Razum-dar will be among those attending the coronation ceremony for Khamira at the Rimmen Palace.

"Five-claw! Raz heard what you've been up to. And you didn't call your friend to help? Has Raz wronged you in some way? Killing Dragons, moving Moons, putting long-lost heirs back on the throne ….
You almost make Raz feel inadequate. Almost."
Weren't you leaving to go on a new mission?
"Queen Ayrenn wanted to make sure this coronation went as smoothly as possible. You never know what sort of mischief can happen at events such as these.
Raz will be back in the thick of things soon enough. The Dominion can't function without him!"
And were you able to patch things up with your family?
"Let us leave what happened in Merryvale back in Merryvale, yes?
Besides the possible damage to Raz's sleek reputation, this one would rather keep certain individuals out of his professional life."


An Eye for an EyeEdit

Razum-dar can be encountered in the Jaded Ornaug Tavern, approaching him:

"Perhaps they will get bored of Raz. One can only hope."

Speak with him to see what he is up to and if you met with him before:

"Five-claw! In such a place? Jone and Jode must have sent you. Raz needs a small favor, if you can spare a moment.
It concerns the two large thugs over there. They try so hard to look intimidating. Almost adorable, yes?"
What's the deal with the two large thugs?
"They are tailing Raz. Raz already has tail, far sleeker than they and less clumsy to boot.
But still, this one cannot complete his mission without first being rid of these annoying fleas."
What mission is that?
"A mission most intriguing, yes! The pirate captain Redblade seeks to raise an armada. Only Raz's sharp wits and sharper claws can stop this.
So, this one asks a favor. Distract the thugs so Raz might slip out the side door. What do you say?"
All right. I'll distract the thugs.

After you agree to help, you can ask Raz some questions before you continue:

"Distract the thugs and Raz will slip away. Then meet this one outside near the tavern. Raz is reminded of that time in Velyn Harbor.
A bar, a pair of nasty thugs, and nowhere to go but out a window. Raz was picking glass out of his fur for days!"
Any suggestions on how I should distract the thugs? / What's the best way to distract those thugs?
"Surely something will occur to you! Perhaps they can be driven away by a staged accident? Or perhaps you can find someone else to deal with them?
That's what Raz did."
How have you been, Raz?
"As sleek and fragrant as ever, five-claw. Raz must say, he could get used to the salt air and delicious food of the archipelago.
The drinks taste of bilge-water, though. Such a pity."
How are things in the Summerset Isles? (If you completed the Summerset Isle questline)
"Oh, politics as usual. Raz would have stuck around to help with the cleanup … he was just getting friendly with the Proxy Queen!
But alas, duty called and he had to leave those beautiful beaches behind. You know how it is."
At least you don't have to chase down the Sweetroll Killer. (If you completed The Sweetroll Killer)
"Ah yes, our adventure with the lovely Naryu! Seems so long ago, now. Do … do you think she remembers Raz?
Surely … no. But perhaps? But … no. But … perhaps …."
Is the new Mane settling into the job? (If you completed The Den of Lorkhaj)
"The Mane? She is a treasure. One of the reasons Queen Ayrenn felt it safe to travel. The Dominion is a fragile thing, you know.
Some days Raz thinks he can feel its heartbeat in his paw. But heroes like the Mane make the world just a bit safer."
Let's talk about something else. (Appears after asking one of the above questions)
"By all means, five-claw. Ask away."
Oh, wait. More more thing. Did you ever find a saddle that doesn't pinch your tail?
"Hah, you remembered! The queen had one made for her Eye. It was a touching gift. Raz will not lie, he may have shed a tear.
Now he can ride without his sleek tail getting pulled. Truly, it is the little things that matter."
Can you tell me anything else about this mission of yours? / Can you tell me anything more about why you're here?
"Too many ears listen here, friend. Raz arrived in advance, as Queen Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri made ready to travel to High Isle.
Then … Raz caught a whiff of something bad. And this one was given leave to follow his nose."
How is Queen Ayrenn? (If you completed the High Isle questline)
"The queen is well, thanks to you! This one heard all the details. The Ascendant Order, the talks, a daring escape from a moldering old fort.
Raz will not soon let her forget what happened when he was not at her side."
How go the talks?
"Not yet begun, from what this one has heard. Knowing the players, this is a card game that will take many hands to play out.
Between you and Raz? Great things may come of these talks. But we must all be patient. And try not to get our hopes up."
What distracted your … nose?
"A scent he has not detected in a long, long time. From one of his earliest missions as an Eye of the Queen.
We can talk more of this stench when not so many listen in, yes?"

Within the tavern, you will have multiple ways of distracting Remic Jemane and Yazgutha. Once Razum-dar has left, you can follow him outside.

"Such an effective distraction! Raz could not have done it better himself. What do you say we continue this collaboration?
This one promised you gold, and he would like to make good on his promise."
So you can't pay me right now?
"Did this one give you the impression he could?
Continue to help the Queen's Eye, and you will be paid handsomely. As handsome as Raz!"
What else do you need help with?
"Were you not paying attention? To stop a pirate! Redblade is gathering crew and ships to build an armada. They would threaten every port from Alinor to Balmora!
Their plan hinges on a secret—a trove thought lost and forgotten."
A trove? Like a treasure trove?
"Just so. The Aquilarios Bequest. A ludicrous fortune sent by ship, to Galen, during the final years of Emperor Varen's reign.
It was thought lost at sea. But somehow, Redblade has learned its true location."
Couldn't they have already claimed it?
"As far as Raz can tell, no. We must find the bequest first. Luckily, this one has a place to start. Another Eye, years ago, sought to recover the bequest … and we have her notes.
What do you say? Help Raz claim this prize and save the day?"
I'll help you. Where do we start?
Razum-dar's disguise

After agreeing to continue to help, Razum-dar reveals his plan, tail the thugs that once followed him:

"This one knew you would agree! Ninety percent of the time, Raz's instincts never fail him.
You remember the thugs you shook from Raz's tail? We must find them. The tails will become the tailed. Poetic, yes?"
Why bother with the thugs? Shouldn't we just find the treasure?
"First things first, five-claw. We must learn what our enemies already know. That means tailing those two back to their boss.
Trust Raz. This is his bread and butter … or cake and jam, which Raz likes better."
Let's follow those thugs, then.

You will then follow Remic and Yazgutha as they intimidate various citizens as they head back to their hideout. Speaking with Raz during this:

"Keep an eye on our friends up there. They will lead us to their master … maybe Redblade! Who knows?"

After shaking down Etienne Fronc:

Razum-dar: "Hmm. Could this be the same group? No way these thugs stopped an Eye of the Queen."

After shaking down Bols Bulven:

Razum-dar: "These two are criminals, not pirates. Their boss must be working with Redblade, then."

After shaking down Dust-On-Soles:

Razum-dar: "Raz begins to see the pieces fall into place. But let's confirm his suspicions …."

If you get too close during the chase:

Remic Jemane: "Hang, on, I think I saw something."
Remic Jemane: "Huh. Could have sworn … guess not."
Remic Jemane: "Wait, is that the cat?"

With each response, Razum-dar will remind you again:

Razum-dar: "Not so close, five-claw."

You will then watch them enter the underground gaming hall:

Remic Jemane: "All right. Time to tell the boss we lost the cat."
Razum-dar: "Well. They took their time. But Raz has learned what he needed."

Speak with Raz for his thoughts:

"Well, now we know who we are dealing with. That is both good news, and bad news."
What's the good news?
"Raz knows who the thugs work for. The tailed tail used a member's-only entrance to the local Outlaws Refuge.
Just inside the refuge is a gambling parlor owned by a local crime boss called Yves Grandvache."
Why is that good news?
"If Grandvache is backing Redblade, the sharp claws of knowledge will undo them. This one has dealt with Grandvache before.
Raz will have to wear a disguise, but that is a small price to pay."
All right. What's the bad news?
"Raz mentioned another Eye, who fell tracking the bequest? A skilled agent named Roneiia. Raz always believed Grandvache was behind her death, but could not prove it.
Her ciphered notes were never recovered. Grandvache must have finally cracked them."
So Grandvache and Redblade are using this spy's notes?
"That is Raz's best guess. The only way we can be sure is to get in there and find out. Go, enter the Outlaws Refuge and make your way to the gambling parlor.
This one will meet you inside, once he has donned the perfect disguise."
I'll find you in the gambling parlor, Raz.

You can ask Razum-dar some more questions before you continue:

"Raz will see you inside. Keep a keen eye open. With this one's disguise, you will have a hard time recognizing Raz."
You've dealt with Grandvache before?
"When we were both younger, and Yves had yet to set up his little empire.
The tale features a sea serpent, an Argonian opera singer, and a relic called Auri-el's Lute. Ask Raz about it sometime. It's a good one."
Can you tell me more about Roneiia?
"Roneiia was one of the very first Eyes of the Queen.
Raz only knew her for a few moons. She was a legend, an example for us all. Many of her missions are still kept secret to this day."

Once you enter the Gaming Hall, you will find Raz in disguise, he is wearing an eyepatch and has pasted on sideburns:

"Keep your voice down, my friend. And take a moment to appreciate this one's subtle disguise.
Now, let's focus. Raz heard the waitstaff say that Grandvache's office is through the high-stakes suite. That … could pose a problem."
How so?
"The high-roller suite, they call it the patrician suite, is for game winners only. This is where you come in. Raz has an idea.
One of the games they play is Tales of Tribute. Are you familiar with this card game?"
I've got some Tales of Tribute decks, yes.
"Excellent! Raz cannot risk being recognized. So you must play in his place. Here, take these chips. Do not ask where he got them.
After you win, head up to the patrician's suite. And do not worry! Raz will be close behind."
Thanks Raz. I'll see you after the game.

You will have to play a game of Tales of Tribute and win to gain access to the high-roller suite. You can ask Raz for tips, but he doesn't have any:

"You will play well, five-claw, Raz is sure of it. This one will stand by, looking casual.
He is very good at this. Raz has had a great deal of practice."
Do you have any Tribute tips, Raz?
"Apologies, five-claw. This one is far better at dice than card games.
Just ask the queen if Razum-dar is safe to challenge in dice. Her answer will be pointed and memorable."

After you have won against Florentino Scippius and before you go inside the Patrician's Suite:

"Head inside. Do not worry, Raz will be quick behind."

Alternatively, if you have not started the introduction quest for Tales of Tribute, Raz will suggest an alternate method:

Sorry, I don't play Tales of Tribute.
"Plan A will not work, then! No worries, Plan B is just as good.
Raz will stay stay here, in the parlor. You head back out into the city. After a moment, Raz will cause a distraction."
Why am I going back out into the city?
"The parlor is below ground, yes? But the patrician suite is above the parlor. The suite should have a view of Vastyr.
While Raz keeps things focused down here, find a way inside. Perhaps a ramp or ladder? Get creative."
Find the entrance to the suite up top and break in. Got it.
"Heh, it's fun to do things the old-fashioned way. A nice change of pace."
What do you mean by the old-fashioned way?
"A break-in. To go where we are not wanted. Brings Raz back to his days as a kitten.
He was endlessly causing trouble for his mother. Ah, simpler times."
You were a spy even as a kid?
"Do not get this one started. Young Raz was a rapscallion. He gave poor Kideya fits, always sneaking sweetrolls and moon-sugar pies from her kitchen when her back was turned.
Not important. Head outside and look for a way into the suite, yes?"
Right. I'll see you in the suite."

After agreeing to find another way in, Raz will walk over to some nearby barrels and stay there. Talk with him again and he'll say:

"Somewhere nearby there will be an entrance to the high-stakes suite.
Let's stay alert. It could be anywhere."

Either way, Razum-dar will meet you in the Patrician's Suite:

Razum-dar: "Well done, five-claw. Let's hunker down and see what we can see."
<Razum-dar will then crouch down outside Yves' office>

Speaking with Raz before getting in place to Eavesdrop:

"Keep your head down and let's see what we can learn."

Listen in on the meeting:

Yves Grandvache: "Where are you, you damnable pirate? We need to talk."
<Captain Redblade appears.>
Captain Redblade: "Are we going to discuss how your thugs lost track of the cat? I may need to cut you out, Grandvache. In more ways than one."
Razum-dar: "Redblade! Let's get in there!"
<Razum-dar runs in.>
Razum-dar: "What? Roneiia?"
Captain Redblade: "Damned cat!"
<Captain Redblade disappears.>
Yves Grandvache: "Intruders! Guards, to me!"
Razum-dar: "This one will grab some documents. Make tracks, five-claw!"

You can escape through an open window and meet Razum-dar outside, he is disturbed that the pirate captain is a Queen's Eye who was thought dead:

"Things have taken a turn, five-claw. Of all the places this search could have led us, Raz did not think it would be to a dead Eye of the Queen.
Not to Roneiia."
Roniia was the Eye of the Queen you mentioned? She didn't die?
"It seems that way. This one supposes he should not be surprised. A spy faking their own death happens more often than you may think.
But why? What of the treasure, this Redblade persona? Raz smells a rotten tale lurking beneath his whiskers."
Does this change the mission?
"No. Not a bit. Roneiia, Redblade, whatever she calls herself now. Her goal is still the same. To find the Bequest, form a pirate fleet, and plunder the ports of Tamriel.
We have to stop her from finding the treasure."
How are we going to find the bequest? We didn't learn anything from Grandvache.
"Ah, but during our daring escape, Raz helped himself to a few letters. It seems our friend was a prodigious scrivener.
The letters may have the answers we seek."
Let's take a look at the letters, then. (Continues the Quest)
Are you talking about Krin Ren-dro? / Were you talking about Krin Ren-dro when you mentioned spies that faked their own deaths? (If you completed A Traitor's Luck)
"Krin Ren-dro? Krin … oh, moon-sugar biscuits, him? What an oaf. Cariel told Raz all about your adventure at Pa'alat.
Yes, just like Krin. Former spies become claws in the side. A saying too real by half these days."
That's right, didn't you fake your death that time? / Didn't you fake your own death that time? (If you completed Gates of Fire and destroy the Circlet)
"Now, now, now. Sometimes, little kitten, Raz must do things he does not like. Up to and including making his friends think he has died.
It was just the one time, Raz thinks. Is that right?"

Razum-dar will then lay the documents out on some nearby barrels and will comment as you read them:

Yves Grandvache Ledger

Razum-dar: "Seems the crime boss has connections all around the region. Raz will pass this along when we're done here."

Letter from Gad

Razum-dar: "Raz thinks Yves regrets going into business with Redblade."

Once you have read everything, Razum-dar will put it together:

Razum-dar: "Hold your paws. Based on this, Redblade is at a dig site on the coast. Somewhere near Fauns' Thicket."
Razum-dar: "Back into the fray, then. Raz will meet you at Fauns' Thicket, five-claw."

Speaking with Raz before you leave:

"Sounds like the Thicket is where we'll find the Bequest. Raz would bet a stack of coins in a Skywatch frog race that Redblade will be there as well.
He will meet you there, five-claw. Razum-dar has to retrieve some tools for this job."

When you enter Fauns' Thicket, Razum-dar will be waiting for you:

Razum-dar: "Glad you made it, five-claw. Raz thinks we should split up. The letters mentioned water, so … let's head for the far side of the thicket. See you there."

Speaking with him before continuing:

"Time is not on our side, five-claw. Let's find Redblade."

You can find the Sea Cave in the northern part of the area:

Razum-dar: "This must be it! Let's get inside."

Follow Raz into the Briny Hollow Sea Cave:

Razum-dar: "Roneiia must be here somewhere. And likely, she's not alone. Time to put on our serious faces, my friend."

Speaking with Raz:

"Roneiia … Redblade. Whatever she calls herself, she must be here somewhere."

Soon you will come across a wrecked ship within the cave:

"Look at that ship! It must be the vessel that carried the Aquilarios Bequest years ago.
We need a plan, five-claw. Luckily, Raz came with one prepared."
What are you thinking, Raz?
"We must get dramatic! We collapse the cavern, bury the ship, and deny the world the Aquilarios Bequest.
There's enough stone in this cavern to ensure this treasure is never, ever found. What do you think?"
Why bury the treasure? Isn't that a lot of gold to give up?
"Yves didn't exactly impress Raz with the quality of his operation. Who knows how many people are aware of this place?
And if the Covenant, the Pact, or even the Dominion found out? Galen could become a new front in the Three Banners War."
All right. How do we collapse the cavern?
"Raz hung back in Vastyr to get these. Some alchemical charges. He had them made specially by a Vinedusk Ranger for an operation that never happened.
Look for the pillars holding up the ceiling. Place one on each. And when we're ready … boom."
One charge per pillar. Got it.
Razum-dar: "Raz will place the charges this way. You follow the path and place the others. Good luck, five-claw."

Once you have placed all the charges and defeated or crept past Captain Redblade, Razum-dar will come back for you:

Razum-dar: "There you are! Move your paws and let's get out of here!"

Follow him out of the Sea Cave, and the speak with him:

Killed Roneiia
Left Roneiia alive
"It's done, five-claw. The Aquilarios Bequest is buried for good. And you saw to it that Roneiia … that Redblade won't be sailing the Abecean ever again.
Raz could use a break."
"It's done, five-claw. Roneiia could not have survived the cave-in. The Aquilarios Bequest is buried for good.
Raz could use a break."
What happens now, Raz?
"First, Raz will sleep for a week. Then he will report to the queen. This one thinks he may just leave Roneiia's name out of his report.
But you, five-claw, are someone worth mentioning. Here. As promised, your reward. Moons keep you safe."

Once you have completed the quest, you can speak with Razum-dar some more before you leave:

"Who knows, perhaps Raz will meet a nice druid boy while he is here. This one likes plants as much as the next Khajiit.
Galen really is quite beautiful, yes?"
Do you mind if I ask you a few questions before you rest?
"Of course, of course! You would think Raz was going to curl up and fall asleep right here at your feet!
Hmm … actually that is not a bad idea."
Do you really think people will stop looking for the treasure?
"Raz hopes so, five-claw. Most folk believe the treasure was just a story, anyway. And if anyone follows hints from Vastyr to the caves, well. They'll have to dig out a mountainside for even a handful of coins.
In this one's opinion, a job well done."
How did it feel having to deal with a former Eye like that?
"Not great, kitten. Not great. Raz wishes he could say he was even surprised. But he is not.
This war … Raz knows in his heart the Dominion is on the right side of things. But it has gone on so long. And so things like this will continue to happen."
What are the Eyes of the Queen up to these days? (He will say any of these lines)
"Do not tell anyone, but we are planning a huge mission. The most essential ingredient? Kumquats from the Gold Coast. Shh. Tell no one."
"Raz believes we have an operation coming up somewhere in Black Marsh. It's been some time since this one got to make friends with an Argonian. Scales and fur make such a lovely compliment, don't you think?"
"Ahh kitten, Raz could tell you…but then he'd have to kill you. Do not worry, you wouldn't feel a thing! And he would be most respectful with your remains."
"To tell you the truth, Raz is not sure. He hasn't spoken with Cariel, Egranor, or Aroz'lai in some time. Perhaps it's time we had a get-together. We will charge it to the crown, of course."
Take care of yourself, Razum-dar. (Appears after asking one of the above questions)

And Now, Perhaps, PeaceEdit

He will be one of the guests attending the peace talks at All Flags Islet. He will have the same dialogue from the aftermath of An Eye for an Eye.

Event DialogueEdit

Razum-dar in Belkarth

Razum-dar can be encountered at Belkarth Festival Grounds during Zeal of Zenithar provided The Sweetroll Kiler was completed. You can talk to him:

"My friend! It is good to see your face among all these strangers.
Raz wants to say that he's skulking around because of some business, but he fears that the lady Naryu might be around here somewhere."
Why would you need to hide from Naryu?
"Knowing Naryu is … like walking on warm sand. Sometimes it is nice between the toes, and sometimes there are stabbing pains.
The last time Raz saw Naryu, he threw an iced sweetroll at her. It is only a matter of time before his feet burn."
Why did you throw a sweetroll at her?
"He received word that she hadn't been in a fight in a long while. Combat is one of the few things Raz knows can put a genuine smile on Naryu's face.
So this one took it upon himself to remind her of a good one."
How did reminding her of a good fight turn into throwing a sweetroll at her?
"The fight Raz chose was when we were ambushed at the Sweetroll Killer's farm house."
Did Naryu see you?
"No, this one was very careful not to be seen. But he is taking every precaution to ensure Naryu does not spot him. At least for a while.
He doesn't want to draw attention to himself."
That's probably a good idea.
"The problem is, Raz is not sure why Naryu is at this festival. Is there something interesting happening?
He will have to stay for a while, keep out of Naryu's sight, and wait for trouble."