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Commander Karinith
Home Settlement Eagle's Strand
Race High Elf Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion
Commander Karinith
Old Model

Commander Karinith is a High Elf initially encountered in Eagle's Strand. She has just assumed the title of commander of the Aldmeri Dominion fleet on Khenarthi's Roost after the previous commander died in the storm that wrecked the fleet. She will task you with finding more survivors in the Shattered Shoals. Later, she is found in Mistral.

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Eagle's StrandEdit

If you haven't spoken to Razum-dar on Khenarthi's Roost yet, she assumes you're with the crew of one of the wrecked vessels.

"At ease, soldier. Fresh from the wreck? You've got a faraway look about you.
If you feel unwell, I'd suggest visiting Indelor."

When she is not sending you out on missions, you can ask her about various things. Initially, she will greet you curtly.

"Carry on, soldier."

After completing your tasks, she will be much more impressed with you:

"I hear you've done good work, recruit. Once we're off this island, I'll put your name in for a medal."
Who are you?
"Acting commander of this regiment. My superior didn't survive the hurricane, so it falls to me to secure the Aldmeri Dominion's foothold on Khenarthi's Roost.
A change in command is never clean. But if everyone does their part, we'll recover quickly enough."
What's the Aldmeri Dominion?
"You must remember the alliance you're sworn to protect.
Perhaps you should lie down until you recover your bearings, soldier."
What is this place?
"The locals call this place Eagle's Strand. I gather it was an Imperial fort destroyed long ago. We were lucky to find such a defensible position close to where we washed up.
Or did you mean the island, Khenarthi's Roost? The fleet's destination, as you surely recall."
Why was the fleet sailing to Khenarthi's Roost?
"It's no secret this island is of strategic importance. From here the Dominion fleet can reach many coastal targets where we could establish a beachhead.
But we'll need to rebuild the fleet, first. Hardly an auspicious start to our invasion."
What are Sea Vipers?
"They're a band of pirates. All of them are Sea Elves—Maormer, as they call themselves. They raid throughout the southern seas.
A wrecked Dominion fleet is a tempting target for plunder. I need to know if they're here in force."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Storm on the HorizonEdit

After Razum-dar introduces you with your fabricated identity, Karinith will take him at his word:

"Glad you're up and about, recruit. I'm in need of a scout to head to Shattered Shoals. Most of our fleet foundered to the west, but we've had few survivors trickle in from that direction."
What do you need, exactly?
"We captured a Sea Viper spying on the camp. Those pirates never travel alone. Find out if they're around Shattered Shoals and if so, what they're doing on this island.
Of course, you should assist any shipwreck survivors you find. We must each do our part."
I'll do what I can.
"Before you head to Shattered Shoals, speak with Ealcil. He just returned from exploring a nearby temple.
That wizard claims to know something about everything, so he may have insight on how these Sea Vipers operate."

The Tempest UnleashedEdit

Zaeri will direct you to her with the news of the Maormer attack.

"You there! The Maormer attacked Cat's Eye Quay with their Sea Viper forces. We need every able body for the rescue effort!"
Zaeri said you were preparing a counterattack.
"Ha! A counterattack? I'd settle for an organized defense. Our forces are scattered too thin.
If we can't hold the gates, Mistral will fall to the Maormer."
What can I do?
"I'll coordinate Dominion forces from here, but I can't lock down this gate until the survivors clear out of the market. Send them my way. We need everyone able to defend Mistral on this side of the wall."

If you talk to her again before following her orders, she repeats them:

"No time to lose. Send any survivors this way and head to the inner gate!"