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Help rescue the local canonreeve.
Zone: Auridon
Objective: Silsailen — Help repel the attackers invading the town of Silsailen.
Quest Giver: Elenwen
Location(s): Silsailen
Prerequisite Quest: Real Marines
Reward: Traitor's Flame
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
Valano Manor
Teldur has kidnapped Canonreeve Valano and taken him into the manor.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Elenwen.
  2. Find Teldur.
  3. Confront the traitor and then tell Elenwen what happened.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

News of BetrayalEdit

Elenwen has news

After rescuing Captain Tendil and his squad and gaining the company of an Auridon Marine, you will find Elenwen outside the cellar waiting for you. She will have some bad news.

"Thank the Eight I found you! Teldur has betrayed us!"
Betrayed you? What happened?
"Teldur asked Canonreeve Valano for a word outside. When they didn't return, I went to look for them. I caught a glimpse of them heading towards the manor. Teldur was holding a knife to my father's side!"
The manor?
"Our home, the Canonreeve's residence. Teldur's quarters are there, as well. Please, you must go there, quickly! I fear for my father's life!"
I'll find them.
"Teldur must answer for his crimes."

Teldur has kidnapped Canonreeve Valano at knife-point and was last seen heading to the Valano Manor.

Valano ManorEdit

The Manor's main door will be locked, so you will need to find a way inside. There are two possible methods. The first way is to kill the Heritance members on the way to the manor until one of them drops the Manor Key. The second way is to circle around to the beach area and climb up through the old smuggling tunnel, into the Manor's kitchen area.

Catching up with Teldur

Once inside, you will need to find Teldur and deal with the Veiled Heritance soldiers hanging around inside. It won't take long to find the former; Teldur will be on the dais area at the opposite end of the entrance hall from the main door. However, far from being ready to attack you, he will instead be heavily wounded and leaning against the wall. Speak with him to hear his story.

"The Canonreeve ... betrayed us. Betrayed us all ...."
Elenwen said you were the betrayer!
"I ... found proof. Canonreeve Valano ... member of the Veiled Heritance. Didn't want to believe.
I confronted him. He ... tried to escape. Captured him ... brought him here. His men were waiting."
I need to get you some help.
"No! Too late for me. Must go! Stop Valano ... before he escapes."
It was Canonreeve Valano who betrayed the town. He has to pay for this.

Now knowing the truth, you need to confront and stop Valano. Head upstairs and you will find Valano, now outfitted with armor and a greatsword, in the middle of locking a door. Nearby, on a table, will be a Gilded Letter that can alert you to other ongoing Heritance plots.

Canonreeve Valano: "Fool! You think you can trifle with the Veiled Heritance and live to tell the tale?"

In this fight, the Auridon Marine who accompanied you will participate and can take Valano's focus off of you if you are having trouble. Once Valano is dead, the Marine will speak up.

Auridon Marine: "Justice is done. I must return to my squad. Fare well."

Breaking the NewsEdit

You will now need to break the terrible news to Elenwen. When you get downstairs, she will be waiting for you, as reinforcements have arrived and have driven out the Veiled Heritance.

The Sad Duty
"Your valiant rescue of the First Auridon Marines was well-timed. They've driven off the last of the imposters.
What news of the traitor, Teldur? Was Canonreeve Valano injured?"
Teldur is dead, but he was no traitor. It was Canonreeve Valano all along.
"My father was a traitor to the crown? Orchestrated an assault on his own people?
Why? Why would you do this, father?"

After this terrible news, you will gain the Traitor's Flame and some gold.


  • Valano will already exist upstairs upon entering the manor and can be killed before the objective that requires you to do, though it will mean you will have to kill him again to properly to proceed the quest.
  • Despite being a quest item, the Gilded Letter does not appear to be used during the current version of the quest.
  • If you exit Valano Manor by the upper balcony (to obtain the skyshard), then jump down while still outside, the Veiled Heritance will still be present. You'll have to reenter the manor to trigger the disappearance of the Heritance and the presence of the Marines.


Quest StagesEdit

Teldur's End
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to stop Teldur and rescue the Canonreeve. They were last seen entering the manor.
Objective: Find a Way Into Valano Manor

There might be a hidden entrance around back of the manor that could get me inside.

Objective Hint: Find the Hidden Entrance

I've found the hidden entrance to Valano Manor. I should use it to get inside.

Objective Hint: Enter the Manor through the Hidden Entrance

I might be able to get a key off one of the guards. That would let me inside the manor.

Objective Hint: Get a Key From the Guards

I've found a key to Valano Manor. I should use it to get inside.

Objective Hint: Enter the Manor With the Guard's Key
I have entered Valano Manor and now need to find Teldur.
Objective: Find Teldur
It was Canonreeve Valano who betrayed the town. He has to pay for this.
Objective: Stop Valano
I've slain Canonreeve Valano. I have the sad duty to inform his daughter.
Objective: Speak to Elenwen
Finishes quest  Canonreeve Valano is dead. I should return to Elenwen and break the news to her.
Objective: Speak to Elenwen
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