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Online:And Now, Perhaps, Peace

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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Give peace a chance.
Zone: Galen
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Lady Arabelle Davaux
Location(s): Castle Mornard, Druid Ryvana's Workshop, Galen and Y'ffelon, Gonfalon Bay, High Isle and Amenos, Mandrake Manor, Memorial Hall, Vastyr
Previous Quest: The Ivy Throne
Reward: Sower's Sorrow Healing Staff
Ascendant Lord Greatsword (page)
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 16,841 Experience
ID: 6894
Frii's memorial
The various threats to the Systres Archipelago have been dealt with and now Lady Arabelle wants to get on with the long-delayed peace talks. First, however, she has a few other tasks for me to take care of.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Lady Arabelle Davaux
  2. Meet Druid Laurel at an overlook near Glimmertarn to assist with honoring Frii
  3. Check in with Lady Arabelle back at Mandrake Manor
  4. Invite four allies to the peace talks
  5. Meet Lady Arabelle on All Flags Islet
  6. Speak to the three alliance leaders
  7. Enter the Reception Hall
  8. Talk to Count Stefan
  9. Talk to Lady Arabelle and listen to her speech

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


Quest StagesEdit

And Now, Perhaps, Peace
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Lady Arabelle asked me to assist Druid Laurel. I should talk to her and find out what she needs me to do.
Objective: Talk to Druid Laurel
Druid Laurel gave me the pouch of soil that Frii prepared and asked me to meet her at the overlook north of Glimmertarn, by a beautiful tree.
Objective: Meet Druid Laurel at the Overlook
I arrived at the tree on the overlook north of Glimmertarn. Druid Laurel asked me to sprinkle the soil from the pouch around the base of the tree to honor Frii's request.
Objective: Honor Frii's Request
When I sprinkled the soil in the tree bed, something magical happened. I should talk to Druid Laurel so I can understand what I just witnessed.
Objective: Talk to Druid Laurel
Now that I finished assisting Druid Laurel, I should go to Mandrake Manor on High Isle and see what I can do for Lady Arabelle.
Objective: Go to Mandrake Manor
I should talk to Lady Arabelle and see what she needs from me.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle
Lady Arabelle tasked me with inviting Count Stefan Mornard, Druid Laurel, Druid Ryvana, and Za'ji and Caska to the peace talks. I should go speak with them.
Objective: Gather Your Allies
Hidden Objective: Talk to Count Stefan Mornard
Hidden Objective: Talk to Druid Laurel
Hidden Objective: Talk to Captain Za'ji
Hidden Objective: Talk to Druid Ryvana
I invited everyone Lady Arabelle requested to attend the peace talks. Now I should meet her on All Flags Islet.
Objective: Go to All Flags Islet
I made it to All Flags Islet. I should head into All Flags Castle and speak to Lady Arabelle.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle
Lady Arabelle informed me that the alliance leaders want to speak with me before the peace talks get underway. I should go downstairs and talk to them.
Objective: Talk to the Alliance Leaders
Hidden Objective: Talk to Queen Aryrenn
Hidden Objective: Talk to Prince Irnskar
Hidden Objective: Talk to High King Emeric
Count Stefan Mornard asked everyone to enter the Reception Hall. I should head there now.
Objective: Go to the Reception Hall
Count Stefan wants to speak to me. I should see what he wants.
Objective: Talk to Count Stefan Mornard
Finishes quest  Lady Arabelle wishes to speak to me before the speech. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle
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