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Online:College of Sapiarchs

Elder Scrolls Online: Places: Summerset / Estates
College of Sapiarchs
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Discoverable No
Flesh Atronachs, Ogrim, Hoarvor Daedra
Spiderkith Archer, Spiderkith Broodnurse, Spiderkith Fleshweaver, Spiderkith Recluse, Spiderkith Shadowstrike, Spiderkith Venifex, Skein Scorpion, Skein Spider, Wasp
Island west of Lillandril
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The College of Sapiarchs is built atop a literal maze of halls and corridors, a repository of ancient knowledge and royal ceremonies, as delineated in the many Scrolls of Praxis that all Altmeri monarchs must study before ascending the Throne of Alinor.
The College of Sapiarchs

The College of Sapiarchs is an institution located on an island just west of the city of Lillandril. It is home to the SapiarchsSummerset's foremost scholars and Keepers of the Crystal Tower led by Sapiarch Larnatille.

A portal on the western edge of Lillandril provides the only means to access the college, which cannot be used before Proxy Queen Alwinarwe notifies Portal Master Astirhil of her permission in order for you and Valsirenn to enter and inform the Sapiarchs of a threat to the Crystal Tower.

When entered it turns out that the Court of Bedlam, through Mephala's Earl Leythen, invaded the college with Daedra and massacred most of the Sapiarchs there.

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The well-tended gardens with a pond

Dead Daedra and Sapiarchs can be found here and there. Skavengers skitter across the battlements. The main entrance to the College, which is accessible after the related quest, lies up the grand staircase. The entrance to the Labyrinth lies at the base of the College, near the pool.


The labyrinth

During the quest, you must traverse the labyrinth to enter the College.

College of SapiarchsEdit

The great hall

There is a Hoarvor Daedra in the great hall.

Sapiarch of Arcanology's StudyEdit

Sapiarch of Arcanology's Study

This office is located to the northwest in the College. A copy of The Crystal of the Tower lies on a table here.


  • The grounds and main hall of the college can still be accessed after The Tower Sentinels has been completed, but the labyrinth can only be accessed through the main hall itself - players will be able to exit from the labyrinth to the courtyard still. There will also be no non-player characters present on the island, but the hostile Daedra remain.
  • The corpses near the portal dais all wear High Elf style light armor instead of Sapiarch style.


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