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Home City Riverhold
Location Outside Jode's Light
Abnur Tharn's camp north of Cormount
Halls of Colossus
K'har Zhab Hall
Rimmen Palace
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health 15,000
133,844 (In the Halls of Colossus while not your follower)
31,364 (In the Halls of Colossus while your follower)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower The Halls of Colossus
Faction(s) Northern Elsweyr Defense Force
Khamira with her bow

Khamira is a Khajiit agent for the Speaker of the Mane, Gharesh-ri, who has been following Abnur Tharn throughout Tamriel as he seeks to unlock the power of an ancient weapon.

Initially, little is known about her past outside of the magical amulet her mother gave her and that she knew Zamarak in her youth, until she reveals the truth behind her lineage in The Battle for Riverhold.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Demon WeaponEdit

Outside Jode's LightEdit

As you approach the entrance to Jode's Light, she'll hail you:

Khamira: "A moment, traveler. We need to talk."

You can then talk to her:

"Please, a moment of your time. I need to speak to you about Abnur Tharn."'
You're the one that's been following him, aren't you?
"Hrrm. My intentions are honorable, I assure you.
I am Khamira, agent for the Speaker of the Mane. When we learned that Abnur Tharn sought the same weapon as Euraxia, the Speaker sent me to intervene."
Who's Euraxia?
"Euraxia Tharn, Abnur's cruel half-sister. She conquered my home city of Rimmen and proclaimed herself its queen. If she gets her hands on the weapon, Elsweyr's suffering will increase a thousandfold."
Abnur never mentioned that his sister was involved.

You can then ask additional questions:

"I do not think they get along. From my observations, Abnur seeks the weapon for peaceful ends, but this is a delusion. It is too powerful, too evil.
We must convince Abnur to find the weapon before Euraxia does and destroy it. That is the only way."
Who's the Speaker of the Mane?
"That would be my master, Gharesh-ri. The Mane can't be everywhere. So Gharesh-ri travels and speaks for the Mane.
Hrm. I suppose you could say I am the speaker's speaker. At least, I am his eyes and ears in this situation"
And who's the Mane?

If The First Step has not been completed, Khamira will say:

"The current spiritual leader of the Khajiiti is Akkhuz-ri. He is as wise and honorable as he is ancient."

If The First Step been completed, Khamira will say:

"Unfortunately, the Mane passed away recently. Gharesh-ri is busy evaluating potential candidates to step into the role of the Khajiiti spiritual leader, but no one has been selected as yet.
That is why he sent me on this mission."

If The Den of Lorkhaj was completed with Khali as the Lunar Champion:

"A new Mane was recently selected. Khali is now the spiritual leader of the Khajiiti."

If The Den of Lorkhaj was completed with Shazah as the Lunar Champion:

"A new Mane was recently selected. Shazah is now the spiritual leader of the Khajiiti."
How many agents like you does the Mane have in Tamriel?
"Such a question! You do not really expect me to answer that, do you?
Hrrm. I will say this, however. There is no one else in Tamriel quite like me."
Why not talk to Abnur Tharn directly about destroying the weapon?
"Tharn believes he knows best. He will not listen to me. I am not sure he will even accept your counsel, but you have to try.
At first, I thought Tharn was working with Euraxia. From what I have seen, his mission of peace is sincere. Just misguided."
Misguided? In what way?
"In every way! How can something of such power be used safely to stop a war? It cannot! When you require a breeze, you do not summon a tornado!
We must reach the item before Euraxia and then destroy it. That is the only option."
How are you able to avoid Abnur Tharn's detection?
"Are you always so direct with your questions? Oh, very well. Perhaps a bit of honesty will convince you of my intentions.
Before my parents died, they gave me a pendant. It blocks all forms of magical detection."
That's a powerful and unusual sort of gift.
"It helps me in my role as agent for the Speaker of the Mane. And that is all I will say on this matter.
We must focus on finding the item before Euraxia Tharn. I will help you do this and then we will destroy it."

If spoken to again before heading into the ruins, she'll say:

"You should enter the ruin and wait for Abnur Tharn to arrive. Then convince him that this ancient weapon must be destroyed.
I will be nearby. In the shadows. Watching."
At Tharn's CampEdit

Once you have recovered the third triangulant, you will travel to Tharn's camp where he will reveal the location of the Demon Weapon. She will then arrive, insistent that that she travels with you.

Khamira: "The Halls of Colossus! Arrogant Imperial! Without my assistance, you will never survive that place."
Abnur Tharn: "Away with you, cat! It falls upon me to end this accursed war."
Khamira: "So you can declare yourself emperor? I think not! I will accompany you to find and destroy the weapon."
Abnur Tharn: "Emperor has never been my ambition. Join us, if you want. Just don't get in my way."

If you talk with her afterwards, she will say:

"The Halls of Colossus and a demon weapon! By Jone and Jode, no good can come from any of this.
Hrrm. I will help you find the item and make sure Euraxia does not attain it. But then it must be destroyed. That is the only option."

The Halls of ColossusEdit

If you talk with her at the camp before leaving, she will be impatient to leave.

"What is the delay? We should leave for the Halls of Colossus immediately. We must get to the weapon before Euraxia's forces do."
In the HallsEdit

Once you arrive at the Halls of Colossus, she will note that the Euraxia's people are already there.

Khamira: "These ruins are not empty. Your friends have come this way. I can smell them."
Abnur Tharn: "Euraxia's soldiers are not my friends, cat. I will not allow them to seize the weapon."
Khamira: "So you say, but will you really oppose your sister?"
Abnur Tharn: "Half-sister. And I oppose anyone who adds to the woes of the Empire."

When you enter the Halls, the ground will begin to shake:

Khamira: "Jone and Jode! Was that an earthquake?"
Abnur Tharn: "Hmm. Stay vigilant and look for a way inside."

After this, Captain Martio Calsivius will then appear on a platform above you, shielded by a dome of green light.

Captain Martio Calsivius: "Abnur Tharn and the Wrathstone, just as Queen Euraxia predicted."
Abnur Tharn: "Queen? I see my demented half-sister is still full of herself."
Captain Martio Calsivius: "My queen sends her love. And this poison gas."
Abnur Tharn: "To me, before the gas takes you!"
Captain Martio Calsivius: "Necromancer, deal with these scum."
Khamira: "Undead! Keep them away from Tharn!"

While you fight off the skeletons, she figures out a way to disable the trap.

Captain Martio Calsivius: "Euraxia tricked you, old wizard. You brought the Wrathstone here. Its magic will unlock the vault!"
Khamira: "I see a panel. Hold them off."
Captain Martio Calsivius: "We have an endless supply of undead, you fools!"

Captain Martio Calsivius leaves after she manages to turn off the trap.

Khamira: "That takes care of the poison."
Captain Martio Calsivius: "Relish your victory while you can. We'll reach the weapon before you."

Once the captain is gone, you can talk with her as well as ask her for advice on how to open the door.

"Euraxia's soldiers were here long enough to turn some of the hall's own defenses against us.
We need to be on our guard, walker."
How did you know that panel would stop the flow of poison gas?
"One ancient ruin is much like another, and I have spent a lot of time exploring places such as this.
To be honest, I took an educated guess. Luckily, Jode's light shined upon us and my guess proved true."
Do you think there will be more traps to deal with?
"Most assuredly. Unless the Euraxians blunder into them first, but I do not think we can count on that. They figured out how to turn the gas against us, after all.
First things first, however. We need to find a way to open that door."
Any suggestions on how to open the door?
"Many ancient Khajiiti puzzles utilized reflected light. The mechanism to unlock the door appears to be tied to one such puzzle.
If you can find a way to reflect the light to the door, I believe it will open."

When you solve the puzzle:

Khamira: "That did it. Hurry, this way."

Once the door is unlocked and you have entered Ascension Way:

Khamira: "Necromancers. Only your sister would ally with such abominations."
Abnur Tharn: "Half-sister. And who's to say the necromancer isn't the captain's pet?"
Khamira: "Regardless, Euraxia apparently wants you dead."
Abnur Tharn: "I have the effect on people—especially my relatives."

After you fight your way through Euraxia's soldiers, you will end up a room with a hole in the center.

Khamira: "Hrrm. What now, mage?"
Abnur Tharn: "Isn't it obvious? Down."
Khamira: "Down?"
Abnur Tharn: "It appears to be the only way."

Upon venturing in the room ahead from where you landed down:

Khamira: "You think the Dragon imagery is significant, wizard?"
Abnur Tharn: "Of course! Why else sculpt them them on nearly every surface?"
Khamira: "Maybe whoever built it simply likes dragons, yes?"

While in the corridor approaching the next puzzle:

Khamira: "We need to find the captain and end this."
Abnur Tharn: "I'm well aware of the stakes, cat. Try to run faster."
Khamira: "Imperials! You think Jone and Jode shine only upon you!"

Soon you will enter a hall with two puzzles. After you solve one:

Khamira: "You did it! Now solve the other one."

After the second:

Khamira: "The door is open. Come, hurry!"

You will then enter a hall full of stone reliefs, where she will halt beside one:

Khamira: "Stop!"
Abnur Tharn: "What now, cat? Have you forgotten that we're in a hurry?"
Khamira: "These reliefs. They tell they story of Khunzar-ri and the Demons."
Abnur Tharn: "Those aren't demons. They're Dragons!"
Khamira: "Jode's light! The Dragons are the weapon! Euraxia wants to release Dragons!"
Abnur Tharn: "Damn it all? I have no use for Dragons! Come on, let's put a stop to this."
At the SummitEdit

When you arrive at the Summit of Rending Flames, Captain Calsivius will be attempting to open the door:

Captain Calsivius: "Damn, stupid doors. Why won't you open?"
Khamira: "Stop! You will not release those beasts!"
Captain Calsivius: "Queen Euraxia wants those Dragons—one way or another!"

After Captain Calsivius' death, Abnur Tharn gets into position to use the Wrathstone:

Abnur Tharn: "Stand back. I'll use the Wrathstone to restore the seal."
Khamira: "Hurry, wizard! You must hurry!"
Abnur Tharn: "Seal, damn you! Seal!"
Abnur Tharn: "I think … I think that did it."
<The doors burst open>
Abnur Tharn: "Oh, now what?"
<Kaalgrontiid grabs hold of the opened door and looks around>
Kaalgrontiid: "Brothers, we are free!"
Khamira: "Dark moons! Get down!"

After the dragons fly away from their prison, she will start yelling at Tharn:

Khamira: "The Dragons! You released them into Elsweyr!"
Abnur Tharn: "I was trying to stop that from happening. The blame falls squarely on Captain Calsivius, I'm quite certain."
Khamira: "He was working for your sister!"
Abnur Tharn: "Half-sister! But let's finish this back at my camp."
Back at CampEdit

Back at camp, she will understandably be angry. You can talk with her:

"Everything Gharesh-ri sent me to prevent has occurred. I knew going to the Halls of Colossus was a mistake. Now Dragons are loose in Elsweyr!
At least we stopped Euraxia's soldier. I suppose that counts for something."
What do you think Captain Calsivius was trying to do?
"Hrrm. Other than set the Dragons free? I have no idea. Luckily, we stopped him from completing it—whatever he hoped to accomplish.
I wonder if Abnur knew about the Dragons? If his plan all along was to release them into Elsweyr?"
Abnur Tharn tried to reseal the vault and stop the Dragons from escaping.
"After he set the whole troublesome event in motion! If Abnur had never acquired the Wrathstone, if he had never figured out the location of the ruins … Jode's light, if he had never taken the damn tablet there, none of this would be happening!"
Euraxia's soldiers reached the ruins before we did. They would have broken the seal eventually.
"They would have—arrgh! I should not push these angry thoughts in your direction.
All I know is that a lot of Dragons escaped from an ancient prison, and now they are loose in Elsweyr. My people, they must be warned."
We'll figure something out.

If you speak to her again:

"Excuse my anger, walker. I am just not used to watching a horde of creatures not seen in a generation descend upon my homeland. It … disconcerts me.
I know you tried to help. No, the fault lies in the Tharn family, damn their eyes."

After you have spoken with Tharn to see if he has any ideas for dealing with this fiasco, you can speak to her:

"I need to return to Elsweyr and explain all this to Gharesh-ri. It is not a conversation I look forward to.
Perhaps the annoying old wizard will accompany me. It would serve him right to take the brunt of the Speaker of the Mane's displeasure."

A Rage of DragonsEdit

K'har Zhab HallEdit

After receiving a summons from Abnur Tharn to travel to Elsweyr, you can meet him with Khamira and Lord Gharesh-ri at the K'har Zhab Hall in Riverhold. They will have been going over strategies to deal with the recent Dragon threat among other things. If you were involved in the Halls of Colossus incident, she will remember you.

"Hrrm. I suppose it is good to see you again, walker. Someone must help Tharn clean up the mess he created at the Halls of Colossus. Come to think of it, you share some of the blame, yes?
Ah, do not mind me. Rampaging Dragons put me in a foul mood."
The Dragons have been causing trouble?
"Trouble? More like flying disasters! Caravans devastated, livestock consumed, villages set aflame …. It is more than the Northern Elsweyr Defense Force can handle. As much as I hate to admit it, we need Tharn's help.
And yours as well, walker."
This is about what happened in the Halls of Colossus, right?
"Damn Abnur Tharn for translating the Wrathstone and finding that ancient ruin! He went in search of a weapon to end the Three Banners War—a weapon I told him was too dangerous, remember!—and instead wound up releasing the Dragons!"
So how can I help?
"Hrrm. Talk to Abnur Tharn. He and the Speaker of the Mane have been formulating strategies and contingency plans. Sometimes, it feels like that is all they are doing!
Maybe you can set fire to their tails, yes?"


"Hrrm. Another outsider comes to Elsweyr. As if we did not have enough problems between Abnur Tharn and the Dragons.
Ah, do not mind me. Great beasts rampaging through my homeland tends to put me in a foul mood."
Who are you?
"I am Khamira. I assist the Speaker of the Mane and serve as his agent. With both the Usurper Queen and the Dragons ravaging Northern Elsweyr, there is much for me to do.
Too much, I fear, but I will persevere."
Tell me more about the Dragons.
"What can I tell you that you cannot guess? That these fearsome creatures of legend have returned to threaten Elsweyr? That much is obvious.
Damn it! This is all Abnur Tharn's fault, Dark Moons take him!"
What do you mean, this is all Abnur Tharn's fault?
"That arrogant Imperial! For an advisor to emperors and a renowned battlemage, he demonstrates a disturbing lack of caution.
It was Abnur Tharn who entered the Halls of Colossus and released the Dragons. He says that was not his intention, but …."
You don't believe him?
"Hrrm. What do my beliefs matter? Dragons have come to Elsweyr, destroying everything I hold dear. As the Moon-Singers say, the path to Oblivion is paved in good intentions.
So, damn Abnur Tharn. Damn him for unleashing this terror upon us!"

Defense Force OutpostEdit

Khamira tending to a wounded militia soldier

As you approach the Defense Force Outpost and witness a dragon attacking the camp, you will overhear Khamira:

Khamira: "The Dragon returns! Take cover!"
Abnur Tharn: "Get down! I'll deal with this!"

When you reach her, she will be tending to those injured by the Dragon attack. If you talk to her first, she will direct you to Tharn.

"Not now, walker! I have wounded to tend to. Talk to Tharn and let me work."

Once you have checked in with Tharn, you can ask Khamira what needs to be done.

"Damn us for arriving too late! I did not expect to find our militia under assault by a horde of undead, and then the Dragon—
It tangles the tail, walker, it truly does."
What can I do to help?
"The militia was already depleted from the fight to liberate Riverhold, but we were determined to press on toward Rimmen. Between the undead and the Dragon, though, we can barely hold this portion of the outpost.
Retreat is not an option. Not yet."
Why can't you order the retreat?
"Our resistance to Euraxia's rule requires more than just soldiers. There are intelligence reports, safehouse locations, lists of supporters—documents we cannot afford to lose.
Search the ruined camp and locate the documents, walker."
Are these documents really that important?
"They are vital to our efforts to free Rimmen from Euraxia's rule. And if her forces acquire them, those who help us will be exposed.
Recover the documents from mail sacks in the camp and get them to Captain Nala-do. Then meet us to the south."
I'll find the documents, deliver them to Nala-do, and meet you south of the camp.
"I will finish tending to the wounded here, then order the retreat. Meet us to the south after you recover the documents and get them to Nala-do."

Sleepy Senche MineEdit

While you were collecting documents, Khamira will have left the camp and gone south with some of the Northern Elsweyr Defense Force members to hunt down the dragon. You can find them outside the Sleepy Senche Mine.

"I did not expect to see you in this desolate place, walker. Did Captain Nala-do send you? Or have you come to join us as we hunt the Dragon that killed so many of our warriors?"
Neither. Abnur Tharn sent me to find the source of the undead that attacked the outpost.
"Then our missions coincide. We can work together to destroy the undead and slay the Dragon. It will be glorious!
When we finish with the hunting and the slaying, we can report our success to Lord Gharesh-ri."
Abnur Tharn said you should return to Riverhold.
"I do not take orders from that old battlemage. Besides, the blood of Khajiiti warriors cries for vengeance! To disregard that cry, that is not a shame I can bear.
No, I must do this. I must strike back and show my people that hope survives."
Powerful words, but it sounds risky.
"The worthy life is full of risk, walker. I assumed you knew that, given what you do.
I will tell you a secret, though. Before my parents died, they gave me a pendant. As long as I wear it, Jode watches over me and provides his protection."
You have a pendant that's connected to Jode?
"To Jode, yes, but also to my family and heritage. I suppose you could call it an heirloom. It helps me in my role as agent for Lord Gharesh-ri. And that is all I will say about it.
Now, let us go inside and find the necromancer and the Dragon!"

After you enter the mine, Khamira will take the lead.

Khamira: "With me. Stay close. We will hunt these necromancers down and end this Dragon."

Soon you will reach a split the passages. Khamira and her squad will take the right while you go left.

Khamira: "The path splits here. We will go right. Walker, you stay left. Moons guide us."

As you fight you way through the necromancers, you occasionally see Khamira crossing the bridges above you.

Khamira: "Foul creatures! Cut them down!"
Khamira: "For Elsweyr! For the Mane!"

When you arrive at Gravestalker Gemmia's lair, she and her squad will be gathered on the ledge above.

Khamira: "Our enemy awaits, five-claw! Destroy the necromancer!"

Once the Gravestalker is dead, the squad will begin to cheer:

Khamira: "We did it! The necromancer has fallen!"

The celebration will be premature, as the dragon they were hunting arrives:

Mulaamnir: "Far enough, little insects."
<They start firing arrows at the dragon.>
Mulaamnir: "You dare challenge Mulaamnir?"
Khamira: "Dragonfire! Move!"
<Khamira leaps off the cliff. The others are not so lucky.>
Mulaamnir: "Pathetic creatures."

After you follow Mulaamnir and end up parleying with him, Khamira will arrive after he leaves.

Khamira: "Five-claw, are you all right?"

Talk with her to tell her what you learnt.

"I heard what the Dragon said. Perhaps my confidence was a bit misplaced. That creature was much bigger than it appeared when it flew over the camp."
Khamira, what happened after you leaped off the cliff?
"I never jump without first knowing where my feet will land. Also, I have very sharp claws.
We lost so many today. The Dragon—that Mulaamnir—it has much to answer for."
It wants Abnur Tharn and me to leave Elsweyr.
"We defeated a necromancer and shut down one of their undead foundries. We need you and Tharn, despite my dislike of the man.
But what the Dragon intimated about Euraxia … it called her its puppet. I fear the Dragons control the Rimmen throne now."
I need to get to Riverhold and inform Gharesh-ri and Abnur Tharn.
"Yes, you must do that. I will join you after … after I take care of the remains of my soldiers. They died bravely and deserve to receive the proper sacraments.
Go to Riverhold. I will see you there."

If talk with her again, she will reiterate:

"Do not fear for me, walker. I have been Gharesh-ri's agent for most of my life.
I will see you in Riverhold after I take care of my fallen soldiers."

The Battle for RiverholdEdit


After speaking to Abnur Tharn and Gharesh-ri, they'll send you to report to Khamira who has a plan to defend the city, which includes you. As you approach her she'll be finishing up a conversation with a citizen:

Khamira : "We need your cart to help barricade the city, Grishka. The Mane will compensate you for any damage."

Speak to her and she'll say:

"Hrrm. I knew nothing good would come of Abnur Tharn's efforts to make peace with the Usurper Queen. Now she turns her attention to Riverhold.
We must protect the town, no matter what Euraxia throws at us."
Tharn said to report to you for my orders.
"So many have answered the call! Zamarak and the Desert Wind adepts, the people of Riverhold. Even that strange Cadwell. And now you, five-claw. Excellent!
I have things that need to be done, but not enough hands to do them. If you are willing …."
Tell me what you need me to do.
"The outlying farms are vulnerable to attack. We need to get the farmers inside the walls before Euraxia's forces arrive. Go to Greenleaf Farm and convince Tsazii to move her family.
After that, I will send word as to what I need you to do next."

If you talk with her again, she will mention she has other duties:

"Take the big adept and go to the Greenleaf Farm. You must convince them to seek the protection of the city walls before the Usurper Queen's forces arrive.
Meanwhile, I have other preparations to check on."

Greenleaf FarmEdit

Once you have reunited the family and convinced them to leave, Khamira will walk inside the farmhouse.

Khamira : "Ah, five-claw, good. I have another task for you."

Talk with her to see what other preparations you need to help with:

"I hoped to catch you before you were done here. I need you to head west. Nala-do's scouts identified a number of Euraxian supply camps set up near the mountains.
I want you to help Nala-do and her soldiers disrupt the Euraxian supply lines."
All right. What do you need me to do?
"These western camps support the soldiers that encircle the city. Find the camps, startle their horses, and set fire to their wagons. Nala-do's soldiers will grab whatever supplies they can, but your goal is to inflict mayhem and destruction."
Mayhem and destruction, I can do that.
"Once you scare off the horses and set fire to the wagons, that will be the signal for Nala-do's soldiers to grab the supplies.
And if any of the Euraxians complain, feel free to deal with them however you see fit."
I think the soldiers are also looking for the body parts Zumog Phoom seeks.
"Zumog Phoom! He wants to resurrect the Betrayer from the ancient tales of Khunzar-ri. Ever since Abnur Tharn made the Moon-Singers recall those legends, we have been haunted by them.
But that is the next problem. First, we must protect Riverhold."
I'll go take care of those supply camps.

As she leaves the house, she'll will wish you luck:

Khamira : "Do some damage, five-claw."

Step outside and she'll be crouching by the door:

Khamira : "You were right, five-claw. They are searching."

You can ask her what means:

"Searching for body parts. Gruesome work. The Euraxians are scavengers, five-claw. No, worse than scavengers!"
How are things back in town? Have the Euraxians attacked yet?
"Not yet. But they have surrounded us. Like a noose around our neck and about to be drawn tight.
I will return to Riverhold. Tell Gharesh-ri and Tharn what we have seen."
The Euraxians controlled Riverhold in the past, right?
"When Euraxia first arrived, her forces swept through the region and took control of most of northern Anequina. From Rimmen to Riverhold, she held sway.
Thanks to Gharesh-ri and the militia, we liberated Riverhold. Then the Dragons came."
I'll go help Captain Nala-do with the supply camps now.

Outside RiverholdEdit

After Cadwell alerts you to the incoming Euraxian forces, you'll need to find Khamira. She will near the bridge leading into town.

Khamira : "Over here, five-claw. Let us talk."
Cadwell : "They're definitely on their way, Khamira! Euraxians with perfectly aligned teeth!"

Walk up to her and collaborate Cadwell's story:

"We must get inside and prepare to defend the town. Euraxia's forces are on their way."
Cadwell had another vision. He saw the necromancer Zumog Phoom approaching Riverhold.
"More undead? Just like at the Defense Force outpost. Regular troops are bad enough, but shambling corpses? They unsettle even the most seasoned Khajiiti warrior.
We need to warn Gharesh-ri."
Are the town's defenses ready for this attack?
"Almost. I wish we had another day and another pride of warriors, but our claws are sharp.
Finish your business, then tell me when you are ready. We will enter the town, clear the streets, and set the final defenses before we report to Gharesh-ri."
I'm ready to defend Riverhold.
I need a moment to prepare.

If you take time and return to her, she'll ask:

"Are you ready, five-claw? Euraxia's forces are almost upon us. It is time to defend Riverhold from the approaching assault."
I'm ready now.
"Good. I just need to check on the town's defenses before we rendezvous with Gharesh-ri."
Lead the way. (Enter the instance)
I need a moment to prepare. (Ends Conversation)

The BattleEdit

Once you arrive at the defended Riverhold, you'll hear the following:

Khamira: "Speaker! We have news."
Lord Gharesh-ri: "Report, Khamira."
Khamira: "The Euraxians have necromancers in their ranks."
Lord Gharesh-ri: "The Usurper Queen dares send undead against us? Five-claw, find Captain Nala-do and warn her!"

After you and Zamarak sanctify Riverhold, it appears the town can be saved, until:

Captain Nala-do : "It's working! The dead are dead again!"
Khamira : "Wait … something … something is coming."
Drasji : "Dark Moons! Dragons!"
Lezu : "We can't fight Dragons!"
Captain Nala-do : "This one will order the retreat."

The dragons appear, only to prompt a revelation:

Kaalgrontiid : "Such pathetic creatures. Flee before Kaalgrontiid, you insignificant morsels!"
Khamira : "No. Riverhold belongs to the Khajiit."
Lord Gharesh-ri : "Khamira, consider your next words very carefully …."
Khamira : "Now I will speak the words my people need to hear!"
Khamira : "We are Khajiit! We are the children of Alkosh, the daughters and sons of Jone and Jode! We do not run, even from Dragons!"
Kaalgrontiid : "Bahlokdaan! Prove your worth. Destroy these paltry insects!"
Khamira : "Stand with me, people of Anequina! For I am Khamira, daughter of King Hemakar! I am your queen!"
Khamira : "Now, five-claw! Use the ballista and drive the Dragon to the ground!"
Khamira : "Well done! Now finish this!"

Defeat Bahlokdaan and the battle is won, but the war has just begun:

Captain Nala-do : "The Dragon is dead! All hail Queen Khamira!"
Khamira : "Well fought! We have shown that the Khajiit will not run. Not even from a Dragon!"
Lord Gharesh-ri : "All hail Khamira, daughter of King Hemakar and Queen Numara!"
Khamira : "Soon Rimmen and all of Anequina will once again belong to us!"
Khamira : "The reign of the Usurper Queen nears its end."
Khamira : "On this I give you my word as the heir of Anequina, the daughter of King Hemakar, and the true queen of Rimmen!"
Lord Gharesh-ri : "We have plans to make! War council, with me!"
Abnur Tharn : "The Speaker is correct. There's still work to do. Let's convene in K'har Zhab Hall."

The War CouncilEdit

Enter K'har Zhab Hall and speak to Khamira first, and she'll say:

"You helped give my people hope, five-claw. That is a debt I will be hard pressed to repay.
Let us consult with Lord Gharesh-ri and Abnur Tharn. We have the rest of this war to plan out, not to mention Kaalgrontiid and the Dragons to deal with."
Are you really the queen of Rimmen?
"I am the heir to the throne of Rimmen. All of Anequina, to be exact. But I will not officially become the queen until the Mane recognizes my lineage and heritage.
Before that can happen, we need to remove Euraxia and her ilk from my palace."
There's also the Dragons and Zumog Phoom's necromancers.
"I have not forgotten. Both the Dragons and the necromancers can be defeated, though. You have shown that. We will find a way to prevail. We have to.
Mulaamnir and his superior, Kaalgrontiid, however. I expect they will not go down so easily."
So what happens next?
"I want to take the fight directly to the Usurper Queen. Roust her from the palace and take back what is ours.
The war council must decide, however. Lord Gharesh-ri still commands the militia, and Abnur Tharn formulates our strategies."

If you talk to Khamria directly after completing the quest:

"I am the heir to the throne of Rimmen. All of Anequina, to be exact. But I will not officially become the queen until the Mane recognizes my lineage and heritage.
Before that can happen, we need to remove Euraxia and her ilk from my palace."
There's also the Dragons and Zumog Phoom's necromancers.
"I have not forgotten. Both the Dragons and the necromancers can be defeated, though. You have shown that. We will find a way to prevail. We have to.
Mulaamnir and his superior, Kaalgrontiid, however. I expect they will not go down so easily."
So what happens next?
"I want to take the fight directly to the Usurper Queen. Roust her from the palace and take back what is ours.
The war council must decide, however. Lord Gharesh-ri still commands the militia, and Abnur Tharn formulates our strategies."

Two QueensEdit

After speaking with Abnur Tharn, the council convenes and discusses next steps:

Khamira : "Now that I have revealed my true heritage, we need to act quickly, Lord Speaker."
Abnur Tharn : "I agree with the princess. The time has come to remove my half-sister from the throne."
Khamira : "Queen, Tharn. I have not been a princess in a very long time."
Abnur Tharn : "I stand corrected. Queen Khamira. You said you had a way to get us into the palace, Lord Speaker?"
Lord Gharesh-ri : "I do. Five-claw, let us speak."

Once you've heard the council's plan, she'll remark:

"As much as it galls me to admit, I agree with Tharn. The time has come for the true queen of Anequina to vanquish the Usurper Queen.
She defiles my family's throne with her heinous presence."

If you need a recap, you can ask her:

Remind me. What's our current situation?
"Have you really forgotten how I revealed my true heritage? Or how you helped save Riverhold from hordes of undead and a rampaging Dragon? Hrrm.
Stop tugging my whiskers, five-claw. Such events do not slip one's mind so easily."

Aneshi the Shrine KeeperEdit

Arrive at Aneshi's location near the Rimmen Necropolis and Khamira will meet you there:

Khamira : "Five-claw! I decided to join you. Aneshi deserves to hear that I still live in my own words."
Aneshi the Shrine Keeper : "Welcome to Aneshi's humble shrine to Khunzar-ri. Here, we remember the tales of the hero of ancient Elsweyr."

Speak to her and she'll say:

"Hrrm. I do not want to shock the old castellan. You speak with him first. Prepare him so that when he learns a member of the royal family still lives, he does not faint or run away or do anything rash."

Finish the conversation with Aneshi and he will address Khamira:

Aneshi the Shrine Keeper : "Jode above, old Aneshi can hardly believe his eyes! Princess Khamira!"
Khamira : "It is truly me, castellan, but I am Queen Khamira now. We will throw the usurper from my father's throne."
Aneshi the Shrine Keeper : "We stayed close to the castle. Zaima, my brave and beloved wife, she passed information to the militia until the vile Euraxians caught her."
Aneshi the Shrine Keeper : "After that, Aneshi came here to restore this ancient shrine. This one will help you as best he can, my queen."

Khamira will then turn to you and say:

Khamira : "I will visit with Aneshi, five-claw. Recover the master key and meet me in Rimmen."

Before you leave, you can ask Khamira's about her relationship Aneshi and Zaima:

"I will not linger long, but I want to spend a few moments with Aneshi. Find the master key, then rendezvous with us outside Rimmen."
Were you and Aneshi close when you were the princess of Rimmen?
"Castellan Aneshi oversaw the palace and was responsible for some of my training. Where do you think I learned the stories of Khunzar-ri?
His wife Zaima served as my governess. I have very fond memories of my time with her."
Tell me about Zaima.
"Aneshi's wife was kind, generous. She cared for me and my siblings as though we were her own children. She could be firm, too, when discipline was required.
Prior to Gharesh-ri, Zaima was the best teacher I ever had. Well, Zaima and Aneshi, both."
You never thought to contact Aneshi before this?
"To what end? Aneshi was safer not knowing my secret. We knew that he and his wife had survived, knew that she was a spy for the militia. When I heard she had been killed, my heart broke.
But I had a duty to remain hidden until the proper time."
So Aneshi was a Khunzar-ri scholar?
"Aneshi is an expert on all the heroes and gods of the Khajiiti pantheon. His vivid stories about Khunzar-ri were always my favorites, though.
As I grew older, I realized that every story taught a lesson. They helped form the person I am today."
Should you be wandering the countryside by yourself, Queen Khamira?
"You sound like Captain Nala-do and Zamarak. Both wanted to accompany me. But I was an agent for the Mane before I became queen. I will not be coddled.
Meet up with the rest of the strike team in Rimmen after you get the key. I will join you shortly."

Rendezvous at RimmenEdit

After recovering Aneshi's key, meet with the defenders under the aqueduct outside of Rimmen. As you approach, Khamira will hail you:

Khamira : "Five-claw! Over here! Tharn wants to speak to you."

You can then show her the master key you found:

"I assume you recovered the master key? Fragrant, my friend!
Hrrm. I have waited a long time to return to the palace … my home. Tharn will describe the plan to you. I need a moment to collect my thoughts."
You really grew up in Rimmen Palace?
"Do you doubt my claim, five-claw? No, no. Sometimes I find it hard to believe as well. I was barely thirteen when the soldiers attacked. My father, King Hemakar, thought the new emperor had sent troops to bolster our defenses.
He was wrong."
Why did Euraxia attack Rimmen?
"Not just Rimmen. All of Anequina. The Usurper Queen hired an army and conquered our land to assuage her pride. Her greed. She wanted to be a queen, so she killed my parents and subjugated my people.
With your help, that ends today."
How did you survive the execution of the royal family?
"My father's bodyguard, the King's Claw, escorted me to an adeptorium. I insisted on visiting the Grand Adept of the Desert Wind and my father acquiesced. We were there when Euraxia attacked.
Later, he took me to Gharesh-ri. I never saw him again."

After speaking to Tharn, she'll head to her position:

Khamira : "I'll get to the far bastion. Best we don't travel together."

Once the siege weapons have been destroyed, the group will meet outside the Rimmen Palace Recesses:

Zamarak : "Here come the others now."
Abnur Tharn : "There are too many of us. We need to split up."
Khamira : "Hrrm. I will go with Tharn, Captain Nala-do can lead the others."
Abnur Tharn : "Barely queen for a day and already she's giving orders."

Speak to her and she'll say:

"Abnur Tharn makes an excellent point. Even this small group is too large. We stand out like a shaved Alfiq.
I will teleport into the palace with Tharn while you and the others use Aneshi's key to gain entry through the crypts."
Won't Euraxia have the palace on high alert?
"Probably. But she has no reason to believe that a small strike force is attempting to breach the palace defenses. With the destruction of the weapons platforms, she should order her soldiers into the streets to repel our militia."
That sounds like a lot of wishful thinking.
"Perhaps. But by Jone and Jode above, this plan will work. It has to. I will throw Euraxia from the battlements and reclaim my family's throne. This I swear in my father's name!
Then we can deal with the necromancers and the Dragons."

The Rimmen PalaceEdit

After you have made your way to the Royal Chambers you will meet up with Khamira and Tharn, who will enter the courtyard to eavesdrop on Euraxia's conversation with Mulaamnir. After the dragon dissolves their partnership. She will notice the group.

Euraxia Tharn : "What's this now? My incompetent half-brother and … ah, the lost princess returns!"
Nala-do's final sacrifice

Euraxia fires a spell at Khamira, but Captain Nala-do jumps in the way and takes the hit:

Khamira : "Nala-do!"
Euraxia Tharn : "Here. Your parents have missed you so, princess!"

King Hemakar and Queen Numara undead bodies will shamble out of the alcoves:

Khamira : "Father, Mother … no!"

During the fight, Khamira will be too shaken to help. Once Euraxia is dead, Khamira will snap out of it and she'll head towards the throneroom:

Khamira : "We … we can mourn Nala-do later. I … I need to see the throne."

You can follow her inside, where you can overhear the tail end of a conversation:

Khamira : "We will deal with the fallen later. I fear more pressing matters must concern us now."

You can then talk to her and see how she is. She is determined to finished what was started:

"May the Dark take Euraxia! She sent my own parents against us and killed the brave and honorable Nala-do!
But we have no time to mourn. We must determine what the Dragons seek at the ancient Moon Gate."
Khamira, those were your parents. And Captain Nala-do died defending you. Are you sure ….
"Do not presume to tell me how I should feel. I am the queen now, and I do not have the luxury or the time to grieve.
Five-claw, those were not my parents. They were animated husks, nothing more. And I will remember Nala-do's sacrifice. After …."
After what?
"After we finish saving Elsweyr from the Dragons. You are still with me in this, five-claw? You and Abnur Tharn both? We ended one threat but two more remain.
I will go on without you, but I would rather have you at my side for what is to come."
I'm with you. How do we stop the Dragons?
"The war is far from over. Even a queen needs to consult with such learned personages as Gharesh-ri and Abnur Tharn every now and then.
Take this in recognition of your efforts on our behalf, five-claw. Then talk to Gharesh-ri. I need … to think."
Khamira : "This throne … for too long a tyrant has sat upon it. But now …?
Lord Gharesh-ri : "The Mane must recognize you as the heir of Anequina, but the people already cheer your name."

Speak to Khamira again, and she'll reminisce:

"When I was a little girl, I played in this room. I pretended that Jone and Jode spoke to me over there, beneath the statues.
After Euraxia's coup, I dreamed of this moment, when I could reclaim my father's empty throne."
So, why do you hesitate?
"Because … because …. Damn it, five-claw! I need a moment to think! To let everything that just occurred sink in.
Besides, it takes more than sitting on a throne to make a queen. I need to consider my next actions very carefully."
Are you sure you're up to this?
"Do you think I have not asked myself that very same question? Jone and Jode, we had to kill my parents again! And Captain Nala-do. She died so that I could live. If I can be half as brave as she was ….
Moons, what kind of queen thinks like this?"
A good queen, Khamira. You're going to do fine.
"That is kind of you to say, five-claw. I hope my people feel the same way.
No matter. My people need a queen and here I am. Ready or not, I am the only one left to take the throne. Now, let me prepare myself for what is to come."
Maybe you're not ready to be queen yet, Khamira.
"Ah, five-claw, even you doubt me? Well, know that I doubt myself even more.
No matter. My people need a queen and I am the only one left to take the throne. Ready or not, it all falls to me. Now, I need to prepare myself for what happens next."

The Final OrderEdit

If you were given a message by Lyrrsazhi to speak with Khamira, you can find her in the throne room:

"Ah, five-claw, just in time. We killed Euraxia, but between the chaos and the shock of seeing my dead parents and Nala-do's sacrifice, I fear my memories of what happened are not as clear as I would like.
Tell me what you remember."
We killed Euraxia after Nala-do died, but the Dragons and necromancers are still working together.
"Yes, now that you say it, I remember the Dragon's words. Mulaamnir mentioned the Dragon leader, Kaalgrontiid.
We will mourn Captain Nala-do later. Right now, we need to determine why the Dragons require the service of Zumog Phoom's dark mages."
I heard Euraxia mention a Moon Gate to the southwest. That seemed to be of interest to Kaalgrontiid.
"Hrrm. The Moon Gate of Anequina lies in that direction.
I wonder if this has anything to do with Euraxia's final order. A soldier mentioned it after we captured her, but she refused to elaborate. Maybe you can help Abnur Tharn find out more."
I'll help Abnur Tharn determine the significance of Euraxia's final order.
"Go, my friend. Help Abnur Tharn determine the significance of Euraxia's final order. He searches the royal study. I must consult with Gharesh-ri about Rimmen's defenses.
Hrrm. I dreamed about reclaiming my father's throne for so long, but now ...."

After speaking to Tharn, reenter the throne room and you'll hear:

Khamira : "Are the people of Rimmen cowards?
Lord Gharesh-ri : " They're just afraid, Khamira. Remember, the Dragons still darken the skies overhead.
Khamira : "But we need to replenish our forces. I fear there are more battles ahead.
Lord Gharesh-ri : "You carry the weight of the kingdom, Khamira, but the crown is not yet yours.
Khamira : "Yes, yes. I must be recognized by the Mane and Queen Ayrenn. Which reminds me, has the Dominion sent us any aid?
Lord Gharesh-ri : "A few advisors, some gold. But no troops. We are on our own."

Speak to her and she'll say:

"Give me good news, five-claw. I could use some right about now."
Euraxia's final order, she sent an assassination squad to kill the last Dragonguard.
"Dragonguard? Hrrm. I leave this investigation to you and Tharn.
Gharesh-ri and I need to figure out how to bolster our defenses and prepare our forces. He even wants to send troops to defend the Moon Gate of Anequina."
I heard you talking. The Aldmeri Dominion really isn't sending any troops?
"Unfortunately, we are only a small part of Queen Ayrenn's domain. She sent us advisors and gold to purchase weapons and mercenaries, but her troops are committed to the Alliance War.
I will convince my people to join the militia. I have to."

After locating Dragonguard Orland and the Dragonhorn, you'll return to the palace where you'll witness the following council:

Abnur Tharn : "The archives were extremely helpful, once I found the appropriate documents.
Khamira : "Our Moon-Singers and Moon-Priests have always paid particular attention to detail. What did you learn?
Lord Gharesh-ri : "Tharn found documents regarding an ancient agreement with the Dragonguard. They apparently provided a weapon to use against the Dragons.
Khamira : "This relates to the legends of Khunzar-ri and Queen Anequina, yes?
Prefect Calo : "Pardon the interruption, Queen Khamira, but that sounds like the Dragonhorn we found.
Prefect Calo : "That Dragonguard didn't survive, but he gave us the Anequina Dragonhorn.
Khamira : "Hrrm. So this alliance I reluctantly agreed to has borne fruit?
Prefect Calo : "The Cygnus Irregulars assisted, but your agent did the important work.
Khamira : "A weapon from the Dragonguard? Interesting. Come, five-claw. I want to hear your report."

Speak to Khamira after everyone leaves and she'll ask:

"Agreeing to an alliance with Imperials! At least it appears this Prefect Calo assisted you.
Tell me what happened out there, five-claw. I want to hear it from you."
The assassin killed the Dragonguard, but we did acquire the Anequina Dragonhorn.
"So that is the Dragonhorn? It is much smaller than I thought it would be, and it looks fragile. Sound it once and it will probably crumble to dust. What are we supposed to do with such a thing?
As always, you have my thanks, five-claw."

Cadwell the BetrayerEdit

If you continue speaking to her immediately afterwards, she will frustrated trying to figure out how the horn works. But there are more pressing issues:

"Euraxia hoped to appease the Dragons by assassinating the last Dragonguard of Elsweyr. He died, but at least you acquired the Anequina Dragonhorn and avenged his death.
Now if we only knew what to do with the damn thing!"
It makes noise, like any other horn, right?

If you started the quest from Lyrrsazhi:

"Ah, five-claw, you are just in time my friend.
Since you recovered the Anequina Dragonhorn from the hidden Dragonguard sanctuary, we have been attempting to figure out what to do with it. So far, its purpose eludes us."
You don't know how to use the Dragonhorn?
"I know how a horn works, five-claw, but this is a relic of ancient magic. I do not want to damage it before we learn the true significance of its power. I will have Tharn do more research.
In the meantime, we have another matter to deal with."
Another matter?
"Cadwell's visions strike more frequently now. With more urgency. Tharn believes Zumog Phoom is close to reassembling Cadwell's dismembered body. I want you to stop him.
The Betrayer of legend must not be reborn."
I'll find Zumog Phoom and stop him from reassembling Cadwell the Betrayer.
"Abnur Tharn checks on Cadwell regularly. Find them and see if they can tell you where Zumog Phoom hides.
Meanwhile, I will consult with Gharesh-ri. Review the Khunzar-ri stories before we task Tharn with learning more about the Dragonhorn."

You can then ask her some questions:

You must know something about the Anequina Dragonhorn.
"A little. There was a similar relic at Star Haven Adeptorium, but I never gave it much thought. It was just there, another memento of a mostly forgotten past.
The one you brought us. It bears the name of Anequina."
What's the significance of Anequina?
"Anequina is the name of our kingdom, the northern half of Elsweyr. It grew out of one of the sixteen original prides and was named after my ancestor, Anequina Sharp-Tongue.
She was one of the ancient heroes, a member of Khunzar-ri's Kra'jun."
Why does everything seem to point back to the legends of Khunzar-ri?/Can you tell me anything else about the Dragonhorn?
"Legends and myths make up a great part of who we are, five-claw. For the Khajiit, the truth of our stories is the truth, pure and simple.
The return of the Dragons began with the tales of Khunzar-ri, and I expect it to end there as well."
Is the Dragonhorn part of the story?
"No, Khunzar-ri and his company of heroes pre-date the arrival of the Akaviri in Tamriel. It was the Akaviri who gave rise to the Dragonguard and revealed the secrets of the Dragonhorn.
As I understand it, the Star Haven Dragonhorn was a gift."
A gift?
"From the ancient order of the Dragonguard, if I remember what the adept at Star Haven once told me. I assume the same is true of the Anequina Dragonhorn. It's too bad that Dragonguard you met did not live long enough to tell you more."

Hunting Zumog PhoomEdit

After speaking with Khamira, you can find Abnur Tharn in a nearby room where he will be with Cadwell who is in the throes of yet another episode. Khamira will have followed you in:

Speak to Khamira and she'll say:

"These episodes of Cadwell's, they are disturbing.
Talk to him, five-claw. Get him to explain exactly what he sees."

After you speak with Cadwell and he teleports away to fight Zumog Phoom, Khamira will exclaim:

Cadwell : "I'm off to put a stop to these dastardly villains!"
<He teleports away.>
Khamira : "Tharn! Can you determine where Cadwell disappeared to?"

She will be annoyed with Cadwell's decision:

"Zumog Phoom attempts to raise the Betrayer and Cadwell ran off to face him on his own? The Soul Shriven's brain must have rotted in his head!"

Speak to her again after speaking to Abnur Tharn and she'll give her orders:

"Gharesh-ri and I will do what we can to uncover the secrets of the Dragonhorn. Take Tharn and the others and stop Zumog Phoom. The Betrayer must not be restored to full power.
I just wish we knew how this all ties into the plans of the Dragons."

After taking care of Zumog Phoom, return to the palace. Khamira and Lord Gharesh-ri will be in conference:

Khamira : "Anequina was a Moon-Priest. Could that be the key to using the Dragonhorn?"
Lord Gharesh-ri : "The same notion occurred to me, Queen Khamira."
Khamira : "Wait, here comes Tharn and the others. Five-claw, talk to me."

Speak with Khamira to report Zumog Phoom's death, the Betrayer's revival and the disappearance of Cadwell:

"I am happy to see you and the others, five-claw, and am eager to hear what happened.
Wait, where is Cadwell?"
Cadwell … faded away. We stopped Zumog Phoom, but not before he reanimated the Betrayer.
"Hrrm. That does not bode well. The Betrayer of Khunzar-ri was a great hero who became a terrible villain. It took all the remaining champions and the Moon-Priests of Anequina to stop him.
But how does the Betrayer's return help the Dragons?"
Cadwell began to remember. He said the Betrayer seeks a special place to find Jode's Core.
"A special place? That does not give us a lot of information to go on, five-claw.
Did Cadwell tell you anything else before he disappeared?"
"He talked about Anequina and the Dragons' imprisonment. He said you possessed the key."
"The ancient legends. I have been studying them. They mention Jode's Core, a vault of some kind. Khunzar-ri tricked the demons into storing their power there, though now we know that the demons were Dragons. A metaphor, yes?
As for a key …. Hrrm."
Do you know what Cadwell was talking about?

Khamira will then call for council before answering you:

Khamira : "Everyone! Meet in the royal study. I have something to show you!"

Enter the study and Khamria will begin:

Khamira : "Cadwell spoke of Anequina, one of Khunzar-ri's champions. He mentioned a key. I think he meant my pendant."
Zamarak : "Zamarak remembers. Your mother wore it before you. Does it have more than sentimental significance?"
Khamira : "It hides me from magical detection. Mother would take my pendant in her hand and whisper, 'When Khunzar-ri smiled, Anequina asked the Moons to move for him.'"
Abnur Tharn : "The Shadow Dance Temple ruins? Is that where the Betrayer has gone?"
Khamira : "I discovered as a young girl that the pendant and this ancient map interact in interesting ways."

Speak to her and she'll say:

"I learned the stories of Khunzar-ri from my mother. Did I tell you she was a Moon-Singer before she married my father? She said the pendant once belonged to Anequina.
I am related to Anequina. Direct descendent, according to the Moon-Priests."
The location indicated on the map, what is that place?
"An ancient ruin. The place was once the Shadow Dance Temple, but now it is nothing but tumbled stones.
Still, Cadwell indicated the pendant was the key to finding the Betrayer. What else do we have to go on?"
You said your mother told you that Anequina could make the moons move for Khunzar-ri.
"Yes, from Khunzar-ri's story. He tricked the demons into giving him their power. Then Anequina moved the Moons so he could store the power in Jode's Core for safekeeping.
Of course, now we know the demons of the story were actually the Dragons."
Could that be what Cadwell was talking about? Tell me the rest of the story.
"In their weakened state, Khunzar-ri was able to trick the Dragons and trap them in the Halls of Colossus. But one of his companions betrayed him. Stabbed him in the back and went ….
To the place of the dark dance to steal the demon power!"
That sounds like the Shadow Dance Ruins. I guess we need to investigate the place.
"I think you are right, five-claw. The Betrayer must want to finish what he started in the ancient time. But the Dragons also want that power. Are they working together?
Either way, we need to get to the temple ruins."
Where is the Shadow Dance Ruins?
"As we saw on the map, the ruins lie in the foothills east of the Scar, between Orcrest and the town of Hakoshae.
We will meet you there."

Shadow Dance RuinsEdit

Khamira being attuned.

Once you enter the ruins, Khamira will be waiting for you:

Khamira: "If there is more to this ancient temple, I do not see a way to access it."

She will be having trouble gaining access to the Temple. You can offer some suggestions:

"This is the right place. I can sense it. But nothing in this chamber looks like it can make the Moons move or open a path to Jone or Jode.
What are we missing, five-claw?"
Cadwell said your pendant was the key.
"And Riddle'Thar knows I have tried everything I can think of! I held it out, I presented it forcefully. I even shook it vigorously, but nothing happened!
I do not know what else to do!"
You said your mother would sometimes hold it and tell you stories. Maybe something she said …?
"My memories and the Khunzar-ri stories, everything jumbles together. Too much research has crowded my mind.
Wait, maybe … hrrm. I remember one thing mother used to say. Maybe if I repeat her words while I hold the pendant?"
It couldn't hurt to give it a try.

Khamira will hold the pendant and begin to speak:

Khamira : "When Anequina's blood calls, the shadow dance begins!"
Zamarak : "By the Moons, you opened a path!"
Abnur Tharn : "You go ahead. Zamarak and I will deal with the Dragon outside … somehow."
Khamira : "Moons watch over you. Come, five-claw, let us see where this leads."

Follow Khamira and enter the portal. Once in the temple, she'll exclaim:

Khamira: "How beautiful! Why was this hidden for so long?"

If you talk with her she will have learnt that the betrayer has already arrived:

"No time to explore this place. I just picked up a scent.
I think the Betrayer is ahead of us!"
How could the Betrayer get in here without your pendant?
"You said the Betrayer has the same ability to open portals as Cadwell. Such power means that few places are closed to him.
Come, we must catch him before he finds whatever drew him here."

As you follow the path, she'll say:

Khamira : "This place has guardians, it seems … but they could not stop the Betrayer."

Enter the temple proper, and she'll once again remark:

Khamira : "The Betrayer's scent. He came this way."

Approach the center of the room and she'll ask:

Khamira : "That relic …. See what you can make of it, five-claw."

Once you Activate the relic:

Khamira : "The spirits awaken! The temple recognized me! I … I am becoming attuned!"

You can then ask Khamira what happened:

"That relic, it is connected to the Lunar Lattice. When you touched it, something spoke to me. I am becoming … attuned.
Help me find the remaining Lattice relics and complete my attunement. It is the only way to stop the Betrayer and the Dragons."
What do you mean, attuned?
"The Moon-Priests that served this temple, they were attuned to the Lattice and the hidden paths. They could move the Moons and dance through the shadows.
The Betrayer was attuned in the ancient past. I think that is why Cadwell can use portals."
But why are you being attuned?
"The temple, the Lattice. They recognized Anequina's blood and … sang to me.
It all makes sense now. Anequina moved the Moons so Khunzar-ri could reach Jode's Core. The Betrayer wants to do the same for the Dragons."
How can the Betrayer move the Moons?
"You must listen more closely, five-claw. The Betrayer is attuned. When he reaches the temple sanctuary, he will activate the Moon Gate Apparatus and put the Moons in motion.
I need to finish my attunement before that happens."

As you proceed through the temple, you'll witness an echo of the Betrayer's last visit:

Moon-Priest : "Please, Sir Cadwell! You're part of Khunzar-ri's Kra'jun. Why are you doing this?"
Cadwell the Betrayer : "I want what Khunzar-ri hid away, and I need to move the moons to reach it. If a few cats must die along the way, what of it?"
Moon-Priest : "You're … you're insane!"
Cadwell the Betrayer : "You talk to your new god like that? Manners!"
Khamira : "The temple … it shows us how the Betrayer became attuned."

After you reach and activate another relic:

Khamira : "Another temple relic. Activate it for me, five-claw."

If you decide to talk to her before activating the relic:

"The temple relic, five-claw. Activate it so the process of attunement can continue."
What were those images we saw? The ones with the Betrayer and the moon-priests?
"The temple showed us the ancient past. After the Betrayer killed Khunzar-ri and came to this holy place, he killed the Moon-Priests to force his attunement.
The voices of Jone and Jode grow dim. Activate the relic now, please."
Can't you activate the relic yourself?
"I need to do this properly. When Anequina performed her attunement, Khunzar-ri accompanied her and activated the relics.
The temple identifies me as Anequina, so you must be Khunzar-ri."
We saw the past, but where's the real Betrayer?
"Somewhere ahead of us, on his way to the temple sanctuary to make the Moons move.
I need to finish my attunement before we face him. So, please, five-claw, let us get on with it."

Once she has been attuned a second time:

Khamira : "I understand. Moving the Moons causes an eclipse. That opens the way to Jode's Core!"

You can then ask her for more details:

"The Betrayer attuned himself and hoped to align the Moons as Anequina did, but the Moon-Priests and the remaining champions stopped him. Now I see how he planned to do it. It is so simple!
Hurry, we have one more relic to activate."
How do you know all this, Khamira?
"The attunement process … through it I can hear the Moons sing! And I hear another voice. It feels like a part of me. I hear Anequina, who cries for the innocent blood the Betrayer spilled so long ago.
We cannot let him open the way."
Why did the Betrayer turn on Khunzar-ri and the champions?
"The Betrayer was always more interested in glory and power than being a true hero. The prize waiting in Jode's Core was too much to ignore.
He murdered Khunzar-ri and attuned himself so he could move the Moons and walk the secret paths."

When you reach the final relic:

Khamira : "The final temple relic, there it is! Activate it, please."
"Activate the final relic, five-claw, and my attunement will be complete.
Then, no matter what else happens, we will have a chance to stop the Betrayer and the Dragons."
Are you sure this is wise, Khamira?
"I can hear the Moons sing, my friend! Once the attunement process is complete, I will be able to move the Moons like Anequina and walk the secret paths like Cadwell.
We need those abilities to save Elsweyr."

Once you have activated it:

Khamira : "Now, five-claw, we need to reach the temple sanctuary."

You can ask Khamira how she feels before heading on:

"I think I understand. Not only do I hear the Moons sing, but I hear my ancestor, Anequina. The very walls echo with her memories. Good ones. Bad ones like the actions of the Betrayer.
They tell me we must seek the temple sanctuary to stop him."
Are you attuned to the Lunar Lattice now?
"The attunement is complete. I feel a deeper connection now to Anequina and my other ancestors. Like I am part of the ancient rituals of the shadow dance.
For the first time since the death of my parents, it feels like I have a family again."
So now what?
"We must go to the temple sanctuary. If the Betrayer has not yet started the Moons to move, then we stop him. If he has, then we find out how I set them back on their normal course.
We are nowhere near the time of the next natural eclipse."

Vault of Heavenly ScourgeEdit

When you are outside the door to sanctuary, Khamira will to speak you before you confront the Betrayer:

Khamira : "Wait, my friend. Let us talk before we confront the Betrayer."

As you talk with her, she will reveal her inherited memory of what happened in the past:

"The ancient memories become clearer in my mind with every passing moment. We follow the same path as the heroes of legend. Khunzar-ri, Anequina, the Betrayer, they all walked these steps to reach Jode's Core."
Tell me everything the attuned memories have shown you.
"I see the truth of the myths and legends. Khunzar-ri tricked Kaalgrontiid into storing the might of the Dragons in Jode's Core. Then the heroes of the Kra'jun lured them into the Halls of Colossus and sealed the doors."
Right. Then the Betrayer stabbed Khunzar-ri in the back.
"Yes. He murdered Khunzar-ri and then came to this temple to gain the power to move the Moons and open the way to Jode's Core.
You see, the path only appears at the Moon Gate of Anequina when the Moons are aligned, as in an eclipse."
The moon-priests stopped the Betrayer back then.
"True, but many died before they lopped off his head. The Betrayer was the greatest warrior of his day. If it comes to a battle, it will not be an easy one.
There is an apparatus in the sanctuary, linked to the larger Moon Gate. That is what we seek."
You deal with the apparatus, I'll take care of the Betrayer.

Continue speaking with her and she will have some final advice:

"We are about to enter the place where the Betrayer faced his greatest failure. Where he died at the hands of the remaining heroes and Moon-Priests.
We must make sure history repeats itself."
Do you have any advice on fighting the Betrayer?
"The shade of Anequina darkens with rage whenever I think about him. Even before his betrayal, she detested the man. He was vain, proud. A great sword fighter, but full of ego and hubris.
Perhaps that is his weakness. His pride."

While you fight the Betrayer, Khamira will attempt to stop the artificial eclipse. However, once he is dead Khamira will have a problem:

Khamira : "Something is wrong. I cannot stop the eclipse!"

You can ask her what is wrong:

"The Betrayer did something to the apparatus. The Moons cannot hear my plea."
You can't stop the eclipse?
"No. The Betrayer has set the Moons in motion and they will not answer to my song.
There is nothing to stop the Dragons from using the Moon Gate of Anequina to reach Jode's Core."
So Elsweyr is doomed?
"Not yet. This apparatus moves the Moons, but the Moon Gate of Anequina creates the portal to Jode's Core. Luckily, I sent forces there to defend it from the Dragons. We will join them.
But first, the memories tell me we have one more task here."
What do we need to do?
"Anequina's memories show me how she once used a Dragonhorn. The Combat Dragonhorn you gave me, it needs to be energized, have its power restored.
Activate the nearby temple relic and I will charge the Dragonhorn."
I'll activate the temple relic.

While you activate the relic, Khamira enters a trance and prays:

Khamira : "Everything … Khunzar-ri, Anequina, Cadwell, Jone and Jode. All of it … into the Dragonhorn."

Once the Dragonhorn is charged, an unexpected surprise occurs. A portal opens and out pops Cadwell, the soul shriven. Khamira is drained and you tell Cadwell that you need to get her back to Rimmen:

Khamira : "I am … all right. Cadwell, can we use your portal to return to Rimmen?"
Cadwell : "Of course, Khamira. It's ready."

Rimmen PalaceEdit

Once you arrive in the palace, you can talk with Khamira again:

"The eclipse approaches, and with it the opening of the Moon Gate of Anequina. We have a short amount of time before the way to Jode's Core appears.
At least I am attuned. And I was able to charge the Dragonhorn."
What do we do now, Khamira?
"Gharesh-ri has already gone to the Moon Gate of Anequina to take charge of the forces there. We will join him shortly.
Thank you for helping with my attunement, five-claw. With you and my ancestors beside me, we will find a way to stop the Dragons."

Jode's CoreEdit

Though you stopped the Betrayer, he was still able start the eclipse, giving the Dragons access to Jode's Core through the Moon Gate. As Khamira says, "Time is short, five-claw."

"We stopped the Betrayer, but not before he set the Moons in motion. Soon they will align. When the eclipse occurs, the Moon Gate of Anequina will open and grant access to Jode's Core.
Which is exactly what the Dragons desire."

If you received a message from Lyrrsazhi to report to Khamira:

"Five-claw, I am glad you are here. We may have stopped the Betrayer, but not before he set the Moons in motion and started the eclipse. Soon the Moon Gate of Anequina will open and grant access to Jode's Core.
Exactly as the Dragons desire."
How much time do we have?
"Some, but not a lot. Luckily, we anticipated the connection to the Moon Gate and sent Gharesh-ri ahead with whatever forces we could spare—which was not as much as I would like.
I just wish we had something else to fall back on."
What about the Dragonhorn?
"The Combat Dragonhorn is charged, but we still do not know its full capabilities. We must not waste its energy, so we will save it until absolutely necessary.
We should make our way to the Moon Gate now. Tell our companions, it is time."
I'll gather our allies.
"Our companions left the palace to wander Rimmen and consider what is to come. Find Abnur Tharn, Zamarak, and Prefect Calo. Cadwell, too, if he is still around.
I would like them to join us at the Moon Gate, but will understand if they decide not to."
Where is the Moon Gate of Anequina?
"The ancient structure rises out of the jungle far to the southwest.
To think, a place known primarily as a pilgrimage stop and historical curiosity may turn out to be the site of Elsweyr's most crucial battle yet."
Tell me more about the Moon Gate.
"The Moon Gates are among the oldest ruins in Elsweyr. Of the few sites we know of, the Anequina ruin is the most well preserved.
Moon-Priests consider it sacred. The Riddle'thar ties it to the Lattice. The rest of us? We see a pile of old rocks."
So, what actually happened to you at the Shadow Dance Temple?
"Hrrm. I can only tell you what I experienced. I became one with the temple, with all its memories and past experiences. I connected with my bloodline, with the first Anequina herself. I was … attuned."
What does that mean, attuned?
"I underwent the process of attunement, the same as Anequina and the Moon-Priests of the temple. The same as Cadwell.
I know how to make the Moons move, provided we find a working Lunar Lattice apparatus."
Can you open portals like Cadwell now, too?
"Some of the stories about Anequina speak of her teleporting from place to place. I see something about portals, but it does not make much sense.
Perhaps when I have had a thousand years to practice, I will be as competent as Cadwell, yes?"
Moon Gate of AnequinaEdit

After you reach the Moon Gate of Anequina, it will soon come under attack by Dragons and Euraxians. You will need to fight your way to Khamira and Abnur Tharn who are by the Moon Gate, when you reach them, a dragon will be trying to roast them.

Abnur Tharn : "My shield won't hold much longer!"
Khamira : "The Dragonhorn, five-claw! Do you have it? Use it, quick, quick!"

Once you use the horn, the dragon will be driven off. You can then talk with Khamira:

"See how the Moons align with the ancient gate? The Lattice opens a path to Jode's Core!
But how did you get the Dragonhorn? Where's Gharesh-ri? And why are the sounds of battle so close? Did the Euraxians overrun our defenses?"
Gharesh-ri was injured and the Dragons breached the walls, allowing the Euraxians to pour in.
"Gharesh-ri, hurt? And the Euraxians behind our defenses? This is not good, not good at all. Well, we still have the Dragonhorn. At least until the power runs out or the fragile relic falls apart.
I just wish the Moons would move for me!"
I thought the attunement gave you the power to move the moons.
"The power, yes, but not the knowledge and experience. I will continue to try to move the Moons and close the gate, but you will need to keep the Euraxians from taking this position.
I am counting on you, five-claw."
I'll guard the Moon Gate, Khamira.

Once you defeat the Euraxian Lieutenants, the Mulaamnir and Kaalgrontiid will approach and enter the gate:

Khamira : "Five-claw, Mulaamnir and Kaalgrontiid approach!"
Abnur Tharn : "The Dragonhorn! It's our only chance!"
Khamira : "No, five-claw! Not yet!"
Khamira : "Through the portal, both of you! And bring the Dragonhorn!"
<Khamira runs into the portal.>
Abnur Tharn : "Khamira, wait!"
Plane of JodeEdit

Enter the portal and you'll find Tharn and Khamira, looking over the platform at the landscape of Jode. You can then talk with Khamira:

"Five-claw, we stand on the sacred Plane of Jode. The Dragons went down into the processional. They seek to breach Jode's Core."
What is this place?
"From the memories I absorbed at the Shadow Dance Temple, Anequina and the Moon-Priests came here to honor the Moons and set them on their way after their sacred joining.
This is also where she helped Khunzar-ri hide the Dragons' power."
I don't understand. Why would the Dragons agree to give up a part of their power?
"Here on the Plane of Jode, the memories become clearer with every passing moment.
Khunzar-ri was able to use Kaalgrontiid's own greed against him. The Dragon sought the power of Jode's Core from the beginning, but Khunzar-ri offered him even more."
What did Khunzar-ri offer Kaalgrontiid?
"He offered a way to combine the natural power of Jode's Core with the mystic might of his loyal Dragons. Kaalgrontiid's greed was his undoing.
Now he finally has an opportunity to steal all the stored energy for himself. We must stop him."
Then let's get down there.

You will need to handle your group's defenses:

"If we must fight, five-claw, you must be our sword and shield. Both Tharn and I need to preserve what strength we still have for the final battle."

As you make your way to Mulaamnir and Kaalgrontiid, the Moon Sentinels will still fight you:

Khamira: "The Moon-Priests still guard this sacred place."
Muulamnir: "The Moon-Priests worship new gods now, you insignificant morsels!"

And as you approach the core:

Khamira: "Jode's Core is close. I can feel it."
Abnur Tharn : "Mulaamnir, Kaalgrontiid, and Jode's Core. Are you ready for this, Khamira?"
Jode's CoreEdit

Once you enter the Core, Khamira and Tharn will survey the situation. Kaalgrontiid is powering himself up while Mulaamnir stands between you:

Abnur Tharn : "Kaalgrontiid is absorbing Jode's Core! As long as the moons remain aligned, the power flowing through him is unimaginable!"
Khamira: "Get me to that platform, Tharn. I can separate the Moons using the altars."

She'll then turn to you and say:

Khamira: "You must deal with Mulaamnir, five-claw. I will divert whatever energy I can into the Dragonhorn, but use it sparingly."

During your fight with Mulaamnir, she will call out when to use the Dragonhorn:

Khamira: "The Dragonhorn is charged. Use it now!"
Khamira: "The Dragonhorn! Use it now!"
Khamira: "The Dragonhorn is ready, five-claw!"

Halfway through the fight, Khamira will be finished with the first altar:

Khamira: "Tharn! Get me to the other altar, now!"

When Muulamnir is close to death:

Khamira: "Quickly, sound the Dragonhorn!"
Mulamnir: "It cannot end like this!"

Once Mulaamnir is defeated, Khamira will able to move the moons, much to Kaalgrontiid's dismay:

Kaalgrontiid : "I will be … the equal of Akatosh!"
Khamira : "The Moons. I need to finish the ritual."
Khamira : "Jone and Jode, hear me!"
Kaalgrontiid : "The power, it belongs to me!"
Khamira : "Separate and resume your eternal dance! Now, five-claw, sound the horn!"
<The horn is blown.>
Kaalgrontiid : "No! I will not … be denied!"
Kaalgrontiid : "No! Arrggghhh!"

Tharn will turn and congratulate Khamira on her victory but he will have realized something:

Abnur Tharn : "You did it, Khamira. You ended the eclipse. But that means …."
Khamira : "The Moon Gate has closed. We are trapped, yes—but Mulaamnir is dead and Kaalgrontiid has been defeated."

Only for a last minute save by Cadwell:

Cadwell: "Oh, hello! You always find things in the last place you look!"
Abnur Tharn : "Kaalgrontiid, I wonder …? I'm actually pleased to see you, Cadwell. Come, Khamira. Your people await their queen."

Before leaving, she'll thank everyone:

Khamira : "Thank you, my friends. For everything."
Rimmen PalaceEdit

Once you enter the portal, you will find yourself outside the Rimmen Palace. Khamira will be being fussed over by a Defense Force Warrior:

Defense Force Warrior : "Queen Khamira, have you been injured?"
Khamira : "I am fine, just tired. But look, the Moons are no longer aligned!"
Khamira : "Tell me … tell me about the Dragons. The Euraxians. What is the state of our forces?"
Defense Force Warrior : "Our scouts tell us that most of the Euraxians and Dragons fled when the Moons parted. Our own troops have not returned, but the Mane has sent an envoy."
Abnur Tharn : "An envoy from the Mane? Hmm. If you'll excuse me, I have other business to attend to."

Tharn will head into the palace with Cadwell mimicking his stride behind him. You can then speak with Khamira:

"We did it, five-claw. We put the Moons back in motion and defeated both Mulaamnir and Kaalgrontiid.
I … I want to thank you for everything. Elsweyr is safer today because of you."
How did you finally figure out how to move the moons, Khamira?
"Just being on the Plane of Jode clarified the memories I inherited at the Shadow Dance Temple. I saw the ritual in my mind and performed the actions.
Too bad the Dragonhorn did not survive. At least it lasted long enough to banish Kaalgrontiid."
Are we really sure that we defeated Kaalgrontiid? He seemed extremely powerful at the end.
"He did grow larger with every infusion of power he absorbed. But the horn dislodged him from Jode's Core, which allowed me to finish the ritual and end the eclipse. After that? Hrrm.
A concern for another day, yes?"
Why did the Mane send an envoy?
"I cannot be named queen without the Mane's blessing. That, however, is my worry.
For now, you should rest. We must honor our fallen and learn the fate of our troops at the Moon Gate. And after that, we will celebrate a new dawn for Elsweyr."

The Heir of AnequinaEdit

With the Dragons dealt with for now, Khamira will still be worried:

"We have accomplished much, my friend. We overthrew the tyrant, Euraxia Tharn. Defeated Zumog Phoom and the Betrayer. Even killed at least two Dragons and made the Moons move in the sky.
If only I could shake this sense of impending doom."

If you received the message from Lyrrsazhi:

"Five-claw, thank you for responding to my summons. Despite our many accomplishments, I cannot shake this sense of impending doom.
Moons! We overthrew Euraxia, defeated the Betrayer, and even killed at least two Dragons. Why do I feel such unease?"
What kind of impending doom are we talking about?
"Nothing specific. Not really. I guess this sense of worry will stay with me until I know the fate of Gharesh-ri, Zamarak … even Prefect Calo. I would return to the Moon Gate, but other matters require my attention.
Namely, the envoy of the Mane."
You think our companions might not have survived the attack on the Moon Gate?
"That is just it. I have no idea. Moons, my head pounds! The effort I exerted at Jode's Core was not without … a cost.
Five-claw, could I convince you to determine the fate of my soldiers and our friends?"
I'll find out what happened to our companions and the soldiers at the Moon Gate.

Before you head out to find the others, you can ask her about the threat level of the dragons:

"I appreciate your assistance, my friend. Find out what happened to Gharesh-ri and the others. Then bring word back to me.
Meanwhile, I will try to find a few moments to rest before I meet with the Mane's envoy or worry about the other Dragons."
Isn't the Dragon threat over now?
"Far from it. But without Kaalgrontiid and Mulaamnir to lead them, they are solitary beasts without a grand plan.
Colossal, dangerous beasts, to be sure, but not the overwhelming force they were under their Dragon leaders."
It's hard to believe this all started with an ancient Khajiiti legend.
"There is little difference between myth and history for the Khajiit, five-claw.
Whether Euraxia discovered the Khunzar-ri stories and that led them to the Betrayer's head, or Zumog Phoom reanimated the head and then learned the tales, who can say?"

After you have contacted your companions and spoken with the Envoy, you can enter the palace to speak with Khamira. She will be in an anteroom, dressed in her formal robes and preparing for her coronation.

"Gharesh-ri told me you found them. He filled me in on what happened during the battle at the Moon Gate.
Dragons and necromancers I understand. But politics and coronations? They twist my tail! And the regalia, it pinches! Moons, I miss my leathers!"
Having second thoughts on becoming Queen of Anequina?
"I am having many thoughts, but I know what I must do. Like Anequina and my other ancestors before me, I must stand tall and accept my responsibilities with humility and grace.
Provided the Mane's envoy confirms my right to the throne."
The envoy doesn't believe you're King Hemakar's daughter?
"The woman is inscrutable! I think she just wants to see me suffer until she acquiesces and places the crown on my head.
Before the full weight of the kingdom falls upon my shoulders, I want to tell you something."
Of course, Khamira.
"I want you to know I appreciate everything you have done for Elsweyr … for me. I do not believe we would have survived without your assistance.
Now, I understand the envoy asked you to stand beside me at the ceremony. Are you ready, my friend?"
I'm ready, Khamira.
"Go on, my friend. Enter the throne room and wait for me. I need another moment to compose myself, but I will be along shortly."
Khamira in her coronation regalia

After you enter the throne room and speak with Gharesh-ri, Khamira will arrive and the coronation will begin:

Envoy Cashia : "Who will confirm that Khamira is the daughter of King Hemakar and the rightful heir to the throne of Anequina?"
Lord Gharesh-ri : "I will, as her guardian all these years and as the Speaker of the Mane. Khamira is the rightful heir."
Lord Gharesh-ri : "Come forth, daughter of Hemakar and Numara. Come forth, child of Anequina!"
Envoy Cashia : "Khamira, do you accept the duties of the throne? Will you lead this kingdom and protect its people?"
Khamira : "I do and I will."
Envoy Cashia : "Know, then, that the Mane accepts and recognizes your claim. All hail Khamira, Queen of Anequina!"
Khamira : "I promise to serve our people. And I offer thanks to all who helped achieve our recent victories!"
Khamira : "Finally, there is one I wish to honor. One whose assistance in these matters was unprecedented and invaluable."
Queen Khamira : "Five-claw, my comrade and friend, please … approach the throne."

Approach the throne and she'll say:

"Courageous five-claw, I will make sure your deeds are sung by my people. They will be told from one generation to the next.
As Khunzar-ri passed into legend, so too will you."
I don't know what to say.
"Then say nothing, my friend! Just know that you helped deliver my homeland from tyranny. You helped me avenge my parents. You saved us from Dragons and undead. We will never forget that.
I … I will never forget that."
So what happens now?
"You appeared when Elsweyr needed you most. In our most desperate time of troubles, you helped restore our nation. You will always have a place here, my friend.
And I want you to accept the greatest award I can offer. I name you Champion of Anequina!"

After you have been named Champion of Anequina, you can talk with her some more:

"There are still Dragons to kill and Euraxians to deal with, but now it is time to celebrate!
Take a few moments, talk to our friends. Then enjoy yourself, Champion. You earned it!"
What does a queen do, exactly?
"Just what you would expect. I listen to problems and try to find solutions. I suppose I must coordinate with our allies in the Dominion at some point. And there are still stray Dragons and Euraxian deserters to deal with.
So, the usual things."
So I guess your days as an agent of the Mane are behind you now?/Then I guess your days as an agent of the Mane are behind you now?
"It is time for different adventures, five-claw. I must lead my people and erase the memories of the Usurper Queen, may her name be blotted from the histories!
Of course, I may find time to slip away and explore a ruin or two. Every now and again."

As you leave the throne, she'll announce to all:

Queen Khamira: "And all hail five-claw, whom I name Champion of Anequina!"

The Dark AeonEdit

Khamira and Abnur Tharn will appear in Nahfahlaar's Chamber. Khamira has used a portal to get here.

Khamira: "Moons, Tharn! How do you stand it? My head pounds like an Orc drum!"
Abnur Tharn: "You get used to it. And that was your best one yet."
Sai Sahan: "Abnur Tharn! you arrogant, vexatious, son of a bleary-eyed—"
Abnur Tharn: "Save your posturing, Sai. I missed you, too, but we have a bigger problem to deal with."

Speaking with her before addressing Abnur Tharn:

"Five-claw! My head spins from the effort that took. Cadwell made it look so easy.
By the Moons, though, my heart sings at the sight of you, my friend."
You opened that portal?
"I did. Cadwell acquired power over portals after attuning at the Shadow Dance Temple. Tharn suggested I might have the same ability and he has been helping me.
Just between us, he is not the most patient teacher."
Shouldn't you be in Rimmen?
"Lord Gharesh-ri has my kingdom well in hand. We continue to clean up the mess left by the Usurper Queen. And there are still stray Dragons to deal with. But Tharn convinced me that I was needed here.
Working with a Dragon. What an odd sensation."
Nahfahlaar helped us reform the Dragonguard.
"So Tharn has told me. He has been exchanging letters with Sai Sahan for some time.
Do not expect me to turn my back on the creature, but I will respect this alliance. Moons! This must be what a mouse feels like in the presence of a purring Alfiq!"
Nahfahlaar hasn't eaten any of us yet.

You can ask her more about why she's here before speaking to Tharn.

"I traveled to Southern Elsweyr not just to finish this business with the Dragons. The Khajiit of Pellitine have been on their own for too long. The time has come to welcome them back into the Confederacy."
The Confederacy?/What was the Confederacy you mentioned?
"The Elsweyr Confederacy. An alliance between Anequina and Pellitine. The various political upheavals and the Knahaten Flu have left the Confederacy in shambles. I plan to rectify that.
Gharesh-ri insisted I bring an armed escort. He worries so."
Armed escort? Where are they?
"Marching down from Rimmen, I suppose. Tharn was in a hurry, so he had me practice my portal making.
Zamarak and the others will catch up to us. Eventually."
Remind me about our adventures in Anequina.
"Five-claw! You just want to hear tales of your exploits, hrrm?
Very well. You and Abnur Tharn arrived in Northern Elsweyr to help deal with the Dragon threat that Tharn unintentionally released upon us. Along the way, we discovered a terrible truth."
What terrible truth?
"That Euraxia the Usurper Queen, Tharn's half-sister, orchestrated the release of the Dragons. We ended her reign, only to learn that the Dragons had plans of their own.
Kaalgrontiid, leader of the Dragons, sought the power hidden in Jode's Core."
Right. We followed them through the Moon-Gate and stopped them.
"We killed the Dragon Mulaamnir and flung Kaalgrontiid into the void, but not before he absorbed the core's power. Then I took back my family's throne and accepted the crown of Anequina.
As for Kaalgrontiid … you should talk to Tharn."

The following exchange will occur after you address Abnur Tharn:

Sai Sahan: "Strange green stone? Does that sound like what you're looking for, Tharn?"
Abnur Tharn: "Indeed! Since I read about it in your reports, I've wanted to examine it. Khamira, can you—"
Khamira: "No more portals, Tharn. Not right now. I have duties other than conveying you around, you know."
Abnur Tharn: "Oh, very well. Sai, let's talk. We'll meet our friend at the fortress."

Speaking with her after this exchange:

"I think I will leave the investigation of the cultist stronghold to you and the sour old men, five-claw.
I want to find out more about the situation in Pellitine from your Dragonguard companions. They are locals, yes?"

You will regroup with Khamira after Dragonhold rises into the sky and Tharn sends you back to the mainland.

Khamira: "Over here! I told you I sensed Tharn's magic."
Sai Sahan: "Then where is—by the sacred sons of Yokuda! Up in the sky!"

Speak with her.

"How did the Dragon's island get into the sky? And where is Tharn?
Five-claw, tell me what is happening!"
Kaalgrontiid is trying to become a god. The floating island is part of his plan.
"The prophecy of the Dark Aeon and the New Moon … I should have seen it sooner.
But what of Tharn? Where is he?"
He's still on the island. He used the last of his strength to send me to get help.
"Then we must return to the Dragonguard Sanctum and rally our forces.
Even if Tharn managed to overcome the island's defenses, reaching an island in the sky could pose a significant problem. I must ponder the possibilities."
I'll meet you at the Dragonguard Sanctum.

You can ask her more questions before returning to the sanctum.

"I do not want to imagine Tharn alone on that island We must gather our forces and get back to him quickly, five-claw.
I fear time is running out for all of us."
Is the Dragonguard ready to face Kaalgrontiid?
"That is more a question for Sai Sahan, but ready or not, they are all we have.
Let us return to the Dragonguard Sanctum and figure out how to reach the floating island."
How did you know where to find me?
"Tharn's magic. It has a specific … scent. Since he has been training me to understand my attunement, I have learned to recognize his magic and track it when he unleashes it.
I followed the trail and it led me here."

New Moon RisingEdit

If you try to speak with her, she will send you Sai.

"I need time to think, five-claw. Go talk to Sai Sahan."

After you return to her from speaking with Sai Sahan, she will appear to be stuck.

Khamira: "Moons guide me … what am I to do?"

You can then talk with her, Khamira will have a final idea.

"No answers appear before my eyes, my friend. I seek a path for us, but find nothing but dead ends.
I have one last idea. Moons willing, it will work as it did at Jode's Core."
You mean your attunement, don't you?
"The path I walked through the Shadow Dance Temple attuned me to the Moons and to the memories of my ancestor, Anequina Sharp-Tongue. They were so clear when I needed them in Northern Elsweyr.
Now? Nothing. Not even a Moon Gate, yes?"
Could we use a Moon Gate to reach Dragonhold?
"I do not think so. Those ancient edifices connect only to specific locations. I do not think one of those would be on Kaalgrontiid's island.
Now that you are here, there is something else I would like to try."
What do you need me to do?
"Watch over me while I try to access Anequina's memories. She helped Khunzar-ri defeat Kaalgrontiid in the past. Perhaps her insights will help us today, yes?
Maybe she will speak to me. Maybe not. If nothing else, I have to try."
I'll watch over you, Khamira.
Khamira gets help during her meditation

When Khamira tries to draw on Anequina's memories through attunement, the previously seen Alfiq spirit will appear before her.

Khamira: "Anequina … reveal your memories to me …."
<The Spirit Alfiq throws an orb of hazy blue light at her and then lies down watching Khamira. Anequina then speaks through Khamira.>
Khamira: "The answer you seek … resides in the cavern of the Moon's sacred light …."
<When Sai Sahan arrives on the scene wondering what just happened, the spirit will have disappeared.>

After this, you can speak with her. Khamira will have figured out where you need to go:

"That was … intense. Anequina did not so much as show me her memories … she spoke through me.
And her words, five-claw. They were directed at you."
Me? How is that possible? I thought you were accessing Anequina's memories?
"I am as surprised as you are, my friend. But the message I received was clear. You must go to the Moonlit Cove. That is the cavern of the Moon's sacred light, I am certain.
The answer to our problem waits for you there."
Waits for me? Aren't you coming with us to Moonlit Cove?
"No. Not this time. I want to search the memories and see if Anequina has more to tell us about Kaalgrontiid and her adventures with Khunzar-ri.
I will confer with Sai Sahan, then have him meet you at the Moonlit Cove."
There was also a ghost cat. Maybe an Alfiq? It did something to you, I think.
"Ghost cat? Like the spirits that accompanied us through the Shadow Dance Temple? Strange. I did not see this spirit.
Are you certain of what you saw?"
Yes, I saw the ghost cat quite clearly.
"Then I believe you, my friend. And the vision just confirms my conviction that Anequina's message was meant for you.
Now, go to Moonlit Cove and find the answer we seek."
I guess I'm not sure what I saw.
"I understand, my friend. Sometimes it takes a while for us to make sense of the things we see and hear. Be watchful. And if the spirit returns, seek to understand the meaning of its presence.
Now, go to Moonlit Cove and find the answer we seek."

She turns to Sai after you're done talking to her.

Khamira: "Stay a moment, Sai Sahan. You can meet our friend at Moonlit Cove."

Speaking with her after getting the order to go to Moonlit Cove:

"These episodes … are draining.
Go to Moonlit Cove. I am certain the way to Dragonhold will be revealed. Just keep your eyes open and let the Moons guide you. The Moons, and the spirit cat, if you see it again."

You arrive back at the Sanctum after Khunzar-ri provides you transport. When you approach Khamira you can overhear her musing:

Khamira: "I hope that contentious old mage is all right …."
<She notices you arrive.>
Khamira: "Five-claw! Did you and Sai Sahan find the hidden door?"

You can give her what you recovered from the Moonlit Cove:

"Tell me, my friend. What did you find behind the hidden door? Do we have a way to reach Dragonhold?"
We found the tomb of Khunzar-ri.
"Truly, five-claw? Bright Moons!
What did you find inside? A weapon? A tome? Something even more magnificent?"
Khunzar-ri's spirit appeared and told me to take his claw and give it to you.
"His … claw? And this will help us reach Dragonhold and put an end to Kaalgrontiid?
Well, if Khunzar-ri's spirit insisted …."
Here's Khunzar-ri's claw.
"It is a claw, that is definite. I will study it, search Anequina's memories. It must have a purpose, even if the meaning initially eludes me.
Did Khunzar-ri say anything else, five-claw?"

You can ask her more questions before speaking with Sai Sahan.

Khunzar-ri said something about using the claw's power to walk the Jonelight Path.
"The Jonelight Path? Hrrm ….
I have never heard of such a thing, but it does sound promising."
So you know how to use the claw to get us to Dragonhold?
"Not yet. But I will study the claw and search my memories. Let the attunement guide me. The answer will come, I just need some time.
Go. Find Sai Sahan and make sure the Dragonguard is ready to proceed."

After conferring with the Dragonguard, Khamira will have figure out what to do:

Khamira: "Five-claw! I think I know what to do with Khunzar-ri's claw!"

Talk to her to learn what her plan is:

"Five-claw, I think I understand. I can draw upon the power of the claw to open a portal to the Jonelight Path.
I think I can do this, yes."
What's the Jonelight Path and how will it help us reach Dragonhold?
"That is the part I have not fully worked out yet. But in Anequina's memories I saw a place between places, full of moonlight and stars. We must walk the Jonelight Path, just as Anequina, Khunzar-ri, and the kra'jun did in the ancient past."
All right. I'll gather the rest of the Dragonguard while you open the portal.
"No, five-claw. Without Tharn to guide me, I do not want to risk all of our eggs in this particular basket. The Dragonguard will remain in reserve. Let them defend Senchal. Then, if we fail, it will be up to them to stop Kaalgrontiid."
So who's going to walk the Jonelight Path with you?
"You are, five-claw. You and Sai Sahan. We are kra'jun, a company of heroes.
Together we will walk the Jonelight Path and see where fate takes us. Trust me, my friend. This is what the three of us must do."
All right. Open the portal.

At this, she will open the portal and give her orders:

Khamira: "The Shields stand ready to defend Senchal and Southern Elsweyr. I leave it to the Dragonguard to deal with the floating island."

If you speak with her before entering the portal, Khamira will have made a connection between past heroes and current events:

"I should have realized earlier. Tharn, Sai. You and me. We are kra'jun. Just like Khunzar-ri and Anequina.
Now, through the portal, five-claw. Go, go."
Khamira is welcomed to the Jonelight Path by the spirit of Khunzar-ri

After you enter Khamira's portal to the Jonelight Path, Khunzar-ri will appear on a nearby rock and will welcome you and your companions to the realm.

Khunzar-ri: "Welcome, dear friends, to the Jonelight Path, where heroes such as we can climb the liminal forces that bind each here to every there!"
Khamira: "You … you are the Khunzar-ri!"
Khunzar-ri: "Oh please, blood of my beloved. To his friends, this one is simply Zar. Now, cross the Jonelight Path and make your way to Dragonhold."

If you speak with her, she will awed:

"This is even more spectacular than Jode's Core!
We must listen to Khunzar-ri and follow his directions, five-claw. We do not want to get lost in this place between all places."

As you travel through the path, you may overhear Khamira:

Khamira: "Such a wonder …."

Once you arrive at the end of the path, Khuzar-ri will have some final words for you. Khamira on her part has many questions for him but knows that there is work to be done:

"I have so many question to ask Khunzar-ri. About his stories. About Anequina. But we have no time to satisfy my curiosity, yes? We have a Dragon to put down.
Come, five-claw. Dragonhold awaits."

When you arrive on the floating island of Dragonhold, Sai will appear on the nearby stairs to lead you to where Khamira and Nafahlaar are waiting for you. When you arrive, Khamira will have finished speaking with the dragon.

Khamira: "Well done, Nahfahlaar. I am glad you decided to fly to the island once the aegis fell."

You can then speak with her:

"What began in Anequina ends in the sky over Pellitine. I sense … power. A vast supply, building like a storm at the island's heart. Kaalgrontiid is close to achieving his terrible goal.
Luckily, Nahfahlaar had the foresight to meet us here."
So how can we stop Kaalgrontiid?
"Hrrm. I have a guess. Nahfahlaar tells us that there are focal points, aeonstones placed at key locations around the island.
If we can disrupt the flow of energy through these focal points, it may stop Kaalgrontiid's ascension ritual."
How do we disrupt the flow of energy?
"If Abnur Tharn was with us, he would have a magical solution. In his absence I see only one clear path—we must destroy the aeonstones that make up the focal points.
I doubt Kaalgrontiid has left them undefended. Be prepared for a fight, five-claw."
I'll destroy the aeonstones.

After she briefs you on the situation, Nafahlaar will fly off ahead. You can ask her about th focal points before you continue ahead:

"Keep moving, five-claw. We need to destroy the focal points before Kaalgrontiid can initiate his ascension."
How do we destroy the focal points?
"I expect the task falls primarily to you and Nahfahlaar. Use the bond created by the mask to synchronize your actions. Then reduce the aeonstones to so much rubble."

Approaching the first focal point:

Khamira: "There! That shard of aeonstone! Destroy it!"

Whenever the Mask of Alkosh is charged, Khamira will call out to you.

Khamira: "The mask is ready. Call down Nahfahlaar's fire!"
Khamira: "The mask is charged, five-claw! Call Nahfahlaar!"
Khamira: "Use the power of the mask, five-claw!"
Khamira: "Nahfahlaar's fire, five-claw, call it down!"

After destroying the first aeonstone formation:

Kaalgrontiid: "Who dares attempt to stop my ascension?"
Sai Sahan: "It appears our efforts have displeased Kaalgrontiid. Good."
Khamira: "Then let us press the advantage while we have it!"

Speaking with her:

"The next focal point is just up ahead. I can sense its power."

Coming across the second focal point:

Khamira: "There! Another focal point!"

Speaking with her after destroying the second aeonstone formation:

"Our actions … I remember them, five-claw. Anequina and her kra'jun did something similar when they dealt with Kaalgrontiid long ago.
How … interesting …."

Entering Dragonhold Ruins:

Sai Sahan: "These ruins … could they be part of the complex you explored with Tharn?"
Khamira: "If tharn still lives, he could have taken refuge inside."
Sai Sahan: "We'll find him, Queen Khamira. I've seen Tharn survive worse things than a floating island."
Khamira: "Moons help him, but I suspect Tharn has more to worry about than the floating island."

Speaking with her after destroying the third aeonstone formation:

"We destroyed the focal points and cut off the flow of energy, but were we in time to stop Kaalgrontiid's ascension?
Moons, I wish Tharn were here! We should hurry and find that damn Dragon."

After destroying the third aeonstone formation:

Khamira: "That was the last of the focal points. Now to deal with Kaalgrontiid."
Sai Sahan: "As you say, Queen Khamira."
Khamira: "I sense something up ahead …."
Sai Sahan: "Another obstacle? It won't stop us."

As you continue down the path, you will find who Khamira sensed, none other than Abnur Tharn:

Khamira: "By the Moons … is that Tharn?"
Abnur Tharn: "Late again … how typical."

Speaking to her after finding Abnur Tharn:

"I feared the worst, but praise Jone and Jode, Tharn still lives!"

After talking to Abnur Tharn:

"This is it. Our kra'jun is now complete. Now we shall end the story that started with Khunzar-ri … one way or another."

Your little group will pause at the doors leading to the Dragonhold Summit:

Khamira: "That door … Kaalgrontiid is through there."
Abnur Tharn: "Before we enter, prepare yourselves. And this might be the last time we have a chance to talk, so use it well."

After Kaalgrontiid's death, there will still be a big problem. The energy Kaalgrontiid was gathering will not have disappeared with his death:

Khamira: "We … we actually did it. We killed Kaalgrontiid!"
Sai Sahan: "The island. It's shaking apart. What's happening?"
Abnur Tharn: "The energy in the aeonstone … we need to contain it before it explodes!"

After speaking with Tharn, he and Nahfahlaar begin to contain the explosion.

Nahfahlaar: "I will do what I can, mage."
Abnur Tharn: "Get them out of here, Khamira. I know you can do it."
Khamira: "Tharn …."
Sai Sahan: "Tharn will do what he always does. He'll save Tamriel."
Sai Sahan: "We need to get out of here. Nahfahlaar, can you fly us off the island?"
Nahfahlaar: "I must aid the wizard or the explosion will destroy everything."
Khamira: "Moons take you, Tharn! I suppose I have to try …."

Khamira opens a portal.

Khamira: "Jode give me … strength …. There! Hurry, my friends, into the portal!"

After escaping through the portal, you'll wake where you previously appeared the last time you escaped Dragonhold. Khamira will be nearby, looking at where the island once was:

Khamira: "Finally awake, I see? Come stand with me, five-claw."

You can then speak with Khamira:

"Tharn was a better teacher than I gave him credit for. When I needed to do it, I was able to open a portal.
The island. It exploded. But the blast spread no farther. Tharn did it. Elsweyr is safe."
Abnur Tharn will be remembered.
"I know, five-claw. I know. I did not like the man, but I came to respect him. In the end, he was part of my family.
We will honor his memory and his sacrifice. I will see to it personally."
What about Sai Sahan and Nahfahlaar?
"Sai went back to the Dragonguard Sanctum to check on the others. As for Nahfahlaar, I do not know. He was on Dragonhold, helping Tharn. We can only hope.
The Dragonguard, they did so much. And you, always my champion …."
I only did what needed to be done, Khamira.
"My words … they are not enough, yes? You have done so much for my homeland. For me.
Go to the Dragonguard Sanctum. Meet with the others. I wish to stay here a while longer. I will find you when I return."

You can speak with her further.

Khamira, are you all right?
"All of this makes one think about the past. I lost my family. I lost good friends. I nearly lost my homeland. But we persevered.
Before I met you, there was something else I lost though I did not realize it. Something that you returned to me."
What was that?
"Hope. No matter what we faced, no matter the danger, you never gave up. You never gave in.
You taught me such a valuable lesson. You and Tharn both. Thank you, my friend."

The Pride of ElsweyrEdit

You will find her in the palace, facing Zamarak, Prefect Calo. Cadwell and many Cygnus Irregulars.

Zamarak: "How can we protect you, my queen, if you continue to leave us behind?"
Khamira: "I am no fragile kitten, Zamarak. My duty will always take precedence."

Speak with her.

"Ah, five-claw, you arrive in the nick of time. While I deal with my royal protectors, I have an important task for you."
What do you need me to do?
"I need you to represent me before the Imperial, General Renmus. He knows of my goal to restore the Elsweyr Confederacy and rejoin Anequina and Pellitine.
Given their service, I want to offer the Shields of Senchal a place in this restored kingdom."
And you want me to bring this offer to the general?
"Very much so. There is no one else I trust to handle such a delicate negotiation.
General Renmus has an idea this is coming. I want you to officially present the offer and determine what he thinks."

Speaking with her again immediately after the previous conversation:

"Ah, good. Zamarak brought my luggage. I should wear my royal regalia and appear official for the ceremony to honor the Dragonguard.
Now, go and speak to General Renmus, my friend. Then join me in the gardens behind the palace for the ceremony."

When you arrive at the ceremony, your fellow Dragonguard members will call you out.

Caska: "Look, here comes the slayer of Kaalgrontiid!"
Za'ji: "Yeah, all seven of them …."
Aeliah Renmus: "I told you to go easy on the plum brandy."
Queen Khamira: "Five-claw, come here please."

Speak with her.

"My dearest friend, you must take your place alongside the rest of the Dragonguard. The ceremony cannot begin until all of those I wish to honor are accounted for."
Is all of this really necessary?
"Pomp and circumstance are a necessary component of every ceremony. The masses demand it!
Besides, I want to honor the Dragonguard's accomplishments, yours included. Take this reward and smile, five-claw. We are about to begin!"

After the quest ends, the ceremony begins.

Queen Khamira: "People of Senchal, let us recognize the efforts of the Dragonguard. They saved Elsweyr from the rage of Dragons."
Queen Khamira: "First, let us bow our heads and remember Abnur Tharn, who gave his life to save Tamriel."
Queen Khamira: "Second, it brings me great joy to mark the return of Sai Sahan and the Dragonguard. May you always watch over us all."
Sai Sahan: "The honor is ours, Queen Khamira."
Queen Khamira: "And finally, join me in honoring my friend and champion, who ended the threat of Kaalgrontiid once and for all. Three cheers for five-claw! Three cheers for the Dragonguard!"
Za'ji: "Three beers? No, Za'ji has had enough, thank you."

(Za'ji throws up over the side of the balcony)

Sai Sahan: "Dragons take me …."

Speaking with her after the ceremony:

"I wish I could issue a proclamation and solve all our problems, but it doesn't work that way. For now, we celebrate. Then we must get back to work.
Dragons, reunifying Anequina and Pellitine, reestablishing supply lines … there is so much to do!"
It sounds like you're going to be very busy, Khamira.
"I suppose. But I will not forget what you have done for all of Elsweyr, my friend. You and Abnur Tharn both.
Perhaps the old battlemage deserves a statue? Hrrm. I will think on that when I am not dealing with the ongoing issues of state."