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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Heritance Cutthroat, Heritance Deadeye, Heritance Soldier
Southwest of Skywatch
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The tunnels beneath Mathiisen lead to the sea, and over the centuries various smugglers and criminal organizations have utilized them for a variety of purposes.

Mathiisen is a town in central Auridon, just southwest of the city of Skywatch. Forge Workers and First Auridon Marines work and patrol around town. Dominion Guards keep the peace in the streets. The Barracks lie in the center of town. A copy of the lore book, Trials of Saint Alessia, can be found atop a stack of crates near a lean-to located west of the city (between Mathiisen and Calambar Dolmen.

A bridge leads into town from the west. If you cross the bridge and move south, you'll come across Aonus's weapon stall. Heading down the road southeast will bring you to a residential area centered around a well. Here, you'll find Fistalle's House and Condalin's House. The road leading northeast leads to the center of town. Mathiisen Manor lies across a bridge south of the city's central street. If you pass the bridge to the manor and head straight east, you'll find the southern entrance to the Mathiisen Forge.

If you head north from the western bridge, you'll come across Malanie's House, which two Mathiisen Soldiers stand guard in front of. A warehouse is located down the stairs northeast of the home. The dock lies northeast of here. If you head east instead of taking the stairs away from Malanie's House, you'll find an entrance to Mathiisen's forge.

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A description of Mathiisen can be found above. Below are sections detailing the forge to the east and the tunnels beneath the city.

Mathiisen ForgeEdit

Entrances to the forge can be found behind the barracks, to the north and south. The forge is crawling with Veiled Heritance members: specifically, assassins, archers and soldiers. A heavy sack can be found in the southeastern corner of the area, beside a stack of crates and a stray axe.

You will need to come here during Putting the Pieces Together. You'll be directed to read a note atop a crate on a wooden platform built over the easternmost wall, overlooking an Altmeri ship.

Smuggler's TunnelEdit

Smuggler's Tunnel

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Mathiisen Wayshrine

Mathiisen Wayshrine is located northwest of Mathiisen.


A map of the Smuggler's Tunnel under Mathiisen