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Home Settlement Eagle's Strand
Location Temple of the Mourning Springs
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion, Mages Guild

Ealcil is an Altmer in Eagle's Strand who has recently returned from a deadly expedition to the Temple of the Mourning Springs. He is rather focused on the scholarly research he is doing concerning the temple, and is particularly interested in the Mourning Stone.

He will also appear to help you save Mistral from the Maormer threat.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Storm on the Horizon[edit]

Razum-dar will tell Ealcil that you need to speak with him, but he still seems somewhat distracted by the artifact nearby:

"Marvelous, isn't it? We'll have to construct a special room for the Mourning Stone when we bring it back to the Mages Guild.
I'm sorry, did you need something?"
Commander Karinith said you returned from a nearby temple.
"Yes, the Temple of the Mourning Springs is an old Khajiit ruin not far from here. We excavated the Mourning Stone from one of the chambers. As you can see, its supply of water appears endless."
Did you encounter any Sea Vipers?
"What do you mean? Pirates? In an ancient Khajiit temple? Preposterous!
All we saw were the undead warriors that overran our camp."
Why were you attacked by the undead?
"I have no idea. Actually I have twelve ideas, but they're far less fascinating than the Mourning Stone. Probably some sort of ancient curse—it usually is with these things."
So what can you tell me about Sea Vipers?
"Arrogant Sea Elf pirates. To my recollection, they aren't known to raid Khenarthi's Roost. Oh, and they have a thing for snakes.
But I'm sure we both have more important matters to attend. If you'd excuse me?"

If you talk to him afterwards, he will ask you to leave him alone.

"I must consider the Mourning Stone's possibilities. First, to determine if the water is indeed infinite.
Er, do you mind? I must focus on my work"

Tears of the Two Moons[edit]

You find him at the Temple of the Mourning Springs near the fountain after dealing with Uldor. If you chose to sacrifice Rurelion, he'll say:

"I have no idea why Rurelion would seal himself into that creature's tomb.
But I suppose he won't be around to undermine my experiments. Hmm!"

However, if you chose to sacrifice Gathwen he will instead say:

"I'm not surprised Gathwen sealed herself in that tomb. Everyone knows how she felt about Rurelion.
When a puppy follows you day and night, it wants the occasional scratch behind the ears. More fool him!"

The Tempest Unleashed[edit]

After searching Cat's Eye Quay and finding his notes, you can find Ealcil in the Wind Tunnels where he will be experimenting with a lodestone and a Maormer storm totem.

"These totems seem to harness a combination of wind and spirit! I wonder if I can …
Excuse me. Do you mind?"
We're here to stop the Sea Vipers.
"Indeed! I suppose that's optimal.
These Sea Viper rituals are barbaric, but quite effective. The hurricane they summoned to dash our fleet against Khenarthi's Roost? That's nothing compared to their current efforts."
What's worse than a hurricane?
"You clearly haven't studied the fundamentals of blood sacrifice.
You see these serpent-shaped statues, their "Storm Totems?" They collect spirit energies from rune-marked subjects and channel it, like water through a funnel."
How can we block the funnel?
"Exactly the right question!
It seems the Sea Vipers use a specialized lodestone to block the channel. Approach an active Storm Totem, hold forth the lodestone, and harmlessly siphon the energy away. You should see for yourself."
Are you sure it's harmless?
"Completely! Go ahead, don't be shy. It's not as though the Storm Totem's energies will cascade throughout your body until you're nothing but a lifeless, smoking husk.
But do avoid standing in the puddles, would you?"

After completing his experiment, he'll be pleased with the result. Talking with him further will have him suggest a course of action.

"Phenomenal. I knew proximity was the key! And look at you, not even a hint of electrocution.
You have the principle. Now, to apply it to the other Storm Totems before … well, best not to worry you about that."
Worry me about what?
"Ah … no, I really shouldn't worry you."
Tell me why the Sea Vipers need these Storm Totems.
"I can't say for certain. It's one of two things, neither of which is good for anyone on this island. You don't stoop to blood sacrifice unless you need a lot of energy very quickly.
And, well, to release it just as quickly."
What does that mean?
"Listen, you handle the Storm Totems. I'll determine how to best counteract the Sea Viper blood ritual without destroying Mistral. Does that seem equitable?
The only certainty is the lack of time. You should hurry."

If you talk to him right after this, he'll say: '"Don't worry about my safety. I'll be perfectly fine."

After you inactivate the remaining totems, he sends you a telepathic message.

Ealcil: "This is Ealcil, speaking directly to your mind. Find my Psijic projection near the tunnel exit. I know how to stop the Maormer!"
Ealcil's Psijic Projection

His Psijic projection will be in front of the exit ladder. When spoken to, he will elaborate on what he has learnt about the ritual and the sheer potential for destruction it could cause if successful.

"I know what they're planning!
Through my Psijic projection, I observed an old ritual site north of Mistral. The Sea Vipers summoned a powerful creature known as a storm atronach. They're funneling all that energy into their bound storm-slave."
What does that mean?
"The creature can only hold so much energy before it discorporates. All the energy will wash over Khenarthi's Roost, killing anything it touches. Except for the Thunderbugs, of course.
Oh, and the mountain north of Mistral will shatter, leaving no trace of the town."
There must be a way to stop this.
"Ah, and there's the genius of their plan! How do you bind a creature made of storm energies? With the wind itself!
Three ritual horns trap Storm-Slave. But the lodestone now has enough storm energy to counteract the false winds. Elegant, yes?"
What happens when I release Storm-Slave from its bonds?
"It will shed its corporeal form and safely release its stored energy.
By "safely," I mean in relation to Khenarthi's Roost. I recommend moving a fair distance away from Storm-Slave when this happens. Perhaps keeping solid rock between it and yourself."
All right. I'll stop the Sea Viper ritual.
"You'll have no trouble. But in the event you do, I've opened a portal at a distance of one league from Khenarthi's Roost. There, I'll tread water in the open sea until I've observed your success.
Merely a precaution. I have every confidence!"

If you try to talk to him one last time, he'll say: "The ritual site is beyond the door. Keep that lodestone close at hand for those ritual horns!"


Eacil in Elden Root

Elden Root[edit]

After Khenarthi's Roost, he can be found in the Elden Root Mages Guild where he will be helping Rurelion or Gathwen figure out a way to free the other:

"Have we met? You seem quite familiar.
I'm demonstrably busy at the moment. It seems a colleague of mine couldn't avoid a simple spiritual posession 
[sic] on Khenarthi's Roost. You understand, I'm sure."

Later on, you will find they were successful. If spoken with, Ealcil will have his own prediction:

"Are you familiar with "handfasting?" I'm not entirely certain what it means, but I'd wager Rurelion and Gathwen will be doing it before the month's end.
Between you and I, they've wanted to handfast each other since the day they met."
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