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Costumes by Race and Theme
Akaviri • Altmer • Argonian • Bosmer • Breton • Dunmer • Imperial • Khajiit • Nede • Nord • Orc • Reachfolk • Redguard
Daedric • Guild • Holiday • Occupational • Vampire

Costumes are collectibles that change your appearance. These should not be confused with disguises, which use an equipment slot. They are purely cosmetic and wearing them will not affect your current equipment's stats.

Costumes visually replace the appearance of your clothing, hiding your equipped items. All costumes are bound to your account and cannot be traded to other players, except the ones obtained via runeboxes, which can be sold to guild traders. Promotional renders for costumes can be found here.

See also: Hats, Polymorphs, Skins, Disguises.