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The table below lists all known Tamrielic Emperors. These are individuals who ruled the Cyrodilic Empires of Tamriel, including emperors, regents, potentates, and others who assumed control of the Imperial City and the Ruby Throne. The table is organized according to ruling dynasties and interregnal periods.

Name Born Crowned Died, Deposed, Abdicated,
or Office Abolished
Additional Information
First Empire
Alessia 1E ? 1E 243[1] 1E 266[2] Founded the First Empire.
Belharza the Man-Bull 1E ? 1E 266[3] 1E 322[UOL 1]
Ami-El[UOL 2] 1E ? 1E 322[UOL 1] 1E ? Active in 1E 358.[nb 1]
First Empire during the Alessian Doctrines
Gorieus 1E ? 1E 461[4] 1E ?
Hestra 1E ? 1E ? 1E ? Active in 1E 1029,[5] around 1E 1030[nb 2] and 1E 1033.[6]
Shor-El[7] 1E ? 1E ? 1E ? Probably after Hestra.[nb 3]
Unknown 1E ? 1E ? 1E 2331 Final Alessian Emperor.[nb 4]
Second EmpireReman Dynasty
Reman I 1E ?[nb 5] 1E 2703[8] 1E 2762[9] Founded the Second Empire and Reman Dynasty. He never took the title of Emperor in his lifetime.[10]
Kastav 1E ? 1E 2762[nb 6] 1E 2804 (deposed), 1E 2812 (died)[11][nb 7]
Reman II 1E 2794[12] 1E 2804 (deposition of Kastav), 1E 2812 (official coronation)[11][12] 1E 2843[13][12]
Brazollus Dor[nb 8] 1E ? 1E 2843[13][14][12] 1E 2877[15][14]
Reman III 1E ? 1E 2877[15] 1E 2920[16] Assassinated by the Morag Tong.[17]
Second EmpireAkaviri Potentate
Versidue-Shaie 1E ? 1E 2920[18] 2E 324[17] Assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood.[17]
Savirien-Chorak 1E ? 2E 324 2E 430[19] Assassinated by the Morag Tong.[17]
Pretenders of the Empire of Cyrodiil during the Interregnum
Attrebus[20] 2E ? 2E ? 2E ? Expelled the Akaviri from Cyrodiil sometime between 2E 430 and the rise of the Longhouse Emperors.[nb 9]
Durcorach 'the Black Drake' 2E ? 2E ? 2E 541[21] or 2E 542[22] Reachman Warlord who conquered Cyrodiil sometime prior to 2E 541, founded the Longhouse Emperor Dynasty.
Moricar 'the Middling'[23] 2E ? 2E 541[21] or 2E 542[22] 2E ?
Leovic 2E ? 2E ? 2E 577[nb 10] Active in 2E 566.[nb 11]
Varen Aquilarios 2E 536[UOL 3] 2E 577[nb 10] 2E 579[24] Overthrew Leovic at the end of Varen's Rebellion.
Empress Regent[25] Clivia Tharn 2E ? 2E 582[21] 2E 582[26] Was disposed of prior to 2E 582 and was replaced with Molag Kena. However, she may not have been killed when she was replaced.[27]
Unknown (many)[nb 12] N/A 2E 580[28] 2E 582[26] Pretenders of the Alliance War.[nb 13]
Unknown N/A 2E ? 2E ? At least one Kamal Usurper.[nb 14]
Cuhlecain  ? 2E 854[nb 15] 2E 854[29] Colovian King of Falkreath who later conquered all of Cyrodiil. Was allegedly murdered by Tiber Septim.[30]
Tiber Septim 2E 828 2E 854[29] 2E 896[31][32] Founded the Third Empire and Septim Dynasty.
Third EmpireSeptim Dynasty
Tiber Septim 2E 828 3E 0[31] 3E 38[31][32]
Pelagius Septim I[nb 16]  ? 3E 38[31][32] 3E 40[31][32][nb 17]
Kintyra Septim I ? 3E 40[31][32] 3E 53[32]
Uriel Septim I ? 3E 53[32] 3E 64[31][32]
Uriel Septim II ? 3E 64[31][32] 3E 82[31][33][32]
Pelagius Septim II ? 3E 82[31][33][32] 3E 98[34][35][32]
Antiochus Septim 3E 51[35] 3E 99[31][34][nb 18] 3E 120[36][37][nb 19]
Kintyra Septim II 3E 104[38] 3E 120[36][39][37] 3E 121[40][nb 20][32]
Uriel Septim III 3E 97[35] 3E 121[31][nb 20] 3E 127[40][41]
Cephorus Septim I 3E 77[34] 3E 127[40][42][41][32] 3E 140[42]
Magnus Septim 3E 79[34] 3E 140[42] 3E 145[42][37]
Pelagius Septim III 3E 119[37] 3E 145[42][41][35] 3E 153[41][37][nb 21]
Katariah Ra'Athim ? 3E 153[41][37] 3E 200[41][37][nb 22]
Cassynder Septim ? 3E 200[43] 3E 202[43][nb 23]
Uriel Septim IV ? 3E 202[43][nb 23] 3E 246[41][nb 24]
Cephorus Septim II ? 3E 246[41][nb 24] 3E 268[43][nb 25]
Uriel Septim V ? 3E 268[43] 3E 290[43][44][32]
Thonica ? 3E 290[45][nb 26] 3E 307[45]
Uriel Septim VI 3E 285[45] 3E 290 (3E 307)[45][nb 26][32] 3E 317[45][nb 27]
Morihatha Septim 3E 288[45] 3E 313[45][nb 27] 3E 339[45][32]
Pelagius Septim IV 3E 314[45] 3E 339[45][32] 3E 368[45][nb 28]
Uriel Septim VII 3E 346[46] 3E 368[45][32][nb 28] 3E 389[47]
Third EmpireImperial Simulacrum
Jagar Tharn ? 3E 389 3E 399
Third Empire — Restoration
Uriel Septim VII 3E 346[46] 3E 399[45][32][nb 28] 3E 433[47]
Martin Septim ? 3E 433[48] 3E 433[48]
Third Empire — Stormcrown Interregnum
Ocato of Firsthold ? 4E 0[49] 4E 10[49]
Thules the Gibbering ? ? 4E 17[50]
Third EmpireMede Dynasty
Titus Mede I  ? 4E 17[49]  ?
Attrebus Mede[nb 29] 4E 18[51]  ?  ?
Unknown[nb 30]  ?  ?  ?
Unknown[nb 30]  ?  ? 4E 168[52]
Titus Mede II  ? 4E 168[52] 4E 201[53]


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  2. ^ The Legend of Red Eagle mentions Hestra invaded the Reach after 1E 1030.
  3. ^ Dates of Shor-El's reign are unknown, but they are mentioned after Hestra in Where were you when the Dragon Broke? as part of the Emperor Oversoul.
  4. ^ The final emperor of the Alessian Empire is unidentified. His office was abolished in 1E 2331 when the Alessian Empire and Alessian Order were dissolved at the conclusion of the War of Righteousness.
  5. ^ The Remanada contains an allegorical story of Reman emerging from Sancre Tor as a child, but this should not be taken as literal truth.
  6. ^ Reman I died in 1E 2762 and it is reasonable to assume that his successor was crowned almost immediately afterwards.
  7. ^ The exact year of Kastav's death and the ascension of his successor, Reman II, is not specified by Annals of the Dragonguard. Sky Haven Temple was cut off from contact with Kastav in 1E 2804 and under siege during 1E 2805 and 1E 2806, so no news of the outside world reached the members of the Dragonguard stationed there. Only after the siege was lifted did they become aware of Reman II's ascension. However, given his 39 years of rule mentioned on his epitaph and his death in 1E 2843 according to Reman II: The Limits of Ambition, Reman II likely deposed Kastav in 1E 2804. Reman II was probably only officially crowned after Kastav's death in 1E 2812.
  8. ^ Brazollus Dor was placed between Reman II and Reman III by High King Emeric in High King Emeric Answers Your Questions. Despite being ruler, nearly all issues of policy and politics were delegated to his Potentate, Sidri-Ashak.
  9. ^ It is unknown when the warlord Attrebus gained the Imperial Throne during the Interregnum. According to the Pocket Guide to the Empire, 1st Edition, Attrebus' reign is established to have occurred prior to the city of Rimmen's secession from Elsweyr in 2E 812, and Akaviri expelled from Cyrodiil by Attrebus later settled in Elsweyr and founded Rimmen. As Rimmen was extant as early as 2E 576 per House Tharn of Nibenay when Leovic of the Longhouse Emperors was in power, Attrebus could only have reigned sometime between the onset of the Interregnum in 2E 430 and whenever Durcorach, the first Longhouse Emperor, ascended to the throne.
  10. ^ a b Varen's Rebellion is stated in Pirate Queen of the Gold Coast to have begun 2E 576 and continued into the following year, but the end-date of the conflict (when Leovic died) is not explicitly identified in any existing sources. It is known, however, that after Varen Aquilarios was crowned emperor, he and his Companions spent two years (according to Lyris Titanborn) questing for the Amulet of Kings before returning to the Imperial City and causing the Soulburst in 2E 579. Therefore, Leovic's death and the end of Varen's Rebellion occurred in 2E 577.
  11. ^ Leovic held the office of emperor at least as early as 2E 566, when the Gold Coast Guide was published.
  12. ^ During the Alliance War, as each alliance fleetingly gained control of the Imperial City, they would crown a figurehead Emperor from among their warriors. These Emperors' reigns were extremely short-lived and their names have been lost to history.
  13. ^ During the Alliance War, as each alliance fleetingly gained control of the Imperial City, they would crown a figurehead Emperor from among their warriors. These Emperors' reigns were extremely short-lived and their names have been lost to history.
  14. ^ At some point prior to 2E 812, the remnants of the defeated Kamal army that invaded Tamriel in 2E 572 seized the Imperial Throne from the successors of the warlord Attrebus. This suggests that at least one Kamal ruled as Emperor for a time.
  15. ^ Cuhlecain proclaimed himself emperor upon capturing the Imperial City, but he was assassinated before he could be formally crowned. His successor Tiber Septim, who became the first emperor of the Third Empire of Tamriel after completing the conquest of the continent 42 years later, honored Cuhlecain as "Emperor Zero".
  16. ^ "There has been some disagreement regarding Pelagius' relationship with Tiber Septim. A version of a Brief History of the Empire referred to Pelagius as Tiber's eldest son, but it has since been revised. Some passages in The Real Barenziah suggest that Tiber's wife, referred to as the Empress, had multiple "children". The likeliest explanations include that Tiber and the Empress had female children otherwise unrecorded to history, or that the general public were referred to as the Empress' "children". Other possibilities include that the Empress had children that were not Tiber's, the two of them had secret offspring, or a mistake on the part of the author. Regardless, the throne ended up with Kintyra.
  17. ^ A Brief History of the Empire says that Pelagius reigned for "less than three years", suggesting a date of 3E 40. The Daggerfall Chronicles explicitly uses this date.
  18. ^ Book 3 of The Wolf Queen indicates that Antiochus was not offered the throne until some time had passed after the death of Pelagius II. A Brief History of the Empire indicates that he took the throne twelve years before the War of the Isle in 3E 110, which leads to the same date.
  19. ^ Book 5 of The Wolf Queen states that Antiochus fell into a coma in 3E 119 and that his funeral was in 3E 120. The Madness of Pelagius agrees, stating that Kintyra ascended the throne "just over a year" after Pelagius' birth in 3E 119. Both books are contradicted in the Biography of the Wolf Queen, which explicitly places his death in 3E 112. To add to the confusion, see the note about the date of Pelagius III's birth. This chart uses the 120 date, since most references state that to be the correct date.
  20. ^ a b In The Wolf Queen, although there is uncertainty over the date of Kintyra's death, it is stated that Uriel III was crowned "four years previously" to the year 3E 125, implying that he was crowned in 3E 121. A Brief History of the Empire explicitly states that Uriel took the throne in 121. The Biography of the Wolf Queen states that Kintyra was executed in 3E 114 and that Uriel ascended to the throne "seven years later". Thus, while all three books agree on the date of Uriel's ascension, the Biography implies a seven year interregnum during the War of the Red Diamond when nobody wore the Imperial crown. The precise date given in Broken Diamonds implies that Kintyra was held in captivity for some time before her death.
  21. ^ The Madness of Pelagius says that Pelagius III died in the 34th year of his life, which translates to 3E 153.
  22. ^ Both Brief History of the Empire and The Madness of Pelagius put the length of Katariah's reign at 46 years. To fit in with later events, this reign must end in 3E 200.
  23. ^ a b The Daggerfall version of Brief History says "In two years, he was dead" while the later version says that Cassynder died "Three years after [his accession]". It is impossible to determine exactly which year these statements are intended to mean, but 3E 202 seems reasonable.
  24. ^ a b Brief History of the Empire describes the reign of Uriel Septim IV lasting 43 years. This must have extended into 3E 246, as The Rear Guard describes a law made "in 3E 246, during the reign of Uriel IV". The Daggerfall Chronicles place Uriel's death in 3E 247, but it doesn't seem possible to stretch his reign into this year given other events. It is possible this date has been superseded.
  25. ^ Although the Brief History of the Empire states Cephorus II became emperor in 3E 268, this is clearly an error. The same book states that Uriel Septim V also became emperor in 268, so it is more logical to assume the latter is correct and that Cephorus simply followed on from Uriel IV. Cephorus is described as "a cousin more closely related to the original Septim line", although his precise line of descent is not clear.
  26. ^ a b Uriel VI was too young to rule in his own right when he was crowned, so his mother Thonica ruled as regent. He was eventually allowed to ascend the throne and assume full Imperial powers in 3E 307.
  27. ^ a b The Third Era Timeline states that Uriel VI died and Morihatha was crowned in 3E 320, and Tamriel's Timeline, The Daggerfall Chronicles suggests the year was 3E 317. However, Brief History of the Empire notes that Morihatha was born a month after her father left for Akavir in 3E 288, and that she was 25-years-old as Empress, which would put her coronation in 3E 313.
  28. ^ a b c The Brief History of the Empire states that Pelagius reigned for 49 years, but this has been acknowledged as an error - the correct span is 29 years.
  29. ^ Although it is never stated that Attrebus Mede succeeded his father Titus I as Emperor, it can be assumed that he did since he was Crown Prince as of 4E 40, there was no indication of other heirs to the throne at the time, and the Mede bloodline survived until the time of Titus II.
  30. ^ a b It is unknown how many Mede Emperors reigned between Attrebus and Titus II. Given the gap of 150 years between Attrebus' birth in 4E 18 and Titus II's ascension to the throne in 4E 168, as well as the knowledge that Titus II's father had a sister while Attrebus had no known siblings, Attrebus was most likely not Titus II's father or grandfather. It can therefore be assumed that at least two other Medes reigned as emperor between Attrebus and Titus II.


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