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Emperor Uriel Septim I
Race Unknown Gender Male
Born 3rd Era
Died 3E 64
Reign 3E 53-
3E 64
Previous Ruler Kintyra I
Next Ruler Uriel II
Resided in Imperial City

Uriel Septim I was the fourth emperor of the Septim Dynasty. He was preceded as emperor by his mother, Kintyra I, and was succeeded by his son, Uriel II.[1]


Uriel Septim was the son of Empress Kintyra I.[1][2] In 3E 53, Kintyra I died, so Uriel was crowned Emperor of Tamriel.[2][3]:16 Uriel I was the great lawmaker of the Septim Dynasty, and a promoter of independent organizations and guilds.[1] The Fighters Guild and the Mages Guild increased in prominence throughout Tamriel during his reign.[1] He was described as a kind and tenderhearted ruler.[4] The Empire would not return to the level of unity seen during Uriel I's reign until the days of Pelagius IV.[5] He was the first of seven emperors to use the name Uriel, a practice that ended with Uriel VII's death in 3E 433.[1][6][3]:16 In 3E 64, Uriel I died and was succeeded by his son, Uriel II.[1][2][6]