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Lore:Kintyra II

Lore: People: K
Empress Kintyra Septim II
Race Unknown Gender Female
Born 3E 104
Imperial City
Died 3rd Era
Reign 3E 120-
Previous Ruler Antiochus I
Next Ruler Uriel III

Kintyra Septim II was the eighth monarch of the Septim Dynasty, the former ruling family of the Third Empire. She was preceded by her father, Emperor Antiochus I and was succeeded by her cousin, Uriel III. Her story is considered one of the saddest tales in the Empire, from the accusations that questioned her legitimacy to the throne, to her controversial death in the midst of the War of the Red Diamond.[1] Despite her young age and short reign, Kintyra II was recognized as an accomplished mystic and sorceress.[2] She is named after her great-great grandaunt, Kintyra I.[3]


Banner of the Third Empire

Kintyra II was born in 3E 104, as the progeny of Emperor Antiochus I and his wife,[nb 1] but a persistent rumor throughout the Empire was that Kintyra was an illegitimate heir to the throne. It was well-known at the time that the Emperor was lustful and had sown his wild seeds far and wide across the Imperial City. And as the Emperor's sister Potema infamously stated in a speech, "The Empress unfortunately did nothing to temper my brother's lustful spirits. In point of fact, no whore in the slums of the city spread out on more beds than she. Had she attended to her duties in the Imperial bedchamber more faithfully, we would have a true heir to the Empire, not the halfwit, milksop bastards who call themselves the Emperor's children". It was believed by many that Kintyra was the daughter of the Empress and either the Captain of the Imperial Guard or the lad that cleans the cistern.[4][5]

When her father passed away in 3E 120, the Elder Council nominated Kintyra II to the Ruby Throne, but was immediately challenged by Queen Potema of Solitude and her son, Prince Uriel III. The Wolf-Queen's speech to the Elder Council was considered one worth studying for students in public speaking, as it flatters the Elder Council and praises the late Emperor, but cuts straight to the point about Kintyra's mother and the case for her son's right to the throne. Despite her best efforts, Kintyra II assumed the throne[5] and her coronation was set for later that year, on the 3rd of First Seed. She was also set to marry Lord Modellus of the Elder Council. Her uncles, King Magnus of Lilmoth and King Cephorus I of Gilane were in attendance, but her aunt, Queen Potema was banished from the court. In her time away, she prepared for war with her allies across the north and in that same year, the War of the Red Diamond commenced.[4][6]

The War of the Red Diamond was a time of strife and chaos for the Empire and the Imperial Army found themselves attacked across the northern tier of the continent. Sometime later, the loyal Duke of Glenpoint, Mentin made an urgent request for reinforcements and to inspire the resistance against the Wolf-Queen, the Empress led the Imperial Army through their trek to coastal High Rock.[6] Meanwhile, the Empress' consort, Kontin Arynx traveled west to defend the Imperial forts on coastal Morrowind.[1] Sometime in the winter of 3E 121, Kintyra II and the Imperial Army, guided by Duke Mentin, traveled northwest through the Dragontail Mountains and later Dwynnen until she reached Mentin's castle in Glenpoint.[6] Unbeknownst to her, Kintyra II's armies were slain and she was imprisoned in the castle by the Duke and Queen Potema.[1]


Map of Glenpoint
Map of the Glenumbra Moors

The exact date of Kintyra II's death is one shrouded in speculation.[nb 1] Some believed that she died not long after her imprisonment in 3E 121, while others believe that she died four years later in the summer of 3E 125, while her uncle, Cephorus I reclaimed western High Rock. One thing that is consistent about her death is that she died on the 23rd of Frostfall.[7][8] Regardless, the Empress' death marked a crucial point in the Empire's history. With the Imperial City left undefended, Prince Uriel III invaded the city and claimed the title of Emperor. But with her death, many more people were inspired to stand up against them,[9] as some people believed that Kintyra's death marked the end of the pure Septim bloodline. Uriel III had adopted the surname of Septim and was reviled by the public and the war nevertheless persisted.[10]

Kintyra II's death was felt across the Empire and it inspired many more people to fight back. The most notable example of this was in the March of Glenpoint and the neighboring Barony of Glenumbra Moors. The tragedy of her death was felt greatly by the people of these regions, so much so that they felt horror and regret for not intervening. The next morning, after her death was made known, the people searched every castle across the land and eventually cornered the killer. Flags and banners of the Red Diamond, symbol of the Empire, were torn and scattered about like broken diamonds. Every day on Kintyra's date of death, the people of Glenpoint and the Glenumbra Moors mourn the loss of their Empress with a holiday called the Broken Diamonds, and sing a song in Old Bretic called the Sephavre.[7]


  • ^  There are two names that are attributed to Antiochus' wife and Kintyra's mother, the name, Magna appears in the Biography of the Wolf Queen while the name, Gysilla appears in the Wolf Queen as his second wife.
  • ^  There are several dates of death for Kintyra II. The Biography of the Wolf Queen claims that she died in 3E 114, while most other claims such as the Wolf Queen and the Brief History of the Empire date it either in 3E 121 shortly after her imprisonment, or later in 3E 125. Other sources such as the Third Era Timeline and Broken Diamonds say that she died in 3E 123. What's consistent with most stories is that she died on the 23rd of Frostfall.

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