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The Throne Room (ESO)

The Ruby Throne[1][2] (sometimes called the Throne of the Arena,[3] Imperial Throne,[4] or the Dragon Throne[5][6][7][8]) is the royal seat of the Cyrodilic Emperor at the Imperial Palace in the Cyrodiil City.[2] The Throne Room is located at the base of the palace and is considered to be the most important metaphysical focal point in Mundus. Some would say that it exists almost adjacent to all of time and space in aedric creation.[9]


It is that after the Ayleid sorcerer-kings dismembered Pelinal Whitestrake into eight pieces, they left his head in the White-Gold Tower's throne room for Morihaus to find it later. Together, they exchanged their last words. Pelinal spoke of his regrets and Umaril's potential return.[10][11]

After the fall of the Alessian Order, King Desynan of Skingrad placed a puppet emperor on the Ruby Throne to manage the Imperial City. But overtime, Cyrodiil became lawless and a shadow of its former glory.[12] No one sat on the throne for the longest time until Reman I appeared in the late First Era. According to the stories in the Remanada, the shepherdess named Sed-Yenna brought him as a child, along with the Amulet of Kings to the Imperial Palace, and placed him on the Ruby Throne. At that moment, he spoke as an adult, "I AM CYRODIIL COME".[13] Years later, the last of his line, Reman III was assassinated on his throne in 1E 2920 by his mistress, Corda. At least according to the historical-fiction, 2920, The Last Year of the First Era.[14]

In 2E 577, Duke Varen Aquilarios and his rebellion attacked the Imperial City to overthrow the Longhouse Emperors and claim the title of Emperor. Varen stabbed Emperor Leovic through the heart and watched him die at the base of the Ruby Throne. Immediately after, he declared himself Emperor and took up Leovic's wife, Clivia Tharn as his own.[15]


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