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Emperor Ami-El
Race Unknown Gender Male
Previous Ruler Belharza
Next Ruler Gorieus
Resided in Cyrodiil

Ami-El (or Amiel) was the third known emperor of the Alessian Empire. His reign saw the Empire's transformation into a theocracy under the Alessian Order, as well as the expulsion of the remaining Ayleids from Cyrodiil.[1][2][3]


In 1E 358, the joint army of Ami-El and the First Empire of the Nords attacked the Direnni in the Western Reach of High Rock.[UOL 1][UOL 2] In 1E 361, the Alessian Order staged a coup d'etat in the Imperial City, which led to the transformation of the Empire into a theocracy.[2][3] After the coup, the Alessians initiated the Ayleid Pogrom and the enforcement of the Alessian Doctrines.[2][3] Circa 1E 361, Laloriaran Dynar, King of Nenalata, swore fealty to Emperor Ami-El.[2] By 1E 371, the number of Ayleid vassal states had significantly dwindled.[2][3] In 1E 372, Ami-El issued an ultimatum that abolished the last remaining Ayleid city-states and expelled the Ayleid population from Cyrodiil, including those that sided with Alessia during the Alessian Slave Rebellion.[1][2][3]


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