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Emperor Leovic
ON-npc-Emperor Leovic.jpg
Emperor Leovic as a zombie
Race Reachman Gender Male
Born 2nd Era
Died 2E 577
White-Gold Tower
Reign 2nd Era-
2E 577
Previous Ruler Moricar
Next Ruler Varen Aquilarios
Resided in Imperial City
Appears in ESO
"The Emperor is dead. Long live the Emperor!" —Leovic, in his undeath[1]

Emperor Leovic was the last of the Reachman dynasty called the Longhouse Emperors who ruled the Empire of Cyrodiil during the Interregnum. Leovic married Clivia Tharn, daughter of Elder Council High Chancellor and Imperial Battlemage Abnur Tharn, before succeeding his father Moricar as Emperor at some point prior to 2E 564.[2][3][4] As the years went on, Leovic's reign was said to have gotten more and more troubled.[5]


When Prince Leovic came back triumphant from his first campaign against the border raiders, the Tharn family was in the Great Hall with the Elder Council and great nobles to receive him. His father, Emperor Moricar, praised the prince and decreed that he could name his reward. Prince Leovic didn't hesitate, walking right up to the Tharns and said, "Your Majesty, I want the Chancellor's daughter." He spoke of Abnur Tharn's daughter Clivia, and though the chancellor had many daughters, it was understood by all which one he meant.[3]

Leovic became emperor between 2E 560 and 2E 564, succeeding his father.[6] The Icereach Coven used to advise him during his reign,[7] as did a Reachman later known as "The Rat". Acccording to the Rat, Leovic had a good sense of humor and curiosity.[8][9] At some point he put out a call for an Alik'ri trader to transport a shipment of arms across the desert, eventually resulting in Josajeh's brother Afarh accepting the opportunity and having his family's estate seized when the caravan was robbed.[10] Consul Cardea was sent from her post in Imperial City by Leovic himself to aid Markarth as the Ard's Administrator and provide a conduit between Cyrodiil and the Reach.[11]

In 2E 573, he commissioned The Emperor's Guide to Tamriel, a comprehensive text describing the histories and cultures of each of Tamriel's provinces.[12] Anvil Castle hosted Emperor Leovic and his court four times during the late 560's; However, he was seen as an ungenerous man, and was not well liked by the free-spirited citizens of Anvil.[13] After the so-called "Anvil Commotion" of Mid Year 569 he and his court never returned to the Gold Coast again.[4][UOL 1] In reality, Leovic sought to show the world the ways of the Reachfolk, and saw Anvil as too "fat and still" and needing correction. His visits were met with him being treated lavishly, and his message was not understood, which angered him. And so he threw his wine, upended the feast table, and the finery he was gifted he tore. When the court did not "forgo its decadence", he saw Anvil as a lost cause.[13]

An erstwhile supporter, Duke Varen Aquilarios of Chorrol led a popular rebellion against the eccentric Leovic after he outraged the populace by legalizing Daedra worship in 2E 576.[14][15] Leovic was intent on finishing what his Grandfather and Father started before him: he intended to use the Four Ambitions, artifacts of Mehrunes Dagon, but they were not ready to be used for a few more years. Before his death, Leovic reached out to Mehrunes Dagon in hopes the Daedric Prince would aid him in putting down Varen's Rebellion. He also prepared for the possibility he would fail in this endeavor, and hid the Four Ambitions so they would not fall in hands of Varen. Leovic hid secret documents and clues to the whereabouts of the Four Ambitions, finding it imperative the promises made to Mehrunes Dagon be upheld and honored in full.[16][17]

The Longhouse Emperor's reign was brought to an end in 2E 577 when Varen stormed the Imperial City and killed him in the Imperial Throne Room.[18][2] Varen subsequently discarded Leovic's corpse in crypts beneath the Imperial Sewers.[19][9] When Leovic was overthrown, the remaining Reachmen retreated from Cyrodiil.[5] His cousin[20] Caddach set aside his Imperial title and took instead the old Reach title of ard, and purged all surviving Blackdrakes, securing his hold on Markarth against his rivals.[21] In 2E 582, the corpse was discovered and reanimated first as a zombie and then as a flesh atronach by a trio of Worm Cultists, shortly before being destroyed by soldiers from the Alliance War.[1]



  • A tiny phial containing the blood of the former Emperor Leovic was supposedly collected at his regicide.[22]
  • Cut files from ESO indicate a quest involving Proserpina, a concubine of Emperor Leovic that bore him a child, was cut before release.[UOL 2]
  • Leovic is considered the scion of the Tagh Droiloch.[23]

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