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Emperor Moricar
ON-trailer-Deadlands and Damnation-Moricar.jpg
Race Reachman Gender Male
Born 2nd Era
Reign 2E 541-
2E 562
Previous Ruler Durcorach
Next Ruler Leovic
Resided in Imperial City

Emperor Moricar (also called Moricar the Middling) was the second member of the Reachman dynasty called the Longhouse Emperors who ruled the Empire of Cyrodiil during the Interregnum. He was preceded by his father, Durcorach, and succeeded by his son, Leovic. During Moricar's reign, when Prince Leovic returned to the Imperial City after a successful campaign against border raiders, the Emperor allowed his son to name his reward; Leovic requested and was granted Clivia Tharn's hand in marriage.[1] Moricar the Middling, as he became known, also attempted to subjugate Western Skyrim at some point following High King Svargrim's coronation in 2E 561,[UOL 1] but his army was routed in a single battle by Svargrim's forces.[2] Leovic succeeded him as Emperor at some point prior to 2E 564.[3]


When Moricar's son, then Prince Leovic, came back triumphant from his first campaign against the border raiders, the Tharn family was in the Great Hall with the Elder Council and great nobles to receive him. Emperor Moricar praised the prince and decreed that he could name his reward. Prince Leovic didn't hesitate, walking right up to the Tharns and said, "Your Majesty, I want the Chancellor's daughter.", speaking of Clivia Tharn.[1]

Leovic became emperor between 2E 561 and 2E 564, succeeding his father.[4][1][5][6]


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