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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Appears in Arena, Daggerfall
Glenpoint ca. 3E 405

Glenpoint is an inland march in the province of High Rock, specifically found on the mainland portion of the Iliac Bay region.[1] Despite its proximity to the Kingdom of Daggerfall and the urban Iliac Bay, Glenpoint is a remote region,[2] split between the large mountain that encompasses the southeast and the forests of High Rock.[1] Most of the region is found within a wooded highlands biome.[3] The Knights of the Owl is the march's knightly order and they are sworn to protect both the royal family and their country.[4]


Kingdom of Daggerfall ca. 3E 405

Glenpoint was already an established country in the early First Era, when it waged war with the Kingdom of Daggerfall. Their defeat came at the hands of King Thagore in 1E 609, whose victory consolidated his nation's presence as a preeminent force in southern High Rock, which it maintains to this day.[5] The Bretons of High Rock are the region's main demographics,[6] but Giants also live in the region, in strongholds like the Ruins of Yeomford Hall and the Ruins of Tower Yeomcroft.[7] The Vraseth clan of vampires are the main bloodline in the region[6] and live in many vampire haunts like the House of Balthelon and the Haunt of Nebuchovor.[7]

In the early second century of the Third Era, Queen Potema Septim of Solitude established allies across the northern tier of Tamriel and Glenpoint, at the time ruled by Duke Mentin counted among them. These disgruntled kings and nobles incited the War of the Red Diamond against the Third Empire ruled by Empress Kintyra II. Potema's forces fueled insurrections and riots across the realms and in the autumn of 3E 120, Duke Mentin requested reinforcements in the Imperial Army and Kintyra II commanded the army herself to inspire the fight against the Wolf Queen.[8]

The Duke betrayed the Empress and imprisoned her in an undisclosed dungeon on the 23rd of Frostfall. The exact date she was executed is unclear and shrouded in speculation but it was guessed to be sometime around 3E 121 and 125. The news of her death came as an utter shock to the people, who rallied against Potema and her cause.[9] Citizens of Glenpoint and the neighboring Glenumbra Moors were especially heartbroken and regretful for their lack of action. The people searched the land for Kintyra's prison in every Imperial castle and eventually cornered the perpetrator. This day of sorrow for the Glenumbra Moors was commemorated by the holiday; Broken Diamonds, which was named after the tattered Imperial flags that littered the snow-laden ground.[10]

Glenpoint was caught up in the War of Betony, though the extent of its involvement is unknown. The battle took place in the Glenpoint Foothills and Sentinel's armies were led by the warlord, K'avar. Daggerfall emerged victorious and K'avar left Glenpoint with disfiguring injuries inflicted by a Dunmer mercenary nightblade.[11] By 3E 405, the March of Glenpoint was ruled by an unknown Marquis and its patron deity was Zenithar, who is represented through the Resolution of Z'en. Many cities dotted the region's landscape. These include the capital city of the same name, Arkhead, Arkmoth End, Fontfort, Horing, Knightstower, Oxtown, Singfort, Singmore, and Warcart. The March was neighbored by several nations, including Daggerfall to the south, the Glenumbra Moors to the northwest, the Ilessan Hills to the east, Northmoor to the north, and Tulune to the west.[6]

After the Warp in the West in 3E 417, on the 10th of Frostfall, independent nations across the Iliac Bay were absorbed by the greater kingdoms. Glenpoint and the rest of western High Rock were annexed into the Kingdom of Daggerfall, from between the western coast to both western Anticlere and Ykalon.[12] Like other conquered territories, Glenpoint was able to retain its original name but is sometimes referred to as Daggerfallian Glenpoint.[UOL 1]

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City of GlenpointEdit

Glenpoint (Daggerfall)
Map of Glenpoint ca. 3E 405

Glenpoint is a walled city located in High Rock and it is the capital of the eponymous march in northwest Iliac Bay. It is specifically built in the center of the Glenpoint region.[14]

During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late Third Era, the village of Glenpoint was an active settlement. It was ruled by Lady Carolyrrya and had a rivalry with Reich Gradkeep.[13] Glenpoint was neighbored by several settlements, including Ilessen Hills to the north and Reich Gradkeep to the southwest.[15]

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  • The city was planned to appear in the cancelled Oblivion game for PSP, where it was to have been attacked by an Oblivion Gate.
  • Glenpoint would have appeared in some capacity in ESO. The people of Westtry were vassals to the ruler of Glenpoint, Baron Gradwyn while the Knights of the Owl were his loyal protectors. His son, Prince Gideon was murdered by Duke Bealton of House Baelborne, and the two would have incited the slaughter in Westtry.[UOL 2]

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