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The Stormcrown Interregnum (4E 15 - 4E 22) was a period in the early Fourth Era of Tamriel's history between the fall of the Septim Dynasty of the Third Empire and the proclamation of the Mede Dynasty by Titus Mede. The catalyst for this upheaval was the assassination of Potentate Ocato, which triggered a flurry of contenders vying for the Ruby Throne.[1][nb 1]


Following the Oblivion Crisis, the Elder Council could not find a suitable heir to the throne, and so High Chancellor Ocato reluctantly agreed to become Potentate.[1] The Elder Council was not as strong in leadership as they would have liked, and made efforts to consolidate and conserve the Empire and its Provinces, though with perhaps little effect. Skyrim appeared to be on the brink of secession, and the other provinces each had their own internal and external problems to deal with.[UOL 1]

Ocato's assassination in 4E 15 precipitated the Stormcrown Interregnum.[2] The Elder Council fractured, leading to years of ruthless in-fighting, plots and backstabbing. Many tried to claim the Ruby Throne. Violent, unnatural storms reportedly lashed the Imperial City several times during this anarchy, always with the eye of the storm looking directly down upon White Gold Tower.[1]

Thules the Gibbering was not a well-liked ruler, but due to his Nibenese blood, many on the Council favored him over a Colovian usurper.[2] This chaos did not end until the Colovian ruler Titus Mede captured the Imperial City and seized the crown in 4E 22. Not long afterward, Titus I successfully routed the army of another rival for the Ruby Throne, Eddar Olin.

Mede's Chief Minister was Hierem, a man hailing from an old Nibenese family with many connections. Hierem assisted greatly in smoothing over the conquest by helping convince the council to accept Mede as a liberator rather than a conqueror.[2]


  • ^  Ocato's death and the subsequent beginning of the Stormcrown Interregnum are never given precise dates. In Rising Threat, the end of the Stormcrown Simulacrum, which lasted for seven years, is placed around the same time as the Thalmor takeover of Summerset, which is said to have occurred circa 4E 22 in The Great War. Dating seven years back from this date yields the year 4E 15.


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