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Potentate Sidri-Ashak
Race Tsaesci Gender Male
Reign 1E 2843-
1E 2877
Previous Ruler Reman II
Next Ruler Reman III
Resided in Cyrodiil

Sidri-Ashak was an obscure Akaviri potentate, said to be the last of the strong potentates. Sidri-Ashak was responsible for making improvements to Cyrodiil's roads in the late period of the First Era,[1] and is the namesake of Sidri-Ashak Runestones.[2] He advised Emperor Brazollus Dor, who ruled between the reigns of Reman II and Reman III. Neither interested nor skilled in matters of state, Emperor Dor left most of the governing to him, and he proved to be a capable statesman. Sidri-Ashak wrote Recollections of a Humble Potentate.[3]