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Emperor Kastav
Race Unknown Gender Male
Born First Era
Died 1E 2812
Reign 1E 2762-
1E 2804
Previous Ruler Reman I
Next Ruler Reman II
Resided in Cyrodiil

Kastav was the second emperor of the Reman Dynasty.[nb 1] Details of his life and reign are scarce, but sources describe him as an incompetent ruler.[1]

In 1E 2801, Kastav ordered the Dragonguard of Sky Haven Temple to seize hostages from Markarth and Hroldan to ensure that the jarls met their conscription quotas.[2] In 1E 2804, the Winterhold Rebellion broke out, but the Master of Sky Haven Temple refused orders to send the Dragonguard to help suppress it, so the Emperor cut off supplies to the temple.[2] In their stead, an Akaviri that was denied entry into the Dragonguard named Kalien was sent by Kastav to suppress the rebellion.[2] Kalien sacked Winterhold, and Sky Haven Temple was put under siege as the locals believed Kalien was a member of the Dragonguard.[2] In 1E 2804, Kastav was deposed due to his poor handling of the Winterhold Rebellion, and he was succeeded by Reman II, whose first notable endeavor was to negotiate a swift end to the Rebellion.[1][2]

After his disposition, he lived for several years in exile alongside his honor guard.[3] In 1E 2812, Kastav died in the Murkmire region of Black Marsh.[3] By the Fourth Era, a fort in the Winterhold region of Skyrim bore his name.[4]



  • ^  It is not known for certain that Kastav was the immediate successor of Reman I, but since no emperor is known to have reigned between them, it is reasonable to assume that Kastav was the immediate successor of Reman I.
  • Excoraeus Tharn of House Tharn was Kastav's Minister of Punition.[5]